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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  March 29, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to the "journal" coming to you from dw live in berlin. >> north korea's leader orders rockets to be ready to attack u.s. bases. m at italy's silvio berlusconi says he will not form a government with the technocrats. >> and christians mark good friday, the day they believe jesus christ was crucified. >> kim jong un has ordered north
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korean market forces on standby to strike the united states and south korea. the u.s. secretary of defense has denounced the provocative action. >> he met with top military leaders and ordered the preparation that to two u.s. stealth bombers flew over south korea. the north korean military has staged a massive rally in support of the operation to prepare for a massive attack. >> thousands accounting "death to the u.s. imperialists cornerman after a call to arms against south korea and the united states. over the border in south korea, many are worried p'yongyang might act on its debts. there's been a string of worrying signs, including the latest nuclear test in february. tendons on the peninsula are high. >> i am nervous. i do not want north korea to talk like that, but we cannot control them.
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i am afraid they target the u.s. if that happens, we could be attacked, too. >> north korea is taking a strong stance, but they do not think they are going to get anywhere with this behavior. i think they have to come to the negotiating table for talks. >> the latest tensions come after u.s. stealth bombers flew over south korea in a joint military exercise. kim jong un's that in response has caused alarm across the region. even his longtime ally china has called for calm. >> peace since the common interests of all parties and it is also their common responsibility. we hope that relevant parties will work together in pushing for turnaround of the tense situation. >> north korea says it is ready to hit the u.s. mainland and its bases in the pacific.
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military experts doubt it has the capability to do that, but bases in south korea are certainly within range. >> for more on the story, we spoke with a correspondent in tokyo who is closely following the latest developments for us. we asked if north korea is justified in feeling provoked after the u.s. practice bombing runs over the korean peninsula. >> he answers provocations' with even stronger provocations. from his point of view, conflict with south korea or the u.s. could help him to gain an even stronger position. a limited attack with conventional weapons is indeed a risks, but from my point of view, a nuclear attack is quite unlikely. >> what can be done to calm the situation. >> it is difficult to tell. even a small scale conflict
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could also lead to new talks. it has happened many times in the past. confrontation, but then again very quickly cooperation. china is an important player. much depends on how much the chinese are willing to influence the north koreans. >> other news now -- former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has insisted that a grand coalition between his conservative alliance and the center-left is the only way to end the nation's political stalemate created by inconclusive elections. >> the italian president has been holding yet another round of consultations with political leaders. the establishment 5-our movement wants him to ask it to form a government even though it does not have a majority and it is refusing to support any other administration. >> behind these doors, the italian president is trying to break italy's political gridlock. in the morning, he met with conservative leaders silvio
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berlusconi, who said his center- right alliance was prepared to form a coalition with the left of center parties that won the election. >> our position has not changed. we expressed it with absolute clarity to the president. we were and still are available to support a coalition government with the democratic party. >> so far, however, democratic party leader pierre louis g. bersani has ruled the part -- that option out -- pier luigi bersani has ruled that option our. they are repelled by the series of scandals surrounding the former prime minister. a day earlier, bersani told president napolitano that he was unable to form a governing coalition. >> i described also the difficulties arising from preclusion or from the
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conditions imposed that were unacceptable. >> bersani's alliance won a majority in the lower house of parliament but does not have enough votes in the senate to be able to govern. if the parties cannot form a government, president napolitano could try to appoint an independent figure to forge a coalition. if that fails, italians could face new elections. >> the united nations is giving united nations peacekeepers a mandate to fight rebels in the democratic republic of congo. >> it is the first time the u.n. has ever given peacekeepers the authority to mount attacks. almost 3000 soldiers will target armed rebel groups in eastern congo, which has been plagued by conflict for almost two decades. the secretary general welcomed the move. >> the united nations proposal to regulate the global trade and arms is on ice after north
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korea, syria, and iran oppose it. the countries say the treaty is flawed because it does not stop the transfer of weapons to rebels. >> the deal has also been meeting resistance from republicans in u.s. congress, who feel its provisions to regulate small and light arms and undermine the second amendment. if passed, and to be the first legally binding international treaty regulating the sales of conventional weapons -- if passed, it would be the first legally binding international treaty regulating the sales of conventional weapons. >> despite hopes of a breakthrough, this time, north korea, italy, and syria clearly felt they had too much to lose. they complained that their wishes had not been respected. >> it is a matter of deep regret for many countries for a robust, balanced, and non discriminatory treaty were ignored. >> the agreement would have
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allowed member states to pass laws banning the sale of weapons, tanks, and fighter jets subject to an arms -- to countries subject to an arms embargo. sales would be banned to countries where weapons could be used against civilians, but despite the failure to agree at this week's meeting, delegates say the treaty has not failed completely. this time, there was at least consensus among the major weapons exporters. the latest draft will now instead be put to vote at the united nations general assembly possibly as early as next week, where it is expected to pass with a broad majority. >> in egypt, hundreds of protesters have gathered outside cairo's high court, demanding the resignation of their country's top prosecutor. >> he sealed off his office and held signs calling for the prosecutor to be sacked. opponents of the president are accusing him of attacking democracy. they issued arrest warrants for
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five of egypt's most prominent pro-democracy activists last week. on wednesday, an egyptian court ruled that the appointment by morsi was illegal. >> europe's second-biggest economy, france, is having problems sticking to its budget targets. new figures showed the deficit last year was 4.8% of gross domestic product, missing the government's goal of 4.5%. the finance ministry blames the need to recapitalize the failed bank as well as sluggish economic growth. the ceo of u.s. plane maker boeing says his company is very close to getting its troubled dream minor -- dreamliner back in the air. he says expect tests on the batteries to be completed soon. >> it has turned into something of a nightmare for boeing. despite the ceo's optimism, it is still not clear when it will end.
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>> the 787 dreamliner was grounded on january 16. there have been several incidents in which the battery caught fire. since then, the new aircraft has not flown any passengers at all. the plane maker, boeing, is paying a heavy price for the flaw batteries. every day the planes is on the ground costs the company billions of dollars, but it is now led to carry out test flights with redesigned batteries and components. >> i have a high degree of confidence that that data will tell us and will tell the faa, who are the decision makers here, that the fix is what we need it to be, and we will get this airplane back in service in due time. >> even if they do that, the dream minor -- dreamline could be limited to fly to the wheel of hours or less. the federal aviation administration is concerned the new batteries might not be able to withstand longer flights. that would rule out overseas
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routes, and that is exactly what it is designed for. >> in a moment, we will be saying how christians are marking good friday around the world from jerusalem to the philippines to mexico. >> first, other stories making news. a court in bosnia has sentenced a much in the gunman for war crimes. he was found guilty on more than 60 counts of murder, rape, and torture. the court said the former commander of serb harem of certification forces has systematically targeted bosnians, croats, and serbs during the siege of sarajevo. he had pleaded not guilty. >> the u.s. has nominated nato's top commander, making him the supreme allied commander in europe. if he is confirmed by the u.s. senate, breedlove would be
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responsible for overseeing the winding down of nato's 11- emission in afghanistan. >> security officials in pakistan say at least 11 people have died in a suicide attack. police say the apparent target was a senior member of security forces. he escaped, though, without serious injury. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. >> nelson mandela is in good spirits and responding well to treatment for a recurring lung infection -- that according to the south african government. authorities are urging people not to panic after the former anti-apartheid leader and south africa's first black president spent a second night in the hospital. a russian capsule has arrived at the international space station in record time. >> the crew made the journey in just under six hours. the trip usually takes two full days. the new route cuts the number of orbits before docking at the space station.
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the arrival of the capsule brings those at the site of the iss of 26. >> pope francis heard the reading of "the passion of christ" the story of the last hours of jesus' life as workers gathered in the basilica. good friday is the second of four holy days in the christian calendar culminating in easter sunday. >> many of the world's 2.1 billion protestant and roman catholic faithful have been commemorating the crucifixion of jesus in different ways. >> traditions vary from fasting and praying to the re-enactment of jesus dying on the cross. >> there are here to remember jesus' suffering. dedicated pilgrims carry heavy crosses in jerusalem, walking the path they believe jesus took to his crucifixion. the journey leads to the site where jesus is said to a bad. christians from around the world come to market friday by
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praying at the stations of the cross. a handful of believers in the philippines take it a step further volunteering to be nailed to the cross themselves. the catholic church frowns on the ritual, but the people who participate it see it as an active defaced that brings them closer to god. >> i do it for good luck and for my family to be healthy. >> self flagellation is also part of the rights and not just in the philippines. believers flog themselves in the streets. some carry a bundle of 20 branches like these, which can weigh as much as 40 kilograms. >> this is an offering made on a personal level. we are free to express our faith in any way we want. >> it is a good fright a tradition that has long been
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practiced in several mexican cities. >> we will be back after a short break and look to the dilemma facing parents when doctors say their children will have down syndrome. >> stay with us.
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>> thanks so much for staying with us. one country's rescue can be another country's downfall -- that seems to be just one of the lessons of the crisis in cyprus. >> exactly right. cypriot banks suffered massive losses when greek debts were restructured last year. the move was meant to help greece, but it brought cypriot banks to their knees. >> many economies -- many economists say cypress now faces years of pain just like its neighbor with a crashing economy and soaring unemployment. >> in greece, this seems to be no end in sight with one in a for your people out of a job. some are just giving up and moving away. >> i will have a vegetable soup and some pork roast and a glass
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of white wine, please. >> he has been learning german for a month now. he does not have a passion for the language, but he will need it very soon. >> i am learning the language to improve my career opportunities in germany. i also want to be able to communicate well with the germans and take part in cultural and social activities. >> the television technician has been out of work for almost a year. most recently, he worked as a god. before that, he ran an internet company together with two friends. it went bankrupt when the debt crisis hit greece. he has had enough of this country, even though the government is confident that the crisis will end soon. >> unemployment is rising, not falling. they say they are finally raking
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in tax revenues, but they forget that they held onto a list of tax debaters for two years. there is no light at the end of the tunnel. their policies have only made the situation is worse. >> is as it is difficult leaving athens, but it would be even harder staying. he currently gets 360 euros a month in unemployment benefits, forcing the 36-year old to live with his mother. he wants to move to the western city of cologne where his girlfriend is already living and working. nearly all greek immigrants move to places where they already know somebody. he has even undergone training to launch a new career in germany. >> i would like to work in the health care sector in the hospital. i think there is enough demand for it in germany.
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i am confident that i will succeed. >> but without a good grasp of the german language, that is going to be tricky. he is well aware of that and plans to move next month. >> now, to a human challenge that can affect families anywhere in the world -- what to do if an unborn baby tests positive for a genetic condition like down syndrome. >> in the united states, the governor of the state of north dakota signed a lot banning abortion of fetuses with the syndrome. at the other end of the spectrum, in germany, the vast majority of people to opt for an abortion. >> but not quite everyone. we met one mother decided to continue with her present -- pregnancy. >> when she first found out that the baby she was carrying had down syndrome, she was shocked, but she decided to have the baby. today, her daughter attends an inclusive kindergarten for children with and without learning difficulties.
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her mother says it is helping her development. >> recently, the teacher told me anna said "boo." it is quite early for a child with down syndrome. i think it comes from being with children who do not have it. >> she says there is no reason to keep children with disabilities separated from the rest. >> people have to be willing to interact with those who have special needs rather than shoving them to the side or hiding them away. >> the midwife who delivered anna says children like her are increasingly becoming a rarity due to ever more sensitive prenatal tests. in germany, 90% of embryos with down syndrome are aborted. >> i'm afraid there will soon be no more children with down syndrome. the medical world as proud of being able to detect the syndrome earlier and earlier. that means the decision not to
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have a child with down's is easier. >> but a diagnosis of the syndrome does not mean a lifetime of total dependency. 26-year-old zora moved into a house share project. everyone here has downs. they are happy to be running their own lives. >> it means you can do things for yourself or with your friends. that is part of life. you do not always want your parents interfering. >> zora and her friend make their own way to theater rehearsals. they are part of a troop which employs actors who have downs. >> it is an exciting feeling. it is really great, especially being with friends and colleagues, and i have a really nice boss. >> the director watches the
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rehearsal. right after the first show 20 years ago, she realized that actors who have down syndrome have a special gift. >> i knew right away they had talent. it does not take longer -- it does not matter that they might take longer to learn their lines. they compensate with natural charm. >> it is loud, funny, and wild. >> i think these people are very independent and making their own decisions in life. i think that is great. that is what i hope for an as well. she will be loved, people will like her, and she will have a place in society. >> projects like this one showed that that is possible. >> time for sports now.
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>> it is not 100% in their hands for it to work out, they have to beat hamburg without dortmund being stickler. >> even if they do not make it this weekend, it just seems to be a matter of time. >> when bayern munich clinched this year's championship, they will be reclaiming a trophy they almost considered to be the property. a to be the fifth time in 10 years they have won the title. a former player turned tv reporter explains what makes the 2013 ensemble's so outstanding. >> they have a substitute for just about everyone. this level of quality was missing for about three years. >> two seasons without the trophy prompted the club to do some serious shopping.
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now they are two or even three players deep at every position. the forward dominates the field. german international gomez has been reduced to part-time striker, and yet, no sign of discontent thanks to the efforts of the sports director. >> he is just doing what he wants because he knows he is retiring this summer. >> the style has also changed. when they have the ball, they move it around faster than in the past. as a result, the lead the league in counterattack goals. >> they are lightning fast. that is something they have done better at. dortmund still do it best, bestbayer -- but bayern have
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learned a lot from them. >> from the heights of the bundesligo to the pretenders of the second division. things did not get off to such a good start for the team known as dressing going 1-up in the eighth minute, but they later equalize, and in the second half, they scored the winning goal to keep those hopes alive. along with church services, there are other kinds of good friday traditions in germany. your imagination is the limit to what you can get. >> an intrepid crew of polar bears has been using the day off to dip into some very cold waters. >> good friday on berlin's
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biggest lake is a tradition, and the swimmers were not about to let a blanket of snow get in the way, but even the most hardened easter bathers had to admit that this year was more of a challenge than usual with the water about 3 degree celsius and the air temperature at a balmy 0. this lifeguard says he has witnessed the easter did in all kinds of weather, but this year is unusual. >> i have never seen such bizarre weather at easter time. i have been here for 43 years, but this is a strange winter wonderland. still, come take a dip. >> less daring day-trippers' wrapped up to enjoy a different kind of ic treat. meteorologists say an unusual configuration of air pressure zones over the atlantic is secure for winter was a eastern
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time. most experts agree climate change is likely to make extreme weather fluctuations far more common. the tradition does not say how long debaters must stay in the lake. some lasted just a few seconds. >> the lake is not frozen over, so i'm still hopeful that spring is on its way. >> but for now, it is time for hot drinks, not cocktails on the beach, and it looks like this year's eggs will be delivered by the snow bunny. >> fantastic stuff. >> thanks a lot for joining us, and please join us again at the top of the hour. captioned by the national captioning institute
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