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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  April 11, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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hello there. glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it's friday, april 12th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. foreign ministers from the group of eight nations have lined up against north korea. they condemned in the strongest possible terms, north korea's ballistic miss ill programs. >> we take clear that ministers supported the skmitment to strengthen the current sanctions regime and take further
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significant measures in the event of a further launch or nuke cheer test. >> the minlsteres criticized what they called north korea's aggressive rhetoric. hague said it will further isolate the country. he urged delegates to return to the talks on their program. john kerry has gone to lend his weight to diplomatic efforts. kerry begins his tour in seoul. he'll meet with south korean foreign minister. they're expected to discuss how to respond to any further provocations. kerry has said u.s. forces stand ready to protect their allies. he'll head to beijing on saturday. leaders there have long defended their allies in pyongyang. kerry wants to convince them to use their leverage. on sunday, kerry will move on to tokyo. he'll meet with kishida.
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and he'll talk about a stronger diplomatic pesance in asia. north korean leader kim jong un has kept people guessing ever since he came to power. for moany he remains a mystery. >> reporter: people outside north korea new little of kim jong un. more than a year later, they're not sure they know much more. he's appeared in orchestrated events, often with the military. he spoke last april at the parade to celebrate would have been the 100th birthday of his grandfather. the nation's founder, kim il sung. >> translator: we need to strengthen our military to make north korea a strong and thriving country. >> reporter: kim moved to
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switzerland when he was still a boy to attend school. some hoped his experiences abroad would persuade him to move away from the policies of his father, kim jong il. initially he showed a softer side, talking to children across the country. attending a concert that featured disney characters. often with his wife at his side. gradually, though, kim changed his tonement he made it clear that he would maintain the military first policy of his father. in december, north korean authorities launched what they called a rocket to put a satellite into orbit. but most countries agree what they fired off was a ballistic missi
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missile. then two months later -- >> translator: we've just succeeded in our third nuclear test. >> reporter: kim went ahead with another nuclear test, defying leaders from around the world. and he wasn't done. >> translator: will nullify the 1953 armistice that ended the korean war. >> reporter: kim announced his military was ready to attack u.s. targets. he said he was tired of foreign leaders telling him what to do. trnls the more they threaten us, the more we'll ten to obtain nuke cheer arms. >> reporter: those leaders have spent the past year trying to understand kim. but they agree they still don't know him or what he'll do next. nhk world. >> officials in pyongyang say that an industrial park that the
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two koreas have run together may disappear. park says no country or company would invest in the north if officials there continue to break international rules and promises. north korean officials said the suspension was temporary, but they blame park for bringing the complex to the brink of closure. this is the first time they've criticized her by name since she took office. she acknowledged people are worried about the situation. but she said south korean leaders were handling the situation with a strong military deterrence and that citizens were calm. >> translator: i say with confidence that the south will remain a safe and stable place
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in which to make investments and do business. south korea's stock index fell to its lowest level this year. south korean leaders want to keep investment and tourists coming. they say their country is safe. south korea says the amount north korea has spent onity nuclear and missile development programs is enough to buy a three year supply of corn to feed its people. cost estimates were released for the north's programs. it said that pyongyang has spent more than $3 billion, including $1.5 billion to build nuke cheer facilities and develop weapons and over 1.7 billion on missiles. they criticize them for asking for food while pursuing weapons.
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u.s. aviation experts say lithium ion cells on boeing 787 dream liner jets could be a fire hazard if their design is flawed. after a series of technical problems, the federal aviation administration requested airlines to ground all 787s. six experts were testifying at a hearing in washington on thursday. the board is investigating how fires on two dreamliner jets earlier their year were caused and could have been prevented. some expert the pointed out that overheated lithium ion cells could catch fire because they include flammable materials. the board plans to proceed with its investigation based on the six experts' opinions. ? january, a smoking battery forced a 787 jet operated by
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nippon airways to make a landing. another 787 operated by japan's airlines was landed in an emergency landing in new york. millions of owners of japanese autos around the world are being asked to have their cars checked or repaired. toyota, honda and other auto makers are recalling 41 models due to faulty air bags. the car makers filed a recall report with japan's recall men industry for about 730,000 units. they plan to recall nearly 2.2 million models sold abroad. they said the air bags could break apart and catch fire. they were supplied by takata of
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japan. the cars produced for recall were produced between march 2000 and 2004. sales hit a record high in march. japanese passenger cars regained a 15% share of the auto market for the first time in seven months, german makers have the largest share of japan's market along with south korean manufacturers. the chinese associate of auto makers said that new vehicle sales had risen up 13.2% from an earlier. the increase is due to economic recovery. march's sales came to ove oveover over 238,000 units. the japanese share glue grew
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3.2%. now another trade dispute japan has to worry about, gentleman fan has asked the tworld trade organization to set up a panel to investigate china's extra duty as on japanese stainless steel pipe imports. they say the practice violates two rules because there are no makers of similar products in china. the pipes are made of high grade stainless steel and are used in boilers the a pousch plants. china has been imposing the duty since last november. they claim that unfairly low prices of japanese prices are hurting chinese firms. japan went ahead to request a dispute panel after negotiations with china got nowhere. the panel is expected to be formed next month. japanese officials say it will take nine to 12 months for the wto to come to a decision. this is the second time japan
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has filed a complaint with the wto with china. they orders received by japanese machinery makers rose in february for the first time in two months. the cabinet office says machinery orders in the months stood about $7.07 billion. that's up 7. 5% in yen terms since january. the rise was due to strong orders from nonfer rouse metal. growing orders from wholesalers and real it estate firms also helped boost the figure. cabinet office officials say machinery orders are showing signs of picking up. they said conditions are good for invest. . stock prices why on the rise and interest rates are on the decline. they say they'll closely monitor trends to see whether the
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improved business sentiment continue does spush capital investment k competition to high ultra high definition televisions is heating up among manufacturers in asia. now sony has unveiled new 4 k models that are smaller and lower priced. the technology allows images much sharper than conventional high definition ones. the new models come no two screen sizes, 65 and 55 inches. they'll go on sale in june. the retail price of the 65 inch unit will be about $7,500. and the 55 inch about $5,000. last year sonny introduced an 84 inch model with the price set at $17,000. >> translator: we are setting new models at lower prices. we hope to lead the industry to
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make 4 ktvst popular. research shows that a total 400 4 ktvs were stiped last year. toshiba also plans to introduce 4 ktvs by the end of this year. now let's take a look at the market figures.
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pro testers have taken to the streets in malaysia, railing against a new trade pact they say could stop them from getting the medicines they need at affordable prices. the proposed trans-pacific partnership or tpp is a target of their anger. malaysian protesters say plans would block their access to lower priced generic medications. >> reporter: i'm standing in front of the u.s. embassy. people living here are rallying against u.s. led tpp negotiations. through the tpp talks, 11 nations are on the panel to create over 650 million people
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who generate a third of the global gdp. the new york citys are held behind closed doors. the u.s. is reportedly demanding that the patent rights of drug companies be strengthened by expanding the period and scope of their protection. o many are now worried that if the demand goes through they will no longer be able to biogen eric drugs. those are typically about 90% cheaper than brand name equivalents after the patents exspire. >> this agreement is unfair for the poor, but may good for the rich one. people are living in the slum. couldn't afford their daily life with the basic medicine. >> reporter: supporters have high hopes for the tpp, saying it will expand trade opportunities with the u.s. and
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other nations. but opponents are unhappy with it. claiming the pact as it stands favor only u.s. interests in key trade areas. nhk world japan and taiwan have signed an agreement on fishing rights near the senkaku islands. the new agreement is a historic achievement. the islands are controlled by japan but claimed by china and taiwan. mao met in taipei on thursday, a day after the deal was signed. the associate is the liaison office for taiwan. the agreement will expand the rights of taiwanese fisherman. >> we did not touch on the territorial rights on the island this is time. but i hope to discuss the issue in the future. >> some in eye juan argue that the fishing agreement came in
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exchange for territorial claims. it allows taiwanese vessels to operate in japanese zones near the senkaku islands. a japanese lower house committee has unanimously approved a bill to lift the current ban on internet political campaigns starting with the upper house election this summer. the committee endorsed the bill on thursday after making some revisions. the original version he was jointly submitted by the ruling liberal democratic party. its coalition partner and the japanese restoration party. the plan allows candidates and campaign staff to canvas voters during the campaign period through web pages and social media networks. however, to limits e-mail
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campaigns to candidates. it's expected to be approved at the lower house on friday and will then be sent to the upper house for enactment. it's likely to become law as early as the end of this month. many students in south korea dream of getting a degree from a top university. they think that will put them on a track to success. but realizing that dream comes at a price. many find themselves burred by debt. a phenomenon they call edge u poor. nhk has more from seoul. >> reporter: to study at seoul national university, applicants must pass a nationwide entrance exam. the competition is fierce. only the country's best students get in. >> translator: i studied when the others had fun.
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>> translator: what's wrong with evaluating people by their academic background? i don't think it's bad. >> reporter: in south korea, being a student can mean putting up with pressure that's unbearable. i can't it any more. i feel my head is eating my heart out -- this is what a young high school student wrote last month before jumping to his death from a rooftop. a recent poll found that about 9% of people, age 15 to 25 have thought about taking their life. and 40% answered the study was their most serious concern. the family who lives here is among what is called the edupoor. they are weighed down by education costs. some spend more on education than they can afford. this woman spends 40% of the
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household income educating her two children. her daughter takes evening classes with a tutor. to pay for these lessons, the mother had to take up a part time job. >> translator: you may call my family edupoor, but i won't quit trying to give my children the best education possible. i hope my daughter becomes a diplomat. that's my dream. i don't mind taking on a second or even third job if it helps my kids. >> reporter: the korea scholastic struggle continues, but a new trend may remedy the situation. >> translator: during our period of industrialization, we needed practical knowledge. but now we have to develop an education system that fosters independent thinking and
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creativity. this is a challenge not only for korea but the entire world. >> reporter: students of the new academy may become the kind of employee. this high school is taking new approach by offering lessons aimed at enhancing students' ability to think kree atively and independently. students take responsibility for drawing up their own timetable and choosing their courses. they can also do advanced research. >> translator: here students need to be academically curious and do their own research. we teachers and staff members just support them. >> reporter: students have to think critically and express their opinion. also they learn to work together, assume a leadership role and brush up their
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communication skills. >> translator: i want to be a medical doctor. i want to study a variety of subjects at school, to get closer to achieving my goal. >> reporter: many graduates use their knowledge based education to land spots in the top three universities. more south korean now think that young people need skill does help the country merge into global society. that would involve studying for the sake of knowledge, not passes entrance exams. anna jong, nhk world, seoul. now to get a check on the weather, meteorologist sigh ca mori joins us. you've been keeping an eye on what's happening in the u.s. people in eastern states are dealing with severe weather conditions. what's the latest? >> that's exactly right, kathryn. the eastern part of the u.s. has been experiencing hazardous conditions.
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eight tornados have reportedly touched down in the deep south and one people was dead due to a tornado in mississippi and heavy snow is still lingering in the north. here's the setup on thursday. heavy snow is likely to continue in and around the great lakes area. more than 10 centimeters likely for wide area. 30 centimeters possible in the central part of the great lakes and then freezing rain is on the cards for you in places like new york, massachusetts and ontario. freezing rain is quite dangerous because once it hits surfaces it will create an icy glaze on roads and power lines making for dangerous driving conditions and scattered power outands. and then the rain as well as risk of severe weather. as we go into friday, the area of severe weather will be confined to the carolinas and heavy rain will be shift towards the eastern seaboard buff heavy snow will continue around the great lakes region into friday.
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a new system will be moving into the northwest bringing rain for the coast and snow for the mountains. and because of thick clouds, temperatures will go down 12 degrees in seattle and 11 degrees in vancouver. out towards the east, still in the warmer side in washington, d.c. with a high of 24 on friday. the masters tournament is taking place. we may see some rain continuing into friday morning but after that clear skies into the weekend with a high of 26 degrees on friday. and it looks like people on the other side of the globe enjoyed a different sport under biting cold weather. i want to show you this video. the north pole marathon took place on tuesday in a chilling temperature of minus 28 degrees celsius. 46 competitors pit themselves against the elements for this race at the top of the world. it is run on the frozen sea ice.
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the conditions were near perfect with low winds and light dusting of snow. a schoolteacher from ireland was first home in 3 hours, 49 minutes. some competitors took over 10 hours. of course it's not as cold as the north pole, but a cool air mass is blanketing the korean opinio peninsula. towards the south rain is still likely to occur in the southwestern area of china and more heavy rain is coming down in the indochina peninsula. towards the north cooler than achblg in seoul as well as tokyo. all right. finally in europe then, severe weather is occurring. we could see some hail in paris, thunderstorms in switzerland and
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gusts offal 85 miles an hours. here's the extended forecastowa
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here's the extended forecashere. o one more story before we go. russian president vladimir putin doesn't have a reputation for fooling around, but an ambassador from japan is helping him show his playful side. presidential staff released a foet toe of putin rolling around with his dogs, one is a breed called akita. the governor gave her to putin to encourage russians and japanese to get a little closer. and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in
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tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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