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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  June 30, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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welcome back to "newsline." it's monday, july 1st. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. hundreds of thousands of egyptians have flooded into the streets of cairo on the first anniversary of president mohamed morsi's inauguration to demand he resign. tension is running high as supporters have vowed to defend him.
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the protesters marched on the presidential palace on sunday from seven locations in the capital cairo. they have now surrounded the compound. they accused morsi of worsening the country's economy and security. officials from the muslim brotherhood party said their cairo headquarters came under attack. they said scores of protesters fired shotguns and threw petrol bombs. muslim brotherhood provides most of morsi's support. the state-run news agency says 92 people were injured in the northern city in clashes between the two sides. 253 egyptians were injured across the country on sunday. asean countries have agreed to issues in the sea. ten nations and china discussed territorial issues in the south
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china sea as part of a series of meetings held on sunday. the asean members agreed to negotiate with china to draw up a legally binding code of conduct. they agreed to have an official meeting in september in china. senior officials are expected to discuss how to peacefully resolve issues in the south china sea. both say sean and china want to resolve the issue through negotiations in accordance with international law. he also said a mechanism in a form of legally binding rules is necessary to maintain order. japan's morn minister has stressed the importance of cooperation in urging north korea to stop its nuclear development. north korea carried out nuclear tests and rocket launches. but it has recently begun to
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show signs that it's willing to engage in dialogue. he said it's important for the international community to coordinate its efforts to achieve denuclearization on the korean peninsula. north korea's foreign minister arrived in brunei on sunday to attend to the asean regional forum. he chose not to speak to reporters at the airport. he will take part in a meeting with japan, the united states and the other members of the six-party talks on north korea's nuclear development. some farmers on the indonesian island of somatra set fire to kill insects.
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the thick smoke is blown by seasonal winds. firms from singapore and malaysia also operate agricultural companies on somatra. foreign minister says the forest fines shrunk to about a quarter of their former size in mid june due to fire fighting operations in may. a rare public apology was made to neighboring countries. delegates at an international conference on marine conservation have ended two days of talks in okinawa by calling for urgent measures to save coral reefs. the japanese government hosted the international conference on climate change and coral reef conservation in southern japan. ministers and experts came from more than a dozen countries.
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including australia. a delegate from the international union for conservation of nature and natural resources stressed the importance of coral reef conservation. the iucn coordinator said coral reefs play a crucial role as natural break waters and should be maintained to reduce disaster risks. the chair of the meeting was the japanese vice minister for global environmental affairs. he said global warming could damage coral reefs and cause natural disasters, including a rising sea level. he said new facilities for research and training are needed to promote coral reef conservation. the japanese government will again host next year's conference in okinawa. a series of explosions on sunday in pakistan have killed at least 45 people and wounded
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80. children were also among the victims. a suicide bomber detonated his explosives in the southwestern city. the explosion killed 28 people and injured at least 50. most of the victims are shia muslims and a religious minority in the country and local police is not attack was carried out by sunni militants, and the explosive planted in a car was detonated in the northwestern city of peshawar. at least 17 people were killed and 30 were wounded in that attack. a paramilitary troop vehicle was among those hit by the explosion and the police suspect the bombing was aimed at the military and police. they are blaming the attack on islamic militants. >> pakistan has suffered the most in terms of human financial losses. we are, therefore, resolved to tackle the menace of extremism with terrorism and renewed vigor. >> a series of attacks targeting female students killed 25 students and others in june. ten others died in attacks on chinese, ukrainians and other foreign tourists.
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the european union will expand to 28 members when croatia joins on monday. croatia was welcomed at an eu sum mi summit in brussells. >> croatia will become the 28th member of the european union. >> we will do everything and anything and beyond that to help and assist not just -- our neighbores who are not members of the club yet. >> croatiana will be the second belkan country to join the eu after devastating ethnic conflicts. people are hopeful that eu membership will help them to overcome the legacy of war and develop the economy.
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>> translator: i'm glad. i feel like i'm coming home. >> the expansion of the eu is the first in six and half years. croatia is the first new member since the sovereign debt crisis in greece spread across the region. more rf laevolution from th edward snowden affair. a magazine provided documents provided by snowden. spiegel reported on saturday that the nsa install bugs and the eu representative office in new york. it says to have eavesdropped on meetings and also reported the nsa infiltrated computer networks of the facilities. intercepting internal documents and e-mail. spiegel reported that eavesdropping also took place at an eu building in brussells around five years ago.
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the german magazine says such conduct but the cia was in an nsa document which snowden had taken with him. the president of the european parliament, smartin schultz, said if this is correct it will have a severe impact on relations between the eu and the u.s. schultz also demanded full clarification and further information from the u.s. government as soon adds possible. is now snowden is wanted in the u.s. for espionage. he has asked for asylum in ecuador and is hold up in an airport. joe biden asked the request be turned down. corea told biden his country couldn't consider the request
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until snowden arrives in ecuador or shows up at a diplomatic mission. he told biden it would be in accordance with ecuadorian law. thousands of residents are still waiting to go home. vast tracks of land are still waiting to be restored. and more than half of the fishing ports must be rebuilt. people in northeastern japan still face challenges following the 2011 disaster. but step by step, they are moving forward. see their stories every wednesday on "the road ahead" right here on "newsline." the operator on the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant defected a higher level of radio activity including at a new observation well closer to the sea. tokyo electric power company says it'll further investigate possible leaks of contaminated water into the ocean.
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tepco said it determined on friday that level of beta radiation in water at a newly dug reservation well was more than twice the level at an older one. the higher level was 3,000 becquerels per liter. the new well was dug at a point close to the sea after tepco found that radio active were higher than set levels at an older reactor building. tepco says it is harder to know the reasons at the moment but radio activity in the sea hasn't greatly changed. it adds it is unknown whether anything leaked into the sea. the operator says it'll set up more observation wells to analyze the ground water at fukushima plant. the international atomic energy agency will open its first ministerial meeting in
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vienna, austria on monday. the meeting will be held amid concerns in many countries that nuclear power facility could become targets of terrorism. in 2011, the nuclear accident fukushima rethreat terrorist attacks on power facilities. there is increase around the world of of the possibility of radio active substances used at hospitals and facilities used as tools of terrorism. japan's senior vice foreign minister is you suzuki is also scheduled it attend. the safe management of nuclear substances and other issues over five days. the meeting is expected to adopt a declaration that includes an agreement to hold the international conference on nuclear security every three years. seat belts and automobiles are why you might call the final lifeline. they are supposed to protect
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people involved in traffic accidents. but recently there's been an increase in the number of injuries they caused. elderly people are pla areally vulnerable. that prompted the transport ministry to take a closer look at safety standard. nhk world explains. >> reporter: the national agency says seat belts help save lives in a traffic accident by more than 90%. researchers in tokyo are telling a different story. they conducted a study that concludes mainly people in traffic accidents actually being injured by seat belts.
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researchers say most of these injuries of compression fractures to the chest. this is especially true for elderly people whose bones tend to be brittle. they looked at serious accidents that occurred between 2004 and 2006. about 35 percent of people over 70 who were wearing seat belts suffered chest injuries. the figure is lower for younger people. the transport ministry says reducing pressure from the seatbelt to the chest is key to scaling back injuries among elderly people in traffic accidents. current safety standard require that seat belts not dig into the body more than five centimeters during an accident.
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but those standards are based on the physique of the average more can male. the transport ministry says it will study ways to diminish the seat belts to reduce injuries among the elderly. researchers are discussion the issue with -- they want japan to be a leader in producing cars better adapted to a rapidly agi aging society. >> translator: japan adopted safety standard overseas and atopted them as their own standard. so i think it is important japan introduce safety standard to the world. >> the number of japanese drivers, age 65 or older, has
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grown more than one and half times. those numbers are certain to increase. japan's new safety standards will help insure that an important element of traffic safety is truly alive for all two depend on it. nhk world, tokyo. japanese textile artisans work in an art dating back to thousands of years. one artist draws her colors from nature. she is recognized as a living national traern you're.
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now at age 89, she is still working hard it pass on those skills to younger generations. nhk world's keiko travelled to kyoto to learn more. >> reporter: textiles are her canvas for creating original works rich in color and texture. she weaves in a style known as sunugi based on traditional fabrics made by women in the countryside. underlining her work is a technique known as bokashi, degradation and melding of colors. this lairing of colors is a key feature of her feks tiles. >> translator: how many colors are you using in this piece? >> perhaps about 15. that's not so much. usually i use around 30. >> she makes all her own dyes from natural plants.
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unlike chemical dyes, the pigments found in plants are changeable. making them harder to use. she makes delicate adjustments in the time and temperature to produce threats in a range of hughs. she didn't start weaving until her 30s. she took it up as a way to support herself and two young daughters after getting divorced. she was inspire bid a basket of left over yarn by her mother who hoped to become a weaver at one time in her life. she was fascinated by a style of weaving which used to be made by poor peasant women. but she was up able to recreate the earthy appeal of the original craft. >> translator: i was cutting up my thread on purpose, which is totally difant from the original weave. everything i tried came out looking unkmarl and con tribed. when i thought about why i
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couldn't recreate country style, i decided i just needed to weave using modern ways. >> reporter: this is one of her early pieces, which won her recognition as a weaver, weaving new style into old folk tradition. she is still creating textiles both originative. she was honored as a living treasure in recognition of her outstanding achievements. in april of this year, she opened the private school. ity aim is to pass on technique of national dyeing and spread traditional weaving skills. >> translator: it is not just that people aren't wearing kimono, japan's traditions are van irning. does that concern you? >> of course. there is no way we can change
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that. but if some young people can really devote their lives to this work, i think the tradition will continue. rs if want to teach that. especially the distinctive sense of color to the people of japan. it is not just the color, it is also the spirit within us. >> reporter: inspired by the limitless colors of nature, she continues to search for further hughs to create her textiles. nhk world, kyoto.eghs to create. nhk world, kyoto.hs to create h. nhk world, kyoto.s to create he. nhk world, kyoto. time for a check on the weather with sayaka mori. >> this looks like it is going to pose a threat to southern parts of china into tomorrow and
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the next couple of days. we are expecting it to make land fall. i think tropical storm spells high waves and tropical storm force winds are expected to batter this area and after making land fall it should weaken to a prop ctropical depr. these are the areas that were battered by the previous storm system last week. so the ground is already very well saturated. it'll be a risk here. and up towards the north we have another rain-maker over 100 millimeters likely into tomorrow morning and heavy rain is also occurring across the northeastern parts of india. severe weather is happening across northeastern china and some of it will reach the korean peninsula by tomorrow. meanwhile in japan, generally dry but up in the mountains we are seeing a foggy morning.
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today is the first day of the climbing season for mount fuji. many people are climbing mountains to see the beautiful sun rise. temperatures are going to be quite warm in tokyo though. 28 degrees for you. that could go down to 25 degrees on tuesday. facing 27 with raining weather and scorching hot with a high of 33. now in north america, we have another tropical storm. this is this this this is dalila. tropical storm force winds are expected in this area. the bulk of the heavy rain should stay over the waters, about 75 millimeters of rain at most. now over towards the mainland u.s., we see a line of thundershowers over the eastern u.s. and gusty winds and isolated tornadoes likely and towards the west. dry thunderstorms are expected
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across the southwestern corner of the u.s. that means thunderstorms without precipitation. so that could ignite fires. and scorching hot conditions will continue across this area and up towards the north. mostly dry from canada. so enjoy your canada today on your monday. very hot across death valley. 53 degrees for you. with plenty of sunshine. blazing hot conditions out there that are also affecting seattle. 32 degrees for you with sunshine and across the east 29 degrees for you in the u.s. capital. 28 degrees for new new york city with rainy weather. finally in a year, mostly dry for the continent. wet and gusty across finland and west everyone parts of russia. scattered across the british aisles but temperatures are quite milesisles but temperature miles not like last week,
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however the heat is still hanging on. in lisbon 32 degrees a abundance of sunshine on monday. here is the extended forecast.
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just a reminder of our lead stories this hour. hundreds of thousands of egyptians have flooded into the streets of cairo on the first anniversary of president morecy's anicaraginauguration d that he resign, and his supporters vow to support him. protesters marched on the presidential palace on sunday from seven locations in the capital, cairo. they have now surrounded the compound. they accuse morsi of worsening the country's security. officials from the muslim brotherhood party said their cairo headquarters came under attack. they said scores of protest are fired shotguns and threw pet trol bombs. three people were left dead.
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253 egyptians were injuried a i cross the country on sunday. asean member c cntries and china agreed to create a set of legally bind willing rules to peacefully resolve territorial issues in the south china sea. the ten asean nations and china discussed territorial issues in the south china sea as part of a series of foreign min tieral meetings held in brunei sunday. they will negotiate with china to draw up a legally binding code of conduct. they will start a meeting officially in september in china. officials are expected to discuss how to peacefully discuss issues in the south china sea. nogala say asean and china was to resolve issues in accordance with international laws. he also said a mess nick them the form of legally binding rules is necessary to maintain order. that wraps up this edition of
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sline." i'm katherine k i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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