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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  July 2, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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hello and welcome to "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the president of egypt is standing his ground. mohamed morsi delivered a televised speech refusing to step down and vowing to protect his democratically elected government with his life.
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he is asking the public to stay calm. he says egypt belongs to all and that it would take time to improve the nation because of the corruption and remnants from the former regime. mohamed morsi opponents say he has had enough time and he needs to quit now. they are frustrated about the state of the economy and security. they have been out in force since sunday. >> translator: we are waiting for the military to take action. the military is our leader. >> about 100,000 antigovernment protesters gathered and tens of thousands more surrounded the
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presidential palace chanting morsi should go. the supporters want him to stay. thousands of them gathered in central cairo, some wearing helmets and carrying sticks. a statement released by the ruling party says martyrs may be inevitable. >> translator: the military should respect the decision the people made. they did this through the national vote and the presidential election. >> state run media reports say there have been further outbursts of violence between morsi opponents and supporters. foreign ministers are throwing weight behind a call for a nuclear-free korean peninsula. the chairman statement urges
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north korean leaders to fulfill their obligations under u.n. resolutions. the countries required to stop nuclear testing and development. the statement says most nations support efforts to achieve the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. many delegates consider that a top priority. he says leaders are blaming the u.s. for raising tensions in the region and he points out they are demanding the u.s. first stop its threats before denuclearization begins. north korean diplomats have been holding a series of meetings. kim is expected to meet foreign ministers. he is expected to ask for help in resuming negotiations which
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broke down in 2008. diplomats from the united states, japan and south korea they won't go to the table until steps are made. the north koreans may be looking to russia to counterer that demand. >> deputy foreign minister spoke at the international court of justice in the hague. australia filed a complaint in 2010 to try to stop japan from killing whales in the antarctic ocean. he argues the goal of the hunt is to conserve the mammals. >> japan is conducting a program because japan wishes to resume
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commercial whaling based on science. >> the australian representatives aren't buying that argument. >> japan says it is scientific whaling but we believe it is commercial. >> the australians say the japanese kill hundreds of whales every year and the meat ends up in restaurants and supermarkets. the hearings are scheduled to conclude in two weeks. the judges are expected to deliver a ruling as early as the end of the year. >> the japanese government has decided to support five regenerative medicine projects. the research is expected to help patients with diabetes and liver failure. the japan science and technology agency announced details of the projects. researchers at tokyo medical and dental university are studying ways to cure intestinal ulcer as well as a type of inflammatory bowel problem called crohn's disease. they are trying to use regenerated intestinal membrane for the treatment. scientists taking part in other projects plan to use ips cells. researchers want to regenerate
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an insulin secreting organ to treat diabetes. another team plans to grow ips cells into liver cells. these would be transplanted into patients with liver failure. and a kyoto university research institute headed by this professor will provide the ips cells. he received a nobel prize for his ips research. the scientists are expected to clear the technical hurdles within three years. clinical research will be done over the next seven years. the japanese government says it will provide $1.1 billion to fund these projects over a 10-year period. executives overseeing the fukushima daiichi plant want to restart reactors at another plant they own. officials at tokyo electric power company want permission to resume operations at reactors
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at niigata prefecture at the sea of japan coast but they face stiff opposition. all but two reactors in japan remain offline following the 2011 accident at the fukushima daiichi plant. reactors must meet new safety standards that go into effect this month before they can go back to operation. the governor is opposed to the plan by tepco. he says there can be no discussion about restarting the plant until the fukushima accident is thoroughly investigated. tepco's board of directors decided to apply for a government screening of the plant as soon as the new guidelines take effect. >> translator: we would like to explain to the residents why we want to make application to the government as soon as possible. >> tepco raised electricity fees last year to cover the growing cost of fuel for its thermal
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power plants, but it continues to struggle with a huge deficit. tepco posted more than $6.8 billion in losses for the year through march. the firm must return to the black by march next year in order to receive taxpayer money and bank loans to rebuild its finances. it says by operating just one reactor, it can cut fuel costs by about $10 million a month. officials from around 120 countries say they must do more to protect nuclear facilities from terrorist activities. they have agreed to adopt security guidelines drawn up by the international atomic energy agency. the iaea hosted a meeting in vienna, austria. it's the first such event to focus on nuclear security. >> if a dirty bomb is detonated in a major city or sabotage occurs at a nuclear facility, the consequences could be devastating. the threat of nuclear terrorism is real. >> the delegates adopted a declaration, pledging to follow the iaea's nuclear security guidelines.
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they also agreed to minimize the use of highly enriched uranium. the material can be made into nuclear weapons. authorities say they're also concerned about terrorists getting hold of radioactive materials in hospitals and factories. the man who disclosed u.s. government surveillance programs has sought asylum from 21 countries, but former national security agency contractor edward snowden has already withdrawn his request from one. he says he won't try to stay in russia, where he's currently evading u.s. authorities. the u.s. government is urging countries not to help snowden escape prosecution on espionage charges. u.s. secretary of state john kerry met the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov in brunei. he briefed his counterpart on america's position. he's believed to have repeated the request that russia hand
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snowden over to the u.s. lavrov gave a different account of the meeting. he said the issue wasn't on the agenda. snowden has been holed up at a moscow airport for more than a week since he flew there from hong kong. some analysts say he may not be able to leave moscow because the u.s. has canceled his passport. on monday, snowden released his first statement since arriving in moscow. he criticized the u.s. government for revoking his passport and pressuring countries to block his asylum bid. the wikileaks website is supporting snowden. it published a list of countries where he's asked for asylum. venezuela is one of them. the president is visiting russia to attend a summit of gas exporting countries. there's speculation he may leave russia with snowden after the summit. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin said he would only consider snowden's request under one condition. >> translator: if he wants to stay in russia, there's one condition.
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he must stop his activities aimed at inflicting damage on our american partners. >> putin's spokesperson said snowden withdrew his request on hearing the remark. taliban insurgents have attacked a military-related facility in kabul, leaving at least seven people dead. it's the latest in a string of terrorist assaults in the afghan capital. an armed group detonated a car filled with explosives that was left at the gate to the facility and tried to enter the compound early tuesday. the attackers also exchanged gunfire with guards. local police say four nepalese guards and three afghans were killed. they s s s s s s s s s s s s s l the taliban n n n n n n n n n ne aimimimimimimimimimimimimimimim. the group also attacked the presidential palace and an airport last month. they're increasing their offensive ahead of next year's presidential election and the withdrawal of international troops. afghan officials say 300 soldiers and 180 civilians were killed in taliban attacks last month.
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scientists in india have opened a new chapter in the country's space program. they put their first navigation satellite into orbit. it's part of the plan to create an indian global positioning program. scientists plan to launch a total of seven satellites. together they'll make up the regional satellite system. the system will cover india and south asia. it's designed to be accurate to about 20 meters, precise enough to locate cars and ships. the indian system is scheduled to begin operating in 2015. it will serve as an alternative to the united states global positioning system. russia, china, the european union and japan have either completed or are working on their own networks. neighboring pakistan plans to use china's satellite system. meanwhile in russia, a rocket carrying communication satellites crashed seconds after launch. emergency teams immediately sealed off the site. the rocket was loaded with a
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large amount of toxic fuel. the russian space agency launched the proton end booster carrying three satellites from the facility in kazighstan on tuesday. 17 seconds after takeoff, the rocket ignited and burst into flames in midair. it fell near a residential area. the agency is blaming engine trouble. three years ago, the same type of rocket, also carrying three satellites, failed to reach orbit and plunged into the pacific ocean. south korea is emerging as a global economic powerhouse, but recent revelations that big businesses have been bullying their smaller partners have sent shock waves across the country. the government has been forced to step in and uncomfortable questions are being asked about the way business is being conducted. nhk world has more. >> this audio recording was a
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video posted on a website in may. an employee of a major dairy producer tries to force a dealer to buy more products than he actually needs, using a threatening manner. the recording was soon being listened to by people around the country, and the dairy firm found itself the target of a boycott. the owners of dealerships rallied daily in front of the producer's head office. this dealer says he signed a contract with the firm 20 years ago. nowadays, he places orders using his smartphone. he says the maker is trying to force them to purchase more than they need.
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>> translator: they often deliver 30% more goods than i actually order. some of the products are even past their sell-by date. >> reporter: he says he has been trying hard to expand his roots in order to sell the products but the dairy firm keeps increasing its demands each year. now it sometimes sends more than three times what was ordered. to make matters worse, the firm doesn't allow the dealers to return unsold stock. instead it passes all of the losses on to the dealers. in the face of mounting anger, the dairy maker announced last month that it agreed with some
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dealers to set up a fund to assist their operations, but the majority of them remain unsatisfied as past damages are not included in the deal. similar problems are coming to light in the retail industry. since april, three people who ran franchises of major convenience store chains have committed suicide. the incident drew sharp reaction from president park geun-hye. >> translator: these practices shouldn't be allowed under a government that prizes a fair market economy. i'm committed to wiping out unfair trade in south korea. >> reporter: the ruling party has submitted the draft bill to the national assembly that aims to stamp out unfair practices of some big companies. but an expert says more is needed.
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he says that to bring about fundamental changes, the economic structure that gives absolute power to a small number of conglomerates has to undergo reform. >> translator: the park administration won't be able to achieve economic equality if it doesn't eliminate the concentration of wealth and the power of conglomerates. >> reporter: south korean companies have made significant strides in the past few decades. they've gained respect for their world-class products. but the country still has a long way to go before it achieves a fairer economy. nhk world, seoul.
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for ordinary ped estrians i is more than just an annoyance. >> reporter: morning and evening the route around the imperial palace is filled with runners. more and more office workers in central tokyo are keen to stay fit. and this is their favorite route to go jogging. the reason why this route around the palace is so popular is that it is almost exactly 5 kilometers long. there are no traffic lights to interrupt the run. on week days this route is busy. on weekends it's even more crowded. not just with individual joggers but also groups. on some days there are as many as ten organized runs each with
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hundreds of runners. the route is actually a public sidewalk. there are also plenty of near misses with pedestrians or even worse. >> translator: sometimes when i step out of the way of a jogger another one comes from the opposite direction. it really feels dangerous. >> translator: it can be scary at times like when they overtake from behind you. >> reporter: the local authorities have put up signs warning people to take care as they run. but the complaints keep coming in from ordinary pedestrians. over the past two years there have been about 100 claims like this. some of them involve serious injuries caused by collisions
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with joggers. >> translator: there could be a serious accident. we want to prevent any major incidents from occurring. >> reporter: she has been a regular jogger on this course for about five years. she first began as a way to stay healthy. these days she says a growing number of runners are competing for trying to improve their times. >> translator: some runners wear number tags and like to clock their times. when there are groups of them clogging the sidewalk it can feel dangerous. >> reporter: to address this issue the local government set up a committee to discuss ways to prevent accidents including ordinary runners as well as
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academics. the panel recently came up with a list of nine rules. for example, all runners must go in the same direction and they have to run in single file on narrow sections. on the question of holding organized runs around the palace only one place can be used as the starting and finishing lines. organizers must also set a limit of 1,000 participants and a maximum of 100 runners are allowed to start at a time. the others have to sit off at staggered intervals. these regulations are due to take effect in september. with more and more people in tokyo taking up jogging the sidewalks are getting congested. the new rules are a first step towards making the streets safer
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for both runners and pedestrians. nhk world, tokyo. >> let's take a look at the market figures. time for a check on world
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weather with meteorologi weather. people are experiencing unusually hot weather conditions. what is the latest there? >> blazing hot conditions are continuing across the western u.s. record temperatures have been set in some places. the reason is that this jet stream is still meandering further up towards the north allowing hot air to flow in from the south. to show you how the situations are i want to show you this video. people are suffering from scorching weather with temperatures hitting 46 degrees celsius on monday. residents and visitors are rushing to swimming pools and air conditioned buildings to escape the extreme heat wave. in palm springs the temperatures are expected to fall to a seasonal level by wednesday. it's not the case in the rest of the western u.s. as you can see temperature could go up to 51 degrees in death valley on tuesday andednesday and record temperatures can be
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found on tuesday and wednesday in las vegas for today and 46 degrees on thursday. so stay away from the direct sunshine and also these high temperatures and extreme low humidity are resulting in wild fires and unfortunately no improvement in sight in the foreseeable future. it is a quite different scenario across the east. a stalled frontal system causing heavy rain. record rainfall measured in some places. unfortunately this wet weather will continue into your independence day and severe weather is also occurring across the north after three minimal tornadoes reported in connecticut, new jersey and some places. watch out for severe weather. temperatures not going to be too bad across the east. across the central parts 32 in wichita falls. now in east asia a tropical storm has been downgraded to a tropical depression and still producing wet weather across northern parts of vietnam and
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surrounding areas. more of a concern is going to be this low pressure system, the frontal system causing on going heavy rain and thunderstorms for the river basin in the southern parts of the korean peninsula. the system is expected to move into japan. wet and windy conditions are expected today and waves can hit as high as four meters. temperatures are not going to be too bad in tokyo. 27 degrees for you. 30 degrees in seoul. much hotter than seoul across much of china. 36 degrees in beijing. 37 in fuzhou. the heat will likely continue for the next couple of days. finally, in europe we have a strong low pressure system drifting into the british isles in the western continent. we are seeing thunderstorms and a risk of hail. the wet weather will effect germany on wednesday and poland on thursday. ahead of the system warm air comes in so temperatures looking
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like mid summer. 29 degrees for you in vienna. 26 in berlin. very hot across the iberian peninsula. 36 in madrid. much hotter conditions expected as we go into the weekend. here is your extended forecast.
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and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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