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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  July 5, 2013 5:30pm-5:41pm PDT

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it's time now for "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. people in egypt are seeing violence in their streets once again, and that violence has turned deadly. supporters and opponents of ousted president mohamed morsi have skirmished across the nation. state-run tv reports 17 people have been killed. two morsi supporters were killed in a fight with soldiers near the republican guard headquarters in cairo. some supporters say morsi is being held in this building.
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supporters and opponents fought in the center of cairo. they threw stones and fire bombs at each other near tahrir square. the violence began during rallies led by the muslim brotherhood, an islamist group that backs morsi. members are angry that military leaders removed morsi from power and installed an interim president. the muslim brotherhood's leader mohammed badie gave a speech in cairo. he said members will keep protesting until morsi is returned to power. interim president adly mansour dissolved the upper house of parliament. muslim brotherhood member hs held a majority. the u.n. human rights chief says she's concerned by reports egyptian military leaders are detaining members of the muslim brotherhood. high commissioner for human rights navi pillay said she wants an end to arbitrary detentions. her spokesperson said the grounds for the detentions are not clear. he said any arrest needs a good
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reason and due process. african union leaders say they've suspended egypt's membership. >> council decides to suspend the participation of egypt in au activities until the restoration of constitutional order. representatives of au member nations criticized egyptian military leaders for ousting the democratically elected president. japan's defense chief wants his nation to get better prepared to prevent a missile attack from north korea. he's urging government leaders to consider giving japanese forces the ability to attack a foreign base.
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defense minister itsunori onodera admitted officials hadn't expected the north koreans to develop such a large and advanced missile arsenal. he said he's concerned the north koreans may arm missiles with nuclear warheads. and he says japan's missile defense system may not be efficient. >> translator: japan's missile defense system is outstanding. but it may fail to intercept missiles if they come in large numbers. our laws give us the right to destroy the origins of such threats. >> onodera said japan will maintain its defense alliance with the united states, but he said he wants to talk with the americans about the role each country plays. the police presence in northwestern china has been increased following last week's protests.
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ed from marked the fourth anniversary of large scale demonstrations in the xinjiang uighur autonomous nation. nhk reports from the capital of the area. >> reporter: a large security force has been deployed near the oig uighur district. police are keeping a close eye on the residents. state-run media say several men attacked a police station with knives last week in eastern xinjiang. 35 civilians and police officers were reportedly killed. another group of armed men reportedly launched a similar attack in a remote city last friday. the incident was one of the worst since riots in july 2009 when 200 people were reported to be killed. ethnic muslim uighurs make up nearly half of xinjiang's
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population. many uighurs are angry over what they call economic and social disparities with han chinese residents. they also say the government is barring them from religious activities. >> translator: the government should treat us better. we are not terrorists. if the government treated us properly, we would respond in the same manner. >> reporter: the recent unrest is being seen as a backlash against government policies targeting minorities. the chinese government appears to be trying to contain any sign of unrest out of concern that social instability may spread. reporting for nhk world, china. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson has defended the country's policy on ethnic minorities. >> translator: chinese
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authorities are taking strict legal countermeasures to protect social stability, people's lives and their assets. >> the spokesperson also said the government's policy on uighurs and their religion meet the people's needs. she said residents of xinjiang support the policy. japanese businesspeople went on a global spending spree last year using a strong yen to buy and invest in nirms fp now they're watching the yen get weaker so they're scaling down their foreign expansion. experts at the merger and acquisition brokerage recorded how many firms invested abroad in the last year. it was only half what it had been in the same period last year. only three transactions were individually worth more than a billion dollars. those include mitsubishi
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purchase of deutsche bank's loan union -- unit in the united states. they take advantage of the strong yen. analysts say the weaker yen this year is making overseas investments much more costly. a group of pakistani children have spent months reble the -- rebuilding their lives after pakistani militants shot up their school bus. one girl went for medical treatment and decided to stay. now her friend followed her to get a british education. she got to britain with help from members of nongovernment organization. she was reunited with her friend. armed men attacked a school bus the girls were riding in last october. they shot her in the arm and her friend in the hand. they targeted malana because she supported education for women.
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ngo members say that shazia had been receiving threats since the attack and couldn't continue her education in pakistan. her brother said she was too scared to go to school. >> translator: i want her to study hard in britain to become a doctor and come back home. >> ngo members now plan to invite another girl who survived the attack to study in britain. here's our three-day world weather forecast.
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that concludes this edition of "newsline."
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i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us.


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