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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  July 8, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello. welcome to the "journal," coming to you live on dw. >> egypt's leading cleric warns the country is facing civil war. the army has called on supporters of ousted resident mohamed morsi to -- ousted president mohamed morsi to end their protests. >> more and more die trying to reach europe. >> international creditors agree to more bailout funding for greece.
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the standoff is continuing in cairo at this hour. at the very spot where at least 50 members of the muslim brotherhood were killed by soldiers. the military says troops only opened fire after republican guard headquarters -- at the republican guard headquarters after "armed terrorists tried to storm it." the political arm has called on people to rise up against the army until ousted president mohamed morsi is returned to power. >> dozens of people died in the early-morning shootout. doctors at this nearby hospital could hardly keep up with the number of victims. >> touring early-morning prayers, people came and told us what happened. he have seen more than 100
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patients with gunshot wounds so far -- we have seen more than 100 patients with gunshot wounds >> it is still not clear what started the bloodshed. >> we were praying at dawn when the army came with armored personnel carriers am a tanks, and troops. they locked the door and threw bombs and other devices. the mosque has been turned into a field hospital. >> the egyptian army says armed terrorists tried to storm the base of the republican guards and says this video shows them opening fire. interim president audley mann sort -- adly mansour as called for restraint and set up an official required -- adly mansour has called for restraint and set up an unofficial -- an official inquiry.
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>> sorrow in their hearts, tears in their eyes, but it is still the same objective. we will not let this country be rocked again by the military conduct. >> the political wing of the muslim brotherhood is calling for an uprising. >> with emotions running very high, let's go live to cairo and our correspondent am a joining us now on the line. what is the latest? what are you seeing on the ground? ok. we are going to go back to cairo, if we can, later in the broadcast. we have lost that connection at the moment. moving on to other news. the syrian opposition prime minister has resigned his post after failing to form a transitional government. >> he was appointed in march by the western-backed syrian
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national council. he said he was standing down for "the general good of the revolution." it is a further blow to the anti-assad movement, which has become increasingly divided as various groups are vying for influence. air is no sign to an end in the fighting in syria itself -- there is no sign to an end in the fighting itself, which activists claim has killed 100,000 people. syrian president bashar al-assad has replaced all leading positions in his party apart own. the new leadership includes 16 new members -- apart from his own. the new leadership includes 16 new members. >> assad's military is pressing its offensive against rebels in the strategic city of homs. opposition leaders say the fighting there is some of the fiercest since the uprising began more than two years ago.
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>> here in europe, a deep freeze has dissented on u.s.-eu relations as european politicians find -- has dissented -- descended on u.s.- eu relations as european politicians find out more about surveillance. them according to nsa whistleblower edward snowden -- >> according to nsa whistleblower edward snowden, germany's own intelligence is in bed with the nsa. >> many are wondering who in berlin new about the spying =-- in berlin knew about the spying. >> the spotlight is on the bnd, alleged to have known about the nsa's massive surveillance program and even to have supported about it -- supported it. the report is making waves. the government response has so far been they. -- vague.
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>> the bnd mandate includes partnership with other agencies, including, for decades, the nsa. we can only protect our citizens from the threat of terrorism if we work together with other agencies. that cooperation takes place strictly in accordance with the law. >> the spokesman said the interior minister' washington this week would aim to shed light on the affair. he also said the german justice minister was still awaiting an answer to a letter demanding an expert nation from her american counterpart. the opposition believes trade talk with washington should be postponed. >> you cannot start talks in these circumstances. you cannot, as chancellor merkl is insisting, start the talks and then discuss data protection. you need to do that beforehand. there needs to be a clearly defined it a protection agreement first. >> the greens insist that if the
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bnd was cooperating closely with the u.s. intelligence agency, someone in the government would have known about it. >> earlier, we spoke to our political correspondent and asked him what the government -- the german government was saying about these latest disclosures. >> the government says it has asked the americans for more information about what is behind these allegations. it is still trying to find out more. it says it needs to talk to the americans. it has repeated this idea that you should not be spying on your friends. of course, the government has never denied that there is" operation between german securing -- security -- that there is close operation between german security agencies and american. it seems it will be explored more intensively. the opposition are calling for more information, and at least one court case has now been launched on the basis of these allegations. >> we are going to go back now to cairo, where we have our
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correspondent on the line to tell us what is happening at this hour in the egyptian capital. what can you tell us? what are you seeing on the ground there in cairo? just how high our emotions right now -- how high are emotions right now? >> during the day, supporters of former president morsi and the muslim brotherhood were clearly in shock. it is clear that the shock is moving to real anger. we don't know where the anger will unload itself. until now, it stayed relatively quiet. >> what about the anti-morsi protesters? are they avoiding confrontation? are they staying off the streets of egyptian cities? >> there is definitely not a mobilization going on. the whole country is still trying to digest what happened this morning. of course, we have very
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different versions here of the events. supporters of morsi say they were shot at by the army unprovoked. the army, of course, said that they acted in self-defense because they were attacked. at least some people are thinking now that the reaction of the army was disproportionate. >> we are hearing from one of egypt's leading clerics that the country is on the edge of a civil war. is that a fair assessment? >> yeah, i think -- i would be careful with this kind of definition of civil war. but definitely, the situation -- you can see the pro-morsi camp, the muslim brotherhood has called for an uprising, basically, this afternoon, while the other side is saying in many tweets and on facebook, now we will finish off the muslim brotherhood. so, both sides, really no mercy
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to each other. >> thanks so much for that update. our correspondent in cairo with the latest from the egyptian capital. ok. >> back to trans-atlantic tensions and trade talks between the ee you and the u.s. those trade talks -- the eu and the u.s. those trade talks are being overshadowed by the -- >> the goal of the talks is to create the world's largest single market with binding rules covering everything from labor law to environmental protection. >> those areas will prove very thorny, along with the area of food safety standards, which will be difficult to standardize. >> selling cars across the atlantic. to date, an expensive and collocated undertaking. varying standards -- to date, an
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expensive and complicated undertaking. the german auto industry pays some $1 billion in tariffs each year. scrapping those levees could create new jobs and cut prices. -- those levies could create new jobs and cut prices to consumers. there are major sticking points, particularly in the agricultural air. while -- in the agricultural sector. while genetically modified foods are widely available in the u.s., they are heavily regulated in the ee y-- the eu. >> pope francis has made his first pastoral visit outside of rome, to the tiny island of lampedusa. it is the southernmost tip of italy and a gateway to europe
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for potential migrants from africa. >> over the years, thousands of refugees have drowned as they sailed across the seas in flimsy boats in hopes of a better life in europe. >> pope francis drew attention to the right -- the plight of refugees, calling for more humane eu policies. >> pope francis led the residence of lampedusa in a special mass to remember those who have perished at sea while trying to get to europe. 10 people drowned in one incident alone last month. this news which has repeated itself so many times, i could not get it out of my mind. it was like a thorn in my heart, bringing the pain. i thought then that i needed to come here today to pray. >> the pope hopes his visit
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will send the message. he wants european leaders to rethink their refugee policy and do more to help migrants. francis can empathize with the migrants' situation. his own parents emigrated in hopes for a better life. each person here has their own story of hardship. >> i am from eritrea. getting to italy was not easy. it was a long journey, fraught with dangers. i passed through many countries, sudan, the egyptian desert, until i got to libya. the situation there was difficult. we weore ourselves out trying to get to lampedusa. >> another boat carrying 162 migrants from eritrea reached the island. >> china's former rail minister has been handed a suspended death sentence for bribery and abuse of power pat was accused of accepting some 8 million euros in bribes -- of power.
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he was accused of accepting some 8 million euros in bribes. it is one of the countries highest profile -- country's highest profile corruption cases in years. the sentence is likely to be commuted to life in prison. >> the move is a bid to investigate former prime minister petr necas' role in -- >> he was charged with bribery and abuse of power, but he remains a member of parliament and has parliamentary immunity. >> the situation in the egyptian capital remains extremely tense. the standoff is continuing in cairo at the very spot where at least 50 members of the muslim brotherhood were killed by soldiers. >> the military says troops only opened fire at the republican guard headquarters after "armed
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terrorists" tried to storm the headquarters. >> stay with us. we are going to a brief, one- minute break. when we come back, the eurozone -- can it bailout greece? is the funding enough? don't go away.
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>> welcome back. >> thanks so much for staying with us. euro zone finance ministers have approved further bailout funding for greece. greece's european partners agreed to a statue -- stat or -- staggered schedule. the amount is far less than greece had been hoping for, but it will allow the country to avoid an immediate funding crisis. >> the staggered schedule will dictate the release of as much as 8.1 billion euros worth of aid.
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greece's truck up of international lenders say athens has made -- greece's troika of international lenders say athens has made some progress. the greeks have been taking to the streets in huge numbers to protest against the seemingly unending series of cutbacks. >> police officers are among those who have been taking part in demonstrations in athens. they are angry about government plans to lay off thousands of municipal police officers while others are to be transferred to the police force -- regular police force. it is part of a range of cuts that greece needs to make in order to get its next batch of aid from the troika. the country has pledged to read a point a total of -- to redeploy a total of 25,000 civil servants. >> we go to bed as local employees and wake up unemployed. that's the logic of the troika and the government. a want to drive families into poverty and workers into unemployment -- they want to
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drive families into poverty and workers into unemployment just because they are strapped for cash. he are calling for no local authority employees to lose their jobs -- we are calling for no local authority employees to lose their jobs. >> tens of thousands of civil servants have taken to the streets to protest. i nance ministers insist that greece -- finance insist that greece has to -- to receive bailout aid. >> we spoke earlier to our political correspondent in brussels and asked him if he believes the crisis is now behind us. >> i don't know if a major part is ahead of us. the crisis is certainly not behind us. as one who stands on the sidelines of these talks here in brussels, you can see the same old tensions. the balance between severe austerity and the need to give incentives to the public to help create wealth and growth. that is what the public in athens are protesting about -- too much austerity, not enough
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incentive, not enough job opportunities. certainly, this is not behind us. this economic crisis is much where it was before. that raises concerns for countries such as portugal and ireland, who are raising their way out of the bailout syndrome. if greece falls back, that could spell trouble ahead. >> staying with economic news and german exports fell unexpectedly in may. suffering the steepest incline in three and a half years -- in 3 1/2 years. fewer orders from the euro area, germany's biggest export market, indicate the eurozone the crisis is still affecting the bloc's largest economy. >> these unexpected results were compounded by the slowdown in china as well. the german chamber of industry and commerce is predicting just 2% export growth this year. last year, the figure was 3.7%. it was even higher in 2011. >> investors did not seem too
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worried about it. our correspondent at the frank works -- at the frankfurt stock exchange said investors pretty much brushed off the disappointing numbers and found other reasons to buy shares. she sent us this summary. >> traders did not look at the poor export data coming out from germany, but more or less concentrated on the very much positive mood amongst equity markets in europe. the biggest topic here was the biggest ipo on the german market. it went public here for the first day. it was not too great for their shares, but really positive for siemens' shares. this was a spinoff. that means no cash went to eith er. shares were given as a present, so to say, to the semen shareholders -- the siemens shareholders.
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siemens shares were the biggest game today -- winner today. >> the dax is up by more than 2%, the euro stoxx 50 up via about the same amount. the dow is up by 6/10 of 1%. >> it is time now for a special series we will be running all week looking at the various political positions as we get ever closer to germany's elections in september. >> germany has taken the reins when it comes to the eurozone debt crisis. chancellor merkel's policies will be a big sticking point when voters head to the polls. let's take a closer look. >> the euro under assault. one crisis summit after another. angry citizens, rescue packages, emergency bailouts, more summits, violent protests, headlines that have dominated the news in europe since 2010.
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in the thick of it all, chancellor angela merkel managing germany's and europe's response to the crisis, a poker game with billions at stake. polls show germans are worried about their savings him about the majority of its -- about their savings, but the majority of its citizens still completely trust the chancellor. >> the image people have of the chancellor is that she is a competent crisis manager who, so far, has been a good job of guiding germany through the crisis. >> but that comes with a steep price tag. munich cost info institute-- m -- munich's ifo institute says there is a total of 660 billion euros, the maximum committed to spending if necessary on bailouts. the opposition accuses the government of being irresponsible. >> incompetent. >> had he done anything? -- have you done anything?
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>> despite the criticism, when it comes to the eurozone, they have mostly given merkel the necessary back in the european parliament, or the bundestag. the social democrats put their top financial expert, peer steinbrueck, in the race against merkel, seemingly a smart move. >> he is seen as knowledgeable since he is a former finance minister, but he has not been able to provide an alternative message to the people. >> both contenders back the euro and its rescue. so far however, that seems to have only helped merkel. >> when -- if the euro crisis sharply worsened right before the election, that could certainly damage merkel's image as a levelheaded crisis manager. >> and that could strengthen the position of the small afd party. it wants germany to pull out of
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the euro. should the race become tight, the afd could siphon off crucial votes from merkel's parties. >> in a moment, the investigation into the deadly plane crash in san francisco continues as officials reveal that one of the victims may have survived the crash and then was run over by -- run over and killed by an emergency vehicle. >> first, some of the other stories making headlines. in spain, nine people were killed when a bus. off a highway and plowed into a metal barrier. the crash occurred about 100 kilometers northwest of the capital of madrid. emergency services rescued several passengers trapped in the wreckage. >> a japanese government spokesman says the country is testing two nuclear reactors for safety with a view to restarting them. 48 of the country pop 50 nuclear -- country's 50 nuclear
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reactors were shut down after the tsunami. >> police say 40 people are missing and feared dead after a runaway train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in the town of lac-megantic. police are still investigating the cause of what looks like he worst train disaster in 50 years. >> reports from the u.s. indicate that the boeing 777 that crashed in san francisco was flying too low and too slow for a safe approach. investigators are trying to figure out what was to blame. >> fire officials have announced that one of the two girls killed in the plane crash may have by an emergency vehicle. not topsy will be carried out to determine whether she survived -- an autopsy will be carried out to determine whether she survived the crash and then was killed by being run over.
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>> their relatives are making their way to san francisco, where investigators are trying to piece together what caused the crash. there are looking into reports that one of the victims initially survived -- they are looking into reports that one of the victims initially survived only to be run over by a rescue vehicle. >> it became aware to our fire chiefs that there was a possibility that one of their two fatalities might have been contacted by one of our apparatus at an unknown point during the incident. >> the ceo of asiana dismissed speculation that inexperience of the pilot contributed to the accident. he said the man was still in training for the boeing 777 but had been closely supervised. >> a senior pilot was in charge of the flight. i cannot accept this speculation. i would appreciate if you would understand that it is not true.
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>> remarkably, 305 of 307 passengers and crew survived. most escaped as flames tore through the plane. some survivors have describedpt. >> i heard this sound, which the pilot tried to send more power to the plane, which didn't work. i was holding the thing so tight. and bang. the impact was so powerful -- powerful. >> investigators hope the plane's pilots will shed more light on the last moments of flight 214 and the cause of the accident. >> that's all for now. thanks for joining us. >> more news for you at the top of the hour. captioned by the national captioning institute
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