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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  July 13, 2013 8:30pm-8:41pm PDT

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hello and welcome to nhk newsline. efficiencies at france's national rail operator say a fault in the rail trucks may have caused a deadly train accident near paris. at least six people were killed when a train crashed into a platform on friday. the train was carrying some 380 people when 2 derailed and crashed south of paris. six people are confirmed dead and 30 others injured. eight of them critically.
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the seven-car train was headed to central france after leaving paris. officials from the national rail operator say one of the joints in the switch have disconnected from its normal position, about 200 meters away from the crash site. the railway officials say they've ordered workers to check some 5,000 similar joints on its network. the intercity line remained closed on saturday. the accident occurred on one of the business travel weekends in france. which celebrates the national bastille day holiday on sunday. a chinese high school student who was on board asiana flight died friday in a san francisco hospital. she's the third fatality from the crash landing of july 6th. >> it's a very sad day here at san francisco general hospital. we have all done everything we could to take care of this young
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lady. and unfortunately as you just heard she's passed away. >> asiana airlines said the latest fatality was a chinese female high school student. the two previous fatalities are also high school girls from china. one of the girls was run over by a fire truck as she lay on the tarmac. however, police officials explained that they're still trying to determine whether the girl had died as a result of the plane crash before being hit by the fire truck. a truck carrying road construction material plowed into a bus on a highway south of moscow on saturday, leaving at least 18 people dead. russia's emergency situation ministry says at least 25 others were injured. now while reportedly more than 40 passengers on the bus at the time of the collision. footage shot from a nearby car
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shows the car careening into the side of the bus, which was traveling slowly at the time. police suspect the truck did not reduce its speed as it intered the intersection. a group of protesters in southern china has taken on a big business and won. they've succeeded in getting a local government to drop plans to build a nuclear fuelled processing plant. officials have announced they will not approve an obligation for the project. more than 1,000 people rallied against the plan on friday in front of the local government office. earlier this month, the authorities announced that a state run corporation would build a nuclear fuel processing facility, about 30 kilometers from the city center. the protesters said an accident at the facility could lead to widespread radioactive
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contamination. supporters of egyptian president mohammed morsi held a mass demonstration in cairo on friday demanding his rain stateme statement. the muslim brotherhood organized a rally on the first friday of the muslim holy month of ramadan. many people gathered near the presidential palace holding morsi posters and national flags. >> i am here to be against unfairness. morsi was chosen in an election. people selected morsi as president by themselves. >> morsi was removed from his post in a virtual coup on july 3rd. police have seen members of the muslim brotherhood. they appear set to continue their protests. a cabinet adviser has cautioned against raising the consumption tax. the tax rate is scheduled to be
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raised in two increments from the current 5% to 8% in april 2014 and again to 10% in october 2015. yale university president said he understands that japan's fiscal health is in an extremely serious condition. he said it will be possible for the government to increase the consumption tax rate to 8% if growth continues until around october. his remarks indicate that a 3 percentage point increase in the consumption tax would be acceptable as long as the government keeps an eye on any impact it has on the economy and employment. but he's more cautious about the second increase. >> imposing higher taxes, would shrink the economic pie. when the consumption tax is raised as planned it would have a considerable impact on japan's
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economy. >> he also smoke about business majors and a consumption tax increase. he suggested that the other government should try to prop up the economy by lowering the effective tax rate of corporate income tax rather than relying on public spending backed by a supplementary budget. the japanese officials are about to join the trans pacific partnership free trade talks for the first time. japan is a late coming to the tpp negotiations. it's hoping to get a better understanding of what's add stake and make sure that it's opinions are properly reflected. negotiators from the current 11 participating countries will begin the 18th round of talks in malaysia on monday. japanese officials are expected to join the talks from july 23rd after the u.s. congress approves japan's participation.
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the negotiating members have been holding 24 working level meetings covering 21 fields. japan is expected to take part in seven of the meetings, including chief negotiator talks on intellectual property and investment. the date on market access rolls is expected to finish before japan joins the talks. but the japanese team plans to explain its position at the special session that will be held so that the country can catch up on the current topics. the tpp participants are reportedly aiming to conclude the talks this year. up next, the world weather forecast.
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before we go, an all japanese saying describes saki
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as being the best medicine. a group of visitors to a british temple and a buddhist temple have gotten to sample that medicine combined with the health giving power of lotus leaves. about 100 varieties of lotus are now in full bloom at the temple. a temple priests hold a saki tasting event every year. the lotus is rich in calcium and minerals. drinking sa drinking sake in this manner is said to have begun with people seeking good health and longevity. and that's it for this hour of newsline. on behalf of our team, thank you for staying with us.
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