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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  July 15, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to the "journal." >> coming up -- >> how much did germany know? >> the growth the sheen continues to slow down, but than many had feared. >> a shock for athletics. two of the fastest man in the world have tested positive for doping.
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pressure is growing on the german government to go public about how much it and its foreign intelligence agency knew about u.s. surveillance activity on citizens here. >> angela merkel has been saying she only heard about these dropping by the nsa in media reports. >> mass circulation. a newspaper is reporting. the agency was aware of operations here. >> in just over two months, the ongoing revelations could become a big election issue. >> what did germany's foreign intelligence service really know? if reports are true, the answer is a great deal. it said the u.s. soup -- snoop dogg the country's traffic. they even repeatedly requested
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the data from american authorities. what about the german government? the chancellor spokesman was tightlipped. >> i am unable to address specific aspects of intelligence work. that falls under the purview of the palm oversight committee. -- parliament oversight committee. >> the government wants to keep inc. secret. that is unacceptable to social democrats. they doubt she only found out about the spying from the media. >> she must've known. i simply cannot believe that she is the only one who doesn't know what they have been up to four years. -- up to for years. >> they're also increasing pressure on the government. >> she know something she is not telling us. my demand as she is brought before the committee to deliver an exclamation.
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>> in a week and -- in a weekend interview she tried to calm the concrn about surveillance, but the debate seems to be intensified. >> we are getting reports that germany's intelligence services also use information from the nsa-spying program, circumventing germany's a strict laws on data privacy. tell us more about that. >> when the minister returned from washington, he said he tried to justify the spy program by saying that it -- information from the nsa had prevented no fewer than five terrorist attacks here in germany. if that is true, it is hard to believe the german government did not know where that information was coming from or how it was being gathered. be that as it may, the blanket surveillance of german citizens
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is clearly against the data protection laws. some opposition even say that angela merkel has broken her oath of office. i think it is a big issue. it will be a big issue because the opposition is quite clearly an issue. they are relatively unconcerned about it to the extent that angela merkel has not lost in the popularity ratings. that is because most voters are concerned about the economy and that germany has escaped effects.
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>> moving onto other news now, a senior u.s. devote has visited egypt for the first time since the ousted morsi two weeks ago. he called for a transition of the elected civilian government. >> they urged egyptians to end of violence and overcome divisions. meanwhile, supporters took to the streets demanding they be returned to office. >is china's economy in trouble? today, new figures confirmed the slowdown continues. >> so from seven .7% to 7.5% in the quarter. but that was not as bad as some observers had feared. >> they want the economy to move to steadier growth rates.
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the question is if it could manage that transition. >> the roads are congested and the air is thick with pollution. china's breakneck growth is wishing cities to their limits. manufacturers have been working at maximum capacity. now they are producing more than they can sell, especially for export. overseas has been a factor in china's economic success. now exports are losing steam. it is not a slowdown for concern. >> some measures will affect growth in the short term like property sales and the end of some stimulus policies, but they will benefit our economy in the long run. >> some analysts think they will overreact to the new growth figures. >> the issue is that growth is
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starting to issa off. date -- issa off -- ease off. that is very dangerous, we think, because the financial cycle is looking pretty excessive. >> affirms all over the world count on the chinese market. a serious slowdown. >> as a mention to those growth figures were not as bad as many feared and it even gave a boost to the financial markets. >> the economic growth in china has been predicted very well here it they were not as poor as expected. the german dax rose although not as strong as last week. they have been best performers of germany's second largest.
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able to sell its property loans to billions of loans. there was talk that they might be interested in buying the government stake. >> let's check in on the market numbers and a bit more details. there are also some solid gains closing. across new york, the tao is one quarter of a percent at the tao -- the dow is 0.25% higher. now, the banking group has just posted second quarter profits of nearly $4 billion. a successful investment banking division. >> profits were 26% higher than
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the same. last year. turnover rising eight percent. they hailed the good performance in asia and latin america. banking shares have been running on the news. there are reports of a big takeover in the pharmaceuticals industry. the swiss drug maker is said to be interested in the company. >> if they could get financing from the deal, it could be the first in four years. he specializes in drugs for the treatment. germany's laws on green energy are going under the microscope. the european commission is set to investigate whether exemptions for some companies break competition rules. >> steel companies that use large amounts of energy can receive exemptions.
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but brussels is concerned that amounts to the subsidy if they have to pay back millions of euros. one of the casualties of the financial crisis could be in for some big changes. media reports say the government is thinking of selling its stake in the countries second largest bank. >> we just heard from dorothy earlier. during the financial crisis that cost of 18 billion euros. that has not proved to be a great investment. >> in the last few years, they have discovered enormous losses. the institution is billions of euros in debt. in the last five years, share prices have plunged nearly 95%. that is more losses than any
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other major european bank. after financing a multi-billion dollar bailout, they are reportedly considering selling their remaining stake in the company. they are said to be interested as well as the swiss investment bank, ubs. he has been feeling the pressure for some time. after five years on the job, his time may soon run out. >> banks are not the only firm still struggling with the fallout of the crisis. a new survey shows a wave of a group c heating all kinds of companies. >> insolvencies were up more than 48% last year compared to 2011. that is according to the rating agency. >> what if those bankruptcies mean more unemployment and
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misery for ordinary people. we meet at one family coping. >> she has to go to the dentist to reschedule an appointment for her son miguel. her five-year-old boy has cavities and that can get expensive and portugal. very expensive. >> miguel needs dental work. that'll cost about 600 euros. and because the state health insurance will not pay for it and i do not have the money, i was forced to take out a loan to pay the dentist. >> life in the portuguese town is not easy. she is unemployed. she has to count every penny. >> shopping is an adventure. i often have to catch it on my mobile to see if i have enough money.
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her husband is also having difficulty making ends meet. they're looking for gigs on the internet. after taxes, he only earns about 600 euros a month. >> i teach at the local conservatory. in the good times i have 20 to 30 -- a day. because of the crisis, i only have two to be oh now. >> the financial crisis has forced portugal to tighten its belt and the family has cut spending. but anna sophia says she cannot cut back anymore. they are tone because the couple cannot afford childcare. >> that is all i get. i wonder what that is supposed to cover. >> the family has moved into a
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smaller, 50 square meter apartment. the worst thing for her is not being able to find work. >> i no longer see a future. i write job applications, send e-mails, and to go to the employment office every day, but nothing is out of there. >> she is glad that her son does not seem to notice how difficult the family situation is. she fears that things could get even worse because the crisis is far from over. the government has just announced new austerity measures. >> the spanish prime minister says he will not step down after being linked to a man at the center of a party finance and corruption scandal. >> he said he would serve out his term in office and not give in to what he called blackmail. he is under allegations that he sent text messages to the
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treasurer of the people's party until 2009. he has admitted to running a slush fund which allegedly channeled money to party members. >> coming up, the world is shocked by a doping scandal. >> and we're looking at a new satellite. >> stay with us.
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>> welcome back. doping revelations have rocked the world of sports. they have failed drugs testing. >> one official calls it a sad day, a day that punctures the myth that the troubled sport has cleaned up the track. the latest cases enhance the fight against doping. >> we are called kobe ramifications in a moment. >> he was hoping to challenge bolt at the running championship in moscow. it will not happen after
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confirming he has tested positive for a banned substance, he is out of the competition. details have not been released. the former record holder also tested positive last month for a banned stimulant. his female teammates are implicated as well. if the test results are verified, it would be nine of the world's 10 fastest runners being caught doping, a disaster for the sports credibility. >> it is a problem because for decades, male sprinters have generated negative headlines. that means -- that leaves spectators wondering how many of these achievements are legitimate. and what about the fastest man on the planet? bolt is adamant he has never taken her formants- enhancing drugs. his arrival says he did take
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banned substances inadvertently. even so, ideas promptly dropped him. his samples are to be tested in the coming days. damage to the sport is immense. >> for some more analysis on the news, thank you for coming in. why all of a sudden so many high-profile cases all at once? >> i think there are two reasons. the testing has gotten a lot better. they have been catching some very big fish in the past few years. we only need to think of lance armstrong to remember that. i think it might also have to do with the timing. we are one month away from the athletics world championship. it is the biggest event in their sports. i think that might have contributed to this sad news as well.
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>> were you shocked personally? we are talking about some of the fastest athletes in history. >> i have to say i am not shocked anymore about any doping revelations at all. it is just part of the era of sports that we are living in. i think both of these guys were under a lot of pressure. it is not fun to be, as you say, one of the fastest men in history. you always come in second to bolt. that may have put them under additiona pressure where they felt they were at risk and willing to take additional risks to try to get over that hump. of course, bolt is a fantastic fa and they were coming in second. sadly, i am not shocked. >> what is this leave the world of sprinting now? >> i think it is a one-man show at present. you have bolt and otherwise nine of the 10 fastest men have been found guilty of bolting -- of doping.
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it raises question about you same bolt. he is never to have been found to dope at all. it certainly does call the credibility of the entire sport into question. it reminds you of cycling in the area just before the lance armstrong revelations came out. >> can we ever expect a level playing field? >> no. at the risk of being pessimistic, i do not think we can ever expect sports to be completely free of drugs. there is just too much money and prestige at stake. i think which we can expect and hope for is that things get more fair. that people are not engaging in the worst sorts of abuses that we saw in the 1990's or the past decade. >> thank you very much. >> crossing to the u.s., barack obama's top officials say that prosecutors are still investigating the case of the black teenager, trayvon martin. this after the man was cleared
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of murder. >> this has spawned a fury in the back community. now the attorney general holder says investigations are ongoing. activists are calling for a federal under hate crime laws. >> in los angeles, outraged demonstrators walked traffic and defy police orders that they cleared the street. seven people at least were arrested. tensions are high in the communities. demonstrators also failed -- filled times square. many african-americans complain they do not enjoy equal rights and point to the florida verdict as proof. >> you are guilty automatically from the color of your skin and you cannot change it if you wanted to, which i don't. it is an adjustment to get used to. >> on saturday, i florida jurdie -- jury -- a florida jury found
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george zimmerman not guilty. legal analysts maintain the prosecution presented a weak case. the jury accepted defense arguments that he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. the white house released a statement from president barack obama calling on americans to respect to the jury's decision, but he also acknowledged that the case has elicited strong passions. >> in a moment, we will look at a new satellite that is giving to mutations. >> geza stories in brief. >> a court in bangladesh has sentenced -- d.o. 19 years in jail for war crimes. the head of the verdict, clashes broke out across mainland --. >> a stampede has killed at
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least 17 people. it was caused when i write broke out over the match. the stadium was overcrowded with up to three times the number of spectators that it was supposed to hold. >> north and south korea have started a third round of talks over their industrial zone. there are more than 100 south korean factories. there are 53,000 north koreans who work there. it has increased tensions between the two sides. >the latest revelations come as they are ready to give you a pricey new satellite. >> date will be capable of performing to the vo trillion operations a second that will allow them to reach all of
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africa, the middle east, most of europe, and central asia. >> its developers say that it is the most sophisticated communication satellite ever else. it is designed to improve transmissions for many aspects of modern living. >> all of our communications come back to work and intra- terrestrial networks. that is for these new satellites coming. >> some 36 kilometers out in orbit, the satellite will act as a control center between different communications networks. the high-performance processors on board will allow it to transmit more data than any other satellite. >> the units -- the huge satellites will make a difference to what we see on our screens. >> it is the basis for a whole
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new generation of satellites. they are big, heavy satellites mostly used for tv. >> is watches into space next week, but it will take several months before it can start to send data back to work. >> royal baby watchers are on high alert. the baby is due any day now. no one knows when but officials say it is due around july. >> the royal birth will be announced by a bulletin posted outside of buckingham palace. this is already drumming up a lot of business. >> a small horde of reporters has been camped outside of the hospital for weeks now and they do not even know when the baby is two or whether the duchess is actually in the hospital. so, they busy themselves with minor diversions.
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>> they put -- on the latter's. you want to have a fun time as well. >> britain's most famous inspected mother has not been seen in public since early june. other soon to be moms feel a special kinship to locate these days. >> we have a bit of a joke about how you and kate could be friends and go on play dates. there is that sort of degree of specialness. >> bookmakers are getting in on the action as punters try to predict the birthdates. that is not the only industry benefiting from royal baby fever. some experts predict the birth of their first child will boost britain's economy by around 218 million euros.
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>> from that boost to a plunge, this is not for the faint. >> cliff diving in isa lei. in the women's event, divers had to take take the plunge from 20 meters up. germany took top honors. >> the men's competition at their first run of the series with a reversed double somersault. cliff diving makes its debut at the championship starting in barcelona this friday. >> brave people. >> more news for you in about 30 minutes. >> stay with us.
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