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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  July 19, 2013 5:30pm-5:41pm PDT

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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. people in egypt are seeing a familiar scene play out again in the streets and public spaces. supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi have been demonstrating against what they say was a military coup. morsi opponents have also gathered to show their backing for the military.
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morsi's power base is the muslim brotherhood. members called for demonstrations across the country to coincide with friday prayers. tens of thousands of morsi supporters had what they call a break the coup rally in cairo. some faced off against soldiers outside the installation. >> translator: we don't accept the interim government because it was formed by a military coup. we don't want to go back to being slaves to the military. >> morsi opponents also gathered to voice their message. they promise to protect the country from what they called terrorists. >> translator: the military only did what the public demanded, so this is not a coup, and we have legitimacy. >> more than two weeks have passed since military leaders removed morsi from office.
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analysts say there's no sign of an end to the standoff. people in the u.s. city of detroit are assessing the fallout from their municipal bankruptcy. politicians are putting a positive spin on the crisis. the state governor is promising world reforms to return detroit to stability and growth. governor rick snyder spoke a day after detroit filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. he said the city has a chance to stop its years of decline. >> detroit has a tremendous number of positive things going on, very exciting things. i deeply respect the citizens of detroit. they deserve a better answer, and they hired me to get a better answer. so let's work together on making that happen. >> city leaders are trying to restructure their finances under federal court protection. they hope to cut their debts to financial institutions and their spending on the pensions and medical care of retired city workers. some locals say they're worried
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their city's financial reconstruction will mean cuts to municipal jobs and services. some creditors say they're worried the city won't repay its debts. people are reacting to the news that their city has gone bankrupt. our correspondent has the details. >> reporter: overnight it was pitch dark in detroit simply because the city does not have the money to pay for its electricity bills. detroit was once a thriving metropolis. you can see the headquarters of general motors back there, that world renowned automaker, the heart of the american auto industry. i asked people what they thought about the bankruptcy. >> that it's got on the a point where people got tired. we're paying services that we don't get. >> had no clue and i didn't know it was that bad here. i mean, i thought it was going to get a little bit better. >> i feel it's a good thing. the city needs to turn itself around. it's got start someplace. and this is what has to be done.
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>> reporter: people are naturally disappointed, but most know that something has to be done in order to make the city livable again. this may provide detroit with just enough breathing space to start rebuilding. reporting for nhk world, detroit. the people who run china's central bank are taking a step to stabilize their country's financial markets. they're scrapping the interest rates banks can charge on loans. they'll stop people to stop getting loans outside the banking system and turn to banks instead. officials with the people's bank of china say commercial banks no longer have to set their lending rates at 70% or more of the benchmark interest rate. analysts say chinese leaders are trying to stop what's known as shadow banking where businesspeople get a loan outside the banking system. the central bank is keeping its
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ceiling on the interest commercial banks pay on deposits. critics say people may still be tempted to turn to the shadow sector to earn good rates on their savings. a group of researchers says they're one step closer to understanding the origins of the universe. after four years of efforts, they have confirmed fundamental particles called neutrinos have the ability to transform themselves. the research team generated neutrinos at the japan proton accelerator research complex. they beamed the neutrinos towards the super-kamiokande observatory about 300 kilometers away. 500 researchers from 11 countries participated in the experiment.
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they confirmed that one type of neutrino called a neuon can transform itself into an electron neutrino. >> translator: i think neutrinos may hold the key to understanding why matter exists in the universe. they could help reveal the ultimate law that controls matter. >> scientists say equal amounts of matter and anti-matter were present when the big bang created the universe more than 13 billion years ago. but for some unknown reason the anti-matter disappeared a short time later. some researchers say the experiment could explain the role of neutrinos in the disappearance of anti-matter. struggling japanese electronics manufacturer sharp is hoping to increase its capitol and shore up its finances. sharp has started talking with several companies in an effort to receive investments. the firm also plans to issue new
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shares. it's aiming to raise a total of about $1 billion. sharp's capital ratio, an indicator of a company's financial health, had fallen to 6% by the end of march. the ratios are above 10% at other leading electronics manufacturers. sharp posted a record loss of more than $5 billion in the last business year, that was due to a slump in the company's main tv and liquid crystal display business. here's the three-day world weather forecast.
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here's one more before we go. fans of kung fu movie legend bruce lee are gathering in hong kong to mark the 40th anniversary of his death. some had a preview of an exhibition that celebrates lee's
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legacy and gives to his life and work. visitors can watch scenes from some of the films that made bruce lee a star. they can examine more than 600 items lee used on set. and they can look at storyboards he drew for the movie "enter the dragon." lee grew up in hong kong. people there still revere him. his daughter explained why she thinks he's also an icon for people in other countries. >> i think his true relevance holds in the example of his life, his legacy and also in his philosophy, which has continued to inspire so many people around the world. >> organizers are opening the doors to the public on saturday. that wraps up this edition of
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"newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us.


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