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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  July 20, 2013 3:30pm-3:41pm PDT

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>> hello, and welcome back to nhk "newsline." i'm raja pradhan with the news from tokyo. more egyptians have fallen victim to violence. supporter of owed president morsi has fought with opponents in the region's now delta region. worshippers gathered after friday prayers in the northern town of mansoura. opponents of morsi clashed with members of his movement, the muslim brotherhood. state reporters said three people were killed and dozens more injured. in the capital cairo, security forces fired tear gas on morsi
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supporters. people around egypt reported other scenes of violence. military commanders removed morsi from power more than two weeks ago to pave the way for an interim government. but muslim brotherhood members have continued sit-ins in cairo. they want morsi back in power. brotherhood representatives have rejected invitations to join dialogue with interim leaders. >> a man in a wheelchair has detonated a homemade bomb at beijing airport in apparent act of protest but he only succeeded in injuring himself. the bomber struck early saturday evening. microbloggers posted photos online of the man holding something amid thick smoke. he reportedly made the explosives with powder from firecrackers. >> translator: when i was 60 meters away from the arrivals area, i heard a big explosion. there was nobody around the bomber.
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i think it's because he came from outside into the arrivals area. >> police officers said the man was in his 30s and from shandong province. authorities reportedly stopped him from distributing flyers before he set off the bomb. online posts suggest the man was aggrieved about an incident several years ago. security forces allegedly beat him and broke his back. travelers at the airport did not suffer any delay to their flights. u.s. aviation authorities will require all airline companies in the united states to inspect emergency locater transmitters on their boeing 787 jets. this comes after a fire broke out on a 787 dreamliner at london's heathrow airport. officials at the u.s. federal aviation administration say the inspections are to ensure that wires are properly routed, and
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that that there is no unusual moisture or heating in the transmitter. british investigators say the device that sends out a distress signal may have been responsible for the fire on the ethiopian airlines jet. the device is installed in the jet's rear fuselage. the investigators have recommended that airline companies can disable the transmitter until proper measures are put in place. u.s. officials say they'll discuss their inspection plan with aviation authorities in japan and other countries where airlines are operating 787s, but the officials stopped short of making the airlines disable the service. the finance ministers and central bank chiefs of the group of 20 economies are calling for a careful policy shift in u.s. monetary easing. they confirm that the global recovery remains weak. the financial leaders wrapped up a two-day meeting in moscow with a joint statement. the g-20 meeting was held at a time when the economies of the
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united states and japan are picking up, while those in emerging countries are slowing down. in their statement, the delegates confirmed that the global economy remains weak and that economic conditions vary among countries. the statement says they remain mindful of the risks and unintended and negative side effects of extended periods of monetary easing. the statement comes as more and more investors are withdrawing capital from emerging economies after the u.s. federal reserve hinted it will wind down its monetary easing. the statement says future change to monetary policy settings will continue to be carefully calibrated and clearly communicated. it also calls on japan and other advanced nations to implement strategies for a medium term fiscal consolidation. now market observers in japan have a road map for concrete fiscal reforms. the finance minister taro aso has promised a midterm plan by september. aso spoke to reporters on saturday after a two-day
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conference of g-20 finance chiefs. >> translator: japan is currently working on a mid-term fiscal plan to meet international expectations ahead of the g-20 st. petersburg summit in september. >> he also said an increase in consumption tax is likely to go ahead amid signs of economic recovery. aso said he'll announce the decision in fall. he added the tax hike will probably come into force next spring. party leaders in japan have made their appeal for voter support on saturday on the eve of the country's upper house election. the focus of the vote will be whether the ruling coalition of
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the liberal democratic party and new komeita can put an end to the divided diet by securing a majority in the opposition-controlled chamber. prime minister shinzo abe told an audience that his ldp-led government has improved the economy during its six months in office. he said the previous democrat-led government had failed to achieve that over three years in office. democratic party president banri kaieda said the prime minister's economic policies may look good at the moment but he said they're actually risky. he pointed to the potential surge in the yield on government bonds. candidates from nine parties are running in the election. the groups qualified for political party status. others that fail to meet the standards are still fielding candidates. in all, 433 candidates,
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including independents, are running in the election. half of the chamber's 242 seats are up for re-election once every three years. of the 121 seats being contested, 73 will be decided in districts and 48 under the proportional representation system. nhk world's special coverage of japan's upper house election is just a click or a tap away. we'll be releasing the latest projections and results of key national races on our web and mobile sites on sunday after 8:00 p.m. japan time. you'll also find backgrounders and analysis along with in-depth reports. get online and get informed. a list of names of people who were saved by german industrialist, oscar schindler, has gone on sale on an online auction site. the initial bidding started at $3 million on friday. the list contains the names. of jewish people working at
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schindler's factories in nazi-occupied poland during world war ii. schindler was a german businessman, who was also a member of the nazi party. he is known for saving more than a thousand jews after he found out they were destined to be sent to the auschwitz concentration camp. he carried out his rescue operation under the guise of hiring skilled people in one of his factories. schindler's story became famous when u.s. film director steven spielberg made his oscar-winning movie 20 years ago. the auction is set to end on july 28th. and next here is a three-day outlook on the world's weather.
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