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tv   Newsweek South Asia  KCSMMHZ  July 21, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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asia. in this week's episode -- 10 bombs dropped. and a growing presence of militants in pakistan. pin the first of its kind attac, a temple was attacked.
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10 medium intensity bombs were detonated in a coordinated strike. who is behind the attack and what was the motivation of reason behind is not yet clear. i's international investigation agnes -- investigation agency is on the attack. collects a series of explosions in and around buddhism's holiest shrine injured to persons. the government described it as a terror attack. the mahogany temple complex is located in a place where purists -- where the buddhist is believed to have attained enlightenment. 10 bombs struck. the nia is probing the explosions. at least two months -- at least
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two monks were injured in the coordinated terror attack. a total of 13 bombs were placed there. to live bombs were detected and diffuse at the complex while a third bomb was recovered near tha hotel.
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this is the first time gas cylinders have been used as containers for explosives. investigators believe that the damage could have been far greater. buddhists sites across india have remained exempt from such strikes. fairly specific intelligence regarding an imminent threat and buddhist targets in general, particularly in the wake of the organized attacks against muslims in myanmar, has been communicated to the government by the intelligence agencies. dehli's special cell sent an intelligence advisory, warning about possible strikes.
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] >> the attack has sparked outrage and concern among the buddhist community inside the country. and also at the international level. >> we do not want any terrorism for our buddhism. we want to have peace. we want harmony. we want to the siege all of the suffering from>> opposition alse
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state government for failing to protect the site. the heat was turned on the incumbent chief minister. >> at india has tightened the security of all buddhist shrines.
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>> traders have resumed at the temple complex and it is returning to normalcy after the attack. collects presence of outfits in the uk is strip -- is growing. this area remains the bedrock --
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things are changing rapidly. with the sole aim to stop sectarianism, recent attacks is a reflection of the growing intolerance. his crime was an imposing presence of radicals in the region. >> this protest is against a deadly attack on an individual who stood against radicals. this protest is for restoration of peace. people here are extremely upset with the growing footprint of -- terror outfits are staging rallies almost daily and the government is watching it as a
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spectator. >> rallies and demonstrations organized like this one is a clear reflection of how the radical outfit wants to spohn its network here.
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local here -- locals feel that if these outfits are not checked they will return the region to a taliban style state were militants are running the reins. collects there are certain sections within the government that are backing militant groups. this is not the first time that militant groups have enjoyed the government's hospitality. similar support was given to
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radicals by the previous governments. today, these outfits of rome -- outfits have grown so strong that they are challenging the existence of moderates and world peace leaders. >> militants are sneaking inside pakistan. the situation is even more fluid in capital was a far bar -- in
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the capital. citizens are sitting on a powder cake. -- on a powder cake -- powder keg. >> time now for a quick break but stay tuned because coming up after the break -- he stood against a brutal taliban. and hollywood actress showcases in mumbai. >> welcome back, you're watching newsweek south asia. the man who has been shot in the head by the taliban is becoming a household name around the world. the tail of this rave heart was torn against terrorism.
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he recently turned 16. here is a report. >> the united nations mulala -- an outspoken advocate of women's education. it was the first high-level public appearance of the teenager, who became one of the best known in the world after she was shot on her way to school in 2012 by extremists. after the rally was overrun by militant islamists, more llama began writing a blog m -- mu lala began writing a blog in which he chronicles life under
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telephone rule. writing under a false name she described how in order to look like students she and schoolmates would go to school in plainclothes with their shawls hidden. she was asked if she would like to be on the slide show that evening. -- on this live show that evening. >> when she was talking to me, the armed militants were standing behind her. she was telling me her school was closed and she wanted to go back to her school, she wanted to get an education, and she was talking very gravely. i was concerned about her security. i asked her, i whispered in her ear, "you may face some problems
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because the taliban military is standing there. if you want to save your skin, you can go." but she said, "i will speak more." >> local residents were standing along the square, under the watchful eyes of taliban militants. >> she was speaking and criticizing the militants. she was criticizing the girls in schools -- the approach of girls
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in schools. when i finished my show, within one hour, she became a big name in pakistan. the people of pakistan were impressed by her bravery. she became a household name in pakistan within one hour. clocks after that -- >> after thatmalaat malal spoke in many forms. pakistanis, who were outraged by the attack on the girl, who is elegant, have made her a powerful symbol of resistance to taliban ideology. the politician belonging to a former prime minister party said her bravery and conviction in the face of strong odds have
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changed the mindset of society, when parents believed education was mostly for boys. >> she showed the world that when there is a conviction, when there is a dream, nothing can stop you. even if you talk about -- in the last seven months there has been a rise in and roll meant in school for girls -- in enrollment for school for girls. i think over the world people have relied on the fortune that education can hold, not only for home but also for the country. >> in her appearance, yousafzai
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told millions around the world at education was the only way to improve lives. she presented it petition signed by nearly 4 million people in support of 57 million children who are not able to go to school , and demanding that world leaders and child labor, marriage, and trafficking. pakistan has nearly 5 million children out of school, a number only surpassed by nigeria, which has more than 10 million children out of school according to the united nations cultural agency. most of those are girls. >> onto entertainment, a hollywood actress showed off a new track she has recorded.
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it was with an internationally recorded artists -- internationall artist. collects ball he would actress showed her new exotic that she has reported -- recorded with an international wrapper. >> the video shows her dancing at exotic locations. ♪
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she said she is not adverse to trying something different in her career and has plans. >> i think the credit for this goes to all of my fans. they have been overwhelming. so many of you guys are right here. you have overwhelmed me with so much love. we have trended worldwide multiple times. we went number one in a day or two. it has been just a big impact.
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collects she added the track also has lyrics that are in integral part of her life. ♪ >> to me it was very important that my music is a representation of who i am. i am very ball he would. i wanted my music to have a reflection of that. this is an english album am a it is catering to a global audience . i wanted to balance -- it is like an experiment. i wanted the balance to be --
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♪ collects -- lex she seems to be back after an emotional phase in her life. >> despite -- thousands threatened the juggernaut to participate in the annual -- -- attracted the attention of the world for the annual car festival. it is special in several ways.
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unlike when all the three chariots are pulled on the same day, it continues for three days. it is celebrated across the nation with full fervor. here is a visual montage.
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>> with that we come to the end of this addition of newsweek south asia. we will be back next week with more news and analysis. i am signing off on behalf of the entire production team of newsweek south asia. goodbye.
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