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tv   Teen Kids News  PBS  September 4, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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stay tuned for "teen kids news." ♪ ♪ ♪ hi. >> i'm jessica. ♪ americans have been going through tough economic times. as philippa reports the ilippa?s are affecting the >> reporter: jessica, when a community suffers financially, schools share the pain. most public schools arefunded bs when taxpayers are worried about money, they often vote down the cycle's budget. that can leave parents and students scrambling. these students in new york are eagerly showing up at
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school on a friday night. that is because the special fund-raising concert is being thrown for their bennett. think that is really cool. that is why i am here. i got my sister an her friends to come. ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheering and applauding] >> reporter: teens scream for their favorite band bus weeks earlier. they had nothing to cheer about. they were heading into a school year without extracurricular activities because taxpayers wouldn't support a new school budget. >> we had a budget increase that was a little bit high for the community to bear and so our budget failed twice. >> when a budget is not passed. schools have to operate on a contingency budget that only covers the basics needed to educate the students. well extracurricular is very important because it is a way for people to express their uniqueness. >> reporter: so with a threat of mockst most activities shutting down,
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pearances and student went to work. >> we did a lot of classes like every sunday. there was a dance-a-thon, a walkathon, at the walkathon, we raised a lot of money. >> reporter: mary hall started sos. save our students. the group helped raise the $650,000 needed to cover the cost of extracurricular activities. >> it has been difficult. and the budget is a tough thing but the kids have learned a big lesson here. that things will not be handed to them all the time. >> reporter: students did get help from local musicians including jon hanson, lead singer of nine days. you may have heard their hit song. ♪ this is the story of a girl who cried a river and drown the whole world ♪ ♪ ♪ why she looks so sad in photographs, i absolutley love her when she smiles ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: john also happens to be the high school english teacher. he knows high school is not
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about what goes on inside of the classroom. >> it is obvious, when you don't have those problems, where do they go? what are they going to do they will have to find something else to do. it is not that they are bad gid kidds. i not even that. they shouldn't be without the opportunity. >> reporter: schools also the time when students discover their love of athletic and the arts why local bans also pitched in. >> i am using it a lot in the high school. to be able to give back to the high school to my local hometown mean as great deal. >> reporter: with the stability of the economy still uncertain. the school budget could face the same challenge next year. >> i pray to god. i will be honest, i can't do this again next year. another new york school district mt. vernon had to turn to fund raising to coop the school sports live. fortunately it had the help of generous people including actor den jel washington who grew up in mt. vernon an
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donated $100,000. >> thanks, philippa. >> first good news, an org nizzation called the world economic forms is merely equal to mens but the form also says women still lag far behind in business and political power. when it comes to gender equality. norway pops the list of 130 countries. yemen in the middle east is at the bottom. the united states ranks 27th. 2. >> president obama needs to add equality again to his again. just ahead. an amazing discovery. a teen's diary hidden during world war ii is uncovered when we return. and now our fox in the classroom update. >> a salmonella outbreak linked to two iowa egg distributes has sickened over 1,000 people leading to voluntary recall of more
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than half billion eggs. both wright count i ty egg an hillandale farms have a history of violating state an federal law. the recall is already affecting the way americans shop. i don't take a lot of stock in kind of worrying fear like that but i thought on the safeside i won't buy a in egg. >> reporter: salmonella affects the intestinal tract causing diarrhea or vomiting. >> the very young, or very old or people with weak immune systems. the could potentially even die. >> if he food and drug administration believes additional recalls are likely. southern pakistan is on alert as worst flooding in the country's history continues. floodwaters are inundating the city with fears pakistan karachi could be next. weeks of record rainfall have covered nearly one fifth of the country displacing millions of people creating enormous humanitarian crisis.
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supporters and opponents of a proposed mosque and community center blocked from ground zero clashed in downtown manhattan. >> can you hear me, obama? [cheering and applauding] this is an gry brooklyn. forget about it! >> we want to make sure like everyone else here that the muslim community in the city has a right and the freedoms that everyone has. >> reporter: the controversial project has sparked national debate an is becoming issue on the midterm campaign rail. for teen kids news. i am rick when 6 million jews were killed pie the nazis during world war ii but ann frank was not the only teen writing about what was happening then. sienna tell us girl. february 15t
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h, 194, monday. the germans had retreated from the eastern which may sig until the nearing of the end of the war, i am afraid that we, the jews, will be finished before. >> reporter: root was 14 when she root that in her diary. she was all too aware of the dangers she faced as jewish teen living in poland during the second world war. she knew what was going on. she knew the nazis are determined to keep the jews, she felt she wanted to make it and she wanted the diary to survive after. >> she is telling the world about the notebook. it begins just as the family was forced to move into one of poll-'s jewish ghettos. at first, the ghettos were system ply uncomfortable crowded places to live but things began to get worse.
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>> february 5th, 1943, the rope around us is getting tighter and tighter, next mon, there should already be a ghetto, a real one, surrounded by walls. in the summer, it will be unbearable to sit in a gray, looked cage, without being able to see fields and flowers. >> she is very intelligent. she is very pretty. she has many, many facets. >> half va never met her sister. she died with most of her family at the concentration camp. only her father survived the war. moving to israel shall he remared. that is where havaas was born. >> a photo album, with pictures, from poland, there was picture two of children. and the girl looked like me a little bit. i asked my father who is
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that girl? he said it was my sibling that they were killed in think holocaust in auschwitz. that was big shock for me. >> years later, she was contact by friend. she had found the notebook hidden in the apartment where she once lived. >> and she kept it for years. only two years ago, she decided to make it public. >> the diary not only describes what it was like to live during a terrible time in history, readers get know a girl that even teens today can relate to. >> she was very modern. she had relationships with boys. she is a very good student but doesn't work too much at school. so this is some kind of a girl that i could be a friend with.
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>> hava is hoping look the diary of ann frank, the notebook will be a part of classroom discussions worldwide. ♪ ♪ ♪ hot everyone get paid to pull paper. but then again, not everyone can make these. thithis is the web site of dr. robert lang. believe it or not. almost all of the designs were created from a single sheet of paper. a former physicist, dr. lang uses training to design computer programs that tell them thousand fold. he doesn't offer any step by step instructions and how to create your things yourself. by the way, ex parties claim no piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven times. try it. if you are successful, let us know. i am charlie for teen kids news. don't look now. but your plants may be talking to each other. when some plaints are
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attacked by insects they send out a warning. i is a special odor. plants nearby pick up the warning an build up defenses. ♪ ♪ ♪ astronauts stay up at the international space station for months at a time. so nasa sent up a gift especially equipped workout machine they have a treadmill an bicycle up there. nicole continues her special serries on a proud tradition of the u.s. marine corps. nicole. >> reporter: i is called evening parade. as one of the highlights. a battle of the bands. every friday evening, during the summer, the public is invited on to the marine's oldest military post. called marine washington, the post was established in 1801 to protect ours in's capital. >> in this dy an age, we are
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more famous for our ceremony marching units an our musical units. the president's own u.s. marine band. >> during evening parades, both bands get to strut their stuff. officially called the u.s marine ban, it was created by an act of congress in 1798. >> played for john adams an his wife and a small party. but it was thomas yev soreson who took office after this who gave us the name the president's own. >> the president needed his own musical unit to perform at different white house functions for those who may attend. >> we played at every inaugural. i believe that is 52 inaugurations over 210 years. we are proud of that fact as well. >> the band is composed of people from all over this country. and only the best of the best are eye allowed into
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the president's unit. >> does not go through basic training. to provide musical support for the president. over the years, many great musicians were members of the marine bands. >> the most prominent of all is john phillips. he was the one who wrote the stars and stripes forever. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we play a lot of kids marches because we welcome most of them for the president's son. ♪ ♪ >> i will have more on the ray ren bands at the evening parade when we return. so stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we met marine band known as
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the president's own. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, meet the marine drum and bugle corp. they are known as the comidants own. well the zone was established in 1934 to supplement the marine band at the ceremonies here at the barracks. it became so good that he decided he would have his own musical unit and the president would have marine musical unit of his own. he had his own as well. ♪ >> and we play only drums an only bugles. they play every other kind of instrument but they are i would say ten times as loud as they are. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the marines are fully qualified to go to war.
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we are marines first and musicians second. >> once they acquire a position in the unit they come here in the marine barracks in washington d.c. they are the best of the best of marine musicians who try out recruiters. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the parade deck, there is a bit of friendly rivery between the zone and the president's zone. >> one tries to outflash the other as they play their songs across the parade deck. >> not all the music played that evening is instrumental. the marine bnd's rendation of "proud to be an american" brought the audience to their feet. ♪ god bless the usa ♪ ♪ >> it was really good. i am really excited because i am actually enlisted in the marines to be in the band so seeing this was really good experience for me to get me ready for like
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to see what i can become. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> evening parade is open though public. admission is free. to find out about getting ticket, check out our web site. >> also change in with natalie's make the grade. >> i want to talk to you for a moment about college applications an community service. you have probably heard of stories of teens who traveled to exotic places for their service projects. you know? helping to build houses in latin america or teaching english for a week in africa. you don't need to go to such extremes, in fact, many college admission fers say they are not impressed by extensive service adventures. especially those that sound great but take a minimal amount of time. what colleges are looking for is a steady commitment. suffers from the heart. i am natalie. that is this week's advice on thousand make the grade.
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>> it is time play word. find out if you can find the true definition among the false ones. let's do some d's. debacle. it is a vault to dues young women to society, a complete defeat, or an exchange of views? debacle is a complete defeat. what a debacle. she only got 2% of the vote. how about this? dilate. does it mean to live to a very old age, to make whiter or larger, expand, or to add moisture to? >> dilate is to make wider or larger, expand, darkness makes the pupils in the center of your eyes dilate. how about dire? the color aa hair salon, pattern or terrible, awful.
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>> dire means terrible or awful. let's review. debacle, a complete defeat. dilate, to make wider or larger, expan dire, terrible or awful. and that is word for this week on teen kids news. are your hands empty?take a clo. scientists have learned the typical hand is hosting about 150 different species of bacteria. here is the rub. for sometimes bacteria, washing your hands helps them grow but r seems some of the bugs are actually good r you. fashion is a mirror of the times. you can actually listen a lot about past generations
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by the clothes they wore. sam takes us to a place where style meets history. from shoes to clothes and all types of aces ris. the museum at the fashion institute of technology has it all. it is located in one of the fashion capitals of the world, new york city. and this collection of clothing is quite impressive. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> some pieces go back hundreds of years. >> it is about 1775. >> molly is curator for the museum. she took me through their exhibit called ash about iter toes of style. women at the forefront of fashion. >> so what is an ash about iter to style? >> well, i think, an ash about it tore of style has to be pushing fashion and style forward. whether it is somebody who
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is doing it through their innovations as designer, their innovations as somebody involved in th technology of fashion whether it is, um, text tiles or we have photographs by louise dolle who was a very innovative fashion photographer so somebody who is pushing fashion forward whether through their own look or how their, how they are helping fashion evolve. >> back in the early 1900s this outfit was considered in know vative. it was style preferred by one of the it girls of that time. >> a version of this was worn by ballroom dancer from the early 20th century who was a major fashion ico icon. >> she had kind of a same type of celebrity allure, somebody like jennifer lopez or madonna would today. >> fashion has come a long way through the century. women were expected to sacrifice comfort for style. >> so you can see where, um,
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women were still wearing these. they are not wearing them now. the rules of fashion have really change sod that instead of dressing for morning, afternoon and evening, a woman can wear one outfit for an entire day. i can see throughout the exhibit how things were changing. although, certain outfits we could be surprised to see people wearing today. >> so can you tell bus this piece here? >> yes. those are red silk velvet evening pajamas that were owned by doris duke. they were designed by christian dior. doris dukes with a socialite an philanthropist. the piece fries 1955. >> can you, plain what evening pajamas are? do you sleep in? >> i is for entertaining at home basically. there are categories of clothing we wouldn't think about today. as being something you would, you know, everywhere. but evening pa jam place
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something you would wear at home, you wouldn't wear hes hout. they would be for casual entertaining. >> well, we are quite grateful that some of the fashions stayed in the past, there are some that are as cool today as they were back then. >> if you love fashion as much as i do. you must check out the museum. they have over 50,000 garments an accessories on rotation dating back to the 18th century. for teen kids news, i am sam. >> that is all for us this week. thanks for tuning in. >> we'll see you next time on "teen kids news." ♪ ♪ ♪
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