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tv   Journal  PBS  September 14, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is "the journal" on dpw tv. i am hazard. -- on dw-tv. i am noheather. a second round of peace talks, but and there was an admission of widespread doping of underage athletes. the french government has been the target of unprecedented public rebuke from the european commission over didst groups.
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one commissioner calls paris' handling a disgrace and says that france may face action. they have deported thousands to romania and bulgaria so far this year. >> buses bringing them to a french airport, this time 69 immigrants being expelled from marseille not \ . the eu justice minister used extremely harsh words to criticize france. >> this is something that europe should not have to witness again after the second world war. i have made crystal clear my doubts about the legality of the french measure. >> at a meeting two weeks ago, the french immigration minister assured brussels that no ethnic group was being singled out for deportation, but a league
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official memo released on monday contradicts this. -- a leaked official memo. this could be a direct contradiction to the law. -- to eu law. >> after 11 years, i even go further. this is a disgrace. >> france is now facing fastrac legal proceedings. it stands accused of violating the right of the citizens to free movement. the french ministry has once again defended its actions, saying the expulsions are legitimate and necessary. >> i ask for more on this outspoken condonation of french policy by the european commission -- i asked for more pay >> they are still reading from this. -- getting over this.
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this was a carefully considered speech. it was talked about this morning here in brussels, put out deliberately to have a go at france. they are absolutely furious about the expulsions, and what triggered her speech today is simply that she was told by two french ministers that all was well, that there was no targeting of one ethnic group being expelled. that was contradicted by an external french memo -- an internal french memo that was leaked. we were all stunned. it was forthright, dramatic. it pulled no punches, and no one can remember a commissioner having such a direct ago at a member state at that. she simply said that what france was done was illegal.
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they have been duplicitous. there are attacks on that group. she says this is something she is not seen since the second world war. france did have the authority of the senior commission team. >> and that was our reporter in brussels. to get reaction from france, we spoke to our correspondent in france and asked her what the response has been. >> some 230 were sent back to romania from airports in paris and marseille, so the message at least is very much business as usual for the french government, regardless of what the eu commission might say, but, yes, parents has been stunned by the words from the commissioner. behind the scenes, the issue has gotten so contentious that it is
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becoming more evident by the day, this evening, a party spoke. expressing hopes that the eu threat against france remains a threat and not a reality. they're also looking about clarifying things from the contingent's memo, which has them to expand double dealing on the part of france, mutt -- but, it may be to a late, because it seems that france has put itself squarely in the fireline. -- it may be too late. and the bill on the full face veil was passed by the french senate. it is thought this would only
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affect a small number of women, but critics see it as an attack on muslims. some countries are considering other measures. the ban will be in six months if it passes the constitutional courts. palestinian peace talks and without any apparent source of a breakthrough. they spoke for almost two hours. these stocks are part of the obama administration push to have peace talks next year. it was said that they held serious discussions on core issues. the talks will continue on wednesday in jerusalem. >> and for more on this story, we are joined by another reporter. one of the most urgent issues, the clock is ticking before the moratorium on new construction ends. what about a solution? >> they were announced to be
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confidential. but there was a sticking point. i guess he likes to keep this card in his hand to play it out during negotiations. they say they're going to walk out. we do not know what was talked about the question is, do they continue to talk because they found some common ground, or do they simply talk because they want to keep with the americans? >> a u.s. woman detained for over one year in iran has left after being released on bail. sarah was arrested along with
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two other americans in july. they were charged with spying and entering the country illegally. her two hiking companions have had their detention extended by two months. the german parliament has been debating controversial austerity measures. they want to cut spending by 2014 to reduce the national debt. there was positive market data and positive indicators to defend the economic policies being pursued. lawmakers vote on the measure in november. so, speaking of economic indicators, we have got some good indicators. >> yes, this rose by 17% in the
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first half of 2010. experts are now warning that the current upswing might not last. >> the economic boom has been very good news for german exporters. in china, too, demand for german machines and luxury goods seems to be in satiable. demand rose by over 61%. by contrast, exports to its fellow european union member states rose by just 12%, so the margin is behind europe are of increasing significance. they say the recovery may not be as robust as it appears.
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it could slow by the end of the year, and that may have an effect. they are also warning that this could hurt the german exporters. despite massive growth in developing countries, the euro zone remains the german market. the organization of petroleum exporting countries have benefited from the growing demand for oil and higher prices. >> fossil fuels like oil are likely to remain the principal source of energy, as they have over the last 50 years of the existence of opec. one man summed up what he sees as the organizational achievement in that time. >> our resources, our manpower.
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we have a very skilled manpower. thirdly, we establish our countries. >> opec still controls 40% of the global oil market. it has often been criticized as a cartel, but in recent years, there has been a decline. many are drilling in deep water for their own oil deposits. e>> here we have a wrap up of te day's action. >> they are looking ahead. this spoiled the mood here at the frankfurt stock market. the problem is not germany itself. people do not see much of a decline here. this is also in the united
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states. the fact that the banking regulation is not one to be too much of a problem, gold is still considered a safe haven in crisis time, a new record high. >> thanks for that. let's take a look at the market. the dax is up one-quarter of 1% higher. the euro stoxx 50 also ended in positive territory. across the headland to, the dow jones industrials in negative territory -- across the atlantic's. and as was just mentioned, gold prices sought record highs on tuesday as investors see it as a safe haven for their assets.
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many see further turmoil in the global economy and financial markets. >> their ongoing concerns about the economy. many fear there could be a collapse and that countries could default on their debt. the u.s. is still not out of the woods. gold is seen as a safe haven for investors. the price of a fine ounce of gold has risen by 16% since the beginning of the year alone. on tuesday, it reached a new all-time high. last year, for the first time, demand for gold for investment purposes outstripped demand from the jewelry industry. deutsche bank says it expects the price of gold to go up to $1,300 by the end of the year. >> the central bank in
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afghanistan has stepped in to take control of the troubled couple of paint. there were suspected irregularities, -- it could take control of the troubled hubble -- kabul bank. some were told to resign. recently, people have been withdrawing money from the bank amid fears it could collapse. >> thanks, monika. for the first time, it has been invaded that teenaged athletes have been subjected to doping. in a new book, it is revealed that athletes as young as 16 were inducted into doping programs. >> his autobiography is creating an uproar. he is the youngest raking official of the former east german sports association to admit that young athletes were
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subjected to systematic doping in a variety of sports. >> it is a dark chapter, but east germany had to find a system if we wanted sporting success. we had doctors who were very conscientious in their work. >> he says drugs were administered to essentially under the supervision of a doctor and only on occasion to those younger than 16, but some say there is a different story. some say they were injected with male hormones without their knowledge to improve their performance in the pool. hundreds of former athletes have come forward, the victims of systematic doping abuse. >> i was much younger than 16 when i was first given steroids, and i know of others who were just children, not even teenagers. >> they said they gave us supportive substances. >> the german olympic sports
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association is now conducting an investigation into systematic doping in sports. >> as the world emerges from the economic crisis, the german young people seem to be pretty confident of the future. that is at least part of the picture in a new study released on tuesday. every four years, the study takes a snapshot of the german young, and it shows that almost 60% of youngsters here believe they have a bright future, between yourself the and port -- between the wealthy and the poor. a german artist has been awarded one of the most lucrative prices in the art world. the 66-year-old is honored for her sculpture. the world culture prize is given each year by the japanese imperial family.
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italian actress sophia loren also receive the award for her cinematic work. -- also received the award. do not go away.
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>> welcome back. opec, the oil or tell -- the oil cartel, was set up in 1965 by five countries, iran, iraq, kuwait, saudi arabia, and venezuela, as a way of formulating policy. today, the organization is facing a number of challenges. it has to balance supply with the increasing demands for oil in many parts of the world, and it has to ensure that the prices remain stable. we will be examining the world's insatiable need for oil and whether there are any viable alternatives. first though, we look at consumption and production across the planet.
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>> the unquenchable thirst for oil by humanity has led geologists' to search almost anywhere for the black gold. whether land or sea, drilling goes on on every continent. the largest quantity is extracted in the middle east, in megatons. the former soviet states, north america combined. australia and asia produced 380 megatons, slightly more than latin-american. europe accounts for almost negligible share in the global " -- total. global consumption is rising at a rate of 1% to two% per year. the u.s. consumes one-quarter of the world's annual production,
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943 megatons. the chinese thirst for oil continues to grow as the country industrializes. japan is followed by the second- largest economy, india, which now uses more oil than russia. sixth place is shared jointly on the consumption scale. even the arctic has now become a prospecting area. drilling there can be risky and expensive, but oil giants say there is no alternative as of the deposits begin to dwindle. the opec states, saudi arabia, iran, and iraq have the biggest reserves. in brazil, their reserves have been found to be more extensive than thought initially, and there is some in an boller. 160,000 megatons is the expected reserve. how long they last depends on many factors, including future consumption rates and new prospecting technologies.
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>> with oil reserves in the future and climate change an increasing worry, the race is on to find alternative sources of energy. alternatives such as wind and solar are already part of the mix in many countries. biofuels, the controversial in some quarters, are also gaining. they're also looking at how microorganisms produce energy, but will it ever be possible to read it -- . place oil? >> some scientists believe microorganisms could be the key to future energy production, possibly even replacing oil, but research is still in its early stages. microorganisms of many different potential uses. for example, they can be used to extract starched but from plants. starches used for of plastic products. would it be the key to putting
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it and it to images like these? pelican's covered in oil in the gulf of mexico? -- pelicans. could microorganisms one day and the need for oil altogether? at the moment, oil is still one of the world's most important raw materials, but most of it ends up polluting the environment, and a truly viable alternative still seems a long way off. it is also used to manufacture textiles, nylon, for example. goody's also be used using other technology? oil products are also used in lipstick, skin cream, and even in pacifiers for babies. could we still make these things without oil? how dependent is the chemicals industry on fasano resources -- fossil resources? >> many of the raw material
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requirements are covered by oil. we do use of biomass, but the lion's share of production is still oil based. >> when it comes to fuels', there are already alternatives. sunflowers, haute and others, can be used to create biofuels, but that creates a whole new host of problems. we have already seen increase for food staple prices. is it related to the demand for biofuels? our biofuels just as harmful to humanity as fossil fuels -- are they? >> we will always of a problem with competing utilization is when it comes to biomass, simply
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because we have a limited amount of space in the world. we just cannot create space. the world is finite. there will always be the question of where this is then going to be put to use. >> this is why the researchers in stuttgart are seeking to use agricultural waste products rather than food products to create substitutes. straw is normally viewed us ways, but it can be broken down into useful starches. >> it is important to us that foodstuffs' stay in the food industry and not go into chemical processes. that is why we are trying to use the sugar that can be used. >> and it works. yeast can break down the starches in the stocalk, and thy
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can be used to make the raw materials for plastics. but huge areas of cultivated land would be needed to match the amount of petrochemicals produced by the oil industry. so is there a way out of the fossil fuel dilemma? >> we will never reach a time where biomass can replace everything we have today in terms of energy production, for example. we will need to develop alternatives, getting energy from the sun or other available alternatives. >> we will not be able to use biomass to replace all of the different uses for carbon based materials, such as oil and coal. >> nonetheless, these granules are also being used are ready to produce textiles. special machines can create almost any type of threat from them. they are generally more
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expensive than products made by using oil, but they are biodegradable, and the delicate of fibers are now possible. -- the most delicate of fibers are not possible. even a nylon stocking can be used -- can be made, a huge step forward. >> chemistry is advancing. biology is advancing. by a technology is advancing, and i do believe that one day, we will find a way of being able to do without these oil based materials completely. >> even though it can only replace a fraction, almost anything can be made this way, from textiles to cosmetics. and one day, there simply will not be enough oil left, just one reason why work is about to start on construction of a full- scale by a refineryb -- io- refinery -- bio refinery.
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>> that has been our "in depth" this hour. thanks for watching.
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