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tv   Journal  PBS  May 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> hello and welcome. queen elizabeth visits the stadium where soldiers massacred either civilians in 1920. 11 people are dead in afghanistan in protest a nato raid.
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>> queen elizabeth is on a ground-breaking trip to ireland can she has attended a state banquet in her honor by the irish president. she gave a speech there after a few words in gaelic. the british monarch went on to the weighted history between the british and ireland. >> it is impossible to ignore the grade history, as it was yesterday. indeed, so much of this visit reminds us of the complexity of our history. its many lives and traditions, but also the importance of forbearance and reconciliation, of being able to about the past, but not be bound by it. >> queen elizabeth marked the
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historic trip to ireland with another gesture of conciliation. the british market -- the britih also as a the stadium. >> this is the most politically sensitive of the queen's landmark trip. the stadium was the site of the original bloody sunday when british forces shot dead 49 civilians during a gaelic soccer match during the war of independence in 1920. the grounds -- for decades, it was unthinkable that the commander in chief of the british armed forces would ever set foot here. >> your majesties state visit, at the invitation. >> this was another gesture of
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reconciliation, together with mary mack blaze, the queen paid respects to the 50,000 buyers soldiers who died fighting for britain in world war i. there was a stop at the guinness storehouse. the master brewer served up a pint of islands finest brew. >> we now go live to dublin tell us more about the queen said it and wasn't what people wanted to hear from her? >> i think some here were hoping for some kind of an apology. but realistically, that would never happen. it is not the kind of thing that the queen does. that being said, it was wracked with historical sensitivity. but to the past but not be bound by it.
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there was hope on both sides, that both islands have had more than their fair share of harvick and loss. curses you thoughts and sympathy went out to those who have suffered and acknowledged -- her sincere thoughts and sent the one out to those who have suffered and acknowledged that both sides concede things that might have been done differently or not at all. again, we have seen plenty of action on this trip. actions often speak louder than words. but the speech was very important tonight in a sense to bring the protests to some sort of sense of conclusion. >> how much did her visit to the scene of the bloody sunday massacre mean to the people of ireland? >> it is an incredibly sensitive site. it was a massacre of civilians in retaliation for the murder of british secret service people here. the organization that runs the
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stadium,. quite recently, had little to do with even the northern irish police force. it was signals with a very sensitive issue and it was sensitively handled by the british monarch. >> thank you. the german defense minister has outlined radical reforms to the country's armed forces. the goal is to improve the capacity of the military to new challenges, such as deployment on foreign missions. >> the plan reforms are aimed at creating a more streamlined and effective military and to reduce government spending on defense. germany armed forces would be trained, 180,000 members, almost all of them carry their positions.
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there will have substantial budget cuts, but they want to ready the bundeswehr. >> i think, in the future, the united nations will as germany to get involved in operations more often, even when germany has no direct interest in the situation. >> there would like the military to have enough troops to participate in two missions abroad at any one time. that means extending its operational capacity. the operation -- the opposition says that there is no way to meet the savings goal of more than two billion euros. >> it is just hot air and i would like the government to admit that. >> but the cabinet has approved the reform. there are likely to announce which bases there will close in germany.
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11 people have been killed in an anti-nato protests in afghanistan. it came after an organized trade. locals claim that civilians died. thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in deckedakar province. afghan president hamid karzai is that expecting an explanation from the u.s. over allegations that the nato raid was based on force intelligence and targeted the wrong people. >> they said death to america and debt to germany. two men and two women were killed in the nato-led a raid. forces say they had weapons and a suicide wrapped in the house. but they insist that they were
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innocent civilians. >> if your helicopters were in our village. first, they surrounded the area and then they killed my family. we're not taliban. we are not al qaeda appeared a do not know what's in we committed for them to kill my family. >> anchor turned to violence. some protesters started attacking shops and throwing stones at the billboard of the afghan bill -- afghan president. troops based there had nothing to do with the raid. the foreign minister expressed concern and called for,. >> the violent protests are very worrying. we are hoping and we will make sure that the authorities will make everything in their power to, the situation -- to calm the situation so that protests and do not escalate.
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the u.s. has improved sanctions against assad. the key u.s. and switzerland have improved travel bans and frozen bank accounts of foreign officials. for the fourth day in a row, tanks have arrived at towns at the lebanon border. they have killed 27 civilians since saturday. if they new york grand jury decides that there is enough evidence to prosecute, it could take five months for this trial to begin the u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner has added his voice to growing calls
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for dominique strauss-kahn's resignation. emerging economies like brazil are pushing for a say on who becomes the new head. >> the european central bank is taking a hard-line stance on agrees, saying that the restructuring of its debt is not an option. some restructuring may be required. raese will have to redouble its reform efforts if it wants to get its finances in order. greece is struggling to meet targets. >> with no end to greece's debt woes, students in athens are becoming increasingly concerned about the future.
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at the economic forum in brussels, experts admitted for the first time that raese may have to restructure its debt. -- that greece may have to restructure its debt. >> if they do not get back on course and run in line with the original plans a time soon, i do not think we can wait until 2013 to act like many in politics are thinking. >> and europe's political leaders are slowly coming around to the idea. crescive stability cannot be confirmed, -- >> if stability cannot be confirmed, private sector involvement will become compulsory. >> it could have serious consequences for the european banking system. >> there has not been any sort of restructuring in advanced
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economies since at least world war ii. and the consequences can be even more negative than in other cases. >> whatever they decide, the future is looking increasingly bleak for greece's use. >> restructuring raese'-- rest't is -- restructuring greece's debt is becoming more concerning. >> this is one of several countries that is trying to manage its debt. unemployment in portugal has heth a 30-year high. they have a jobless rate of nearly 0.7%.
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-- nearly 12.7%. it is time for a look at the markets. european -- concerns for european debt were set aside as commodities redounded. in new york, the dow industrials closed 2% higher. the euro is trading at $1.48 u.s.. it is the end of a long-running feud. it has left both sides claiming victory. the eu provided billions of dollars of unfair subsidies. a panel ruled that france, germany, spain, and britain gave $18 billion in illegal help to develop new aircraft. but they said the money could not be classed as illegal
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subsidies. the u.s. company -- germany's council of economic experts has recommended that the chancellor raised the retirement age from 67 years old to 69 years old. that is based on germany's changing demographics. >> germans are getting older and the country's population is shrinking along with its work force. germany's council of economic experts is also predicting slower economic growth in the future and is calling on berlin to take steps now to reform the labor market. the council says more women will need to join the workforce. germany also needs to make it easier for qualified foreign workers to immigrate and the retirement age may have to be raised yet again.
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by 2016, germans could face having to work until the age of 69. the report says that, if these measures are not implemented, germany's pension system could be massively underfunded in the future. >> the german city of munich is hoping to win the right to host the winter olympics in 2018. it presented its bid to the olympic committee on wednesday. the competition is tough and the results would be known in seven weeks. >> the german delegation, a high-profile team spending politics, business, and sports, were the first to make a 45- minute presentation. >> it was good to be first because everything is fresh. everything is new. and it fills you really can grasp the attention from everyone. >> unit sold its bid as a two- part concept, making use of
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infrastructure already largely in place. the alpine events would be hosted at traditional resorts not far from the city. german president christiane bolts did his part over video link-up. >> only one bid can win. we will campy as hard as we can write to the end. all three cities -- we will compete as hard as we can write to the end -- right to the end. >> it is shipping the most expensive scientific instruments ever made. it is the space shuttle endeavor. it is thought that the international space station. the six astronauts have brought with them the two billion dollars magnet oic astro meter .
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we will take you inside to the reform of the eight armed forces in just a minute.
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>> the german armed forces are to undergo the most radical reform since 1955. german troops are being sent on foreign missions and stretched with limits of their capacity. the government hopes the proposed changes will make the military more effective and attract more recruits.
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overcome challenges, that is the message in this promotional video. it presents the armed forces as woolly cap and a great employer. -- as well equipped and a great employer. like in the barracks trot along to the rhythm of a bureaucratic body. daily routine consists of the admonition of tasks and deployment training. very few ever see active service. >> the organization and structure of the bundeswehr are inadequate for recurrent and future obligations. this refers to its fighting capabilities, its financing, and its leadership structures. >> german defense minister pulls no punches in his appraisal.
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germany's armed forces are fully equipped and inadequate for the security challenges of the 21st century. the bundeswehr possible attacks of defending germany's borders -- the bundeswehr's responsibility of defending germany's borders are no longer its sole affairs. >> we include the use of our armed forces. >> berlin wants to reduce the size of the armed forces and make them more flexible. it wants to cut them down to somewhere between 185,000 to 170,000 personnel. it will have to spend before it can save. >> you have to decide whether you have the money of an army of
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this size are not. if you have, then the figure of 185,000 is realistic. if you have not because you want to save billions over four years or five years, then it is not feasible. >> on top of that, the bundeswehr will have to look for new recruits on its own. with no more compulsory service, the target group of the well qualified remains unmoved, despite the venture is adverts. i spoke with an expert on international affairs and it former soldier and estimate the bundeswehr could attract the personnel it needs. >> i am sorry, but i do not see this. first of all, we have two very interesting indicators. the first one is that, in the present german army, we have an over representation of east germans. that means that there are many east germans going into the army because of the poor labor market
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conditions in the eastern part of the country. second, from now on, the german army has to compete with the big international labor market. i do not see that a state institution can really compete with the others. >> so why do you think the defense ministry has gone for large-scale and widespread reforms in the military? >> this is a great surprise. i could not see a great discussion in german society. here i come to a very important point. the generals and the top groups of the army are still in the spirit of the cold war. they have to prepare for action for military operation, but nobody believed it in the times of cold war. and germany has missed the possibilities to discuss really the situation after 1989 when
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operations in the balkans and later in afghanistan started. society and politics have not discussed this. so the army now has to jump into something which might be a novice. >> so why have reforms to make the army more effective in foreign deployments? >> the defense secretary made very interesting remarks today. he said germany has to prepare for operations. at first glance, they are not in the interest of the country, but germany has to care for the strength of the united nations and for operations worldwide. this is only something new. if you like, this reflects the very poor situation for germany when the libyan war started. jimmy, during the last weeks, has had to learn that, when you
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are not joining, no one will ask you. >> thank you very much. as you can see, there is still a fair amount of discussion. germany plans -- which in germany blasted do now was done by the netherlands several years ago. it abolished compulsory service. this started to prepare for the needs of a career military. >> they are preparing for training exercises on how to secure a house in enemy territory. >> we are setting up -- setting it up as it would in reality with furniture all-around, sofas, stools, and cupboards. [gunfire]
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>> in 1993, the dutch government decided to end compulsory service. they have been hiring career soldiers since 1996. corporal michelle has a base pay of 1600 euros per month. he is also entitled to 25 days of holiday a year. >> even as a young boy, i wanted to join the army. first, i did and oppresses ship in the construction sector. then it was off to the army. the job is challenging and buried. >> they carry out exercises until the soldiers work as a team. the dutch armed forces have 50,000 professionals in their ranks. military leaders said they are more motivated than conscripts. the switchover requires a complete check of the training program. >> there is a short, a basic
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course and then they go on to specialize. they do specialized training for to do it three years -- for two years to three years. and they improve through constant repetition. >> in good economic times, the armed forces have to rely on advertising campaigns to retract recruits -- to attract recruits. they also have open-door events. in uncertain times like these, the armed forces cannot complain about the application numbers. they must be careful not to allow the private sector to lure highly qualified soldiers away. michele has been in this service for six years now and has already been to afghanistan. he now wants to move on to become a corporal. thwe leave you now with a look t
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the latest headlines.
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