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tv   Journal  PBS  October 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to the journal. coming up on the show, still in the driver's seat, the italian embattled leader wins his vote of confidence. >> and looking for a way out of the debt crisis. >> and an exhibit asks, when is were legitimate? -- war jim it? after surviving a vote of
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confidence, the italian prime minister has wasted no time pledging to revive it today's economy. the parliamentary vote was called after silvio berlusconi failed to get a budget measure passed. there is a crushing national debt and a population and willing to accept more austerity measures. >> demonstrators in front of the parliament in rome shouted " shamed." expressed rage and disappointment. they would have liked to see the center right government fall. silvio berlusconi survived again, but just barely. it called for his remaining allies to celebrate. >> this is a great political victory. the 14th of every month is an unlucky day for the last. they wanted to bring us down on
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december 14 and now on october 14. now they have failed. >> many in the opposition are convinced that silvio berlusconi's days are numbered following sex and corruption scandals. >> the prime minister meant to prove he can govern. with such a small margin, he has proved he cannot. we cannot permit a situation in which the police would swing their batons. >> a demonstration against the power of the banks was underway in milan. more demonstrations against the banks are planned for saturday. many people say they could easily turn into anti-silvio berlusconi protests. >> the protests have toppled the coalition in slovakia. the government has been
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dismissed and there are talks about forming an interim government. the president lost an vote of confidence. can world leaders come up with a plan to bail out banks and governments at the same time, if necessary? >> that is what the g-20 wants to do. europe was in the spotlight on friday as the group of 20 gathered in paris. the meeting comes in the run-up to the eu summit to tackle the european debt crisis. expanding the death planned was among the topics. that could make sovereign debt more attractive to investors again. calls were made to increase the role of the international
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monetary fund to resolve the european debt crisis. we asked about the reaction of the other g-20 members. >> the emerging economies put pressure on the europeans to solve the debt crisis. the offer to strengthen the imf so it would have more power. that idea was not well received. the u.s. treasury secretary said that idea was rejected. the german minister of finance says he does not like the idea. he thinks the europeans can manage themselves. he says they will present a comprehensive package next weekend. he says this package will strengthen the confidence in the euro zone. he says one of the crucial point would also be a plan on how to support the banks. many people are afraid that the european debt crisis might turn into a crisis in the banking
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sector. they are trying to strengthen capital in the banks. if the banks do not manage themselves, there might be state aid for banks. >> standard and poor's have downgraded -- has downgraded its rating for a major european bank. despite the downgrade, the bank remains the highest rated of the country's financial institutions. the growing debt crisis is causing a state of national emergency or portugal. that is according to the prime minister, who plans to make even deeper budget cuts next year to get the country's troubled finances in order. it includes tax increases and
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will have a big impact on education and health care. portugal must get its deficit under control to meet the conditions of a nearly $80 billion bailout package from the eu and the imf. volkswagen is enjoying healthy sales figures. the carmaker says they have sold more cars than ever before. sales rose by around 14% in china. in north america, there was an increase of more than 20%. the company is on target to keep its goal of 8 million car sales for the year. some good news from a volkswagen as well as below a-- gogle and sap. -- google and sap. we have a report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> traders were scratching their
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heads. they were looking at volkswagen with a sales record from january to september. the news goes beyond the car industry. the economy is still ticking and there are a lot of consumers still willing to spend money for a product. there was also good news from u.s. internet giant, googled. they increase their increase profits -- google. they increased their quarterly profits buying 20%. there was a prospect for encompassing a comprehensive euro bailout package. that will be presented in several days. >> let's take a closer look at some closing markets. the euro zone-u.s. stocks finished up as well.
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in new york, the dow industrials closed up 1.5%. the euro is trading for $1.38. finance ministers are working on a comprehensive plan to save the euro zone. the german chancellor, angela merkel, continues to encounter criticism over her leadership in this crisis. she spoke with her country's labor leaders. >> he is one of europe's most powerful trade union leaders. he remains -- maintains good relations with the prime minister, angela merkel. >> the intensely debated issue may only be dared as it is prepared with the utmost care.
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and all the to avert something worse and to bring about structural reforms. >> despite growing skepticism about efforts to shore up the euro, he wants solidarity across europe. he reminded the chancellor about growing social inequality. he said germany endorsed equal pay for equal work as a human rights when it ratified paragraph 23 of the u.n. charter. this cannot be continuously violate it. germany's trade unions want the chancellor to remember that during these times of crisis, workers have tightened their belts more than one notch. >> sunny ericsson said it will focus on the smartphone -- sony ericsson says it will focus on the smartphone.
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the company announced a third quarter pre-tax profit of 31 million euros. they expect slimmer margins in the future. smartphones account for 80% of its sales. apple's iphone 4s is already selling out. fans lined up outside stores in munich to get one. the line formed before opening hours, even with the cold weather. the 4s to a record 1 million orders. apple could sell as million -- as many as 30 million in this quarter alone. >> the british defense minister
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has resigned over his friendship with a businessman who posed as his adviser on trips abroad. an inquiry is underway as to whether he broke the rules. he made an announcement when the findings were released. he became the first conservative minister to quit the coalition. he apologized for blurring the line between personal and state activities. armed supporters of muammar gaddafi opened fire on troops of the new interim government. government forces have stepped up their attacks on the last pockets of resistance. gaddafi's home town is controlled by 80% id national council. -- by the national council.
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now it looks like europe is seen painful austerity measures and taxpayers have no patience for their aid euros going to tin pot dictators. they are vowing to cut their aid if things don't shape up. >> the eu wants to increase support for projects like this. it was to send the money only
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1/3 of countries currently receiving aid could be taken off of the list. that could result in people in emerging countries being punished for the rich teams they have to live under. -- regimes they have to live under. >> the most important thing is to look at people and where they live. >> eu member states would debate the proposed reforms at the start of next year. many are expected to face little opposition. >> in thailand, flood waters are facing south. they have spilled onto roads. some people who live in outlying
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areas have already left their homes. volunteers and soldiers have been shoring up the walls with 2 million sandbags. rising water is expected to put the city's flood defenses to the maximum test. the government of burma says workers will be entitled to go on strike for the first time in decades at the introduction of new labor laws. the announcement was made on a visit to india by the burmese president. he received full state honors. the new regulations allow workers to form unions and take strike action. human-rights groups and burmese opposition groups are cautious. here in germany, the defense minister has opened a museum by underscoring the need to use armed force. this critical approach to arms
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conflict was essential. he says he hopes the museum will play a role in helping people reflect on war and the human costs. >> and the enormous wage splits the museum, -- an enormous splits the museum. it is not just a typical array of armaments through the ages. it is a history of war with all of its horrors. >> it offers unaccustomed perspectives on military history. it is provocative and scandalous. >> this exhibit shows military vehicles as toys. it is a museum of contradictions, partly redesigned by the german armed forces. the aim is to present the historical and technological aspects of the german military and the human cost of conflict.
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this is a military vehicle battered by artillery fire in afghanistan. >> it is not something that should be hidden. it is something every citizen in the world should be part of. it is countered not just with the weapon we of war -- weaponry of war, but why is there a history of violence and what can we do about it? >> the museum has already fulfilled its primary objective on its first day of opening. >> euro bird watch chose the jack daw. it is smart and a strong family bird.
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both male and female devote their time to caring for their young. they are true to each other for life. that is something. i will be right back with more news. we are taking a look at the upcoming elections in egypt. >> what can turn your brother into your enemy and leave wounds
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long after the fighting is over? >> what clouds brilliant minds, makes bad ideas seem like good ones. >> it kills 1000 people a day. >> welcome back. egyptians who overthrew a murderous regime are seeing the first fruits of their courage. elections are scheduled next month. people are concerned that the old system will reassert itself and the fear that radical islamists will put in a strong showing at the polls. what are the candidates promising egyptians to move the country forward? to answer that, we have this look at some of the people who want to be part of the new political leadership.
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>> he wants to enter the new parliament. he took to the streets in january against the mubarak regime and for democracy. he was shot at in front of the parliament he wants to enter. >> if the revolution is to succeed, people who demonstrated for democracy should not enter parliament. i want to do more than just take a bullet for our cause in front of parliament. i want to be involved in what is happening there. >> he just registered as a candidate representing the justice parliament -- the justice party. under the mubarak regime, elections were fixed. it was difficult to set up new parties. there is little euphoria surrounding the election campaign in egypt. many feared the long shadow of the old regime. the freedom party rose from the ashes of mubarak's former
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party, the ndp. they are observing a moment of silence for victims of the revolution. these candidates are not taken seriously by members of the democracy movement. >> yes, we have members who were part of the ndp. 70% of all egyptians were in the ruling party. that does not mean everyone in the party was corrupt. >> a lot has been proposed to bar former ndp party members from running in elections. things have not gone that far yet. his chances are good. his freedom and justice party is organized by the muslim brotherhood. it may be the strongest party in egypt. it is here outside the country, especially in the west. >> the west should look at his own -- its own actions.
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they worked with mubarak even when it was clear what mubarak was doing to his people. >> he did's largest non- religious party is -- egypt's largest non-religious party is represented by this man. he fears that religion may be abused in the election campaign. >> earned we muslims, too? we represent -- arnen't we muslims, too? >> he does it will not be easy to build a new egypt. he is confident it will get done. >> building that new egypt is going to depend on the all powerful military. will the country's generals be a help or a hindrance.
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they helped consul -- topple mubarak, but only when the pressure became too great to resist. >> the july was indescribable as egyptians celebrated the success of their revolution. mubarak's overthrow was influenced by the military. once the generals decided not to follow mubarak's orders, the people had won. >> it took the military a long time to make up its mind. it finally decided to act against him, not the least from pressure from the u.s. administration, which was putting egyptian military aid in question. >> there was a traditional --
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transitional military government. leon panetta has promised stability. the direction that leadership will take remains unclear. >> the military is in a dilemma. on the one hand, it was to be free of active political responsibility. on the other, the military wants to keep its veto power within the government and is afraid of losing its privileges. >> democracy and freedom of speech have failed to materialize. military courts convict civilians in summary proceedings. one case was of any edition blo -- egyptian blogger accused of criticizing the military.
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demonstrators accuse the generals of orchestrating the recent escalation of violence between christians and muslims that left 26 people dead and hundreds injured. >> i cannot imagine the generals have an interest in this escalation. it would make them even less popular and put an even bigger question mark over the role of the military. >> that is why many of service in egypt fear continued unrest in the run-up to the election in november. >> what is the mood like in cairo. we spoke to our correspondent there. >> the situation is tense. the people are sad and frightened. i spoke to a man yesterday. he is worried about the upcoming
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parliamentary and actions and worried that there will be violent clashes again. every time he sees people on the streets, he gets really scared. you can see that at night. usually, downtown is crowded until the morning. now, people go home early and want to be with their families. >> there are some who see the future pessimistically and talk about the withering away and the promises of the arab spring. what are your assessments of the parliamentary elections coming up next month? >> on thursday, there was a press conference. the public figures accused the military of being at the forefront of this conspiracy to kill peaceful protesters. they called for those who are responsible, the minister of information and the military police to be tried.
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this shows how tense the situation is and that opposition groups are not scared to openly and directly confront the ministry. this might show us that we are leading up to more confrontations in the future. >> there are more reports of journalists being attacked and television stations being attacked. are you able to work freely? >> personally, i have not had serious problems. foreign correspondents are less targeted and the local media. they are much more intimidated. nevertheless, you can see that there are serious problems. the other day, there were two french police taken by the military police because they were outside a military office reporting. they are not allowed to enter
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cairo. the risks have certainly grown for us all. >> thank you. see you again next time.
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