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tv   Journal  PBS  October 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> that this is "journal." the finance minister warns that there's a long road ahead to solve the euro zone debt crisis. kenyan troops entered somalia. >> women at the top, why are there so few leading corporate posts in germany. will the government push for change? >> germany is mourning not to get too excited about an eu summit this weekend, saying there is no quick fix expected
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for the euro zone debt crisis. >> the news has sent the euro lore. -- lower. >> germany's finance minister says no matter what the package looks like, it will mean that europe's banks will have to accept larger losses. >> of the lenders are showing little desire to cooperate and demonstrators are not happy about that. >> demonstrators left over from the occupied wall street protests last weekend in frankfurt. they will not be breaking camp, there are too angry about the role of banks and the euro zone crisis. back in berlin, the government is still trying to find a viable solution. german chancellor angela merkel is expected to issue a major statement on friday, ahead of an eu summit. >> they are important steps on a long road, a road that will take us into next year.
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>> the government does not revealing any details, but the finance minister has suggested banks to take a haircut on the debt that greece goes to them. -- owes to them. >> we need a permanent solution for greece, or one that we could say it would work over a longer period. grace cannot survive -- greece cannot survive it without having some of its debt forgiven. >> there are calls for banks to boost their capitalization levels. nothing is decided yet, but it is looking possible that decrease may be left off the hook. -- greece may be blocked off the hook. >> this could be the motto for this trading monday, too happy,
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too soon. stocks opened trading i sit on the upside after the finance ministers made statements which fueled hopes that a current solution can be found for the financial markets. and also for the banking sector. but then, during the trading day, concerns resurfaced again, concerns about how much of a burden to private creditors for countries like greece are still facing. concerns about what new rules for the market politicians will still come up with. all this caused the market here in frankfurt to plunge into the red again. >> about its eighth look at the mess we have been left and. but did that is a look at the mess we have been left with. the dow jones is currently down by over 2%. the euro is trading $1.37.
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>> libya rebels have raised the flag over one of the last stronghold of forces loyal to muammar gaddafi. rebel commanders are claiming victory after weeks of fighting around the city. there also reporting heavy casualties. the national transitional council says it is a further step in stabilizing the country. just one major point of resistance remains, gaddafi's hometown, sirte. >> the battle for libya has become the battle for sirte. it has long been a center of resistance. they had been laying siege to the city for more than a month. commanders are confident of
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victory. >> we are coordinating with the rebels on the other side of town and then taken positions to avoid from a fire. god willing, within days, within hours, we can do it. if we are afraid for the lives of families still inside. >> fighters have encircled to neighborhoods where the loyalists are holed up. family members of a shame officials were allowed out during the battle. those still inside are thought to include members of gaddafi's inner circle. his capture would be a major victory. a victory with a price. this army units towards the city and daily, collecting the dead. the battle has laid waste to sirte.
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for this unit, at least, and ended the fighting cannot come too soon. >> kenyan troops have entered somalia in pursuit of the militia. they have taken a position with tanks and heavy arms. it is said to be a stronghold of the islamist group. kenya accuses the militia of kidnapping four european women from its territory. two spanish aid workers were taken must thursday. earlier, a british and french tourists were abducted and taken to somalia. >> canyon troops heading towards the border with somalia. up till now, kenya has managed to avoid the turmoil. the recent cross border objection approved -- abduction approved the final straw. it was directed by the somali militant group. one british and one french women are believed to be in captivity.
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last thursday, the group kidnapped to female spanish aid workers from the refugee camps in kenya. authorities have decided to extend the search for the women into somalia territory. >> the government has its duty to protect people. >> it is positive step, positive action. this is a common enemy. it has nothing to do would somalia alone. it is a worldwide anime. we have to come together and fight against this kind of evil. >> they have close ties to al qaeda and is been battling somalia's transitional government for control of the country. it is now pledge to take up the fight against kenya as well.
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>> at least a people have been killed and many more injured in heavy fighting in the yemeni capital. despite the violence, protest continued trade -- protests continued. the veteran leader has remained in office despite 10 months of mass protests inspired by demonstrations across the arab world. final preparations are going have for a major israeli- palestinian prisoners swap. they have agreed to hand over israeli soldier galid shalit. 550 prisoners will be freed after he has returned home. most people favor the deal. hamas has already said openly
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that it will encourage its members to capture more israeli soldiers. you have a latest on germany's discussion about a quota for women. >> a legal quota system is something a lot of people are against. germany's main companies have unveiled a new voluntary program for women in managerial positions. the labor union is not said -- is not to impressed. chancellor angela merkel's cabinet is at odds over the legislation. >> the glass ceiling appears almost unbreakable. family mr. -- minister kristina schroder says that has to change. >> you cannot impose them on the outside. it will only work if you oblige companies to take the matter into their own hands.
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>> the country's blue-chip companies have had to do better, setting voluntary targets for getting more women into leadership positions. >> we are presenting a unique initiative in europe today that as far as we know, does not exist and any other country. voluntary commitment to promoting women for leadership positions. >> one who did not enjoy in the applause was labor minister. she pointed out the target was only planned for middle and upper management positions, but not for the actual top jobs. >> i expected and what happened glad to hear a clear statement today on where we go from here with leadership positions for women on executive and supervisory boards. what about the voluntary commit to women getting leadership positions at the very top? where money and power come together? that is where things really count. here, the blue-chip companies
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are hiding behind a wall of silence. >> there is disagreement within the cabinet about how to get more women into the boardrooms of german companies. all agree that the poor record is bad for the country's international image. >> the executive of siebel is also one of germany's companies. i cannot tell you if there are any women moving roles, but i can tell you who is on the way out. the chairman of the supervisory board is stepping down weeks after chief executive resigned. there is no basis for trust for him to stay. he is seen as one of his allies. metro is germany's largest retailer. the german engineering giant siemens wants to invest a billion euros in london. they're talking about 4000 new jobs, a lot of those positions
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would be in the energy sector. that includes the manufacturing of gas turbines, wind power plants, and pipelines. this year's latin america day in hamburg is focusing on access to clean water and environmental technology. 85% of people in the region excepted to live -- expected to live in cities by 2025. the infrastructure has to be there. it is a good opportunity for german firms in places like mexico. >> waste separation mexican style, poor families sort out reusable people -- reusable material for the sale. the mexican government has started investing in environmental technology. they brought in a number of german trucks back in biologically breakdown garbage.
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participants say there are plenty of opportunities for german companies as the region cleans up. >> germany is the country that has a lot of experience in the development of this particular kind of technology. that is because germany's laws are among the strictest in the whole world. >> according to a new study, the five largest latin american cities will have to invest about 290 billion euros in their environment, water, and power supply, by 2025. what america is a region of opportunity for german environmental technology. mexico, for example, plans to close down the world's biggest garbage dump by late 2011. they have yet to propose an alternative. >> the patent war continues, a
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south korean based samsung said it will try to block sales of iphone in australia and japan because of copyright issues. it is the latest move in a battle where apple has accused samsung of copying the ipad. electronic giants are jockeying for the top spot in the markets of smart phones. apple is samsung's biggest customer for components. >> france as a new contender to unseat nicolas sarkozy in elections scheduled for may of next year. in their first-ever primary, the opposition socialist have chosen a candidate to lead them. he has pledged to reduce the country's high debt level without sacrificing social services. circle as the is languish -- nicolas sarkozy is languishing in the polls. >> it encompasses -- part of it
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is germany and part of it is in poland. it is one of the world heritage sites, but until recently, there was no way for tourist to cross the river. on monday, a new bridge was inaugurated. >> at the ribbon was cut, and the ceremony reconnected to parts of the park. it divides germany from poland. >> this bridge links and germany and poland once again. it is a piece of european history. it makes this world's cultural heritage site all the more enjoyable to visit. >> we can move around freely now. we are at home in both parts of the park. >> the park is one of europe's most beautiful landscaped gardens. it was laid out in the early 19th century. it became a battleground in the
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second world war and the bridge was blown up. the heavily guarded border ran straight to the park. the opening of the bridge marks the final milestone in the parks returned to its former pre-war glory. >> visitors can now enjoy both parts of the part. -- park. >> the bridge makes this site more enjoyable for the germans, poles, and visitors from all over the world. >> hamburg has a new coach. he has signed a 2.5-year deal with the club. he leads his first training session on tuesday. hamburg look one their second match of the season over the weekend. you are watching the "journal."
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>> welcome back. how do you grasp and hold the mood and message of a popular uprising and amplify it to masses of people? across north africa, countless young people the answer that question by keeping the arab spring alive with music. they are using the universal appeal to articulate their vision of the future. the new sound they developed is serving as the background score for a generation striving for a better life, for opportunity, for justice. as much as music can bring people together, it can also laid down the dividing lines that keep people apart. in our report, we look at the promise and pitfalls that music hold for post revolution egypt.
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♪ >> in a luxury skyscraper in cairo, the city's elite parties to the sound of thumping dance beats. this is an exclusive world. in the city's old town, a different scene is unfolding. young working-class people are celebrating a wedding. they are all men and they are chanting, we are free. they are dancing to what is being called the new sound of post revolutionary egypt. it is called electro chaabi . the musician who pioneered this is dj. he says it is a symptom of the changes taking place in egyptian
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society. >> the media ignored us for a long time. there was no interest and the working class. nobody wanted to step into our shoes or listen to our opinions. we were always hearing that life was good, the reality never release service. -- release surfaced. we do not appear on the media radar. there are decent people among us with proper values capable of doing great things. he comes from an illegal district of greater cairo. it was created during a massive migration from the countryside to the city in the 1970's. today, an estimated 12 million people live in these concrete cubicles. ♪
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by contrast, this upper-class residential district is made up of villas with high security. in the poorer, people often seen in arabic. they are aware of social divisions and the music scene. >> electronic international music, this is not realistic. " so many egyptians are set in their ways. they never considered mixing with the working class. it still will happen some day. they will never allow it. >> two? >> the people on the street that cannot afford or kind of
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lifestyle. >> two years ago, he sets up a deposit first house label. -- sets up egypt's first house label. it is a world that has much more in common with miami cairo. -- then cairo. >> i think many people turned to religion because they are poor and uneducated. i am talking about the extremes like mandating the veil or district separation of men and women. that is the result of poverty. >> back in january, a 2/8 after
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the fall of tunisia's dictatorship, millions of egyptians took to the streets demanding democratic reforms and a new government. electro chaabi lyrics tell the story. we gathered on the street and we were victorious. ♪ president mubarak step down on february 11 the muslim brotherhood court determined to take part in the new egypt. the army will continue in its role as provisional government, until national elections on november 28. in many slums, a conservative force is already beginning to exert influence. alcohol is forbidden, men and women are separated, the veil
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and developers are required. this is another poor districts. this 20-year-old rehearses for his next electro chaabi performance. he has encountered resistance in his dedication to the music. ♪ >> six months after my father died, some and visited my mother and said that our religion does not allow us to make music. she thought she destroys my synthesizer, she could destroy my music. it had exactly the opposite effect. >> in another working-class district, he is preparing for his next gig.
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he is considering an up-and- coming star and that began experimenting with synthesizers at the age of 11. he has pioneered a brand new style. he is performing at a traditional pre-wedding party were friends and family bring guests for the bride and groom. electro chaabi lyrics also addressed issues such as broken hearts and money troubles. ♪ >> the sons are all about our lives. drugs -- the songs are all about our lives. drugs, alcohol, lies that are told on a daily basis. we think about the problems that young people face in the slums. ♪
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the image of video -- amateur videos received thousands of hits on the web. just for the calls of demonstrations is january, the internet is the launch pad for the exploding costs of the did popularity. >> our people have learned to say no. musicians have also learned to say no. we only play the music that we like. nobody tells us what to do. >> the party is are much more than just overblown house parties. they also send a message of self confidence and hope that the revolution is truly a bold step towards freedom. >> that has been our "in depth." please stay tuned.
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