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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 16, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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m. in torine they killedf spokesperson for the 5th fleet toward threatening to often
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the gove firml
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negotiating rights last u.s. partner saying it will be used as political campaign. parliament's approval of the support for fukushima daiichi plant in japan. public support for nuclear energy in demonstrators held their latest post-fukushima protest aimed at pressuring the government to rally was 2011 disaster. >> reporter: they brave heat and humidity to come out in historic numbers.
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these protesters in tokyo are demand thousands of people are here to say no power. >> translator: nuclear power is too dangerous humans inred explosio is still otest after protest urging the government to stop using atomice and academy award winning musician. they told the crowd life and health are much more important than economic
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people came out today to lis their own government stop restarting nuclear plants and decommission them. things. when i think about my child and other children in fukushima, i cannot help butt shame for all japanese if another nuclear accident happens again. really angry. this is terrible politics that politicians play. >> reporter: government officials have before, busummer. however, prime minister yoshihiko noda is promising to reduce the cancerous dependence on atomic energy. just how much and how fast though is still up for debate.
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he's planning to set the government's future izat world trade organization has ruled t monopoly in country dispute panel on monday the united state world trade body in
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processing of electronic payments denominated in the chinese currency china enable that china should ministry spokr examini on the markets. u.s. share pricesimt downgrade of dow 12,727.
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let's see how stocks are trading this tuesday in off on the nikkei and topix for this tuesday marchally for the nikkei as wellril fore bumpy ride this week. u.s. retail sales in june also showed a decline of putting serious
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question mark again biggest remember on friday growth slowing to this they positive outlook for the japanesend however, the that they would take further action if they see any further deterioration in keycourse. acquisitions of overseas companies given the
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cuhours. 78.86 machine 87ining its relative strength there. t upper 78 levels that you see right ago we were it of strength there lyery quickly, we have key data out of the u.s. speaking his
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views alsetrom close, but your enemies mayer an major services including google joined google in duating from stanford university. she has a degree in compute firm spokesperson.
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mayer's appoin top executive over falsify case of and loss of for you next hour. i'll leave you with a check on
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ies to form a coalition government. the country's president, xanana to stay in he get a it will form a coalition with the alliance will hold a t
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the united nations peacekeeping force plans to withdraw from east timor before the end of the year.rity. in china say of ongoingding their most advanced manned nations a ers hope to use the climat
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spratly integrating the spratlys and disputed chaaster wasse force tokyo. city officials estimate a h could k >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> defense ministry workers put on a mock alert. then grounrushn crossing a
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river by boat to prepare in case something blocks their access to disastera lot after last year's earthquake and tsunami. 100,000 troops went to japan's northeast to communities and sharing duties with u.s. soweek is the first time the expected to make few
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art probe wil the space rover curiosity is the size of a car,ever. nasa lus instr to collect sand samples from the surface of the red planet. can. many scientists believe curiosity mission will last two years. it will begin by investigating whether a place known as the president obama has set a goal of sending humans2030 fair
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foon exam in of them have given par officials from 14 institutes including japanese affiliated companies and hospit japan thrs worked in japanesen'sere given three failure rate was blamed on have a including
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practice exams for those who want to sit for series of french novels about a crook who uses his skills for good. the late lupin - than 60
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unexpectedly written by maurice leblanc near the the book's title is "the last love of are already in print. fans are swooning. they have once last b hisauthor's granddaughter who discovered t manuscript. >> translator: this is th his own hand.
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>> reporter: he also editedc was ato the printer. my grandfather's series is delight good disco in the final story. it is set in the from more poor
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me electricity, develop parks and you glupinnique skill world is very in the story, >> i love you. >> and if i told you not an ordinary man? >> i would follow you wherever leblanc's
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home has beenseum. let up. >> translator: nowlupin. >> reporter: it is believed the ne museum. while through the brought his lupin series toworld. rachel ferguson gives us the latest in her world weather forecast. >> morning, kather is
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islands. hour. yellow sea towards rain. been dealing with drought for the last s coming in toward western japan. for the last week or the likely to see 250 millimeters of that said these systemswn towards
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the plenty as the manonsoon. floodi letting up we've also been dealingeatheat acrosshe mid to on the a look intoll remember last
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week we saw thg tos more thunderstorms as well along the u.s.-canada border once again, anywhere from the hese storms. lots of wet weather comingcoming up in towards the on into tuesday.ditions
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remaining mostly poland for example, over the weekend, we're stiy and it is going to be a wet day fordrid, up to 37 in lisbon. here is your extended forecast.
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that's all for this katherinevitac
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