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tv   Journal  PBS  August 6, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to "the journal" from dw in berlin. >> coming up -- the nasa rover curiosity land and began the search for signs of life. >> the assaad government's highest defection yet come in the syrian prime minister fleeing. >> a man in the u.s. shot dead six people in a sikh temple. >> with a black-and-white
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snapshot, the mars rover land that has -- and burns and has landed safe and sound. besides explorer has made history. >> it is doing a good job keeping up with the times. they are documenting its actions on twitter. >> the curiosity will live up to its name for the next few years trying to find signs of life. >> after years of work, this was the moment mission control had been waiting for. curiosity pulled off a high wire landing. minutes later, it beamed its first pictures of mars back to earth come images of the horizon and the dust stirred up during the landing. the high-speed landing was a
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risky maneuver and it lowered the curiosity to the circus. at a cost of $2.50 billion, it is the most expensive probe ever sent. four nations are working with nasa on the curiosity project. it was called for a celebration at the european space agency, too,. german scientists build a center to help monitor radiation levels. >> we are trying to prove but signs of life, protozoa, whenever, maybe signs that life once existed. that would be a downright sensation. >> if all goes well, curiosity will spend at least two years searching for evidence that it once contained life. they hope the complex probe will usher in a new era of space exploration.
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>> there has already been a string of high-profile generals deserting the syrian army and fleeing for their lives. now the prime minister has joined. >> he is among four cabinet ministers to have defected to the opposition. they along with all family members, fled the border to jordan. >> they says it is a protest against the genocide of the syrian people. the government sees it differently. >> he was appointed as prime minister just this past june. it was seen as an overture to the majority. two months later, the 46-year- old prime minister had defected to the opposition. >> he was chosen to be a part of this criminal regime but he sided with the syrian people. this defection was not planned
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at a spur of the moment but a two month plan of the syrian national army. >> the syrian state television reported that he was fired from his position. his successor has already been named, former deputy prime minister. the assaad regime was hit by another major blow monday morning when an explosion tore through the headquarters of syrian state television and damascus causing considerable damage and injured several employees. the syrian minister of information has blamed the attack on a foreign-backed plot. "those who are politically responsible for these attacks sit in doha, tel aviv, there really aware of their guilt and they want to silence the voice of the syrian media.
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they have admitted to this more than once. >> they are a commercial provider a propaganda and the security breach is a sign on the increasing ability to strike at the heart of the assaad regime. >> we are joined by a guest from the german institute for foreign affairs. how important is this resignation? this defection of the prime minister? >> it is important that he was the prime minister and has held important posts in recent years. for example, he was the governor of an important coastal town during the uprising in 2011. nevertheless, he is not a part of the core of the regime.
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the death of the head of security two weeks ago was a lot more important for the regime than this defection. >> he has only been in the position two months. what does that say? >> he has looked for an opportunity to leave the country and there are some hints when he was governor last year. >> how important is this for assaad? >> it shows that the rebels see this as similarly. it is not the first attack on media installations in the country, but it has been the most important.
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most watched tv and do not use the internet. it is extremely boring, but it is the source of information for everything going on in the country. that is why it is so important for the regime and for the rebels. >> thank you for joining us in studio. >> president morsi has called for morning. 16 egyptian soldiers were killed up the crossing on the israeli border on sunday. israel and egypt are both blaming islamist militants. it is becoming on stable since mubarak was overthrown last year. israel hopes these latest attacks will serve as a wake-up call for egypt to improve security. >> the italian prime minister has warned that the resentment could tear the european union
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apart. >> the divisions drawn up by the european crisis are splitting opinions on whether greece should stay in the eurozone. this week has opened for a pat on the back for happens. >> finally, some good news from the troicha inspectors. they praised the greek government saying they're making progress with their budget cuts. this means that greece is still on track for another round of bailout funding. the euro also started the week on a positive note hitting a one-month high against the dollar. trading has been choppy since last thursday, but now it seems investors are more optimistic about the eurozone situation. in germany, some remain skeptical about grace's future. >> the eurozone has to show its teeth.
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they can just hand out money. they must make an example of greece. >> another member of the conservative party has voiced doubt about the neutrality of european central bank chief mario draghi. is something the opposition has been quick to announce. >> its a horrendous accusation. if it remains on challenge, it will undermine faith in an important institution in the middle of the crisis. >> for now, the markets appear, about the ecb's plan to buy spanish and italian bonds. it is unclear if it will provide more than temporary relief. >> european stocks at a new four month high. >> trading will see action on
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the bond market to ease the debt ridden countries. the german that could climb to the highest close since april and the spanish rates have been in the best mode because spain would profit from a bond-buying program that would even make them swallow the bitter pill of asking for help from the rescue fund. there have been signs of relief for the spanish and italian bonds going down. >> a quick look at the market numbers, we had a good day with a lot of green going around. we will give you more details on our web site. >> first, a look at the international monetary fund beginning talks on secured loans and delegations from the imf which -- a delegation is expected to go to cairo to discuss the terms for support
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work up to 2.5 billion euro. the deal would add credibility to planned economic reforms which are needed to restore investor confidence in egypt. investors have shied away from egypt after last year's revolt and overthrowing the former president, hosni mubarak. >> the drought in the u.s. midwest, for grain harvest in russia, and it is creating higher food prices. it could make things difficult for those of imports. >> profiting from higher prices on the world market even if this year's harvest is a disappointment. >> the columbine harvesters are constantly on the go this time of year. he farms 300 hectares of wheat.
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he spends an average of 1000 euro per year for diesel, seeds, and fertilizer. that is really paying off this year because we prices are at record levels meaning he stands to make a healthy profit. >> it is good for the farming sector that we're getting a decent price for a change. >> like most farmers, he sells his wheat to a wholesaler. only 10% is ever solved locally. the lion's share is set to homburg for export. -- sent to hamburg. he used to have a lot to say about the prices he paid for local week. now their son on commodity exchanges in places like chicago and paris. local traders have no voice
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there. there set by financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, and pension funds. >> the financial markets have discovered that wheat is sexy. they can come in and out as they please. food stocks are very attractive. that means we have very strong fluctuations making it interesting for the financial sector. i cannot set my prices locally anymore. >> in berlin, they're keeping an eye on the global market for wheat and agricultural commodities. the prime importers are the north african and gulf countries. egypt alone needs at 10 million tons of wheat this year. >> the lower euro exchange rate means it is more competitive than that of other countries. on the other hand, there's a
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problem that supplies are tight. weather problems have caused crop failures in the united states and russia. >> suddenly, his wheat is a prized commodity. only one year ago he made a net profit of 200 euro per ton. this year, 250. >> let's take another look at the dax. up 0.75%. on the dow, 13,172 points. europe is also trading topped higher than it has been. >> coming up, what is behind the shooting at a sikh temple in the
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>> in the u.s. state of wisconsin, authorities release the identity of a man who walked in a sikh temple and killed six people. >> wait michael cage was killed outside the temple in a shootout with police. >> they're treating it as possibly domestic terrorism or a hate crime. >> the authorities are working to determine what motivated the gunman. the police have identified the suspect as a 40-year-old white male who lived in a neighboring community. local residents called the incident a sad episode for everybody.
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>> sikh's are very non-violent, very loving people. they take your right in and they tried to bring your right in their family. >> 11,000 kilometers away, here is the golden temple in the indian state of punjab, the holy site of the sikh religion. they were saddened by the rampage. >> unfortunately, this is a sad incident. it has hurt the feelings of the sikh community across the world. the shocking incident occurred at a religious plays while prayer is breathtaking plays and i condemn this incident. -- while traders were taking
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place. >> they called it tried again deplorable. -- they called the actions deplorable. >> a senior official from wisconsin has gone and someone in washington is also monitoring. >> they have been singled out for attack since 9/11 and they are being mistaken for muslims because of their turbans and beards. >> whoever told you that lightning doesn't strike twice as lighting and that goes for the london olympics as well. >> usain bolt the first man since carl lewis to defend his 100-meter tile. there are a heap of other metals going around also. >> more gold for great britain in the velodrome.
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beating the french champion in the cycling sprint. the frenchman one silver. it is britain's bit of gold. cycling at this olympics. the goal just kept coming for the hosts with a win in show jumping, the first in 60 years. against defending champions china, but they still have a shot at the bronze on tuesday. where do you go if you are already a five-time world champion? if you are this australian, u.n. at the olympics. heat took gold in the men's laser class sailing. he has been disqualified after
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testing positive for a banned substance. he won gold at the beijing olympics in 2008 and was one of the best hopes for italy. >> phelps list is as long as the london games. >> it is hard to watch them without being inspired. you do not have to be in the stadium for that to happen.p>> s to work up a sweat, but they're also getting inspiration from the olympic athletes competing for medals in london. in between workouts, they watch the games on their giant tv screen. it can watch the olympics and not miss a thing. you're in the middle of berlin with all this around you and it's great. >> the idea is to experience the games from historic sites, like this templehoff airport.
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it is any events venue and a huge part offering plenty of athletes to shock their talent. you can try a new one were just watch. the broadcasting nonstop action from the olympics. >> i like watching my other kids play here. i live nearby. you can only allow around, relax, and still have fun. it is laid back here, nice. not to many people. >> public viewing, as it is known in germany, has become a tradition since hosting the 2006 world cup. this is the first for the olympics. it was organized by the berlin hockey club. >> there are lots of other things going on in a city like berlin, so we are pleased. we have almost 60,000 people during the first week. >> that's also good for ilion
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who can train even more tennis fans. sometimes, they are a little too enthusiastic. >> they see as somersaults and one to do that. first need to work on the stomach mollisols. -- stomach muscles. >> sometimes they succeed. the 2012 olympics can be an inspiration whether the fans are in london or berlin. >> muslims in germany holding a fast for ramadan. >> first, other stories making news. >> 50,000 people gathered to mark the anniversary of the first atomic bomb attack in 1945. but survivors, relatives, and victims gathered including the grandson of u.s. president truman ordered the attack in the final days of world war ii. >> at least nine people dead
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after violent storms in northeastern china. this province near north korea was hardest hit. 100,000 people may be effected. >> the police have broken up and 8-month long protest group. they were at the bank but the numbers had dwindled to about 40 die-hard protesters. is the fasting month of ramadan and it is one of the five basic acts considered to be obligatory. >> de abstain from food and drink during the day and only after sunset are they allowed to break the fast. >> 4.3 muslims live here in germany and most of them observe ramadan. hooker >> when they enjoyed a drink --
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>> the have been fasting during daylight hours for more than 14 days. typically, everyone in the company is fasting. we have a multicultural environment and many eat and drink during the day. the challenge is to ignore it. >> she is taking time off to work. despite this being a month of fasting, there's a lot to do. then they break their fasts. she buys only ingredient that
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conform to islamic law. >> at bayh shop there, i do not have to look at the ingredients. everything is halaal so we have everything we need here. >> in the evening, preparing a tree with lots of pistachios. she's the only one not fasting. the family waits. ine one hour, they are allowed to eat. they encourage the children to persevere. >> it's important to me, but the children fast voluntarily. that is what i love. they do it voluntarily, then i know they want to. it's that they accept a culture we grew up with, that they think like us an
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embrace our traditions. >> that have been invited to dinner at his mother's. it is customary to spend family -- ramadan with extended family. in the last few minutes before sunset, dates are distributed. this the first step in breaking that fast. there is an entire bank would up food awaiting the family, but first-come the prayers. then it is time to dig in. there is relief from being able to eat again and also is certain sadness. ramadan is just about the same new live in predominantly non- muslim countries like germany. >> i missed the atmosphere in the streets after fasting. i miss going out at night and seeing all the lights. ramadan is more like a celebration and not just a month of fasting.
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>> in germany, he prefers to celebrate with his family at home were he can enjoy traditional dishes. the meal stays on the table all evening. in just a few hours, the fact will begin again. >> just a reminder of our top story. the nassau mars rover has safely reached its destination. this is one of the most difficult landings ever attempted by eight an unmaned spacecraft. >> they beamed back the first those shortly after. stay tuned for more details.
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