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tv   Newsline  PBS  September 13, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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hello welcome to "nhk newsline." the japanese coast guard says six chie niece shchinese ships entered japanese waters. the coast guard is warning them to leave. the officials confirmed two vessels belonging to administration entered the area around 6:20 a.m. japan time. they passed 22 kilometers. four other ships entered
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japanese water. the crew of the chinese ships have told them they are contacting a regular patrol and the crew said the islands have traditionally being chinese territory. this is the first time since july that chinese government vessels have intruded into japanese waters. last month japanese authorities arrested then deported 14 hong kong activists and journalists for illegally entering japan. some of the groups members landed on one of the senkakus. the u.s. federal reserve has stepped in again the try to stimulate the economy. the central bankers will get more money circulating through a tool called kwa eed kwau eed qu. >> the employment situation remains a grave concern. while the economy appears to be on a path to moderate recovery, it isn't growing fast enough to
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make significant progress reducing the unemployment rate. >> the federal reserve announced it after a meeting. bernanke says members wants to see sustained improvement. >> the idea is to help the economy again to grow quickly enough to generate new jobs. >> committee members plan to keep interest rates low until mid 2015. the federal reserve has done this twice before over the past few years. we followed those events as our economic correspondent in our washington bureau. we've been hearing a lot of debate. why did the fed go answer read. >> it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. the numbers released last weeks shows that the u.s. unemployment rate is hovering around 8%. it's around 6% in august 2008.
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lehman brothers declared bankruptcy the next month and it triggered events around the world. we're still seeing some of those effects today. many fed officials think it will take a few months before anything they do to have positive effect. they felt they couldn't wait any longer. as you said the committee announced that near zero interest rates would be extended to 2010 so chairman bernanke seems determined to do whatever it takes. >> how effective will this be? >> the fed launched its first round of quantitative easing in 2008. this time lit be around two-thirds of what they did in that round. they will continue with it until jobs pictures improves. he says the fed could have taken
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bolder actions. >> i think they are being way too timid and i see no reason why they shouldn't make qe3 as big as qe1. for example, instead of saying a fixed amount and an end date, they have left it open. they have said this will continue indefinitely. they are hoping those kinds of language changes will enhance the effect of the qe3. >> going ahead with it was not an easy one. politicians inside and outside the u.s. are lined up with the criticism. we'll be very curious to see what he effects the qe3 will have on the economy. >> yes, in countries the around the world including in asia are watching closely for u.s. economic growth because their economies depend on it. we'll have to see if bernanke's
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wave of liquidy sweeps across. these moves are certain to effect markets. i imagine there's quite a buzz in the markets. >> definitely. markets have really been expecting some kind of announcement by the fed. they definitely got that. we did see a boost for the u.s. markets overnight. let's check in on the markets here after the u.s. stocks rallied in overnight trade following the feds decision and for more details we go to chi ching-li. >> reporter: the industrial average jumped to a five year high on that news. let's take a look at how that's moving tokyo stocks this friday morning. the nikkei up 1.2%. the topix up to 752.
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the nikkei is at a two-week high and ended just we low the 9,000 level yesterday. today investors will be paying attention to stocks to economic cycles. also in japan coming under focus will be banking and financial sector stocks and their reaction to the u.s. central banks move to provide liquidity to their economy. ramin. >> now this is the third round of quantitative easing. how are currency markets trading? >> reporter: let's take a look at how the markets are moving now. the dollar/yen at 77.57. the dollar weaker against the
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yen trading near a seven-month low. that came off the feds announcement. that's prompting an expectation that the bank of japan could take monetary easing measures when it meets next week. the euro is still at a over two-month high. really today we are going to see probably a lot of market sentiment but could some gains could be by the market. >> thank you. that's all for business news for this hour. i'll just leave you with a recap of the regional markets.
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people across the arab world are leaving their homes and offices and heading out into the streets. protests against an anti-islamic film made in the u.s. is spreading. demonstrators are targeting american diplomatic missions. they gathered in front of the heavily guarded u.n. some threw stones at the building and attempted to climb over the walls. one person was kill and five were wounded after many security forces opened fire. protesters are angry the american made film ridicules the
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prophet mohammad. tensions are high in egypt as anti-demonstrations continue. we have reports from cairo. >> translator: protesters are out on the streets again. they gathered around the u.s. embassy for a third day. forces shot tear gas to disperse the crowd. the demonstrators fought back by throwing stones. a security forces are trying to break up the protest. they want to make sure it doesn't get out of control. more troops were sent in. the protesters were pushed
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about. there are no signs of return to order. overnight vehicles were set on fire and protesters tried to force their way through security barriers. more than a dozen people have been injured. there is cause for more demonstrations on friday. a huge crowd is expected to gather. egypt is graced for another day. the u.s. government is increasing security at its embassies around the world
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following the deadly attack in libya. the federal bureau of investigation is trying too determine who was responsible. we have a report from washington. >> reporter: the fbi has sent a team to libya to investigate the attack alongside local authorities to examine the possibility of al qaeda or other terrorist groups involvement. a high ranking u.s. official has characterized the attack as elaborate. the assault fell on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the u.s. president barack obama reacted sharply. >> the united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> reporter: during a phone
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kwacall with the president of libya, obama asked libyan authorities to secure the safety of u.s. embassy staff. they confirmed they will cooperate to identify the assailants and bring them to justice. at the same time the obama administration is apparently trying to show consideration for protesters in the arab world. the president criticized the american made film that angered many muslims. the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staffs made a phone call to a christian pastor who expressed his support for the production and asked the pastor to reverse his position. he sparked controversy in recent yearsed by bu by burning the ko. the obama administration is facing the task of condemning the killing of its ambassador while trying to calm sentiments
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in the middle east. a new u.n. report says the taliban raked in hundreds of millions of dollars last fiscal year. it reveals a tangled web of funding sources. >> reporter: the war in afghanistan continues to take a heavy toll on the civilian population. more than 3,000 civilian deaths were recorded in 2011. the worst figure since the conflict began. the taliban insurgency is amassing a large amount of funds. a report released by the u.n. said the group raised about $400 million during the fiscal year that ended in march. the report was based on the
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testimony of senior taliban officials currently in custody. the insurgency acquired one-fourth of the some from opium farming. the insurgency group is diversing its source of revenue from support groups. part of the group financial success can be attributed to the anti-american sentiment in afghanistan. public anger is frequently found by incidents such as u.s. burning copies of the koran or shooting unarmed civilians. the u.n. report also points out the taliban is growing on increasing part of its income by skimming from the project.
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it said 107 to 20% of the group. last july international meeting in tokyo pledged to provide some $4 billion for year in aid to afghanistan. as the taliban intensifies its activity one of the middle age challenges will be preventing the funds from ending up in their hands. japan's foreign minister says the new deployment of the military aircraft should be done in such a way that the public can feel it is safe. the remarks were made when he met u.s. ambassador on thursday. a joint committee of defense has yet to agree on how to operate the tilt rotor aircraft after it's deployed at a u.s. military base. the joint committee should agree on how to safely conduct low
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altitude flights and prevent accidents. the u.s. ambassador insisted that the safety will be secured and offer to provide as much information as possible. north korea has established a new bureau in charge of amusement parks. the newspaper is published by the general association of korean residents in japan and reported the news on thursday. the newspaper says the bureau was set up in may to instruct workers and maintain amusement parks in the country. they plan to introduce new attractions. the latest news report explains the expansion a is a national undertaking promeote b supreme leader kim jung-il. after discovering sub par
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maintenance he become angry and ordered repairs on the spot. ? july kim and his wife attended the opening ceremony of the amusement park and sampled the rides. japan's bullet trains are famous for being fast and punctual. the average delay was 36 seconds. that kind of time keeping requires more than just the latest technology. here is a look at what's going on in the drivers cabin. for some people punctuality is a virtual. for usui, it's a driving passion. >> translator: my goal is to be one second within the stations and five seconds for station stops.
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>> reporter: he's been driving bullet trains for ten years. his destination is tokyo. a journey of 2:36. the automatic control system sets a maximum speed. depending on the spacing between trains. the computer can't determine the optimum speed to stay an schedule. it's still in the hands of the driver. >> translator: 54 minute, 15 seconds, on time. in order to be on schedule i calculate the speed by subtracting the distance to the next station from the distance from tokyo station. >> reporter: that number, 163 is the distance in kilometers from tokyo station. he uses this number to figure out the exact speed needed to arrive at the next stop on time.
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no computers for this calculati calculation. it's all done in his head. so far he's stopped at two stations and passed two others on time to the second. then. >> translator: departing 15 seconds late. it took time getting the passengers on and off. >> reporter: he accelerates. he wants to make up for the delay but he has to be careful. if he goes too fast, he'll trigger the automatic brake nudging the shifter. he keeps just inside the speed limit. time check. >> translator: passing three seconds late.
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>> reporter: he makes up the lost time over the next two stations. by the third station he got train and timetable synchronized again. >> translator: passing on time. >> reporter: with the exception of the two through stations he's kept precisely to the schedule all the way to tokyo. >> translator: i was getting worried. in the end i was able to keep my schedule. >> reporter: his two and a half hour journey is recorded on a shift card. it's all there, speed, acceleration, even brake usage second by second. on a good day usui's card is a record of driving perfection. one his passengers will never see. that's fine with usui. his eyes stay fixed on the
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clock. >> passengers get to their destination on time. there's a strong typhoon just east of the philippines headed for okinawa, japan. >> it's rapidly intensified and it's now a violent and large storm which is equivalent to a major hurricane. looks like it will move toward the north. stormy conditions are across the southern island of japan. stormy conditions will start across the region from tomorrow. waves could reach eight meters and gusts could reach 90 kilometers per hour. of course, people in these islands are well prepared for
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typhoons but it's a quite big storm. it looks like it's going to move up toward the north and affect the korean peninsula next week. things will turn stormier across the korean peninsula next week. we are expecting another hot and sunny day. out west we've got a seasonal frontal line moving in to western japan. you'll see short time heavy rain as well as thunderstorms. cooler air flows in from the north. we'll see a sharp drop in temperatures. only 24 degrees expected. still on the hot side in tokyo. temperatures will remain over 30
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degrees for the next seven days. it continues to move toward west and parallel to mexico for the next several days. it could bring moisture as well as conditions across the coast. we have a long frontal line stretching from southern plains up toward canada. conditions are quite severe in and around texas as well as oklahoma. wet conditions will remain for the next few days. rainfall could be up to 100 millimeters. that's a lot for this region. flooding will be a major concern here. meanwhile cooler air coming from the north over the eastern half of the west in canada. temperatures are cooling down to 23 degrees in chicago. 19 degrees in toronto. we have frost advisories in
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place. temperatures may drop near or below freezing overnight. out toward the west very hot for this time of year. los angeles getting up to 36 degrees and to the north 25 in seattle and 20 degrees expected in vancouver on your friday. that's it for me now. here is your extended forecast around the dploeb.
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our lead stories this hour, the japanese coast guard says six chinese ships entered japanese waters friday morning near islands in the east china
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sea. four of them remain in the area around the senkaku islands. they entered the area around 6:20 a.m. japan time. they passed about 22 kilometers off the senkakus. they said they are contacting a regular patrol. the crew reportedly said the islands have been chinese territory. this is the first time since july that chinese government vessels have intruded into japanese waters. some of the groups members landed on one of the senkakus. the u.s. federal reserve has stepped in again to try to stimulate the economy. the central bankers will attempt to get more money circulating through a tool called quantitative easing. the fed will buy $40 billion of
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mortgage debt each month until the jobs outlook improves. >> the employment situation remains a grave concern. while the economy appears to be on a path to moderate recovery, it isn't growing fast enough to make significant progress reducing the unemployment rate. >> the federal reserve announced the decision after a meeting of its policy makers. bernanke said members of the committee want to see sustained improvement. >> the idea is to kicken tquick economy. >> committee members said they plan to keep interest rates low until mid 2015. that wraps up this edition of "newsline." stay with us.
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