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tv   Journal  PBS  November 26, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> hello welcome to "the journal." >> coming up in the next half hour. more protests in europe bowas my takes more powers. >> the world talking about climate change the economic hard times are putting the brakes on
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high expectations. and >> the egyptian president is meeting with senior judges today to assume a sweeping new powers. >> moving north towards autocratic rule. the of called a nationwide strike. >> he says his new powers are temporary but they want him to revoke his presidential orders immediately. >> for a fourth day, they swarm tahrir square to topple the president. they are outraged at his sweeping power grab. a massive protest is planned for tuesday. >> we demand the president of days the people who voted for him.
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they elected him to work on their behalf, not to do as he pleases. >> the political unrest is growing in scope. the judges sidelined are organizing their run protests. turbulence on the cairo stock exchange in the wake of sunday's major sell-off. traders and market analysts fear a lengthy political crisis. he has since tried to assure his seizure of powers will be temporary. he's has confidence in the search for a compromise. they're asking him to use restraint. >> democracy means the rule of law and the division of powers. therefore, i appeal to the egyptian leadership to seek a compromise. >> that is what the demonstrators in cairo are
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looking for. they vow to continue until he meets their demands. >> for the latest on the story, we are joined now from cairo, and he is following the events there. the president is trying to diffuse the situation and he is negotiating with senior judges. is there any sign of a compromise? >> not yet. the country is really waiting to see if he is going to give in and see if there will be a compromise. the only thing he underlined yesterday is the measure of glory. by substance, no compromise yet. >> what about the mood on the street compared with what you have experienced over the last 18 months? what is it like? >> the muslim brotherhood it is against all the other political institutions.
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they are unified as they never were before expect that in the military behind mubarrak. there are two big demonstrations tomorrow in cairo. one at the university at the other in tahrir square. >> thank you for that update from cairo. 14 people have died in a fire that broke out at a workshop for the disabled in germany. eight people were injured in the black forest. >> automatic alarms alert and fire departments which dispatched about 100 firefighters. a police spokesman says there are no indications right now that the blaze was caused by arson. >> it was the biggest deadly fire germany has seen in years. firefighters needed more than two hours to get it under control.
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it appears all the victims apparently died of smoke inhalation and. they included disabled people and their care givers. >> this workshop and employs 120 people. 14 people died and several were injured. it is a disaster that is unprecedented. >> the center implores people -- employees people who work with wood or metal products. many of them panic of a round out on to the street. that is where rescuers held them disoriented and scared. investigators have begun to look into the cause of the disaster. at least one explosion preceded the fire. >> for more on the story, we know go to south germany. what more do we know about the victims? >> up until now, there is not
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much informationa out about the. >> the fire spread very fast. we also have information from witnesses who told us there was a panic going on inside that building. they were working in a workshop where there was a lot of fast burning materials. that may have caused the fire to spread very fast. >> thank you for the information down. turning now to greece which is hoping to finally get the next installment of the much needed international bailout, the finance ministers are now meeting in brussels. >> it may be imminent.
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the 31.5 billion euro payout that they need to stay afloat. >> this is the third reading of this kind in as many >> the euro group president needs to get a result of soon. finance ministers from across these on have spent the last three weeks trying to finalize arrangements for the next payout. >> i came to find a solution. we are not thinking about failure. >> even if the ministers to reach an agreement on the next tranche of a greek aid, the fundamental question remains -- how can greece shoulder the debt long term? the eurozone wants to give greece more time, but the imf is calling for a hair cut meaning some investors would not get their money back. >> we will work for a solution that helps grease.
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>> we cannot make guarantees while we're still working on restructuring and debt. this is a standpoint we all agree on. that is what everyone said two weeks ago. >> and now may not be the time to tackle long-term questions. greece needs money fast if they want to avoid shutting down entirely. >> plenty of short-term questions out there tonight. let's cross over to brussels and find out more from jeff. another round of talks. what proposal laurell the table? >> same as ever, i'm afraid. greece immediately needs a 31.5 billion euro payout. they are overdue for the payment. the recession is worsening in the debt crisis in greece is getting worse even though they are implementing more austerity measures. we have a three quarter circus in the year. european central bank, the imf, and the eu cannot agree whether and how to pay are the latest
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rancho funding when greece clearly cannot meet the targets for debt reduction. of that is the issue. it has kept the ministers of late once before and it may well again. there's no clear hint whether they will actually reach an agreement. greece's cyanamid they are bankrupt. >> is there any sign an agreement will be reached? >> not really. technically, they were bankrupt last friday but they survived it. on saturday, the head of the euro group and prime minister of luxembourg have a long talk with angela merkel and came out suggesting they cleared away most of the difficulties to an agreement. we have no clue as to what that involved and whether there is a clearance. the same problem is the same problem -- unsustainable that. greece should now say it is 45 billion with every passing week they need more money.
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>> how does the imf figure in? >> the head of the imf had a bit of a row with him last time they met. she once the interest rate deductions for greece. she wants governments to take a debt write-off and germany will not tolerate that. she wants to greece to reach 120% of g.d.p. debt by 2020. the eurozone system make about 2022. >> just following the debt talks in brussels, thank you. a completely different story on the consumer front with the german export still going strong worldwide. people are entering the christmas buying season ready to spend. >> that according to the latest research showing retail sales could top those of the last few years. >> it's official. the christmas season is open in
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germany. the country's retailers are looking ahead confidently to the next four weeks. market research indicates people intent to buy more than in recent years. toys and books are expected to be the biggest sellers, but more expensive items should be popular, too. >> it is noticeable that spending on jewelry and home furnishings will be stronger than usual. it is connected to the crisis. when consumers have a decision to make on how to use their money, right now, it is going towards expensive items not hold their value. to hedge against interest rates at historic low levels. >> the strong sales will not last long. after christmas, consumers may cut back on spending duke as concerns about the worsening economy -- due to concerns. >> there are talks in brussels,
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and it was on the minds of traders. we have this summary from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the negotiations about the rescue package for greece our way and down on the share markets at the beginning of this week. traders are hoping that there will not be a long term -- that there will be a long-term solution but only the euro showed that investors seem to be rather optimistic. the hero has been quite strong today. optimism also for the german economy. the german consumer confidence has been stronger than expected. some investors hope now that german consumers buy more christmas presents than they have before. >> a quick look at some market numbers now. dax closing down 0.25%.
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euro stoxx down. the dow jones is currently down about 0.5%. the euro was trading for $1.2961. swiss bank ubs has been fined 37 million euro for regulation and failures lead into a rogue trader losing billions for the company. >> the employee was convicted of fraud dance that -- sentenced to seven years in prison. they describe the risk control systems as "seriously defective ." some sports now. 46 runners have completed the ice marathon in a parked ago. this year on, conditions were fantastic. they ran the 36 kilometers in some zero temperatures down under crystal blue for skies. a handful of supporters were there cheering them on.
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it circled the union a glacier base camp and it is only accessible by air. this year's winner was from scotland. a little -- and for the women, the winner from australia. >> said. back about 1000 euro, but the concert sold out withoin minutes. the price to fans is besides the point. >> the 50th anniversary, a concert arena in leave london. those who could afford it, got a great show to their own money. it featured heads like a "brown sugar" and "jumpin' jack flash." former band members. ♪ hey hey you you ♪ >> stay with us. when we come back, a report of
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how victims of the mexican drug wars are trial the fight back. >> violence between rival gangs and security forces have killed tens of thousands of people across mexico in recent years. the movement for peace with justice and dignity is open to get compensation for the victims' families. we will be right back. >> don't go away.
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what's the program for the festive season. class a culinary specialities from all over europe. with a trip to the mountains and traditional christmas markets. and, heaven on earth. yuletide customs and practices in rural bavaria. christmas time on dw. >> welcome back. >> the eu debt crisis has zapped their ability to lead the way in global climate talks which began on monday. the european union is one of the few members promising to sign up to a second emissions cutting. >> some of the eu executives say the member states say increase
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in carbon tax is an affordable in cash-strapped times. >> the members are open to come up with concrete cut to cut these gases up the conference. >> with so many lights glowing in the night at thousands of cars rolling through the city, it they do not seem too worried about global warming. qatar's initials are highest in the world. >> they are ambitious open for change on global level. they want to work to a new agreement that will take effect by 2020. >> this is a historic conference. it is a vital importance, considering the items on the agenda. it is a turning point in the negotiations on climate change. >> breyer's, experts have sounded urgent warnings about melting polar ice and extreme
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weather. they say that in order to limit global temperature rise to two degrees celsius, greenhouse gas emissions must be kept low, but total emissions are still rising every year. many experts believe may it already be too late. temperatures could surge by of to four degrees celsius this century. compared to pre-industrial levels. the consequences are incalculable. some nations are pushing for an extension of the kyoto protocol. it expires at the end of this year. >> how was looking for these talks in doha? as germany scaling back their expectations? >> the german environment minister said today that expectation that this conference ought to be "realistic." he pointed out that with the
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u.s. presidential election and the change in leadership in china, it is hard to predict how the two biggest polluters, how much pressure will be coming from them for an agreement. furthermore, the opinion is no longer playing the leading role that it once said they wanted to. the german government itself is also divided. the economics minister is worried about the impact of potential climate regulation on business. all in all, the political landscape does not suggest there will be a huge breakthrough. >> is it fair to say the climate concerns have taken a back seat to economic concerns? >> that was the case during the economic downturn. the euro crisis tends to touch people more directly than a climate change. i think there is some complacency in europe. people feel europe has met their climb at target and they have
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done their homework. other countries need to do more. greenpeace says it is time for europe, and germany in particular, to take the lead by being more ambitious. >> simon, thank you. >> the estimate they will pay of $900 million in claims stemming from hurricane sandy which hit hard on the eastern u.s. coast in late november. >> they estimate overall damage from the storm will range between $20-$25 billion. of new york mayor michael bloomberg has but the damage at $19 billion in his city alone. it slipped through the caribbean of forcing the u.s. eastern seaboard. >> coming up, thousands of factory workers in bangladesh are protesting against poor and potentially lethal working conditions. >> first, a look at some other headlines this hour. poachers in the spanish region of catalonia have been dealt a
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setback. this all the convergence and union alliance losing seats. the nationalist party did win a majority overall. >> the israeli defense minister is planning to retire from politics. he says he will quit his post once the new government is formed after the elections in january. many political observers are expecting him to change political parties. >> israel has taken a step towards expanding its missile defense. existing systems down. hundreds of hamas rockets during the recent violence and now they have successfully tested a new weapon against medium-range domiciles. israel hopes will be ready by 2014. -- medium-range missiles. thousands of angry workers in
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bangladesh have been protesting after ianother fire after the worst ever factory blaze. >> eclipsed the focus on note the working conditions. have forced the closure of the other factories and lay the area. to many of those responsible, they want them to be punished. >> firefighters could not contain this blaze, so the workers pitched in to help. together, they managed to put out the fire. it was the second factory fire outside of the capital in days. this time, no one was killed only a few people were injured. but employees are angry at what they say is a complete lack of fire safety of the workplace. >> there are fire extinguishers
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but they do not work. they are really for show. the water supply and the fire extinguishers are locked and an operative. we have received in a fire safety training. >> in the city center, thousands of factory workers have staged protests against poor working conditions. many experienced the devastating fire over the weekend and they are desperately awaiting news of their loved ones. >> i do not know where my mother is. i have searched everywhere. i went to all the hospitals, but i could not find her. >> one worker rights groups say fires in garment factories have claimed more than 600 lives since 2006. they say it's time to increase the standards of safety and hold those in charge accountable. >> on december 1st, mexico will have a new head of government. president called ron will be stepping down.
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>> the biggest challenges the failed six-year war on drug cartels. $60 and people have died in drug-related violence during his term. -- $60 and people have died. but as many mexicans are fleeing the of the summit just to escape. >> living in exile in her own country. she was forced to flee her home state of chihuahua after six of her relatives were killed. for 18 miles, she has lived in fear. now, she is brought reminders of home to her , pictures of funerals from her four brothers. >> nothing is right here. it's not safe. conditions are terrible. i only see one solution -- moving to the u.s. should i sit around and wait for
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more in my belly to be killed? i have almost given up hope for justice sunday. >> mexican soldiers killed her brothers because the police did nothing to investigate. the government is building a monument behind dispensed to the victims of violence and the drug war. olga opposes the project which is going up on military property. her home state of chihuahua lies on the border to the united states. it has been hard hit by the mexican drug war. since 2006 some of the army has led the fight against the drug cartels, but all too often, civilians alike for brothers have been caught in the crossfire. olga is a member of the movement for peace for judgment and dignity and calling in and to the violence and compensation for civilian victims of the fight. they have made little progress with the mexican government.
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they accuse the government of doing it too little to punish the criminals. they are turning a blind eye to the crimes of their own military, they say. >> we have cases where people have been abducted by state agents and have disappeared. we have seen executions that police and soldiers have taken part in. >> most victims' groups support the hard line of the mexican military. this initiative approves of how the government is handling the bottle and supports the monument. >> even human rights have their limits. of course, we cannot violate people's basic rights, but war is war, sometimes it happens.
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but we do have to make sure that things do not get out of hand. we must punish those who violate human rights. we cannot give up the war because of it. >> olga believe there is no justification and for the crimes committed on either side. she views the monument as an excuse to -- a reason to excuse the violence. >> dave follow the mano -- divide and conquer. the government is trying to split the social movement against the drug war with this monument. that's why it was built. >> for all gun, no one and it can heal the wounds especially when those responsible for the death of loved ones continue to go unpunished. >> there is for joining us. >> see you soon.
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