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tv   Journal  PBS  December 6, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> hello and welcome to the "journal" from dw in berlin. >> here's what's coming up in the next half-hour -- the egyptian government deploys tanks in cairo after overnight
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clashes killed at least seven people. >> chancellor merkel and prime minister netanyahu told talks as frustration grows over israel's planned to expand settlements. >> a legendary brazilian architect dies at the age of 104. >> calm appears to be restored around the presidential palace in cairo. troops were deployed to push back protesters after a violent night of protests saw seven people killed and hundreds wounded. >> protests have spread to other parts of the country as well. egypt has been rocked by a wave of unrest after the president announced a decree, giving him so sweeping powers. >> his move to push through a trap constitution that the opposition rejects has sparked more flames. >> tanks outside the presidential palace in cairo.
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the elite republican guard, whose job it is to protect the president, says it has deployed the vehicles to keep protesters apart. they are also insuring that demonstrators are kept away from the entrance. in the morning, hundreds of members of the muslim brotherhood made their way towards the palace to show their support for president morsi. more scuffles broke out when the opposition again rallied against the new constitution and morsi's power grab. international governments are calling for dialogue. >> i am dismayed by the news from cairo. violence is no way to solve a domestic political conflict. i would appeal to all sides to be reasonable and exercise restraint. >> after wednesday night's violence, the day has been relatively calm, but the raging street battles have served only to inflame tensions between the camps.
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>> this is a coup between the -- against the president. they are trying to turn people against him, but he is taking firm and steady steps forward and leading us out of this dark tunnel. >> this is not democracy. this is terrorism -- terrorism from the ruling party. >> now the nation is waiting for a response from morsi and a sign that he can use his authority to rein in divisions. >> let's go live now to cairo and our correspondent. is the situation still tense there in cairo? what about in other egyptian cities? >> no, in cairo it is relatively calm. a bigger group of protesters have come from various marches back to the presidential palace. the muslim brothers completely withdrew from the area. there was an announcement by their leader in the afternoon calling his people back, and a
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few hours later, the base was completely empty. it is again filled by the opposition, who are standing there asking for the president basically to resign. >> morsi is supposed to speak tonight. there has been a lot of back- and-forth over weather he will speak. what is happening there? >> lots of back and forth. they are saying that soon there will be a speech by the president. we are still waiting. it is difficult to say what he is going to say, but most likely, he will try to calm the situation, though for half of the population, he is part of the problem. he will trouble with -- he will probably try to create some kind of national dialogue, may be four -- maybe for compromise along this national draft. the opposition is also not moving an inch. they are demanding the opposition -- the constitution draft is withdrawn completely and that there will be a new
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constitution assembly formed, which is more representative than the one which wrote this old one. >> the opposition is not pleased with the idea of a referendum, then? >> no, they are not pleased. they want to cancel this draft altogether. they say it is not written in a consensus way. so they want to cancel it completely and restart this process of the constitution. the government might try to give some compromise, cutting some articles out of the constitution. >> thanks so much for that report. >> israel and germany's leaders have wrapped up talks in berlin on deepening bilateral relations. their meeting was overshadowed by the controversy over israel's decision to expand settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. >> at a joint press conference,
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both said they had agreed to disagree on the issue, but that this would not influence their cooperation in other areas. >> both angela merkel and benjamin netanyahu stressed the importance of the german-israeli friendship, and both expressed hope for a solution to the conflict. merkel and netanyahu's say they share the goal of a two-state solution for israel and the palestinians -- merkel and netanyahu say they share the goal. but that kind of progress seems a long way off. >> we have to try again and again to begin negotiations. one-sided measures should be avoided. so, basically, on this issue of settlements, we have agreed to disagree. >> that was a reference to israel's controversial decision to build 3000 homes in the occupied west bank, which provoked sharp criticism from germany. netanyahu rejected that criticism but still backed talks
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with the palestinians. >> israel remains fully committed to achieving peace with the palestinians based on the principle of two states for to be will peoples. a demilitarized palestinian state recognizes the jewish state of israel. >> merkel, for her part, reiterated germany's absolutely commit -- absolute commitment to israel's security. >> what is the state of german- israeli relations? our political correspondent has more on that. how strained our relations right now because of the settlement issue and germany's abstention on the un vote on palestine? >> both chancellor merkel and prime minister netanyahu today talked about the closeness of the israeli-german relationship. there is no doubt that it has been strained by germany's decision, particularly last week, at the united nations to
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abstain on that vote on upgrading the unstatus of the palestinians. israel believes that that change in status will make the palestinians less willing to make compromises, and prime minister netanyahu expressed his disappointment on that front again. although he said he did not question germany's motives, he said of course germany thought that its decision to abstain would be more likely to lead to peace. another problem is the question of settlements. i think the german government's criticism of israeli settlements reflects a growing frustration in the german public about israel's position, but as prime minister netanyahu also said, in the end, peace will not be made in germany or in new york but on the ground in direct talks between the two sides. >> thanks very much for joining us. >> berlin says it is authorizing the deployment of 400 troops to help station patriot missiles on turkey's border with syria.
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the move is a sign of solidarity with turkey, also a nato member. >> dutch and american soldiers will also be engaged in the mission. the german parliament still needs to ratify the plan, which is initially limited to one year. >> nato missiles are being deployed at turkey's request. the joint statement by the german defense and foreign ministries described turkey as the nato member most at risk from the civil war in neighboring syria. the conflict has sporadically spilled over onto turkish territory, and there are fears syria could also fire rockets. germany says troops are only being deployed to protect turkey. >> our support for turkey is clearly defensive in nature and is aimed at military deterrents -- deterrence. both turkey opposes support and our agreement to provide it made clear that this mission has nothing to do with instituting
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or maintaining a no-fly zone. >> germany has distanced itself from statements by the head of nato and the u.s. secretary of state that nato could intervene in syria if damascus begins using chemical weapons. >> germany's 16 state premiers have agreed to pursue a ban against the right wing radical npd party. >> and the prohibition would have to be upheld by germany's constitutional court. angela merkel government has so far been skeptical of the measure, saying that if it fails as a similar move did in 2003, i too will only encourage the far right. merkel says she will announce her position early next year. the european central bank has presented its economic outlook for 2013, and it was not exactly filled with seasonal cheer. >> the bank has cut its growth
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forecast for the eurozone. it has also decided not to change the base interest rate, at least for now. >> it will remain as a historic way of -- historical low of 0.75%, although a cut may still be in store for next year. >> all eyes were on mario draghi as he entered the press conference room, but the ecb president managed a smile before delivering another gloomy projection for the eurozone. the bank expects the 17-nation economy to contract again in 2013, meaning another year of recession, but there is a glimmer of hope ahead. >> later in 2013, economic activity should gradually recover as global demand strengthens and our accommodative monetary policy stance and significantly improved financial market confidence works its way through the economy. >> the ecb expects muted growth
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in 2014, and with inflation falling, the bank might be prepared to lower interest rates again next year if it thinks that could help stimulate the battered eurozone economy. >> the latest unemployment figures from france are not encouraging. the french office of -- statistics office says the jobless rate rose to 10.3% in the third quarter of 2012, a 13- year high. youth unemployment remains at a particular problem -- nearly a quarter of adults under the age of 25 are without a job. that is the highest rate since youth unemployment statistics were introduced in 1999. turning to the markets now, that news from the european central bank was not all gloomy. our correspondent sent us this update from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> in his press conference in frankfurt, the ecb president also said that he expects inflation in the eurozone to fall below 2% next year, which means price stability, and it
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also means that the door for more interest rate easing by the ecb remains open, something that the stock market should profit from. this thursday also brought along very positive data from the german economy. the german manufacturing sector posted a significant increase of factory orders in october. something which gives hope for the industrial production in the months to come, and it also gives hope that the situation on the german labor market at least remains stable. >> let's take a quick look at some market numbers. the dax ended the day over 1% up at 7534. euro stoxx 50 close almost 0.5% up. across the atlantic, the dow jones is currently going up just a tad -- 13,043, the number there. the euro is trading for $1.2955. a legendary brazilian architect has died.
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he is best known as the father of brasilia, the modernist capital city erected in the amazon jungle. >> his future is to creations of concrete and steel won him international acclaim. he continue to work up until his death. he passed away at his home in rio de janeiro at the age of 104. >> he was a star of architectural modernism, best known for designing the new capital city of his homeland. he constructed the city of brasilia more or less from scratch in 1960. now the brazilian capital city has its detractors, but it remains a unique architectural projects. >> people either like brasilia or they do not. it is unique. today, there is definitely better architecture, but there's nothing like brasilia. >> oscar niemeyer lived in rio de janeiro all his life. he was born in 1907 and was philosophical about the passage
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of time. >> i think everything passes, including my architecture. but i did everything with enthusiasm, and that is good. life is like a dream. >> oscar niemeyer was a committed communist, who wanted his works to be used by the masses. in terms of form, he was a great experiment. many of his buildings featured curves he once said were inspired by the female body. >> we're going to be taking a short break, but we will be coming back with more news, so don't go away. >> stick around.
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>> welcome back. the european football championship in 2020 is said to take place in cities across the continent, marking the event's 60 of anniversary. the decision comes from the sport policy governing body --
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the sport's governing body. >> until now, one or two countries have hosted the finals. earlier this year, 13 possible venues were suggested. he said the the will spread the financial load of hosting the tournament. the bidding process to hold games is due to start early next year. >> for more on that, we're joined now in the studio by our sports correspondent. what do you think motivated the decision? >> it has been dressed up in very magnanimous language that they want to spare the financial burden for a host country, but i think this is just like the expansion to 24 teams in 2016 -- driven by commercial factors. it is not about the quality of the football or the fan experience. it is about making this a big tv property with lots of sponsorship opportunities, and i think it shows how out of touch they are with fans, really. >> only turkey opposed the final decision. how upset will they be missing out on the chance to host? >> they are clearly upset, and
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it mocks the reasoning, that they want to spare the financial burden, but the country who wanted to host it voted against it. they would have loved to boost the infrastructure, and it would have loved the flood of tourists. you cannot underestimate how important hosting these sporting events are for a country's self- confidence, like the olympics in beijing or the world cup in brazil. this is the chance for a country to put itself in the spotlight. for a country like turkey, which has designs as a european player, it is a really massive loss. >> 2020 is still a ways off, but what do you think some of the applications we can expect will be? >> ne cost saving will be passed on to the fans, first and foremost, who may have to schlep all the way across the continent -- any cost savings will be passed on to the fans.
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i think they do risk empty seats at some of the games, perhaps lower-quality games in cities far away from the various teams that are playing, and it is a risk they will have to face. it is not really a recipe for success. >> thanks very much for that report. >> it sounds like a script from a hollywood thriller. a dramatic and high-profile murder case is unfolding in central america. >> the software guru john mcafee has been arrested after crossing the border illegally from his adopted country of belize, where he is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor, but he says the government is after him because he refused to give in to corruption. >> the name might sound familiar because he is the creator of mcafee virus protection program.
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then he dismissed the arrest as a ploy to stop him from talking to the press. he had been planning to claim his innocence once again in the murder of his neighbor. the case has attracted huge attention around the world since mcafee wrote blog entries and gave interviews after fleeing belize when police wanted to question him. mcafee is not the main suspect, but police regard him as a person of interest. the victim was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head on november 11. he was alleged to have quarreled with mcafee because the famous software developer let his dogs run around without a leash. a few days before the murder, some of those dogs were found dead. mcafee says that his life is in danger and that officials want
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to frame him for the murder. >> it was a convenient thing for them. >> the prime minister of belize has said that mcafee is "bonkers." a court will decide weather mcafee will be deported back to his adopted country. the controversy surrounding the software grew looks set to continue. >> coming up later in the program, we will look at an exhibition exploring the history behind the famous bust of the egyptian queen, nefertiti. >> first, here's a look of some other stories making the news. the united nations secretary general has held talks with iraqi leaders in baghdad and resolved issues with kuwait -- and resolved issues with kuwait top the agenda. over two decades after iraq invaded its neighbor, he called
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on them to solidify ties. >> there's little hope of finding survivors a day after two vessels collided in the northern sea. fine people in and to have died and six others and then to have mr.. the car freighter sank after the crash took place with a container ship from cyprus. >> in the philippines, nearly 400 people are now known to have died in a typhoon. reports -- some reports put the death toll even higher, and hundreds are still missing. the storm passed through the philippines earlier this week, wiping out whole villages, leaving around 200,000 people homeless. >> the u.s. business magazine " forbes" has named barack obama as the world's most powerful person in its annual rankings. german chancellor angela merkel is in second place while russian president vladimir putin is in third. >> in the wake of the typhoon,
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the philippines is calling on united nations negotiators to do more about climate change and global warming. >> representatives from nearly 200 countries are gathered for a summit on the environment. they hope to find ways to lower emissions worldwide. >> but there are deep divisions, and many expect there will not be any results from the talks, which and tomorrow. >> dw spoke earlier to the head of the u.n. environment program and we asked him if anything at all could come out of this conference. >> we still have to give you a days ago, and i believe there will be a number of outcomes. the green climate fund, the kyoto protocol extension -- these are fundamental building blocks of an international climate process, but ever since copenhagen, we are pursuing a search for a new framework for global climate cooperation, and doha in itself will not deliver
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that. we should also recognize that these conferences have not provided us with a single framework, but they have triggered all across the world immense initiatives in the direction of a low-carbon economy, and i think these are also a byproduct of this process, and we need to recognize them because they are part of building our ability to move towards a low-carbon future. nevertheless, doha should at a minimum enable us to keep the process moving forward. in itself, it has not delivered a breakthrough. that is clear. >> that was the head of the united nations' environment program. now we had a championship talk -- soccer, and last year's champion, chelsea, have crashed out of the competition. >> the londoners' only finished third. chelsea are the first title holders to ever exit the competition at the group's stage. but it was another good night for a german club.
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>> bayern munich have talked their group. berlin see a finished in second place, following their 1-0 victory -- valencia. she is thousands of years old but still is ageless and beautiful as ever. the bust of the egyptian queen nefertiti was discovered by archaeologists from the royal prussian academy exactly 100 years ago today on december 6, 1912. >> a special exhibit is opening in berlin that traces the discovery of the rare find. years were dedicated digging in the desert sands before efforts were richly rewarded. >> the light falls on her face from different angles, showing the lines of time. a proud queen and a classic beauty. the bust of nefertiti is the
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star attraction of the museum island in berlin, drawing visitors from all over the world. >> it grabs you completely because it is so lifelike. >> she was unearthed a century ago. now, nefertiti's life is revealed. the worship of the sun deity and intimate moments by the side of hurricane -- hurricane -- her king. >> nefertiti still plays a role as an iconic beauty. also in our history. as each intelligence, we are also interested in the era in which she lived -- as egyptologists. >> german -- a german archaeologist discovered her in the ruins. since then, the sketchy details
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surrounding her life have fueled imaginations, and a sensational archaeological find has emerged on time for the exhibition, showing nefertiti rained longer than previously believed -- nefertiti reined longer than previously believed. at their theories that she had died or was replaced, but this text clearly shows us those scenarios did not happen at all. >> and nefertiti lived more than 3000 years ago. this exhibition reconstruct that life and is on display until the end of april in berlin. >> have you gone to see that bus? >> i have seen her three times, and she is absolutely stunning. to go if you have the chance. >> ok, you heard it here first. thanks for watching. >> do not forget, you can find more on our website at
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we will see you soon. captioned by the national captioning institute
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