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tv   Journal  PBS  December 24, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> hello and welcome to the journal by prime berlin. hosting talks with syrian president assaad as scores are killed in an air strike. >> the egyptian constitution looking for a two-thirds majority. >> it is christmas, but not as we know it. tension -- germany basking in the sun. captioned by the national captioning institute >> u.n. peace envoy brahimi hosting talks and he called the scale of the conflict worrying. >> this comes after a deadly air strike on sunday at least 60 people killed in a bakery.
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the government denies they are behind the attack saying it was the work of terrorists. >> rejecting international concern that they may use chemical weapons. >> yet another meeting in no solution. talks between brahimi and al assad ending with an exchange of views on the future. he said he set out his position on things. he explained to the syrian president his point of view on how to help the syrian people. the u.n. special envoy expressed concern that the continued fighting. the conflict in syria will continue into the new year. dozens were killed on sunday alone in central syria. army planes apparently bombing
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people waiting for food outside a bakery. rebels accused the regime of taking anger out on them. there had been increasing concern that they could use chemical weapons to hold on to power. the government refuses they would use chemical weapons. >> they will never use it. and that clear? firstly, they would not use it against the wrong people if they had won with in their geographical boundaries. -- against their own people. >> they claimed they seized this base near aleppo. >> in afghanistan, a police officer shot dead five colleagues in a northern province.
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>> that officer has been detained. at least 52 members of the force have been killed this year by afghan foreign police. the egyptian commission is looking into allegations of fraud. it is expected to release storm tuesday. >> it did accused president morsi are driving this through without any input from secularists or christians. they claim almost two-thirds voted in favor, albeit in a low turnout. we're joined now in studio by an egyptian political scientist and author living in germany. what you think of the recent developments, especially the prospect of this new constitution? >> are not really disappointed because i know the realities in
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each of and democracy cannot be born overnight. we have many layers of dictatorship. we have military dictatorship, a religious dictatorship, and the people of egypt and uncover one layer after the next. >> egypt still remains hugely divided. what can we expect going up to the elections? >> parliamentary elections will still show this division but i do not think the islamists will get the majority this time. the opposition is trying to unify itself and offer economic progress and that is what the muslim brotherhood is doing. they are leading moral discussions and the people know they cannot beat freedom or sharia law. >> he has been a hugely controversial figure. how you think he will emerge?
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stronger or weaker? >> he seems to be strong after the constitutional referendum, but i'm afraid you will get weaker. not able to bring egyptians together and if he will not lead to more division in the country. egypt is on the verge of economic collapse. they need a strong leadership which is having confidence in political issues and that is what the muslim brotherhood is not having right now. >> do you think mohamed morsi is capable to leave them out of the economic crisis? >> he is not the right man at the moment because he does not seem to be president of the egyptians. >> and egyptian author and political scientists living in germany. thank you for the insight leading up to the elections in
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january. russian president vladimir putin is on a trip to delhi. >> they signed an arms deal said to be worth more than 200 million euro. they're buying more than 40 russian fighter jets. he said they're working on advanced weapons together with new delhi. >> the german chambers of industry and commerce a german exports could rise as much as 4% next year. they say there will be a substantial increase in demand for german-made products. "germany is the world's number two exporter and sales are helping keep the country out of a recession this year despite the turmoil facing several countries. >> it has been a quiet day in the markets.
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in the u.s., there was a half- day trading on wall street. >> a very quiet trading monday. ) three hours earlier than usual. they're waiting until the sun shines so they are waiting and hoping for better times in the coming months. the big topic remains the fiscal cliff. we don't know if we can avoid it, yes or no. there's still some hope for a kind of a deal done in the next few trading days, but all the talk about the fiscal cliff is keeping the mood on wall street down. blue chips trading a bit lower and a mixed session with retailers. it looks like the christmas shopping season was not that stellar, at least for the traditional retailers. the fiscal cliff is the big topic and traders are hoping we resolve that in the next few
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days. >> after his singsong of waiting until the sun shines. christmas eve and the dow slipping just a little bit down. in the currency market, the euro against the dollar, $1.3187. final day of the festive shopping season, the biggest moneymaker for plenty of retailers, so how did this year's sales measure up? >> it will take time for the numbers to be processed, but most think it was better than average. >> germans use the remaining hours before the shops close to snap up last-minute gifts. the big department stores in frankfurt were chock full of customers. >> my personal budget for gifts this year was nearly 1000 bureau. my presence included electronic gear, hiking boots, and
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clothing. >> i did400-500 euro. a few things for the kids, not a lot. >> german shops were less busy than expected in the run-up to the holidays though things have picked up in recent days. analysts say online sales have hurt traditional high street shopping. >> of course more people are making purchases online. growth rate there have been good. they have added on wineshops so people can visit the store in person or place their orders online. >> german retailers predict the christmas season sales will top last year. they will announce the final figures later this week. >> were christmas began,
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flocking to the west bank. >> darkness has fallen in the town traditionally believed to be the birthplace of jesus. thousands have gathered outside the church of the nativity with music and celebration waiting for midnight mass to begin in a few hours time. >> the palestinian president -- >> a stopover has been part of the procession for decades. the latin patriarch of jerusalem spoke to them and said christmas was a cause for celebration in two ways this year. >> what increases our happiness as the while we are celebrating the birth of jesus we're celebrating the birth of the palestinian state. this state needs men and leaders, goodwill and unity. i hope the new year will bring good news. i hope we will get more rain so
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that we will have more happy moments. >> was accompanied by heavy security when he crossed the security checkpoint into bethlehem to celebrate midnight mass. his comments, one month after they upgraded the palestinian territory to observer state status raising tensions with israel. jordanian officials will also participate as detroit -- traditional gesture of enter- fate unity this christmas season. -- interfaith unity. >> christmas trees, the holiday wreath, and advent calendars all originated here. >> there are lots of regional variations, things like to bring the christmas gift. is it a time for fasting or feasting? and which is the most important day for the festive season?
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>> we went to the christmas market and asked around. >> germans love their christmas markets, christmas cakes, and christmas cheer. if you ask two germans what day is christmas, you may not get the same answer. >> when it's christmas? it is really on the 24th, i would say. it starts on christmas eve. >> on the actual holiday, the 25th. >> the 24th of december. >> when it smells like cinnamon and feels like it. >> many germans celebrate on christmas eve rather than waiting for christmas day. they're following centuries long tradition of starting the festivities earlier. the holiday used to be celebrated after the midnight mass on the 25th and now it's on christmas eve. many are just eager to open the gifts under the tree, but who brings the presence?
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>> santa claus brings the presence. >> it is not santa claus. >> santa claus. >> where you ask this question is also an important. in the protestant north and east, they name santa claus. in the catholic south and west, they say it is the christ child. germany has also been a place of innovation when celebrating christmas. the advent wreath has its origination here, but this brought it back and it has been a christmas staple ever since. the advent calendar was also invented in germany. while some celebrate by feasting, many believe it calls for fasting. >> not fasting will. that is impossible with all the delicious food on christmas.
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>> it is a time to reflect, to slow down after the turbulence of the year. >> i think it should be a time of fasting. >> i would rather eat. >> of of all, the christmas season in germany is a time for family. that is one thing people here can agree on. >> now to a guy whose job is to spread christmas cheer, santa claus. >> around the world, they have been donning their fake beards and harnessing their reindeer. trading reindeer for diving gear. you can make sure it is gifts were waterproof. >> "aqua claus" is in charge of the aquarium. we will be back after this short break.
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>> the eurozone debt crisis and global economic slowdown have sent gold prices to record highs. these days, it's hard to know which is the safest investment. >> people are putting their trust and cash and some are turning to a certain gemstone. >> could diamonds be an investor's best friend? >> busy during the holiday season. rings and jewelry have been a popular president. they can cost many thousands of euro and the value depends on the size and cut as well as purity and color. >> i will show you two bigger stones so you can see the color variation more clear. >> diamonds are becoming ever
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more expensive. this is driving up the price. >> there is the fact that it is set to decline. it is roughly the same as oil. we will only be able to reduce oil for a certain number of years. in any case, the number is declining. >> an increasing number of customers want to buy a house and investment. they're looking for safe places to put their money. deciding to start an internet diamond business, he never expected it to be as successful. but the sales now take place online. he recommended diversified investment strategy just like shares of stocks and bonds.
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>> with diamonds, i recommend buying more than just one big stone. for instance, if you have 2 million euro to invest, do not buy one 10 carat stone but rather 5 2 carat stone. that would give you some diversity. you would not have to be dependent on finding one buyer he wanted to sell. what's the most important factor to maintain value is a certificate containing information about the diamonds. he makes no compromises. he can measure the scope precisely. that gives him the confidence that it is not only a romantic gift but a secure investment. >> worrying about a secure investment would be some many
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would love to have. >> austerity programs have put people in places like greece, spain, and portugal in jeopardy. some families are having trouble putting a enough food are in the table. a lot of food gets thrown away. >> sabina has a lot of cleaning the to do. the food in her pantry is safe to eat, and bring in a way seems like a waste. the solution? food sharing. >> i often by more than i can eat. now i'm going on holiday and there will be no one to eat them, happy to share.
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>> anyone can donate items they don't want to throw away. a kilogram of fruit, gingerbread cake, cookies. for sabina, it is a way to help neighbors. heike's boys enjoy apples. those interested can sign up online. >> you have to have the right attitude. other people would throw this food away. >> most people find it hard to find the right amount. more often than not, they buy too much. on average, a german household throws away 80 kg of food per year. the film "tast the the waste" looks at this. the director is the creator of food sharing.
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>> we wanted to do more than just save a few heads of lettuce. we wanted to change people's heads. we hope we will learn to appreciate our food more. >> marmalade, chocolate santa. he cannot decide. -- she cannot decide. many try to limit the distance they drive. >> she wanted to try something new. she says food sharing cannot solve world hunger, but it can help but be responsible with the food that have already bought. >> it sounds like a great program. time now for sports. this has been the year lance armstrong will not be likely to forget any time soon.
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finding himself in fresh legal trouble. >> suing over a libel action that he won in 2006, there were forced to pay almost $500,000 after printing doping accusations. they now want him to return that payment including interest which could add up to well over $1 million. to the bundesleague. nuremberg has been looking for a new coach. wiesinger has coach in under 23 team. he played in more than 200 matches for nuremberg and bayern munich. hopes of a white christmas have been dashed. the country south as experience record high temperatures.
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>> in munich, the mercury hit 20.7 celsius, a record. a similar picture elsewhere in central europe, having an impact on how people celebrate christmas. >> these icicles are fake, just like the polar bears. a real winter wonderland would melt in the blazing sun of the atlantic coast. people are just. there holiday activities to suit the weather. >> it is wonderful weather for this season. usually it is cold. >> experiencing unseasonable sunshine. flocking to beer gardens and parks for a different take. >> we are not getting a christmas tree this year.
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it is better to just sit in the garden and enjoy things. >> switzerland is reporting record temperatures as well. these have shed their winter coats for a cool dip. this christmas, the only snow will be on the mountain tops. >> there will be a lot of well wishing from merry christmas to happy new year, but what exactly is happiness? >> that's a very good question. we went ahead and ask anyway. here are some of the answers we got. ♪ >> being have been means unexpected things happen and change live in ways, not for
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yourself but also for your family, the environment, the country. >> personal happiness is when my family as well and we can see each other from time to time. >> i believe you have to help make happiness happen. you do not leave everything to chance. it depends on you to make happiness what you wanted to. >> happiness is a fleeting feeling that you often do not understand or notice. you just realize it when it is gone. >> somewhat for happiness in family life, others of their careers. i am in a phase of my life that is career-oriented.
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i will be happy when i can really assert myself and reach my goals. >> i was very happy when my children were born. it was a great happiness. it is not money or work that make me happy. rather, watching my children grow up and get married. that, to me, is happiness. >> richard, what is the key to happiness? >> being in my new apartment two days before christmas eve was not bad. being here with you on christmas is not bad. >> that was my answer. >> the international u.n. convoy is meeting with syrian president assaad to talk about
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the conflict. >> in egypt, judges are examining claims that the referendum had electoral fraud on the referendum to the constitution. results are due back on tuesday. >> head to our web site,, for more news and inforation. >> more news at the top of the hour.
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