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tv   Teen Kids News  PBS  February 9, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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♪ jump, jump, jump ♪ keep your muscles groovin' ♪ bump, bump, bump ♪ keep your muscles livin' ♪ jive, jive, jive ♪ keep your muscles spinnin' ♪ dive, dive, dive ♪ keep your muscles winnin' ♪ slide, slide, slide muscles that move grow stronger every day. ♪ keep your muscles prancin' ♪ dance, dance, dance ♪ keep your muscles hoppin' ♪ bop, bop, bop >> here's what's coming up on this edition of "teen kids news." >> i'll report on something teens are not doing, and why
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they should feel good about it. >> it's an age-old question -- what do you want to be when you grow up? we'll find out. >> hey, girls. we'll tell you the top five must-have fashion trends for the school year. >> eating three meals a day may not be as smart as we think. >> all aboard the hogwarts express. >> we're taking you to the wizarding world of harry potter at universal orlando. >> and you'll have a front row seat. >> all that and more, next on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's this week's top story. >> it used to be a sign of being cool. but america's smoking habits have been changing over the
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years. emily reports that teens are helping lead the way. >> no, i don't smoke cigarettes. i actually had an aunt. i'd always take her cigarettes and hide them from her. and like, it just -- i was just never a cigarette type. >> i don't smoke cigarettes because i think it's gross and you get lung cancer, and i don't want lung cancer. >> i don't smoke because there's no point to it. it's addictive. it doesn't help you. there's no point. >> the number of american teens who smoke has been going down for years. in fact, we're lelikely to use tobacco than the teens in many other countries. surveys show that only about 12% of all 10th graders have smoked recently. but that's still too many. >> nicotine addiction, take one. >> that's why the government puts out messages like this one. >> [ coughs ] boy, that smoke is really obnoxious. do you think that guy knows how bad smoking is for him? >> these pool players know what they're talking about. they're actually scientists. they work for nida -- the national institute on drug
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abuse. nida wants teens to know that smoking is not a game. >> tobacco is powerful stuff. take a drag and nicotine's absorbed in your lung and moves into your bloodstream, and it's in your brain in 8 seconds. >> but if you continue to smoke, it can change your brain and cause addiction. >> nicotine is one of thousands of chemicals in cigarettes. many of them are poison, linked to trouble with breathing, heart disease, and cancer. >> smoking can cause a long list of adverse health problems. addiction is just one of them, of course. that forces you to keep buying and using this very dangerous product for the rest of your life. >> and listen to this -- new research shows that teens are more at risk for addiction than adults are. >> their brains are still developing. any drug that you put in the brain will have long-term impacts on its trajectory of development. >> that's why scientists want us to avoid not just smoking, but all tobacco products. that includes smokeless tobacco,
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like plugs and snuff. >> no matter how you administer the drug to your body, you are still putting in nicotine and making your brain dependent on nicotine. >> you might think this looks cool. but it's a trap. the best way to avoid this addiction is to never start. but if you're already using tobacco, the sooner you stop, the better. >> so if you want to quit, get help from a friend, parent, teacher, coach, or doctor. >> tobacco doesn't just cause long-term problems. once you begin smoking, it can start affecting things like your athletic ability and even your looks. it's just not worth it. >> there's still lots ahead, so stay with us. >> we'll be right back. >> [ chanting in native
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language ] >> protests continuing throughout cairo, despite egypt's president mohammed morsi declaring a state of emergency in three cities and their surrounding provinces hit hardest by a wave of unrest. [ indistinct shouting ] hundreds of young protesters fighting with riot police. the clashes beginning during rallies marking the second anniversary of the uprising against former ruler hosni mubarak and in response to death sentences for 21 defendants involved in a mass soccer riot last february. more than 50 people have been killed in the unrest, fueled by anger over morsi's policies and the slow pace of change. a devastating nightclub fire kills more than 230 people in southern brazil. the fire sweeping through kiss nightclub with about 900 people inside. it's believed the blaze was caused by a band's pyrotechnics show, igniting the soundproofing foam on the ceiling and releasing a toxic smoke. most victims dying from smoke inhalation, not burns. early investigations revealing that security guards briefly
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prevented partygoers from leaving through the sole exit. firefighters trying to get in, finding many victims blocking the entrance. save a penny for a rainy day? more like for a postage stamp. the u.s. postal service now charging a penny more for stamps and postcard mailings. the price of a first-class stamp for domestic mail rising from 45¢ to 46. the u.s.p.s. also releasing a new stamp, the global forever, allowing customers to mail letters anywhere in the world for $1.10. for "teen kids news," i'm rick leventhal, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> let's get your opinion in "speak of the week." >> sooner or later, most of us are going to have to work for a living. so, have you thought about what career would be best for you? >> yeah, i have -- probably a
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lawyer or a doctor. >> i want to be a doctor or a surgeon or something. >> personally, i love acting, but i don't know if that's the best career. but, i mean, it's always been something that i've been great at. >> i've been thinking that i wanted to be a writer when i get older, 'cause english is my favorite subject, and i like writing. >> probably being a tennis player, because i really like tennis, and it's fun. >> psychologist. i can read people really well, and i just think it's really interesting, you know, knowing how the mind works. >> i haven't thought much about it, but my dad was a lawyer, and i'm interested in that field, so lawyer maybe. >> oh, my career? i would be a diplomat. >> oh, boy. i haven't really put that much thought into career choice. but i was thinking it'd be kind of cool to do something on the news, preferably a sportscaster or something like that. >> i've thought about it, but there's just so many options, especially nowadays.
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i'm thinking about studying business in college. >> here's one more thing to keep in mind -- studies claim that college grads earn 84% more than those with just a high school diploma. with "speak of the week," i'm grant. >> all you fashionistas out there -- you may want to take notes during this next story. carina reports on what's styling this year. >> mary kate steinmiller is teen vogue's senior fashion market editor. today, we're talking fashion and accessories. where do we start? >> today, i'm gonna show you about five trends that are must-have for every girl's closet. and the best thing about these trends is that they're all at accessible price points, and they really work for every girl's style. the first one is embellishment. we saw a lot of embellishment on all the runways, and it's something that every girl can work into her wardrobe -- whether it's a crystal-studded sweatshirt or even a mini-skirt or even jeans that have crystals on them. they're really easy to wear, and the key is to pairing it with
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something more simple -- maybe a t-shirt with the skirt or jeans, and just some skinny jeans with the sweatshirt. the next trend is puffer jackets, and this is something we all wear during the cold months. but the best thing is, is now they come in lighter weights and prints, and they work with any type of style -- whether you're a sporty girl and you like a neon solid color, or you're a little bit more chic and polished and you have a houndstooth plaid jacket. and the key to wearing these is keeping everything that you wear underneath a little bit slimmer so that you don't get too bulky. the next trend is the classic scholastic blazer. and this season, they're a lot more fun because they have pops of color and piping. and these blazers are great because you can take them from season to season. you can wear it over a tank top and shorts or a sun dress in the summer, and over a heavier knit in the fall.
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the next trend is one of my favorites, and i'm even wearing it today. and that's printed denim. and most girls know what kind of denim they like -- whether it's a flare, a boot cut, or a skinny. at this point, now denim comes in all different colors and all different prints. i love the camouflage print, florals, and there's also polka-dots and plaids. there's lots of options for every girl. >> and what do you usually pair these prints with? >> you don't want to wear a print with another print. so i always recommend putting it with a solid color sweater, blouse, or t-shirt. >> nice. >> and the next trend is an accessory, and that's backpacks. and this is something every girl has for the school year. but now they're a lot more fun because they come in neon colors, leopard print, camouflage, florals, and aztec prints. it's really up to you -- whatever you love and your personal style. so that's it. five great trends for the school year that really work for every girl's personal style and their budget. >> nice. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i can't wait to try some of
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these great looks. from teen vogue's fashion closet, i'm carina for tkn. >> this reminder is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. don't forget -- february 28th is the deadline for the drive 2 life contest. anyone in grades 6 through 12 can submit an idea for a psa -- that's a public service announcement. there are two ways to enter. you can send in a script or a story board. but do not send a video. it won't be accepted. if you've got the winning concept, you'll get a $1,000 scholarship and a trip to new york city so you can work with a professional director and crew to turn your vision into a reality. for more info and an entry form, go to for "teen kids news," i'm emily.
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>> being healthy is pretty easy, if you have the right information. and that's what we're about to give you, in "health bites." [ chomp ] >> does this sound familiar? it's a couple of hours after lunch, and you're feeling pretty run down. jax hubbard is a nutritionist at downstate long island college hospital. hi, jax. >> hello! >> so, how can we keep our motors running all day long? >> well, to use your analogy, you need to make sure you always have gas in the tank. otherwise, your metabolism slows down, and that can lead to not doing well in class, sports, or other activities. >> i think i hear my mother reminding me to not skip meals. >> and she's right. but it's actually more than that. for some people, especially older adults, three meals a day do the trick. but for active teens, that's often not enough. >> so, are you saying teens should eat bigger meals? >> no. the key is not eating more, but eating more often. instead of three big meals, aim
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for five or six smaller ones. by eating something nutritious every three hours or so, you'll keep energized all day long. and try not to eat a large meal just before bedtime. >> i wouldn't dream of it. thanks, jax. >> my pleasure. >> with "health bites," i'm ellie. >> you can tell how fast an animal can run by the size of its eyes. well, sort of. it seems that animals that run fast have bigger eyes than slower-moving animals. it makes sense. bigger eyes usually mean better vision, something you need if you're moving fast -- like a horse -- and don't want to accidentally run into an obstacle. >> j.k. rowling may have written the last book in the "harry potter" series, and hollywood may have made the last of the "harry potter" movies. but you can still experience the incredible world of harry potter, as lauren and nicole tell us in this special report.
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>> i was like, "wow!" 'cause it looks really real and it looks like it does in the film, which is really cool. >> welcome to the wizarding world of harry potter at universal orlando resort. >> when i came walking up, i was like, "well, here i am." i decided where i want to go to school. i really thought i was in hogwarts. it's really cool here. >> the village of hogsmeade looks just as you'd expect it to. from the bright red locomotive of the hogwarts express to hagrid's hut. >> there's the three broomsticks and many of the most familiar shops. but more on those later. >> i think it looks brilliant, just like the film. >> and of course, a highlight is a trip inside hogwarts castle. let's go. hi! >> hi, lauren. are you ready for your hogwarts tour? >> yeah! >> great! let's go. >> juliette has a dream job. she works here, at universal orlando. wow. this is some room. >> that's right, lauren. we're actually in the portrait gallery. as we can see, there are many
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portraits here that were created specifically for the wizarding world of harry potter. and this is actually the first time that you can see the four founders of hogwarts. can you see them in the wall? >> that's gryffindor. >> yes. >> hufflepuff. >> right. >> so, ravenclaw and slytherin. >> that's right! you all ready to move on? >> yeah. >> let's go over there. >> rowena, have you heard? hagrid's lost a dragon again. >> so, where are we now? >> right now, we're entering dumbledore's office. and as you can see, this room is full of very cool details. right here, you can see the pensieve. >> yeah. >> and up there, you're gonna see gryffindor's sword. >> uh-huh. >> and then, if you keep walking right here, dumbledore is gonna give you the welcome to the school and give you the history of hogwarts. >> awesome. >> yeah. let's continue to right here. >> okay. >> don't worry! there's room for all! >> this looks like one of harry's favorite classrooms. >> that's right. right now, we are in defence against the dark arts, and this is the first room where you actually see harry, ron, and hermione.
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and you're gonna see them right there, giving you the welcome to the school. >> very cool. >> the castle is also home to another big attraction -- >> ...which is harry potter and the forbidden journey, in which you're gonna embark in an adventure with harry potter and all his friends. >> went on the harry potter ride. >> ...where you're flying with harry, and you're going through all the parts of the castle. >> ...and when the dementors came, i just closed my eyes. >> it's a lot of fun. >> ...because it felt like you were actually there on the adventure with him. >> i loved it. great effects. >> we'll have more on the wizarding world of harry potter when we return. >> we want visitors to experience the real adventure of harry potter. once they get here, they're really going to feel part of his world, because this is where the wonder and excitement comes to life, at the wizarding world of harry potter. >> ♪ double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble ♪
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♪ double, double, toil and trouble, something wicked this way comes ♪ >> to get a true taste of this attraction, you need to visit honeydukes. they have chocolate frogs and wizard trading cards. mine is helga hufflepuff. they have treacle fudge, rock cakes, pumpkin tarts, and cauldron cakes. one cauldron cake, please. >> there you are. >> thank you. and yes, they have bertie bott's every-flavour beans. as you know, they come in all sorts of flavors. >> okay. uh, let's see. um... blue raspberry, i think. 'cause it kind of tastes like a slushie. >> i think it's -- i may be wrong. wait. shaving cream flavor?
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>> hmm. tastes a bit like coriander, which is slightly strange, but yeah. it's not bad or particularly good, either. >> i don't know. this tastes like green apple to me or something. it tastes good. it doesn't taste like earwax or anything, so... gonna go with apple. [ chuckles ] >> and don't forget to visit zonko's. >> zonko's is a novelty shop where you can get all kinds of toys and items. [ bell dings ] [ crowd cheers ] >> some of your favorites, like the extendable ear. remember the sneakoscope? and my personal favorite -- the pygmy puff. [ bell dings ] [ crowd cheers ] i'm gonna name you fifi. [ hog snorts ] we're here at the hog's head pub for butterbeer. >> two butterbeers, please. >> you can taste it cold or frozen, and the taste is reminiscent to butterscotch and shortbread. it's really delicious. bot thank you >> delicious.
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>> and refreshing. >> and when you get hungry, don't miss the great feast at the three broomsticks. >> mmm. looks like quite a feast. >> ready to dig in? >> mm-hmm. the three broomsticks is where you can dine on the kinds of food harry, ron, and hermione would typically eat. >> coming up... are you brave enough to take the dragon challenge? >> we'll be right back. >> we're continuing our special report on the wizarding world of harry potter at universal orlando. >> if you've ever wanted to fly on buckbeak... >> whoo-hoo! >> ...then the flight of the hippogriff is just what the wizard ordered. >> for the more adventurous, there's the dragon challenge. >> the dragon challenge is actually inspired in the triwizard tournament. and you get to choose between the hungarian horntail and the
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chinese fireball. you have to go into both, because both of them are completely different. >> i did the dragon challenge, which is the roller coaster where you're, like, sitting down and you're going all around, and it feels like you're actually, like, flying on a dragon. it was really fun. >> like in the series, when it comes to wands, the wizard doesn't choose the wand. >> the wand chooses the wizard. >> and that's what happens here at ollivanders. >> let's go inside. >> welcome to ollivanders, makers of fine wands since 382 b.c. i am the wandkeeper, and i believe you ladies are here for your wands. is that right? >> yes. >> lovely. now, then, tell me your name. >> nicole. >> and you? >> lauren. >> lauren and nicole, right? >> yes. >> well, it's a pleasure to meet you both. you may know every ollivander wand has a core of a powerful magical substance. we use unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feathers, and the heartstrings of dragons. no two ollivander wands are the same, just as no two unicorns,
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dragons, or phoenixes are the same. and, nicole, you will never get such good results... from another wizard's wand. ah, yes. a wand of ivy. 14 and 1/4 inches. flexible. ah, with a core of a unicorn hair. tell me -- which is your wand arm? >> my right. >> if you would, please. now, then. lauren, right? ah, yes. a wand of holly. 15 inches. nice. supple. ahalsoith a core of a unicorn hair. and your wand arm? >> my left. >> if you would, please. [ twinkle! ] >> the wandkeeper then had us test out the wands. you'll have to find out for yourself what happens. >> what we can tell you is that
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nicole's wand didn't choose her, and my wand didn't choose me. [ twinkle! ] >> if i may. [ gasps softly ] i wonder... they both have a core of a unicorn hair. perhaps this... [ wind blows, music plays ] perfect fit. now then, nicole, this is a wand of holly -- very good for magic in nature. and you, young lady, this is a wand of ivy -- very good for healing and protection. if i may. now, then. remember -- never store your wands... in your back pockets. yes. elementary wand safety. off you go. >> thank you. >> you're very welcome.
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>> i love this park. it's awesome. i love harry potter, and just to be in it in real life -- it's so cool. >> dragon challenge is my favorite one, yeah. i really enjoyed it. >> i was, like, so happy. i mean, i've been reading them since forever -- read all the books like 12 times. so i was just, like, overwhelmed and so excited. >> i like the ollivanders shop, because, like, you get to go through the experience of getting your first wand. >> you're, like, living harry potter. [ laughs ] it's great. >> the wizarding world of harry potter is truly a magical place. >> at universal orlando, i'm lauren. >> and i'm nicole, for tkn. >> that really looked like a fun assignment. >> yeah. >> for all us muggles, thanks for watching. >> we'll be back next week with more "teen kids news." see you then.
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