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tv   Journal  PBS  July 1, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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♪ >> hello and welcome. you are watching the journal on dw. >> coming up this hour -- >> outrage in europe that the allegations that the u.s. is spying on e.u. allies. >> and celebrations in rio as brazil wins in the finals of confederations cup. thank you for joining us. governments in europe expressed shock at reports that the u.s. has been spying on european
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diplomatic missions and individual e.u. countries the french president says the surveillance needs to cease immediately. the german government says it is unacceptable. >> john kerry in a first response by washington played down the reports saying all governments use lots of activities to safeguard their national security. >> the german government say its is not prepared to accept internet surveillance by u.s. intelligence agencies. berlin called on washington to fully account for the latest allegations including aparnlt -- apparent spying of the e.u. offices. >> if it is confirmed that they really have been monitored we have to say that bugging your friends is unacceptable. we are no longer in the midst of the cold war.
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>> the allegations could derail talks on a new transatlantic trade agreement. with german federal elections three months away the main challenger to the chancellor called the allegations outrageous. >> i also find it astonishing because it goes way beyond the reasons previously given by the americans, for example legitimate security concerns. >> the opposition has questions for the government. what did berlin know and what was the position on the wide scale monitoring of government documents. that can't be acceptable. >> the german foreign ministry asked to discuss the matter with the u.s. ambassador in berlin. are are we will go over to our political correspondent has more for us. what can you tell us about the reaction from germany? >> well, there is a great deal
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of outrage. president obama visited here last weekend. people really had a sense that german-u.s. friendship was a very solid thing. so this certainly comes as a feeling of violation among other aspects, and the fact is that germans are very sensitive about abuses of privacy. that has to do with the nazi and the communist paths. there are a lot of questions being asked and strong reaction also from the opposition including suggestions from members of the green party that retaliation perhaps should be pursued by giving asylum to edward snowden. we are hearing much stronger words today, probably not in the least because the opposition candidate for chancellor had tough things to say this morning. >> is it possible the german government has been complicit?
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>> complicit is a broad term. certainly the german government has profited from the information being assembled by the u.s. agencies. that was made clear among other things by u.s. officials that said several terrorist attacks had been foiled here thanks to the information and the german government admitted the same. there is a sense that who knows what kind of cooperation is actually going on behind the scenes. >> thank you very much for that. let's find out how it could affect relations between the u.s. and europe and go live to our correspondent in brussels. what are you hearing? are diplomats angry? >> yes, they are. even if the commission prefers the term disturbed. that is a more diplomatic term to say what everybody thinks heir. it is outrageous.
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they cannot understand the u.s. behavior. what is interesting there is that the outrage goes across all parties and nations. people have asked for consequences. the e.u. commission said they will do a thorough investigation into what happened. they asked for clarification. they would do a thorough check of the e.u. buildings to check for more bugs. but that is done regularly because brussels as the headquarter of europe so to say is a popular center for politicians and lobbyists and international agents. these checks are quite regular but it will intensify the checks. >> talking of consequences there already. what repercussions could the allegations have? >> we heard about the free-trade agreement. and in the report the decision to open the talks about the
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free-trade agreement was only taken a few weeks ago. it was not at all supported by all countries here in the e.u. first. there were countries with really serious doubts. among them france. now the french president said that we shouldn't open negotiations unless we get a guarantee from the u.s. that they stop spying. it has been a long process to get the free-trade agreement to even start rolling. these discussions may be interrupted before they even start and others like the green party have called for protection for whistleblowers like snowden. there is a big debate now in brussels. >> to egypt now where five cabinet ministers are considering to resign their post to join the protest
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movement. at least 16 people have been reported kills in clashes on sunday. egypt's opposition accuses them of trying to turn egypt into an islamic state. the crowds' anger towards everything connected with the muslim brotherhood spilled over when they ransacked their headquarters. his opponents accuse the president of putting the interests of the radical islammist groups first and failing to get the country's economic problems under control. the protest took place throughout the country and especially here in the square. holding up red cards the demonstrators say they are
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staying until he resigns. >> can't he see the scunt sinking. he should understand that. he should understand that people don't want him anymore. >> when they overthrew mubaric things were so much better than now. it is only natural so many people are on the streets. hundreds of thousands took to the streets on sunday. supporters vastly outnumbered by his opponents. 16 people were killed in clashes. the country is deeply divided. neither side is willing to give ground. egyptians will find out on tuesday if the protests would have had any effects on the president. >> now we are joined by our
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correspondent in cairo. what more you can tell us about the situation right now? >> people are starting to gather again. everyone is look to tomorrow. they will do a civil obedience campaign and is people not to go to work. everything is gearing up for tomorrow. >> do you feel that there is a sense the protests could gain momentum? >> it gained a lot of momentum yesterday. these were beyond expectations, meetings with people on the street. the pressure is on the president to say or do something. they are waiting to see if there is any statement from the president. right now they are trying to
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sit out the issue. they are hoping the protests will die down. there is a bit of a competition for time between the protesters and the president. >> ok. thank you very much for that. in other news germany's main stock intex, the dax, turns 25. it was sent moderately higher during late morning trading. >> 30 blue chip countries. as we report it has had its fair share of ups and downs in the last quarter century. chunky phones, pens and paper and lots of fighting. that was the dax in its infancyy. with ever more dabbling in the market there were plenty of opportunities for big ups and
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downs. in 1996 when deutsch telecom went public. then sober reality as the price plunge. the dax kept rising. it surpassed 6,000 points fueled by speculation in the new economy. but the bubble burst compounded by the 9/11 attacks. within two years it lost three quarters of its value. it has weathered the final and banking crisis and is setting records with computers doing most of the work. it is just a backdrop for the tv cameras. but the bell is still there. >> that was our frankfurt stock exchange correspondent. tell us how is the birthday boy, the dax doing today?
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>> quitely today. the dax has climbed above 8,000 points. what are pushing here are shares of siemens because they announced they want to sell their joint share of the ventue to nokia for 1.7 billion euros. a deal favorable to both sides because shares of nokia are also rising. the biothrth tech firm amgen wants to buy. that is pushing the share price up more than 50% at this moment. this is what the market is heading for at the moment. the dax up .7. in new york the dow jones up more than 1% and the euro is
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being traded at a bit more than $1.30. >> thank you very much. lithuania has taken over the presidency of the european union. >> the first time a former member of the soviet union has run the affair. a new era is beginning for croatia as people wake up for the first times as citizens of the e.u. but it was temper bide fears about the debt crisis and its own economic problems. >> customs control are a thing of the past now. the two former states are partners again. this time inside the european union.
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there were cheers as crowds fwathered for the countdown at midnight. 10 years after croatia applied for a e.u. membership they are now part of the club. a new opportunity to achieve cultural and democratic progress. i am raising this class for the europe of the future. a europe of peace and prosperity. but sfite the celebrations and the smiles for many in croatia it has diminished the aura of the new club and they have no shortage of problems. unemployment is at 20% and half of young people are without a job. the civil service needs modernizing. the e.u. is urging their newest member to press on with more reforms. it is certainly not an easy
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start to their new future together. >> we will be back after a short break. don't go away. >> this is the home -- >> i think i will take over at this point. i want to tell you my story about where i live and why my
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species is in danger. >> the interactive online documentary film. >> welcome back. u.s. president obama balm has arrived in tanzinea in the final leg of a tour of africa. he touched down in the capital. >> while in the country obama is said to announce a trade partnership with africa and assistance to fight illegal wildlife poaching and will join george bush on said to honor victims of a 1998 al qaeda attack. >> in the united states 19 firefighters have been killed trying to contain a wildfire in arizona. it was raging 130 miles north of the capital, phoenix. >> the western united states is baking on a record heat wave.
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the temperatures could rise higher by wednesday. >> the flames spread rapidly. the fire has devastated more than 800 hecares. firefighters have done all they can. the attempt to clear brush cost the lives of 19 men. >> you know this fire was very radical in its behavior. the fields were very dry. the wind was cing out of the urned aroun ons bause of the monsoon aionhis ternoon. >> authorities believe the bl was triggered by ghtnin half of the area has been completely destred. the residents have been brought to safety but the out look for the people here and throughout ariza is not good. forecasters say the temperatures could rise even higher by wednesday.
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>> in a moment we will look to brazil for cell braggedses mixed with street protests. >> first ws fro aroundhe world. united nations peacekeepers have begun operations in mali african force. the goal is to provide security for an election scheduled for the end of jul france intervened to stop islammist rebels from taking over. >> the pope was unable to finish. the first time two popes ever collaborated. >> unemployment in may hit a new high amid a 12.1% jobless rate. a small rise on the absolutely
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improved situation. nearly 1 in 4 people under 25 are out of work with spain and greece the hardest hit. >> for many people being unemployed is more 2457b just a financial problem. nonstop worries about your future can certainly make you sick. it is not always clear to get to the root of the problem. germany is embarking on the biggest long-term study. >> it is common knowledge that heavy drinking and tobacco can lead to cancer and raise the risk of heart attack. but how do other common chronic illnesses evolve such as alzheimers and diabetes? the german study follows 200,000 patients up to 30 years to study the questions is and hope the study will prove useful. >> we hope to gain knowledge of
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how the diseases develop and we want to learn how to take preventive measures. >> one thing researchers are looking into is the role of genetics in chronic disease. what role does a person's background have. and how much does their environment matter. and how important is the role of lifestyle, including diet and exercise? >> it is unique study and we think the data we collect will be very interest to researchers. >> but so much cutting edge research does not come che and will cost 210 million euros for the first 10 years alone. >> now to brazil where fans are spain in the confederations cup final.
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>> security measures were strict for the tens of thousands of fans filing into the stadium. the brazilian government is painfully aware these days many of the citizens are not just mad about football. sunday afternoon 5,000 demonstrators joined a peaceful protest near the stadium hours perfect the cuffe. much fewer than the marches against the country's rising cost of living last week. violence broke out as protesters threw rocks at police who responded with teargas and stun grenades. demonstrators called on the government to spend on more than international sporting events.
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>> the demonstration for more investments in health service. more civil rights. not for football and beer. >> as the crowds of soccer fans left the stadium following the final there were celebrations for the host's victory over spain but success may not be enough to calm the anger of many brazilians with their government's policies. >> it was a disaster for spain. brazil dealt a blow to the run of 28 undefeated competitive matches. >> they taunted spain with the giant is back after brazil got off to a rampaging start. it took less than two minutes for the party to begin. >> you know it is a dream come
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true it. was a great match. and we won the title. >> spain was made to look vulnerable as they disrupted their rhythm. by halftime the world champions had only one serious shot on goal. denied at the last moment by the brazilian defender. just before the break an excellent shot to make it 2-0. early in the second half brazil added a third. fans could not believe their luck. >> it was a fantastic win. after all of the hard work, before there was a lack of confidence. now we have the fans back on our side. >> first they missed a penalty.
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then a columnsy challenge. brazil with a deserved winner and in this form they will surely be among the favorites at next year's world cup. >> for more we are joined by our sports correspondent. thanks for joining us in the studio, jefferson. that was a shock for pain. >> i think you can say that. they won the last three big tournaments. they destroyed italy to have them lose 3-0, nobody would have put a lot of money on that. but it must be said that the team is getting a bit old. he looks like his heart is not in it anymore. hard to tell. his partner really wasn't on his game. at some point they have once,
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twice, three times. still have the desire. on the other hand back to 2009 spain went out to the u.s. and the eventual winners were brazil. you can't put too much stock in the result. >> the victory a much needed momentum for brazil. >> yeah. you are right. brazil was the soccer nation. we forgot about that because they have not been producing the class of players they did for many decades starting with pele. now they have a really top world class player back. he will move to barcelona. if he picks up his game at the spanish club i think that they could really do advantage. and they have the advantage.
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it is easy to overestimate how big that will be. if you have a home crowd cheering you on, it is that much easier. >> the confederations cup is a warm-up for the world cup. how will it fare? >> we learned a cup of things is that all of the stadiums are done. that is not necessarily a given at this point. we learned there is a lot of opposition for spending money on this tournament. they have a lot of work to do to convince all of society that this is in their interest. >> scombrever son, thank so much for joining us here. formula 1 and all of the talk about the chaotic grand prix. >> his mercedes teammate lost
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any hope of victory when his left rear tire burst. three other drivers shared his fate. he was clear to take the checkered flag clear ahead of red bull's mark webber. >> you are up to date. you can get more information on the website. >> thanks for joining us.
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welcome to "newsline." it's tuesday, july 2nd. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the man who gathered secrets is reportedly reaching out to another nation for help. russian media said edward snowden applied for political asylum in russia. the security agency contractor asked ecuador for asylum. he revealed that nsa agents collect internet data at home and abroad. authorities charged him with espionage and asked russia to extradite him.


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