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tv   Journal  PBS  July 10, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> 11 welcome to the journal coming to live from dw in berlin. . i am brian thomas. >> ejection prosecutors offer arrest warrants for senior muslim brotherhood leaders after the deadly clashes in cairo. >> a plan to deal with failing banks but there is already skepticism, especially from germany. >> thousands left homeless in china by the worst flooding in decades. >> thanks for joining us.
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the top members of the egyptian muslim brotherhood could be facing prison terms. they have assured 10 arrest warrant on charges of inciting violence. >> these are linked to clashes outside of the republican guard headquarters in which more than 50 other hood supporters were killed. this comes as the newly appointed interim prime minister struggles to form a coalition government. >> the muslim brotherhood has refused to participate in the political process and continues to say the ousted president mohamed morsi be reinstated. >> the string of arrest of muslim brotherhood leaders has stoked the supporters of muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi who remain camped out in cairo. >> even if the authorities arrest all of the group members, we will sacrifice ourselves and continue our protest because we
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have a clear case and we will defend it peacefully. we have the legitimacy. we will never accept the military council's coup. they will have to arrest many to get them out of the square, but we will never leave, only as dead bodies or after the return of president mohamed morsi to power. >> the military led interim government is focusing their attention on the supreme leader of iran muslim brotherhood. they issued an arrest warrant for inciting violence leaving more than 50 people dead on monday. they have been having protests outside of this mosque in cairo. while observing ramadan, they are not allowed to eat or drink until dusk. thousands more joining the
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protest before the frost was broken. they continue to demand the release and reinstatement of morsi. >> let's go now live. they are being rounded up. how do you see these arrests affecting the rank and file out on the streets of cairo? >> it is increasing the anger. of course the anger was already there when their president was removed from office by the military. now, the leadership, the general prosecutor has issued a warrant for their arrest. if anything, the anger is increasing. this is a time when they are going to try to pull them back into the political sphere. >> do you see these arrests undermining the trust the new leadership needs to build a new coalition government? >> it is sending very contradictory signals.
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on one hand, the president said he wants to have reconciliation talks including with a muslim brotherhood and the prime minister said he wants to have the ministers of the muslim brotherhood and his cabinet and the same time we have this arrest against the leadership of the muslim brotherhood and an investigation still ongoing about what happened to dev days ago one the military shot demonstrators and supporters died. >> the white house will be continuing mility aid in the form of four f-16 jets. is this being viewed as a vote of confidence from the u.s.? >> it is widely reported and it is seen as a vote of confidence although it is very funny that both sides are botvery skeptical about the u.s.. you can hear a lot of anti-
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american undertones not only in tahrir square but from the muslim brotherhood. >> thank you for the latest from cairo. >> let's look at what led u to the current crisis. the muslim brotherhood had enjoyed considerable backing in the countryside where it was elected last year, but support had been steadily slipping largely because they failed to tackle economic problems in the country. >> tourism is a major revenue earner for egypt and it has dropped drastically over the past year. so, too, have living standards. we visited the so-called region. >> this is just one hour outside of cairo. the people here, the bustling capital is a world away. in this growth, they still climb the trees themselves to check how much of the fruit has been eaten by mice.
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he leases 100 trees and he hopes to harvest 500 tons of fruit but it's not enough to get by on. >> before the revolution, things were good. i would have 200 egyptian pounds in a day and now i will get 50, about five euros. everything is dead. nothing left. click seems to have a good second income, a kiosk on the way. 30 buses would stop every day. now, nobody comes. he criticizes the muslim brotherhood saying they let the economy deteriorate. >> they are not muslims or brothers, but now they are being called out. even simple people know the truth. they used to hand out sugar and oil to the poor to court votes, but once in power, everyone could see their exploited people. >> the village stree is dotted with shops but t only ones still open are those selling staples.
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the people here cannot afford more than that. the muslim brotherhood recruited many voters in places like this but now they have lost that support. she makes fruit foxes out of palm leaves. they don't have many good things to say about the brotherhood. >> every muslim knows what they're doing is not islam. it does not not mean insulting and attacking others. it is a belief inside of us. it is also not islam is to attack the army, not at a time when tngs really need to get better in e country. click s i sferi frothe stagnant economy. no one can afford the furniture anymore so they make the fruit rocks is instead and he struggles to sell those. many people here use to make a living from the steady stream of tourists visiting the nearby pyramid's. there are dozens of souvenir shops.
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he sells handmade carpets. he has plenty of time to show me around the shop because there is not a single tourist in there. europeans, americans, asians, they are all staying away. >> i think if they are over, it is better to bring the democracy back to egypt. in before the revolution, this was never an issue. >> democracy is more important than his financial security even though he can only afford to pay two carpet makers instead of 15. he says everyone has to come to the table now. liberals, leftists, islamists in order to save egypt. >> breaking news for you now.
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just coming in that luxembourg prime minister is stepping down. he tendered his resignation after a spying scandal in luxembourg brought down his coalition government. >> they will be holding new elections in three months after his junior coalition partner said that he should take political responsibility for failing to curb the abuse of power by intelligence services. the nation's spy agency had been out of control for years conducting warrantless surveillance, purchasing cars for private use, making payments in exchange for access to local officials. >> luxembourg is one of the smallest countries but they play a large role in the global banking industry. >> the grand duchy of luxembourg, one of the smallest nations, home to over just 500,000 people, financial services are its biggest industry. they are two in the world for
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investment fund management behind only the united states. 100 41 banks operate and luxembourg. more than 13,000 investment funds are registered there. they manage assets totaling $2.5 trillion euros. it is in fund management that they earn most of their money and that is likely to remain unaffected by the moves to ease the banking secrecy rules. >> meanwhile in germany, public outrage has been mounting over the massive u.s. spying program and the call to action has been heard nationwide across party lines. >> now, for the very earth time chancellor angela merkel has responded to revelations that berlin has been closely cooperating with america. in a newspaper interview, she said a certain level of cooperation was needed to ensure
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citizen security, but she underlined that the state needs to strike a balance between protecting its citizens privacy and ensuring public safety. her interior minister is due to travel to washington for talks on this issue. what is an election pledge worth? not much if you ask some people. a lot of money, if you ask others. billions of euros. a new report puts the figure on all promises being made ahead of september's elections. the report was compiled by the pro-business cologne institute for economic research and they are warning that politicians are writing checks for election gifts that the country cannot afford. >> a healthy economy is good for the well-being of the nation. that is the message of german business. that is why they are criticizing some campaign pledges as "poison for growth." they put up to 900,000 dogs at risk here yet >> from the point
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of view of the work or scum of politicians should consider what they consider important, and other words industry. exit raises concerns about a possible social democratic coalition with the greens and their plans to expand social welfare and raise taxes. angela merkel's conservative get off with a milder verdict, but there is cause for complaint here especially raising state pensions for mothers. only the free-market coalition partners, the free democrats, have the right balance, but that is not an endorsement. >> of course there is a party ranking, but the election platform includes many other issues like data privacy or security. >> with the economy expected to be the main battleground, german business hopes voters will hear their side of the argument mad and clear. >> the conflict in syria continues to take a heavy toll.
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the world health organization has called on the government and the rebels to let humanitarian supplies get to the city of aleppo. >> rebels are apparently . it is the latest indication of how dire the situation is in syria where millions have fled the war anddevastation. germany has already taken in the more the refugees with more soon to arrive. >> the scale of the refugee crisis keeps growing. according to the u.n., one point 7 million syrians have left the country. most of fled to jordan, lebanon, and turkey. so far, germany has accepted 16,000 refugees, many coming from tent cities like this and an additional 5000 are set to begin a new life here in the next few weeks. the german government is
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planning to offer refuge to other citizens who already have family members living in germany. >> relatives who are here tell us we are happy to host our nephew, niece, or cousin. we can take these people over and above our program, but the states have to agree first. >> the german government has also doubled its. aid budget to 400 million euros. that will help fund sanitation and water facilities for the camps. they hope most refugees can be housed close to homes that they can easily return to syria when the war ends. >> a reminder of the breaking news that luxembourg's prime minister has resigned amid a spying scandal. >> more on that when we get more details. coming up, after a short break, the fiery chinese dragon looks like it's going down. that story a straight ahead.
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stay with us.
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>> the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings will stand before victims and survivors in a federal courtroom in boston for his arraignment. it will be dzhokhar tsarnaev's first appearance in public since he was captured hiding in a boston suburb april 19. click see accused of using a weapon of mass distraction together with his brother. tsarnaev could face the death penalty if convicted. >> it was the day terror returned to american soil. two bombs exploded in quick succession at the boston marathon. 260 injured and within days, they had identified the suspect,
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tamara lynn and dzhokhar tsarnaev. brothers with chechen roots -- tamerlan and dzhokhar. cameraman -- tamerlan was killed in the pursuit. experts have cast doubt on theories pointing to the caucus. >> it points to them working on their own. it is known as lone wolf terrorism, individuals who become radicalized by the internet. >> the fbi investigation found the brothers had built a bomb at home in their kitchen. they got the instructions from an al qaeda website. they watched videos of radical muslim preachers and are thought
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to have been inspired by jihadist. questions remain over people close to them, like the wife of tamerlan tsarnaev. she claims she knew nothing, but instructions were found on her computer. detectives also discovered that tamerlan tsarnaev had spent six months in russia. >> he could have contacted islamist extremists when he was there, but on the whole, they believe that although the two suspects have their roots there, the motives do not live there. >> also been the focus of the investigation, people in the u.s. who knew the brothers. some of joe karpov's friends were arrested -- some of dzhokhar tsarnaev's friends were arrested. many questions remain about the
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suspects and the bombings. questions, it is hoped that soon could be answered. >> after days of torrential downpours, parts of china have been hit i the worst flooding in 50 years. 6000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes. >> in the sichuan province, a mudslide has buried up to 40 people. this nearby city has also been severely hit as torrents of water washed away roads, bridges, homes. >> this factory worker was lucky. he was able to make his way to safety. seconds later, the building he was in collapsed. the concrete and steel stood no chance against the force of the water. it tore through the streets collecting everything in its path. >> the water is so high that vehicles, forklifts, and
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excavators have all been washed away. >> around 100 kilometers away, a nearly 50--year-old bridge was swept away. six cars disappeared underneath a bridge and 12 people are still missing. rescue operations are underway, but they're likely to be be hampered by the continuing heavy rain. >> on to business news, staying with china, there are growing concerns about the dig is to creditor nation. new data shows an unexpected economic slowdown for the asian giant. >> there has been a surprise fall in exports and a chinese official has admitted that the foreign trade is facing "grave challenges." >> few experts saw this coming, a sudden plunge in overseas shipments. rather than the project did 4% rise, they fell by 3%. it was the first decline in 18 months.
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imports to the second-largest economy were also down. >> especially in may and june, imports and exports look grim. i believe this is caused by many factors. the chinese foreign trade faces severe challenges. >> officials blamed the disappointing data on weak overseas demand. exports to the u.s. fell by 5% and europe by 8%. >> many he lego global demand, that seems to be the position that has just contracted to where it's nearly negative growth across the whole zone. it is not surprising. i think there could be a further softening over the coming months. >> there are also home-grown factors contributing to the trend. for one, the currency has been gaining strength making chinese products more expensive in world markets.
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the country has also seen steady wage increases. earlier this year, 10 provinces raise the minimum wage, another factor in the erosion of the chinese competitive edge. >> onto market action. with an eye eye on the disappointing data from china, shares of struggling and are correspondent sent us the summary of the trading day from frankfurt. >> after two days of gains on the german stock exchange, the equity market actually came to a bit of a standstill. the reason behind that is mostly stories about the development about the chinese economy after the exports slumped for the last month. and of course experts are already saying that we are seeing signs of slowing in the german economic development due to the chinese cooling down. of course, italy was another point that was not really adding to the euphoria here at the market after the downgrade of
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italy by standard & poor's. italian debt interest rates are on the rise again and, of course, the point that standard & poor's has a negative outlook on italian debt might mean that we will see another downgrade in the next three months. >> and that's for us in frankfurt where we are staying for a look at the dax. barely up and the euro stoxx 50 finishing slightly lower. across the atlantic, a look at the markets. >> looks like the end of a long tradition in britain. london says it's postal service, the royal mail, will be privatized. the institution has been in public hands since it was established half a millennia ago. >> they hope selling a majority stake will help them continue with the shift to parcel delivery as the demand for traditional letter delivery continues to decrease. 10% of the shares will be given
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to postal workers. the company could be valued at up to 3.5 billion euros. >> a u.s. court is, in a manner of speaking, throwing the book at electronics giant apple. the maker of the ipad has been found guilty of conspiring sing -- conspiring to illegally inflate the price of e-books on the american market. there is compelling evidence for that conspiracy according to the court that apple worked with major publishers to fix the price and eliminate competition. the publishers involved have already opted to settle the matter out of court and a new trial will decide the level of damages apple must pay. the company says they will appeal the ruling. one of the most beautiful landmarks of the parisian skyline has been badly damaged wife fire, the famous hotel. >> the 17th century mansion located in the heart of the french capital had been
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undergoing renovation work. it was sold to a catarrh prints in 2007 and that remains a point of controversy. >> the hotel symbolizes paris of the past. it was once home to bolton air and ship on. now the building has gone up in flames and firefighters fought the blaze but much could not be saved. >> there are quite a few 17th- century hotels in paris but there are very few whose interior and exterior gelled to this extent and that is why the fire is so genetic. >> the firefighters sought rejig -- the firefighter stopped the flames reaching the murals. the catarrh prints wanted to install an elevator for his cars, angering heritage activists feared he would ruin a cultural treasure. now the fire has done just that.
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flex onto the latest now from the tour de france. german cyclist tony martin has won the 11th stage with the best time of 36 minutes in the 36 kilometers timed trial. 12 seconds ahead of the overall leader. >> german tony martin was the one to beat clocking up 36 minutes, a time that the 28- year-old later found out brought him victory. >> it does not matter if you win by one second or one minute. it was great for me. >> the overall leader was the last to hit the road. the britain is a time trial specialist. slightly ahead of the german on the time checks. at the finish line, he was 12 seconds behind. then it was official. tony martin was the daily winner. the overall winner boosting his lead to three and a half minutes.
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>> archaeologists have discovered hundreds of prehistoric rock carvings at a site in mexico's white desert about 100 kilometers city -- west of monterey. there are symbols of fish, the sun, as well as concentric circles and wavy lines, thought to be the work of hunter gatherers 600 years ago. a believe they may have been used in initiation rituals and hope it will provide clues about the tools and techniques that created them. that is it for now. thank you so much for staying with us. >> more with you at the top of the hour. keep your eye on dw. captioned by the national captioning institute
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welcome to "newsline." it's thursday, july 11th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. senior officials have sat down from around a table in washington and gone through the necessities of protocol. when they got to business, they had to put that diplomacy aside. they find themselves at odds over cyber security and competing economic interests. delegates are taking part in the annual u.s.-china strategic and economic dialogue. treasury secretary jack lew


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