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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 12, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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. hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm ross mihara in tokyo. a pakistani teenager shot in the head by the taliban for advocating education for girls fought her way back to health. she held on to the belief that every child has the right to an education and defied the terrorists by taking her message to the united nations. >> the thought that the bullet would silence us, but they failed. weakness, fear, and hopelessness
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died. strength and courage was born. >> she spoke on her 16th birthday and urged leaders to give girls the same chances as boys. malala is not the only pakistani girl calling for education. about 15 took leaders to education ministry. >> we believe that education is a most effective solution to poverty. we cannot afford not to educate the future generation of our planet because education is a smart investment. >> the girls urged leaders to increase the help for children who want to go to school. education minster offered words of encouragement. >> there is no two questions or two different opinions about the fact that every child including girls must be educated.
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it is society's responsibility and it is our responsibility. >> islamic militants continued to attack schools, but malala's story led more to call for equal education for boys and girls. rescue workers are trying to find people who may be trapped in a train that derailed in a station near paris. it killed at least six people and injured more than 20. the train entered the station at high speed. four averages skid off the rails. some overturned. rail way company spokesperson said the train was heading to the city in central france with about 380 passengers. they say the train was not scheduled to stop at the station when it derailed. the french president hollande said six are confirmed dead and
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20 seriously hurt. some passengers may be trapped inside the train. officials at heathrow airport reopened runways after closing for an hour and a half. a dream liney ing belonging to ethiopian airlines caught fire on the ground. the plane was at a remote parking spot. a boeing spokesperson said the company dispatched staff to investigate and all dream liners were grounded because of battery defects. u.s. federal officials allowed them to start flying again in april. the most high profile fugitive reached out to human rights groups and shown his face for the first time in weeks. former contractor edward snowden met representatives of international human rights groups at an airport in moscow and wants to seek asylum in
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russia or a latin america country that offered refuge. he has been holed up since last month after he exposed covert programs. wikileaks posted on line what they say is a photograph of the meeting with the human rights activist. snowden noted that russia and vend yulea and bo live why offered asylum and he soon plans to request asylum in russia. he earlier sought asylum and withdraw his request. he was a contract worker for the u.s. national security agency. the 30-year-old flew from hong kong to moscow after revealing that the nsa agents collected phone and internet data at home and abroad. authorities want him returned to the u.s. to face espionage charges. snowden has been seeking asylum from more than 20 country and u.s. officials revoked his passport and asked governments
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not to help him evade prosecution. egyptians are observing one of the most important days on the muslim calendar. with clouds of tension and uncertainty over their heads. they are holding the first friday prayers of ramadan. mohammad morsi supporters are gathering to protest what they call a military coop. members of morsi's power base and other groups arenize mass r capital. many gathered near the presidential palace. >> translator: i came to show that most of us egyptians want to see morsi back in power. we don't approve of the interim government. >> translator: this is an important day for muslims. i pray to alla for victory. >> the military deposed the
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president last week and suspended the e gyptian supporters. they avoided the arrest of senior members of the brotherhood on suspicion of insighting violence. opponents are planning rallies and gathering in central cairo and other locations. people in southern china are taking to the streets to oppose the construction of a nuclear facility. more than 1,000 people marched in the city to ask authorities to suspend the project. protesters gathered in front of the government office. city officials announced on july 3rd, their intention to built a facility about 30 kilometers from the city center. it will be used to process uranium and produce nuclear
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fuel. >> such a facility would affect not just the environment, but future generations. >> large scale protests are very rare in china. executives at a power company in western japan filed applications to restart the reactors. they must pass stricter safety checks in response to the 2011 accident at the fukushima nuclear plant. officials at the power company applied with the nuclear regulation authority to restart two reactors at the plant. the electric officials raised their estimation of the highest possible tsunami to hit the area around the plant from two to three meters. they say no new levy is needed because they are 11 meters above sea level. the step brought the number of reactors under nra review to 12. at six plants across japan.
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nra experts are screening applications to determine if the utilities have taken all necessary steps to ensure the safety of mr. plants. it will take at least six months to process each application. in parallel with the new safety requirements, the utilities need to obtain the consent of authorities before restarting the reactor. only two of 50 commercial reactors remain online. >> the asean economic community is gearing up for 2015. the business partners are in vietnam to get in on the ground floor. we have a report from hanoi. >> the federation of japanese chambers of commerce and industry in asean prevents japanese business in southeast
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asia. members of the group met with the secretary general in hanoi on friday. the japanese leaders have great hope for the asean economic community. >> most people from japanese countries, most people are faced with -- >> the community is established in 2015, it will allow the free movement of people goods and capture the member nations. the community is poised to become a gobel economic hub with a combined population of 600 million. however there wide gaps in the gdp per capita among member
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nations and 19 have business activities. japanese business leaders are urging asean to involve japanese and they want to simplify import and export procedures and beef up intellectual property protection. they want to see the introduction of a so-called business. the business people could use instead of the visa throughout the economic community. >> translator: the request from the japanese side were very practical. we want to improve our business conditions in response to them. >> the federation made a specific request based on feedback from japanese business people in southeast asia when the asean community launches in two years, it will have a
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combined population larger than that of the eu. business leaders along the wall are eager to rely on the momentum of the expected growth. nhk world, hanoi. japanese politicians will be spending the weekend at work campaigning for an upper house election. for voters it's a chance to weigh in on abe's first six months in office. he is trying to consolidate power. he and the liberal democratic power hold the upper house. this created a divide house. passing legislation can be tricky. we will be looking at the campaign issues and hearing from voters about what matters to them.
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candidates from the pears are running in the election and the groups qualified for political party status. they include long established parties and others that are relatively new on the scene. several groups that failed to meet are still fielding candidates. in all 433 including independents are running in the election. many have been watching prime minister abe shape his foreign policy. they have seen him notch up successes along the way, but they are keenly aware he needs more time to improve relations with china and south korea. nhk world reports. >> prime minister abe argues the japan-u.s. alliance became unstable in the former administration. he met with president obama to try to smooth things over.
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then he guided japan to join talks for the u.s.-led partnership despite opposition. japan must work even more closely with the u.s. >> abe sat down with vladimir putin and convinced him to resume federal negotiations. he actively promoted japanese industry including nuclear power technology. >> the cabinet diplomacy has been a very active and dynamic one and has been able to visit so many countries in a short, short time. it's rather amazing when you think about previous experiences in many cabinets. >> some describe abe as a leader. his approach to disputes and issues had an impact on the
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region relations. chinese leaders dispute japan's control of the senkaku islands in the east china sea. abe has stressed there is no room to back down. chinese president has taken similar steps. they haven't met. japan ghost guard officials say the government ships continue to enter japanese waters. >> i'm very concerned f. china continues sending these vessels, an accident can happen at any moment and once an accident happens, things can escalate badly. >> relations with south korea have also hit a rough patch. some analysts expected they would get better when the president took office in february. but things are worse after three
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members of the cabinet visited. the designer owners and leaders convicted of war crimes are also remembered. >> translator: if japanese leaders forget about history and continue the behavior, they will pay for it. >> abe hasn't met her, but has gone to a summit. they vow to form a united front, but stopped short of singling out japan. experts say members of the obama administration are closely watching how these stations play out. >> we don't want to see our largest and most important ally in the pacific which is japan. we don't want to see japan marginalized. >> there no easy solutions for the problems that exist between
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these nations. their economies are interconnected and share billions of dollars in trade. improving relations is a must. it remains the biggest challenge for japanese leaders. nhk world, tokyo. >> we will be looking at a number of issues ahead of the upper house election. coverage continues on tuesday with the first of a two-part series on the push to amend the constitution. we will analyze his plan to change the core and make the self defense forces more like a military. the huge population of china traditionally spoke many dialects. they promoted mandarin as the standard. people are speaking out to preserve their own way of
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speaking. nhk world has more. >> 24 million people live in shanghai. the local dialect is struggling to survive. >> do you speak shanghai nese? >> no,i don't. my son was born in shanghai, but doesn't speak it. >> i don't speak it well. >> china is said to have 130 languages including dialects and languages of ethnic minorities. about 40 years ago, the goal designated mandarin as the nation's official language. school education raised the number of people who speak chinese to 60%. the number of young people who can speak the language of their
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own region is falling sharply. >> some buses have started to announce both in mandarin and shanghai nese dialect. it has been received well, particularly among the elderly users. city authorities are also considering using the dialect in the subway system. >> translator: i was born in shanghai. i appreciate the shanghai nese announcement. >> translator: the city has too few localized services like the announcements. i want more services like this
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to make sure that the shanghai dialect won't be lost. >> another effort is also under way for younger people who don't speak the language. this kindergarten is located in the out lying district of the city. about four out of ten opportunities come from families who moveed from other parts of china. usually mandarin is spoken. but several years ago the kindergarten started lessons in shanghai nese. they operate it so children become familiar with the dialect. >> translator: people use shanghai nese less fre friendly.
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we are trying to give the children opportunities to communicate in the local dialect. >> parents say they want their children to be able to speak with locals in their own dialect. >> translator: i want my child to master the basics of the dialect while he is young. i think that the lessons are great. >> political adviser called on the local government to do more to protect the city's dialect. so they decided to teach shaping high nese in all city kindergartens. >> children pick up languages by listening. if they learn this way, the youngsters will remember them for the rest of their lives. dialects are the pillars of local culture. if they're gone, it causes tre
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me mendous harm. >> the rapid economic growth may come at a cost to culture. preserving this may slow the trend. nhk world, shanghai. many japanese products have a large following oversea, but is gaining attention. cosmeti cosmetics. this is spurring new developments in japan's cosmetic industry. >> this central trade fair was held in tokyo in late june. on display are facial pads, lotions and other products made with cutting edge technologies. participating are 360 companies.
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that's 20% more than last year. especially noticeable are buyers from malaysia and other southeast asian countries whose economy is growing. the women are seeking quality goods even if they cost more. exports of japanese cosmetics have doubled from ten years ago. sales to asian countries in particular have been rising sharply. in recent industry surveys, more and more women in southeast asia prefer fair toned skin and are concerned about sunburn. there many inquiries about different sunscreens. in the past, most sunscreens came in cream form. nowadays they are introducing facial mists more convenient to use.
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>> cosmetics made in japan are popular. japanese firms are being asked to manufacture the products of an increasing number of foreign cosmetics companies to market them as made in japan or abroad. this company is making cosmetics upon orders from southeast asia. it's good at making cosmetics from natural ingredients like herbs and rice and responds to customer requests. on this day the firm has a visitor. the owner of a tv shopping company in thailand. he wants to develop cosmetics from herbs and other natural ingredients from thailand. >> translator: really good over high quality. please make our product. if we use japanese technology
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with thai ingreedients, we can have goods in the world market. >> in yet another move, companies in different industries are coming up with new ideas for novel products. this is a new brand started two years ago by a consultant company. with the help, the company put together a strong team to develop a new cosmetic. the out come is this cream that is effective in keeping skin smooth and elastic. the core ingredient made from the heart of blue fin tuna. the heart is known for a lot of good quality protein. it is difficult to process. the expertise from the recycling company made this product possible. >> very interesting. yeah. >> a high level of technology and craftsmanship goes into japan's cosmetics.
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they can probably claim to be made in japan. as may take that their way around the world, i am sure they sell well. >> japanese companies are tying up with other sectors and firms overseas. offering concepts in products, they are trying to stay ahead in the market. >> up now, the latest market figures.
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>> here's the weekend weather forecast.
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>> finally, an old japanese saying described sake as the best medicine. a group of visitors to a buddhist temple got to sample that medicine combined with the health-giving power of lot us leaves. about 100 varieties of lot us are in full bloom at the temple. the temple priests hold a sake-tasting event every year. the stem is rich in calcium and minerals and drinking sake in this manner is said to have originated in china where people drank it for good health and longevity. >> that's all we have this hour on "newsline." thank you for watching. have a good day.
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