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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 22, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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you're watching kwlt newsline." we're starting off with breaking news out of new york. an airplane experienced trouble touching down at laguardia international airport. its front landing gear collapsed. southwest airlines operates the boeing 737. the plane was on its way from nashville, tennessee, to new york. abc news is reporting three
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people suffer eed minor injurie. laguardia has been closed. southwest airlines officials say they're gathering details and will release a statement soon. tens of thousands of babies come into this world every day, but one birth in britain is capturing global attention. the duchess of cambridge has given birth to her first child with prince william. it's a boy. now everyone is waiting to find out what his name will be. buckingham palace released a statement saying mother and baby are in good health. he weighs 3.8 kilograms and was porn at 4:24 p.m. he's now third in line to the throne after his grandfather prince charles and his father prince william. doctors at the london hospital signed the official announcement. and it was displayed in the court of buckingham palace. prince william is on vacation from the royal air force and he'll now start a short
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paternity leave. prime minister david cameron spoke shortly after the news of the birth was announced. >> it's wonder news from st. mary's, and i'm sure across the country and common wealth, people will be wishing the couple well. >> william narried kate inform april 2011. well wishers packed some of the streets in london. some shared messages for the new parents. >> congratulations on the newborn son. i hope he turns out to be as much of a success as you two have been. >> i wish the baby lots of health and happiness. i think the whole country is quite happy about it. well done to them. >> congratulations. i hope you are all well. we are all really excited and
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can't wait to see it. >> now, they are waiting to catch a first glimpse. search and rescue crews are looking for people who went missing after an earthquake in northwestern china. it struck a rural area killing more than 80 people and injuring hundreds of others. and the earthquake monitoring center said that it shook the inarea of gansu and surrounding areas. state run cct tv reports that at least 89 people are dead and more man 600 people injured and at least five people are missing. the quake destroyed buildings and cut pow to telephone lines in some areas. cctv reports some people felt it in a major city in gansu province.
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a suicide bomber killed 12 people in northern iraq. the authorities are reeling from a spade of violence. including a jailbreak at two baghdad prisons. a military convoy was rammed by a vehicle in mosul. militants the day before attacked prisons, a suicide bomber detonated a car outside the prison in baghdad. attackers bombarded the jail with grenades and motor rounds. militants launched a similar strike just north of the capital at another prison. justice ministry officials say that about 100 prisoners are on the loose, and many are members of extremist groups. independent monitors say more than 500 people in iraq have been killed this month in terrorist attacks. environmentalists are reacting angly to news that u.s. jets dropped bombs last week near the great barrier reef.
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fighter pilot s jetisoned four unused devices neu s near a une world heritage protected site. a u.s. navy spokesperson said that the pilots were taking part in a joint drill with the us a trilian military. they intended to drop the bombs in a preapproved area away from the coral reef, but avoided the mission when civilian boats were spotted below. they were low on fuel and could not land with the bombs on board. the impact was minimal and the devices pose no risk to ships. but a senator from australia's green party said dumping the bombs was outrageous. >> well, letting the u.s. military drop bombs on the great barrier reef. have we gone completely mad? is this how we look after our world heritage areas? letting a foreign power drop
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bombs on it? >> u.s. officials say they're working with australian authorities to investigate the incident. a team of united nations experts will arrive in panama next month to inspect a north korean ship. it was carrying arms from cuba. the experts will determine whether it violated an u.s. arms embargo against the north inspectors found two mig-21 fighter jets and possible missile components on board. north korean and cuban officials say it contained obsolete weapons for repair. the captain and 35 crew members were arrested for attempting to smuggle undeclared weapons through the panama canal. should the team find they violated the arms embargo, the
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case will likely be brought before the u.n. security council's sanctions committee. the operator of the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant has confirmed for the first time that contaminated ground water is seeping in from the site to the ocean. it comes two weeks after they have seen a spike in contamination in the water around the plant. the fist signs were reported in may. in early july, levels of cesium jumped by about 100 times over the space of four days. at the time, officials at tokyo electric power company said they didn't have enough data to determine if contaminated ground water was leaking into the ocean. but nuclear regulators contradicted this assessment saying a leak was highly likely. tepco engineers analyzed the ground water in wells between january and july. they concluded that a drop of those levels indicates that contaminated water is leak into the ocean.
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>> translator: we sincerely apologize for causing concerns to so many people, particularly those who live in fukushima. >> utility officials say levels of another radioactive substance called tridium have been rising inside the facility's port. but they say the impact of the leak is limited because con ten tragss of tridium remain low from the port's exit anticipate off the coast. a local fisherman says he's shocked to learn the situation is so different from what the utility has been claiming until now. japanese prime minister abe is riding high after an election victory gave his ruling liberal democratic party a lock on
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power. the ldp and the coalition partner won a majority of seats in the upper house, and they control the lower house. so the diet is no longer divided. abe is vowing to push ahead with his economic policies. >> translator: with this election victory, we have been able to put an end to the divided diet, which caused japanese politics to stagnate for a long time. but at the same time, we have to fully appreciate the responsibilities behind the number of seats we won in this election. in particular, the public wants to regain a strong economy that can be felt in every corner of japan. the economy is the basis for the country's power, we cannot achieve diplomatic power or stable social security without a strong economy. >> abe referred to relations
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between jamaine -- japan and china, which have been strained have been strained. >> translator: the ties we have with china make up one of our most important bilateral relationships. i think it's the same on both sides. that is why, i believe we should cooperate and make efforts to overcome various challenges. so, it is important for both of us to discuss matters without any reservations. our doors are open to dialog. we should hold bilateral summits and foreign ministerial talks. >> abe's liberal democrats and coalition partners now have 135 seats in the upper house. that's enough for what's called a stable majority in the chamber. that allows coalition members to chair all upper house committees and to hold half the seats on them.
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prime minister abe returned to power in the lower house election last december, but without control of both houses he has been unable to do some of the things he has wanted to do. so, he and his allies have been working toward this election for months. the largest opposition group, the democratic party of japan had a disappointing showing. they secured 17 seats, the fewest since the party was formed in 1998. now that prime minister abe has gained the power to push through legislation and implement policies, the question is, how will he use that power? we got insight from an associate professor at ko university and an expert on japanese politics. >> so last night's election results completes the ldp's return to power. it now has control of both chambers of the diet, which means that this problem of diet twist, in which the ruling party only controls one of the houses
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resulting in legislative gridlock is resolved. at the same time, the ldp has become a very large power, and they're safely in power in a sense, and this may create the risk of infaction, infighting, and factionalism, which has tended to harm the ldp historically. if they are serious, he will also have to invest in educating the work force. education and also getting women to enter the workforce and stay in the workforce. it's often said that japan's most underused resource or asset is women. if they are serious about long-term growth, one has to educate the workforce to deal with the new economic environment. so where is the abe administration spending?
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actually, they're spending a lot on public works. it's not clear whether it's done in the most efficient manner. as you may know, ldp in the '80s and '90s was notorious for spending on public works, so-called brinls to no where, highways to nowhere. if that sort of thing were to be repeated, although prime minister abe said ldp is new now, it's a new reformist party, there will be a lot of doubts. tpp is really discussed in the context of free trade, improving economy and structural reforms. but it has a lot to do with security architecture in the region. by creating a network camp of free market liberal democracies through ttp, i think the intentions of the u.s. is to try to engage china, china to come into the ttp ultimately. so if the administration because
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of back bench resistance, resistance from rank and file fails to enter the tpp, this will not be damaging just to japan's economic reform prospects, but also to its security prospects. southeast asian media say abe will help strengthen ties between japan and asean countries. thai tv says election results will help deepen economic ties between japan and thailand. about 4,000 japanese companies operate in the country. the vietnamese daily said the result will help abe focus on steering japan towards economic recovery, thereby benefitting its neighbors. japanese economic aid and private sector founding account for the largest part of
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vietnam's foreign economic investment. vietnam talked with the prime minister about maritime security. vietnam apparently hopes to strengthen ties with japan in this field. it's currently disputing with china over a group of islands in the south china sea. prime minister abe has strengthened his hand at home. now he's hoping to win support abroad. he'll fly later this week to southeast asia for a three-day tour. japanese chief cabinet secretary said abe will visit malaysia, singapore and the philippines. he says the prime minister is hoping to boost relations with members of the association of southeast asian nations. >> translator: asean nations have grown rapidly. japan wants to improve their economic ties with them. >> the prime minister will hold
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talks with u.s. vice president joe biden in singapore. abe visited vietnam, thailand and indonesia in january and myanmar in may. >> thai kick boxes or muay thai is the country's natural sport, said to be the strongest standing martial art in the world. muay thai fighters begin training from an early age. the government and national media have refrained from criticizing muay thai because of its special place in thai culture, but medical experts want to ring in some changes. >> a young fighter is loved. muay thai is getting more and more popular in thailand. the number of fighters at the
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age of 16 is more than 900 initially. but that number is expected to be more than 100,000. >> translator: child boxing is so exciting. it's a lot like adult boxing where sometimes people think. kid boxers just keep on fighting to the end. >> reporter: this 8-year-old started muay thai two years ago. >> translator: i'm not afraid to punch. i will win the match today. >> reporter: he gets his first victory in the second round by a technical knockout. outside the ring, his mother looks on anxiously. >> translator: i'm afraid isle
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sisle see his opponent hurt him. i'm uneasy every time. i hear my heart beat during the match. that's how excited i am. >> reporter: there are six children here under 16 who practice here. muay thai boxers usually start training as young as 3 and are competing before they are 10. >> translator: most child boxers come from poor backgrounds. if ef a match, they can earn money for their family. >> reporter: he this boy lives near the gym with his uncle's family. his father died when he was 5 and he was putt placed in his uncle's care, separated from his mother. but the uncle's family struggles to make ends meet.
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muay thai was the easiest way for him to earn his keep. >> translator: our family is poor. that's the main reason i asked him to take up boxing and earn money by himself. i invest in him by training him and sending him to school as a boxer. >> i'm training hard. if i can become a famous boxer, i could also give money to my mother. >> fighting without pads can cause occasional severe injuries some medical experts have begun a project to show how dangerous contact muay thai can be for kids. they are holding full physical check-ups for young fighters, including blood test and memorized counts. >> this research is to search
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for scientific evidence. we would like to know the repeated trauma to the brain for long time has any effect upon structural or the development of the brain. >>. >> reporter: they are planning to research 100 boxers. they will ask the government and muay thai associations to change rules regarding child boxers based on their findings. thailand's booming economy has seen the country, but martial arts remains largely unchanged. muay thai will have to find a way to protect its tradition and
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the children who practice it. nhk world, bangkok. >> let's take a look at the market figures. >> time now for a check on the weather.
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it's a warm and sunny day in tokyo so far. what can people expect in japan. >> it looks like there's a seasonal front stretching all the way from eastern china and into the sea of japan. and underneath it, heavy rain will be found. 200 millimeters has fallen in south korea. in seoul, people are wading through the flooded water. this additional rainfall, about 150 millimeters is not really going to help improve that situation. in central japan, looks like the rain will be an ongoing situation. showers in tokyo as well. the good news, as i mentioned,
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things are diminishing here, but showers will still be continuing in and around the area where that 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit in western gonsu province. but showers i hope will not be preventing from that improvement process. things are soaring into the 30s due to that heat dome, created just underneath the rain band. 37 degrees, that's going to be heating up to about 38 on your wednesday. already at 38 in shanghai. so heat advisories and warning in this region. tokyo looking at 32 with sunny spells. but into the afternoon and evening hours, showers and heavy rain will be possible. heavy rain is also possible in southern california here in north america. the eastern half of the continent, looking at a messy situation. severe thunderstorms across this area into the lower mississippi
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valley. but starting tomorrow tuesday. this is going to be do with foc here. this could be spawning tornadoes. this is going to be an ongoing situation with flash flood warnings and watches posted across california and into new mexico and that includes the four corners region as well. north of that, we have a heat dome that's preventing things from cooling down. take a look at that. sizzling hot, please stay hydrated if you are going to be out and about. we have a spinning cloud system as you can see. gale force winds reported yesterday. that's going to be continuing across the area. and towards the atlantic, we
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have a system moving into the british isles. so finally, the temperatures are going to be dropping down yesterday on monday. it reach the 33.5 degrees at hea heathrow airport, which is the highest temperature recorded in uk since july 2006. london yesterday 33 degrees. now down to 28 with a chance of showers. but the heat still persists in the central regions with 32, continuing into thursday in budapest. well above the average range. we'll be continuing here. i'll leave you now for the extended forecast.
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>> taking a look again at one of our lead stories, dutch kesz kate has given birth to a boy.
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buckingham palace released a statement saying the moth err and baby are in good health. it was born at 4:24 p.m. he's now third in line to the tloep after his grand father prince charles and his father prince william. doctors at the london hospital signed the official announcement. and it was displayed in the fore court of buckingham palace. prince william is on vacation from the royal air force. and he'll now start a short paternity leave. prime minister david cameron spoke shortly after news of the birth was announced. >> it's wonderful news, and i'm sure that right across the country and indeed right across the common wel, people will be celebrating and wishing the royal couple well. that is all for this edition of "news line. do stay with us. we'll be back with more at the
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top of the hour. 
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