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tv   France 24 News  PBS  July 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> tunisia in turmoil. thousands take to the streets after the assassination of the secular opposition leader. it is the second such killing this year. searching for answers. and investigations into why a train in the northwest of spain flew off the tracks killing 80 people. they are focusing on the seat it was traveling. after visiting one of rio de janeiro's most dangerous slum pope francis received a frenzied welcome kicking off world news day at copacabana beach. those at the top stories we are following on "france 24." we begin with all to familiar scenes in tunisia. riot police and protesters are
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clashing outside the interior ministry after the assassination of the opposition figure sparked angry demonstrations. he was a critic of the ruling islamist and mandy are pointing the finger at the party for his murder. it is the second such murder this year. >> gunned down in front of his wife and daughter. the opposition leader was shot 11 times before being brought to this hospital. his daughter said to gun man killed her father at point blank range. >> they were dressed in black. one of them was wearing a red cap, the other a beige one. my father died before he could leave the constituent assembly. every opposition said he should resign after what has happened. >> outside the hospital, protesters accused the leader of the islamist led government of
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orchestrating the shooting of one of his strong as opponents. he was a secular politician working on the country's new collocation and a boat -- constitution. he resigned from the people's party earlier this month sending it had been infiltrated by islamists. for many tunisians his murder is a déjà vu of the assassination of bali less than six months ago. his death triggered the worst violence in the country since 2011. >> protesters have also taken to the streets in the birthplace of the arab spring uprising. a general strike has been called for this friday with all flights to and from the country canceled. tunisia's political transition has been relatively peaceful. this murder sparks fears that
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the country could slide into political turmoil. >> hundreds of tunisians poured onto the street. they amassed in front of the hospital to call for the governments resignation. >> they chant. they believe the ruling islamist party is behind his murder. and they are not the only ones. the winner of another secular politician murdered in february also points her finger to the islamist party. >> i call upon the people that are shocked by the assassination , the people that know that other people will also be assassinated to take to the streets. we need to go down in the streets in protest. we will not leave until the government steps down. . >> they have rejected the charges calling the murder of catastrophe. >> certain people want tunisia
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to go down. they want to stop us from holding fair and free elections. >> u.n. human rights chief demanded an investigation into the killing while french president hollande condemned the killing and called on the country to protest peacefully to preserve national unity. meanwhile, egypt is bracing itself for a showdown on friday. it supporters and sabonis -- and opponents of morsi predicting blood on the streets ahead of planned protests. the military has reportedly given the muslim brotherhood until saturday afternoon to sign on to political reconciliation as a rhetoric tween the opposing sides continues to ratchet. we have more. >> one nation, two opposing sides in an ongoing struggle for power. for their part, the muslim
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brotherhood calls for their leader morsi's return. his supporter has been campaigning since his removal from power. on the other hand, there is the opposition movement am a together with the army, led by the general. >> there is no reconciliation with the terrorist group that waste egyptian soulds and blood and kills the people on the streets of cairo. no reconciliation with the group that throws egyptian kids from rooftops. >> on word he has growing support, the general has called for his followers to protest on friday. the brotherhood says this is a call for civil war, but the decides islamist work targeted in a rally. the islamist opposition encourages people to stand against the coup that toppled morsi and protest easily on friday. >> we are in cairo.
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our correspondent says the call for people to take to the streets if the test of the military's level of public support. >> it's a bet and a risk the general has taken because if there is no massive turnout, then he will be in jeopardy because the muslim brothers will say, see, in fact, the general is not followed by the people of egypt. so it's a real coup, and it is not a popular uprising like the army is saying. so he is trying with all of his allies to push people to go to the streets. we even have private and independent televisions deciding to stop their series tomorrow, a very popular series to have the people go to the streets instead of looking at the tv. but for the time being, from
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what it appears on social media, is that the rally could be quite important. >> the train races into view. in a heartbeat, crashes into a concrete wall, skiididding along the track with terrifying speed. security footage has showed the moment the express train derailed as it hurtled around a curve in spain on wednesday. the trains excessive speed is expected to be part of the tragedy that left 80 people dead. one of the drivers under police guard in hospital has been put under formal investigation. sarah morris has more on the ongoing inquiries into what caused the train to fly off the tracks. >> the investigation is underway. there has been speculation about this deed, a lot of reports from investigators -- about the speed. none official, because the
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official line is that this is a very early stage of the investigation and prudence must be practiced, because although speed does seem to be the question, this was a dangerous curve, which is where the train seems to lose control. but these are high-speed trains that are designed to grow at very large speeds. and one of the questions investigators will have to ask is whether any automatic systems on the train that failed each would have checked any speed that was excessive as it went around that curve? the prime minister when he visited to look at the accident scene and spoke shortly afterwards was very cautious about saying that an open mind needs to be kept at this stage. the forensic scientists have spent the whole day going through all of the evidence. some of the bodies were in a very distressing state. finally, of the 80 people who
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were killed, 13 people have not been identified. their loved ones have not been able to go to the hospitals. >> the cleanup operation continues. the spanish king and the prime minister have rushed to the scene. the prime minister was actually born there. the nearest town to the crash. he called for three days of national mourning and expressed his condolences for the relatives of the victims. we have more. >> a royal hospital visit shrouded in tragedy. spain's king and queen traveled to pay their respect to those killed and injured in wednesday's train crash. >> we just want to say that at this time all spanish people must remain united. all our thoughts are with the victims, families, and friends of the victims and we hope that we can clarify the issues that cuaused this
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>> scores died after a train traveling three times as fast as the 50 kilometer per hour's the limit came off the rails before.entering the station most of its passengers were killed or injured. thursday is saints day. it witnessed an outpouring of grief across the country, as well as the drive for blood donations. >> we have the day off so we decided to come here because i wanted to donate. >> meanwhile, as the death toll rises, relatives of those killed and injured have been entering a psychological support center. >> at the moment, we have enough professionals to manage the situation. we are among 45 professionals who have been working since last night, so we can give assistance to relatives around the clock. >> this has been the worst train
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crash in spain since 1972 when 86 people were killed after a train collided with a bus in the southwest of the country. >> hollande says he has proof that four french hostages kidnapped in niger in 2010 are alive. they are thought to be still be captured by al qaeda. they were seized where they were working on a uranium mine. >> we know full well that when it comes to hostage situations i have a consistent position and that is to say the least possible. the nigerian president announced some days ago there was evidence to suggest our hostages were still alive. and we have had confirmation of that information. >> another day, another grim
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toll in serious civil war. banki moon says more than 100,000 people have been killed, 7000 more than they announced early last month. speaking alongside john kerry, ban stressed the urgency of finding a political solution to the crisis and appealed for efforts to convene at peace conference. >> the conflict is now continuing almost 2 and a half years. more than 100,000 people have been killed. millions of people have been displaced or become refugees in neighboring countries. we have to bring this to an end. >> now, it looks like more like a music festival rather than a religious congregation. hundreds of thousands of catholics greeted the pope on copacabana beach waving flags.
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the pontiff was treated to dance before he addressed the crowd. he celebrated world -- day. >> right now the wind has picked up at copacabana beach, as a celebration is continuing in full force. various performances as the pope watches on. before it began, he arrived with the pope mobile that went down the length of the beach. he was cheered by the crowd. the civilians are young people. the pope gave his welcome greeting speech before the event kicked off. in the speech he specifically
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remembered his predecessors, recalling john paul ii's being canonized later this year. and how he began this world day celebration in the 1980's. he also thanked benedict xvi. pope talks about how the thoughts of hope and light and love and faith and he specifically mentioned the chris the rst the redeemer statue, anw it is welcomed and embraced for the young people that are catholic in order to celebrate this world day festival. >> stay with uson "france 24> -- stay with us on "france 24." more news in 15 minutes.
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>> he's chosen his longtime pal as the star of his latest film. it is expected to be one of the hottest films of 2014. we have a peek behind the scenes on set. >> johnny halliday between
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scenes. >> claude has a few treats in store for the rockstar. >> you are the happiest man in the world. so you are like this. >> hidden away in the alps with a team full of history costars like a french singer and after eddy mitchell, a man he says who has been like a brother to him. he's written the story and the character especially for johnny. that of a retired war photographers struggling with a tense relationship with his children. the title or "beloved bastard." >> this is the story of a guy who had four children with four different women but who has never taken care of them because he did not have time because he was always off chasing wars. it is something that really caught my attention because as a singer when i had my first children i was always on the road. i did not have the time to look after them as i would've liked
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to, and i again if i quite a lot with the character. -- i identify quite a lot with the character. >> they are about to get started on one of the films most important scenes. a lot of improvisation. >> c'est bon. >> the director and johnnie films music videos together in the 1960's. after this the pair did not work together for 40 years. >> i had always said to him one day when the time is right we will make a eight film together, a real film. johnny's face -- he's lived, the women he has loved, his children and everything. everything is marked on his face. because he is such a generous man, these marks are beautiful. >> the story of love and friendship with a few surprises
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up its sleeve. it will be out in 2014. >> now to what is the most important annua photographic event in the world. it is taking place since 1970. this edition is dedicated to black and white and includes works from many artists. we are joined in studio. >> thank you. >> where does black and white photography fit into modern practice? >> a lot of people do it. is like some people, photographers are bitter doing color. they are dominant. otherwise you shoot in black and white. myself, i shot many pictures of my children from birth to rec
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ent, and i do it in black and white because what's important to me is them. if i shoot color, i am much more busy with the background and when they are dressed in. color is more complex. >> let's talk about your social landscape project alongside a letter and other photographers. tell us more about this project. >> it is because of the era of south africa in france. we have been working in very many different regions, based mainly in france, with six south african photographers. the show is a mixture of all of that. everybody has their own space. so, and it is very -- a very big country.
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it is all different regions in all different aspects of south african life. >> i wanted to talk about one of your photos. can you tell us the story behind this one? >> oh, this -- i was driving on the road and i found this memorial for a little girl who h ad a car accident there. and this thing was near a little village where there was a ceremony for a young boy, a black boy which died. and it was extremely moving. it was like, people were dressed in such a colorful way and were singing. it was extremely moving. it was a little bit like being in the united states in the 1960's in the south in a movie. so, although they are in france. me, being flemish, i understand quite a bit of afrikaans. it was moving.
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>> the main a particular done, the olympics and things like. where does this fit into your work history? >> i'm very interested in different things. i like to change. it is like having different live. for example, i have been working in morocco for 40 years. i am bringing out a book soon. i've been going back there nearly every year. one month. and i can be interested in the very rural aspects but i can be very excited about korea or japan or whatever. i like to change. it is like -- having only one love affair of your life. you like to be excited about many different things. >> thank you so much for coming in and speaking to us on "france 24." the social landscape project is showing until the 22nd of
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september. that is what is touted is the largest comedy festival in the world. just for laughs in montreal has been running for 30 years. spanning three weeks, english and french speaking comedians take to the stage with one aim, to make the audience giggle. we have been searching for the funniest joke. >> thousands of spectators each evening lapping up every joke with a hearty chuckle. >> good morning. how old are you this morning? [speaking french] sorry. could it be possible to close your -- >> the comedy festival is a launchpad for undiscovered talents with scouts and booking agents on the hunt for the next big thing in the audience. meanwhile, the acts appeal to a wide range of tastes. from the traditional one-man
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show -- to the doulbble act. >> ha ha. tres drolle. >> when he gives me a high five, i know it is to make fun of me but i also know it must be someone sitting in the audience. so i do not have a problem with it. it is a good joke. >> i am going to do it sitting down. even then he cannot give me a high five caret imagine when i'm standing up. >> the jokes don't stop when the curtain falls. there are plenty of laughs backstage. >> there is no one there. >> turns out that slapstick comedy remains the best way to get laughs. no translation needed and that is perfect for the international audience who want the same thing -- to have a giggle. >> is humor international?
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did you find that funny? >> it is. i prefer english humor. it's more -- it's really -- it's different. >> sharp. now we are going to talk -- we're going to london and we will talk about a giant electric blue cockerel cockerel that has been unveiled in trafalgar square. it is the work of the german artist who uses the sculpture to comment on masculinity. inviting double entrendres. the cockerel is the national symbol of france. >> it is one of those occasions when politicians have to resist any kind of artistic interpretation. its meaning might be whether it symbolizes french pride, for instance, brought from paris after the tour de france. >> it will reside right beside the monument to the vanquishing of the french.
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feminists are rejoicing after the bank of england announced the face of jane austin will appear on the 10 pound note. here's mark carney. >> the unintended impression of the churchill decision was the possibility some people were concerned these groups were concerned about the possibility that there would be no women on a notes. we understand those concerns, we listened, and so we brought for the decision and the announcement. >> the photographer was today's guest. the social landscape project is showing at the photography festival until september 22. thank you for joining us. now we are going to play out with work from a german surrealist artist ernst that is being shown in basel. you can follow us on our social networks. thanks for company.
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welcome to "newsline." it's friday, july 26th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. investigators are trying to determine the cause of spain's worst rail accident in decades. at least 80 people were killed after the train rounded a curve and jumped off of the tracks. 140 others were injured. police suspect the driver had pished the train well above the speed limit.


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