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tv   France 24 News  PBS  July 27, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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>> the deadliest outbreak of violence in egypt since president morsi's ousting leaves dozens dead. the opposition leader is laid to rest amid anger and high tension. the stakes are high in mali preparing for its first presidential election. first out to egypt at least 100 are said to be dead and many more injured after security forces apparently opened fire on support ers of morsi. it erupt ed overnight.
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security forces opened fire just before dawn on around the clock sit-in near a mosque in the northeast of the city. officials deny they used live ammunition. we have this report. >> a makeshift morgue is bursting at the seams. the muslim brotherhood said scores of protesters are dead after the saturday morning clashes. they claim police and armed civilians were shooting to kill. >> all the dead were hit in the head, heart or chest. only one man was shot in the back. there were some with brains blown out. victims were hit between the eyes. they were fired on from above. >> the interior minister denies that security forces used live rounds. >> we have never opened fire on protesters. no aimed at their torsos. i can guarantee it.
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>> supporters of morsi have been camped out since his removal from power. doctors scram belied to deal wi them. >> look at the situation. you can see for yourself. they all have gunshot wounds. >> the injuries are from live ammunition. the patients are wounded in the stomach, back and legs. >> more wounded are being treated at a public hospital. morsi supporters say his removal from power is nothing less than
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a military coup led by the general but his backers have been on the streets, too. on friday tens of thousands packed the square responding to the general's call for a show of support. >> the latest flare-up has sparked concern among the international community. among those expressing concern the united states which has long been one of egypt's firmest backers and big military donor. with us from washington, d.c. is our corporate -- correspondent. john kerry the secretary of state has called this a pivotal moment for egypt. once again towing a bit of a diplomatic tightrope there. >> yes, absolutely. i think the position of the united states so far over the last few months concerning egypt has been standoffish. the states trying very clearly not to take sidesno carrierring0
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>> todt of the american military has been on the phone to his egyptian counterpart. what was his message? >> similar to the message sent
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out by secretary of state kerry calling for the same no more politicized arrests and the person is mohamed morsi. this is a very complicated situation for the u.s. military and it all has to do with the definition of what happened in egypt was it a coup or not because if the united states defines it as a coup it is no longer legally allowed to hand over any money to the egyptian military. neither the egyptian military nor u.s. military want this to happen. that is why what has happened in egypt hasn't been defined as coup what the united states can do is little nudges toward the egyptia egyptians. >> that is our correspondent reporting for us. there's been high emotion in tunisia as thousands turned out for the funeral of a leader.
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his funeral took place under high security with riot police firing tear gas to disperse angry people. >> mohammed brahmi's could have,whave have,-- coffin was carried out of his home under military escort. in the crowd there were no  government representatives, only family members and friends who came to pay last respects and express anger at the leader of the other party. they are coming to dig your grave. >> mohammed brahmi's daughter ask her father serve as an example to the people. >> my father is a martyr to the arab nations. if the people ignore this blood shed there will be more martyrs. >> brahmi's widow and children accompanied his remains as the funeral correspond tenn made
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its way to the burial site. surrounding them thousands of people from all over. it ended at the gates of the cemetery. the crowd cheered as the casket was carried inside. the cleric led them in prayer before he was buried. he was laid to rest beside another opposition leader who was assassinated last february with the very same gun used to kill brahmi. >> many of the mourners openly blaming the ruling party for the death and the opposition leader. earlier on i spoke to the sunday times correspondent who is in tunis. i asked what the government is doing to address all of this public anger. >> the government, different voices from the government have variously some of them are trying to imply that it is some kind of deliberate attempt to
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destabilize the country which might not be coming from this very fringe islamist movement and there might be interests behind that with a regional agenda to discredit the arab spring. that was the version we heard thursday night. what has happened this evening is we have had the person who heads the constituent assembly elected in october of 2011 and he's appealing to tuni tunisian have patience and we have been working for a year and a half and he gave a timetable and said we can finish the constitution by the end of august and we can finish the new election by the end of september and have elections by the end of the year. >> in libya hundreds of mourners crowded the states of benghazi for the funeral of a murdered anti-islamist activist. he was killed by unknown gunmen in a drive-by shooting friday.
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his funeral was preceded by nationwide protests. late in the day there was a dramatic prison break with more than 1,000 detainees escaping. the prime minister has claimed local residents attacked the prison because they don't want it near their homes. back in europe the driver of the train that derailed in spain thursday is out of hospital and facing possible charges of reckless homicide. 78 died in the crash. earlier saturday police identified the last three victims. the tkraoeudriver has so far reo answer police questions. this report comes from our team in a city that is still in mourning. >> families in mourning outside this makeshift morgue. it is here experts are identifying the victims' bodies. after two days of d.n.a. testing
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nearly all the victims have been named. volunteers are on hand to help the families cope. >> it pains me to say this. it is such a tragedy that is affect beiing the community. >> around 10 victims are still in local hospitals, some in critical condition. this man says it is a miracle he is alive. >> the impact was brutal, terrible. i told myself it is impossible to get out alive. >> despite his injuries, he was able to help a dozen people escape. >> older people trapped in metal and glass, the structure of the train. we tried to help them out one after the other. >> already hit by the economic crisis, the city is now facing, 11 million malians are getting ready to vote in a election but many hope to restore stability
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in their war torn country. sunday's first round presidential ballot is a year and a half after it was plunged into political crisis. it is also six months after the french military forces led and international effort to do this. we have this report on the situation in mali. >>he marketplaces are busy. we see women doing something that had been forbideden -- forbidden. people say they feel secure in their town. they see the presidential polls as the final sign of freedom. they remember how quickly those radical islamist us and occupation arrived in the first place. analysts are convinced that security in the north where you are will determine whether in is
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a successful election or not. what is the security situation like? >> there is quite a big security detail put in place for these elections. they will be secured notably by the malian army and police forces. it is their responsibility to secure the polling stations. but they are supported by the u.n. troops and there are some 650 u.n. military in the reasonabregion at the moment. and there is a rapid response force still here of the french. the troops that came in january. so, quite a large security detail in place . it was hit by multiple suicide attacks in recent months and this saturday there was even a press release from the group of radicalists that occupied them for months on end and sent out a
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warning saying to stay away from the polling booths, they could be target and they threatened to target military operations in the country. so, the mayor said to us the situation is never at zero but they are fairly confident that these elections will pass off peacefully. >> that was the report from mali. we will leave with you these very latest images from brazil where an estimated one million people or perhaps more are attending a nighttime vigil presided over by none other than the pope. earlier police closed main roads as crowds of catholics thronged to the beach. this comes at the end of his closely watched visit to brazil.
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that is it from us here. you can leave with those pictures. set for the beginning of the year medicinal products can be sold on line and in july the health ministry extended it to 4,000 products.
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not without the risk to the consumer. we take a look. extraordinary people can buy from home and don't have to go to the chemist. there are no queues. they have a huge collection to choose from. they can get comfortable advice from a pharmacist who can answer questions they might have. online pharmacists are highly monitor monitored and ecommerces have to answer questions. before it is complete the pharmacist can decide to refuse the order. imagine you want to order medication you have to validate your company label and confirm you have read and understood and know what you are buying. you can ask the pharmacist questions by e-mail or chat. when you validate it give age, weight and if you are a woman state if you are pregnant if you take them regularly.
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preventing errors is a real danger. counterfeit products and the french government has made it mandatory for the internet site to be part of a licensed medici medicinal pharmacy registered in france. >> the internet is the major vector for promoting and selling counterfeit goods on line. with volatile offshore platforms products potentially escape any laboratory controls by pharmacists. we are pretty certain one in two medicinal products on the market is counterfeit which is why it is important to have a proper framework and strict rules. >> france has taken a very cautious approach to the online sell of prescription drugs because reality the medication available on line will only be sold in virtual extensions of actual pharmacy shelves.
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so the idea is to have certified registered referenced websites which belong to licensed pharmacies. so consumers are guaranteed of the quality and authenticity of the product they buy online. >> the risk remains with identity theft being so easy online a fake pharmacy could easily pass itself off as an authorized one. >> let's be honest. the pharmacy may have a fantastic website with all sorts of medication on sale. generic medicinal like generic viagra at slashed prices. baker the logo with all the online security you can imagine. but how does the web user know whether the pharmacy actually
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exists, that it is not a hoax pharmacy, a website hosted in singapore? will they really go to the pharmacist's website to see if it is on the authorized list? and even if they do how will they know the pharmacy difference? so in is only one way of being absolutely certain and that is by visiting the government at the websites that provide all sorts of helpful information on how to detect illicit online drugstores in a few clicks. the u.s. city of detroit filed for bankruptcy on thursday causing widespread concerns and
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people spread their sadness and anger over the decline of the creator of the automobile industry. it has sparked lively reaction online and inspired photographers. they have been producing works that take us to the heart of a city that has in part been left abandoned. web users can access several virtual visits of factories and other derelict buildings. you can see what remains of detroit's old central station built in 1913 and now completely deserted or walk through the gutted premises of the fisher body factory which had up to 1,000 employees in its hay day. he has been photographing buildings and turned attention to the 1,000 or so houses left empty after residents packed up.
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entire neighborhoods deserted. residential areas and there is beauty to be seen one photographer said. they have this collection called the ruins of detroit that conveys gorgeous shots with a different take on the city in decline. announced screen by the british royal family the birth of william and kate's son has set off an avalanche of comments. it says royal back mentions reached a peek of over 25,000 tweets per night. it had countless congratulations from all over the worlds sent in by ordinary web users and celebrities and political fingers such as the english pop singer and ellen degeneres and prime minister of canada steven harper.
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the new heir will be presented to the public and advertisers are seizing opportunity to promote their products. a number of brands have launched online campaigns with a royal baby scene. some find it irritating and for anyone who has had enough you can download it. this browser uses a filtering system so it looks for key words and removes all content relating it the newborn prince. at the center of one of the biggest political scandals to hit china in years the former rising star of the communist party has been indicted for abuse of power.
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it has caused a determination to combat this scourge. they hail the authority for cracking down on both the flies and tigers a statement used by the president when he said he would target everybody in the anticorruption drive. although the words are not blocked on the chinese web the case remains a very sensitive topic and countless comments have been made like this one which was sent in by a supporter who applauds his work where he was party chief four years before his fall from grace. other messages they wopdz if the former party boss will be given a fair trail. one thinks with the highly political case the outcome has already been decided. this web user expressed a similar sentiment denouncing a
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show trial that won't be credible whatever, the verdict. this is a fantastic competition described as the best game of horse ever. it is between american frisbee champ and a basketball enthusiast. it shows the athlete successful tully pulling off one amazing shot or throw after another. impressive stuff indeed. >> time for a look through the weekly french press. we will start off with the
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weeklies paris match because of the baby boy king george the seventh he could be, a child is born and media frenzy is being shared in france. this shows kate and william and says he's got a 20-page spread for its readers in france. that is just the tpeufirst baby album. lots of baby bubble for the people on the beach in france. the magazine is joining in the fun inside its pages saying god save the royal baby. it is time to party. and there we can see the two-page spreads. >> let's move on to the news next. elections in mali and they take a poll of stories it likes from around the world and it has this piece about mali which is picked
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up from the africa press which is saying in the piece the elections in mali are premature. there are security fears that are not being dealt with sufficiently and problems with voter registration and pressures from paris and washington, d.c. so, that piece there is ending with a quote from the interim leader dioncounda traore saying if this election fails now what we will see is more problems for mali than it has ever had during its recent crisis. the country would be back to square one. >> sticking in africa, morocco dominating. >> the headline there is another morocco question mark, another morocco emerging. this is to do with how the country is faring two years after it adopted a new constitution. it says the fact that mohammed rovi is a boon. the transition has been smooth and the moroccans are more
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royalist than the king. it says there is a new monarch. it is about french people going over to morocco to find work and a better life so a reverse tide of immigration we have seen. >> a popular destination for spaniards. back in europe meanwhile, hitler mania in germany. >> they have this cover showing the german flag and the question of hitler and the germans that is looking at events in 1933 but also why hitler is an obsession for germans today. when i saw that i realized it was to do perhaps with this whole question of a french m.p. had has said something that was taken very badly. there was uproar over his comment that hitler did not kill enough people.
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he actually was from the center right party and has since quit even though he says his comments were taken out of context. the french interior minister has asked for him to be prosecuted foreclosure praising crimes against humanity. >> it is hard to see how they were out of context and high brow stuff here. >> this is summer reading. ancient greek star we have plato and aristotle on the front page. there you see them classics are the recommendation for summer read being. it is all ancient greek self-help stuff. so on eat being the message from plato is this is best done with people and not alone. the stress for aristotle is to avoid excesses in eating. on sleeping it turns out both guys were not fans.
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plato felt a long lie was undignified and aristotle slept with a piece of bronze in his hand and if it fell in a basen by his side he knew it was time to get up so all kinds of self-help reading for the people going to the beach. >> sounds like good advice. thank you very much.
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hello, and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm keikichi hanada in tokyo with the latest at this hour. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in egypt in support of ousted president mohamed morsi. they've gathered on the streets of cairo for the biggest protest since the military took power. dozens of people died when they clashed with security forces. the demonstrators were responding to a call by the muslim brotherhood. the group forms morsi's main power base. an official with the health ministry said at least 60 people died when they faced off with


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