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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 27, 2013 8:30pm-8:41pm PDT

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hello, and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm keikichi hanada in tokyo with the latest at this hour. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in egypt in support of ousted president mohamed morsi. they've gathered on the streets of cairo for the biggest protest since the military took power. dozens of people died when they clashed with security forces. the demonstrators were responding to a call by the muslim brotherhood. the group forms morsi's main power base. an official with the health ministry said at least 60 people died when they faced off with
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security forces, and eight people died in separate clashes in the northern city of alexandria. >> transnslator: the securururi foere simply trying to stop a clash between morsi supporters and nearby residents. >> a brotherhood spokesperson condemned the actions of authorities. >> translator: at 3:00 in the morning, police started attacking with tear gas first and then with live bullets on the peaceful protest of raba. >> the muslim brotherhood has vowed to continue protests until morsi is reinstated. japanese prime minister shinzo abe has expressed his hope for a meeting of foreign ministers and the leaders between japan and china without any conditions and as soon as possible. in wrapping up his three-nation tour in manila on saturday, abe told reporters both japan and china need to acknowledge that
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their ties are inseparable. abe was referring to soured relations with china over sovereignty of the senkaku islands which japan controls but china claims. >> translator: china is our neighboring state. so that's why so many issues arise between the two the countries. it's critical that both sides work on their relative perspectives. i hope to hold ministerial or top level meetings without any conditions as soon as possible. >> abe also stressed that south korea is one of japan's most important neighbors and that both countries share basic values and interests. he said he wants to steadily develop bilateral ties through dialogue in a qualm and quiet atmosphere. abe has not been to either china or south korea since becoming prime minister in december of last year.
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in an earlier meeting, prime minister abe told philippine president benigno aquino that japan will help his country in improving maritime security. abe stopped over in manila on saturday after visiting malaysia and singapore. abe referred to south china sea territorial disputes between china and southeast asian countries including the philippines. he said all countries should observe international law and refrain from any unilateral action. abe also said japan will use official development assistance to provide ten patrol boats to the philippine coast guard. aquino said the countries concerned should pledge to each other that they will act in a responsible manner. he also expressed hope for a peaceful solution based on international law. after the meeting, abe stressed importance of bilateral ties. >> translator: the philippines
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is our strategic partner. we share basic values and interests. i hope for stronger ties between the two nations. >> both countries are facing maritime territorial claims by china. on friday, abe met u.s. vice president joe biden in singapore. biden stressed that the u.s. position that japan and china should each seek to ease tension between the two countries. biden said the united states reconfirmed its position on the senkaku issue, as well as its responsibility as japan's ally. biden suggested that both countries have a role to play in easing tension. abe said japan always keeps the door for dialogue with china open. police are questioning the man at the center of spain's worst rail disaster in decades. they suspect the 52-year-old driver of a train that derailed
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in the northwest of reckless homicide. 78 people died in the accident. the express train went off the tracks at the bend near the town of santiago de compostela. the speed limit there is 80 kilometers per our. a local newspaper says the train was traveling at around 190 kilometers per hour, nearly two and a half times the limit. police detained the driver while he was receiving treatment for injuries at the hospital. more than 140 passengers were also hurt. spain's interior minister jorge fernandez said officers moved the man to a police station for interrogation. he's reportedly refusing to answer questions. spanish media blame inadequate safety measures for contributing to the disaster. they say there is no failsafe system installed on the track to automatically slow down speeding trains.
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police are analyzing data from the train's black box as they continue their investigation. trade officials in the european union say they've resolved a major dispute with chinese competitors. they got them to agree to lift the prices of their solar panel exports. the officials accused the chinese firms of dumping their products in eu markets at below cost prices. they say this enabled them to undercut local manufacturers. eu countries impose an anti-dumping tariff of about 12% on the chinese imports. they plan to raise the tariff to about 47% in august but they say china has now agreed to lift the minimum price for its solar panel exports and they've agreed to remove the tariff. the dispute had put a large
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amount of trade between the two markets at risk. china exported more than $27 billion worth of the solar products to eu countries in 2011. the head of the expert panel of tokyo electric power company fukushima daiichi criticized the ceo. dale klein became chairman of the reform committee for tepco last october. he spoke to nhk world on saturday about the company's late response to the public on contaminated water. >> in fact, the first time i heard about it, some of the initial reports was via the press and so that's one of the reasons i was rather unhappy is that the reform committee has encouraged tepco to do a much better job on their communication.
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our reform committee had encouraged tepco earlier to develop a much better risk communication program. we thought that was under way, we had hopes of it being successful, and then when this latest issue of groundwater contamination had occurred, i think all of the committee members were very frustrated with tepco. >> it took months from the time tepco first found that data could be interpreted as showing contaminated groundwater at fukushima daiichi seeping into the ocean for the utility to admit the fact. klein said that the executives explained it took time to verify the evidence. >> they really have to change their attitude. they have to hire people that are good at communicating, and they have to get out of this mold of having to know everything before they will indicate what some potential problems might be. up next, the world weather forecast.
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and that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keikichi hanada. on behalf of our team, thank you for staying with us.
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