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tv   France 24 News  PBS  August 17, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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>> escorted out into a hostile crowd. islamist protesters are cleared from cairo's al-fatah mosque turned morgue. more than 750 people are officially reported killed after four days of violence. meanwhile, the government is backtracking from its earlier threat to dissolve the mis-- muslim brother hood saying there can be no reconciliation. and divers in the philippines suspend their search for dozens trapped in a sunken ferry. 31 already confirmed killed after a cargo vessful collision. after four days of blood letting the unrest in egypt appears to be subdued this evening. as long as the curfew remains in
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effect. this evening, the focus is on cairo's al-fatah mosque with a standoff that included exchanges of gunfire. faced with growing international condemnation, the fellowship has insisted that security forces are confronting what it calls a terrorist plot with self-constraint and self-control. since wednesday, over 750 are reported officially killed nationwide. we look back at the events of the day. >> a mosque under attack. shots were fired toward the al-fatah mosque in cairo and fired back as egyptian security forces on the ground. the action was taken after protesters of ousted president muhammad morsi barricaded themselves inside the mosque last night. they were refusing to move, many citing fears for their personal safety. a decision was taken by egyptian
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authorities to storm the building. tear gas was fired into the mosque and the fire fights began. shots rained into the streets and supporters of morsi and the muslim brother hood fled for cover. casualties were inevitable. supporters of the government cheered. many in cairo support the actions of the egyptian authorities and are glad the mosque has been cleared, however, images much of government forces attacking a place of war shim are likely to cause severe disquiet at home and abroad. >> as parts of the official response this saturday, the p.m. p.m. made a controversial to dissolve the government. over a thousands of the group's sourmenters had been rounded up. >> with no sign of a compromise in sight, the egyptian p.m. p.m.
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hazem el-beblawi made a drastic approach, to outallow the muslim brother hood. >> we must dissolve this group and this is currently being studied. >> the interim government's advisor specified that the issue was more about making sewer the -- sure with party was legal rather than banning it. >> we're not preventing anyone from being active in the public do main but trying to make sure everyone is legalized according to egyptian lue. >> the brotherhood was dissolved by egyptian rulers in 1954 and today is registered as a nongovernmental organization but also has a legal arm known as the freedom injustice party. the proposal to dissolve the party could ignite more violence. >> given the grassroots support,
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dissolving this group is unrealistic. furthermore, it would be a very dangerous move because it would mean that political compromise is no longer an option. >> speaking at the press conference, the government spokesperson said egypt was now facing a war against the forces of extremism, a vision shared be my other egyptians. they blame the muslim brothers for the violence that erupted this past week. >>and move likely to further antagonize the brotherhood, reports that some 250 supporters of the movement have been placed under investigation for murder, attemptsed murder and terrorism. so while both sides are digging in their heels, many egyptians nearly want business as usual. we have a report from the capital, cairo. >> an improvised football match.
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pedestrians can pass through the square but they can't remain there. in the surrounding streets the shutters are closed. a few shops have reopened. many here don't want to take sides. their only hope, to find a semblance of normality. >> if it doesn't come to an end, the country will be in catastrophe. there are losses for both sides, the army and the people. finally it's egypt that loses. they must move towards reconciliation. that embraces everybody. the muslim brotherhood, the liberals, everybody. >> this is a common meeting place for cairo's civil rights advocates. currently they're else, where dealing with the consequences of the separation's crackdown. >> the solution that would bring
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security is to arrest all these criminals, terrorists and let justice be done. they talk about revolution, we too will say revolution. we impose our point of view. >> so egyptians are even divided -- divided about the best way to restore calm. some believe in the use of force, others in reconciliation. today, the former are more numerous than the latter. >> news in brief. videos posted on the internet claim to sow syrian rebels attacking positions in damascus on friday. the u.n. is planning to send in a mission on sunday of chemical weapons experts to confirm use of chemicals. a young girl accused of
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blasphemy has been cleared in court saturday. the judge citing insufficient evidence. the case brought a new spotlight of their harsh blasphemy laws. and 15,000 people evacuated. potential damage estimated at some 45 million euros. there are no deaths reported but gooding -- flooding in russia's far east is having a sires impact. a month of unusually heavy rain. levels reached six meters this saturday, sparking the region's biggest flood in 120 years. officials say they don't see levels rising further but the waters are not expected to start receding until early september. after the collision of a ferry and a cargo vessel in cebu, so far of the more than 800 people
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onboard, 31 are confirmed kill. dozens more reported missing. the accident had passengers jumping into the ocean and many were trapped inside as the ferry quickly sank. after a day of underwater searching, rescue efforts have been suspended. >> an oil slick and a few life rafts, all that remains of the thomas aquinas, the per requesty that went down on -- ferry that went down on friday night near the philippine port of cebu. the collision sent the vessel to the bottom in just minutes. >> it only took about five minutes for our boat to start listing over on one side and all the lights went out. >> i couldn't climb the ropes they threw at us. i wanted to try and get down using a ladder from the boats but there were so many bodies. >> 831 passengers and crew were
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onboard. hundreds managed to escape but scores were left missing. rescuers spent much of their time on saturday trying to locate bodies and seeing if people had been trapped inside the hull. an investigation is to be carried out and a fact-finding body set up. >> the course is to gather facts to make sure such an incident doesn't happen again. we will convene its own investigation and also determine liability as to personal, criminal, and likewise -- >> with the islands in the arch pell go, ferries are the most common form of transport in the philippines but accidents are common. though both vessels involved this time had passed safety inspections and were found to be sea worthy.
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>> here in france, the week of the 15th of august is something of an institution for holiday makers. they traditionally head for the hills as tourists take over the country's empty streets and land marks. a economic -- the economic crisis is continuing to bite, many are forced to take a staycation. half of french adults and one in three youngsters are not getting a proper holiday away from home at all this year. >> france is torn in two between those at the beach and those at home. only half of the french has been able to get away this july and august. one survey puts the figure at 48% getting a real change of pace, a 5% drop on last year. this family normally goes away, but not this time. >> we are at home this year. adults are hanging out with friends. >> people have less money to spend on holidays. they've become a luxury. those families who do go away
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are spending 1,340 euros on average, a 4.5% drop on last year. 3-5 households say they can no longer save year-round for a few weeks' break. they organize leisure activities here and there throughout the year. the trend is towards shorter breaks with relatives elsewhere in france. >> as the conspiracy theorists and u.f.o. watchers have been waiting for half a century, a newly declassified c.i.a. document confirms the existence of the famed area 51 in nevada. the spy agency offers no proof of aliens. >> area 51. where the military -- >> for the past 50 years, classified experiments involving extra terrestrial technology.
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>> area 51, the secret nevada location long the subject of why would conspiracy theories about u.f.o.'s time travel and even alien autopsies and today a newly declassified c.i.a. document confirms its existence but offers no proof of aliens in the desert. area 51 was started as a testing site for the u.s.'s government u-2 spy plane during the cold war. >> they obviously didn't want the soviet union to know about it and they wanted a facility where it could be tested away from everybody else. >> for years the u.s. government denied the existence of the secret facility, as stated in this 1998 official document. >> neither the air force nor the department of defense owns or operates any location known as area 51. >> the report makes no mention of the legendary roswell incident.
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in 1947 a weather balloon crashed in new mexico. u.f.o. believers allege that it was an alien space craft that once down and that area 51's hangars had hidden evidence of extra terrestrial corpses. conspiracy theories are unlikely to end. after all, some parts of the report are still redacted. >> usain bolt won himself yet another chance to strike his trademark bow and arrow pose and kiss his muscles saturday after gliding through the 200 meter race at the world championships in moscow. the jamaican dashed down the democratic in 19.66 seconds gave the happy crowd a bolt-style show before stating "happy to really get it done." never gets old. stay tuned for more.
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>> this week, how the internet can help you find that perfect apartment. the week's news. and the videos of the week. it's not easy finding apartments in a big city but a good place to start is on net wix. face book pages devoted to real estate in france. if you're leaving your place of resident, sent a -- send a community moment. i'm moving out of a nice apartment. it's a great deal and i'm going to give somebody else the way to
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benefit. it's also for looking out for % one another. a sort of solidarity for apartment hunters. instead of returning the keys to the owner, handing them off to someone you know. always on the lookout for a great deal and the concept works. >> you have to keep a constant eye on the different facebook groups. and as soon as you see an ad that interests you, don't waste any time. if it's a rental, for example, then contact the tenant immediately. try and be the first. everything is digital nowa days and this is no different. i no longer have to pay the local property agent and tell them when i'm looking for. i look on my own with all the online tools that are available and social networks in particular are a very effective means. and if social networks are
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providing such a great alternative way of finding an apartment, it's also because owners also have manage to gain. >> when a tenant leaves and said i placed an advertisement, i played an ad online and the owner is very happy. they don't have to hire an agency and pay for aned a vert in the classifieds. they same time and money. plus, they can check the candidate's profiles so they know who they're dealing with. it's also beneficial for house or apartment shares because you can see if the person is what you're looking for in a future housemate as far as mind set and interests, for example. this new apartment hunting site focuses on social networks. so here you just submit your application once and you fill out a profile page when
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landlords can consult if they're interested in your application. it introduces the idea of matching. so matching people up as you would with online dating. except we match tenants and landlords. the landlords can only respond to ads that correspond to their interests and budget. so the idea is that everyone saves time and money because it's between individuals and there's no agency involved. so the sector do save money on agency fees but it's not revolutionizing the property market. over 80% of subscribers to the site are for people looking for an apartments with just 15% of property to rent out. >> 14-year-old hannah smith had visited the site looking for advice on treating her eczema.
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a british team was bomb barded with insults and hate-filled messages. something she said pushed her to take her own life. she was found hanged at her home on august 2. >> it allows users to paste anonymous questions or posts has been incorrectly -- directly involved in at least 10 other teens' suicide in the past year. prompting the british authorities to address the problem. the british approximately david cameron has -- p.m. david cameron has -- prime minister david cameron has called for a boycott of such sites until its administrators take concrete measures to protect users. and with a number of companies say they no longer advertise on the platform, which is based in
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mafia, its two founders have posted an open letter online saying they're taking the cyberbullying problem very seriously and are currently helping the british police in its investigation into hannah smith's suicide. with campaigning for the september 7 general election in full swing, one of the questions being raised on australia's political swing as has the opposition leader bored people on websites to boost his popularity ratings? a number of fans on the facebook page have sored somewhat. he had 3600 a -- 36,000 a week ago and now ha has around 135,000. he's been accused of being likes on the social network. the australian press has been
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making similar accusations and have studied tony abbott's accounts, pointing out he's drawn tens of thousands of new followers over the weekend and most, it turns out are fake, automated robot accounts. the party soon pub established a statement denying the claims and has launched an investigation trying to find out who is behind the recent inflation in social media numbers. so the oppositions remains intact and the current prime minister acknowledged some of his likes aren't legitimate either. they can be bought. some costing just $500. supporters of ousted president muhammad morsi have reported by -- reportedly torched coptic
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churches across egypt. demonstrators haver several wee online video footage shows men looting and setting on fire the church of st. george, burning it to the ground. countless accounts have been posted on the web relating similar scenes across the country. active vists have been using these scenes. dozens attacks have been reported since wednesday. others have been trying to protect the coptic surges as here in southern egypt. administration including the pope, have taken to the web to condemn this wave of sectarian violence. others have criticized the security forces for their lack of action, saying the attacks were predictable, as coptic
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surges are often attacked in egypt. a giant paneleda sexub its mom meeting for the first time since being separated for a month since its birth. this video was posted online by taiwan zoo. heartwarming stuff, indeed, which may well bring a tear to the eye. [talking sounds] >> dutch web user tabbias loves playing pranks on his little brother, filming him and posting videos on sharing sites and the budding comedian's latest bit involved tiltling his brother's bedroom at 90 degrees so his bed, sophia, posters were moved
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to either the wall or the ceiling, a definite must-see. >> here to take us through the weeklies is florence. hello. we're going to start off with an article that's talking about walls and serious countries. >> that's right. it says the world is walling itself up and points out that after the berlin wall and all the trauma that created it seemed like the world had prosecute walls behind it -- put walls behind it but it points out that the past seems to be catching up with us. across the world there are 18,000 kilometers of walls across the world. of course, we've been hearing a lot about the walls between israel and palestinian territories, between the u.s.
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and mexico. along the cashmerey border between india and pakistan but why do we feel excelled to build these walls? after globalization, why this need to create walls? this has to do with fear, according to the article. fear of terrorism, immigration, drug trafficking but essentially fear of the other and wonders what's the future going to be like? will we have walls between people of different races, different hair colors, people who eat different things or smoke or not? this might sound absurd but points out perhaps this has already started in united states with gate communities. >> a new president and looking at the challenges ahead. >> that's right. i.b.k. as he's known. the press says he has his work cut out. he has to unify a country that's been torn apart and bruised by war. i.b.k. is seen as being a
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skillful and clever leader but is somewhat mysterious so who is he really? the press took a closer look and sent reporters to mali to investigate. >> for another port rate, a look at the daughter of sill volunteero ber, -- berlusconi. >> her father has already handed her the reins of his empire but it's pointed outs that because of his trouble with the law he could also hand her over the keys to his party, the freedom party. who is she? a party animal like her father? they say no. she's more serious, more rigorous and actually lacks any charisma and points out that perhaps the only thing they have in common is their fondness for
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plastic surgery. >> french magazines are continuing the summer tradition of looking at healthy living and eating. >> that's right. this summer we saw all sorts of magazines talking about plants that heal. how to heal through what you eat. this week they look at how to heal yourself in another way, an alternative way with plants, acupuncture, etc. they take a look at what's in our plate and it's quite scary, from antibiotic-treated chicken to fruits that transmit hepatitis. even the knives and forks we use sometimes can be toxic. >> so you think you're being healthy and not necessarily. the focus on a unique kind of therapy. >> that's right. it's talking about zoo therapy, a therapy that takes specially trained pets and puts them in contact with people who are fragile, whether elderly or sick or whether sometimes they have alzheimer's and this is the case
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of this owl and she's comforting this woman in the east of france. according to this article, the results are spectacular and these animals help people momentarily forget their isolation or aches and pains. >> dolphins are meant to help children with disabilities, things like that. thank you very much for taking us through the weeklies. ♪
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hello, and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm keikichi haneda in tokyo with the latest at this hour. egyptian security forces have cleared a mosque in cairo where hundreds of supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi were holed up. the standoff lasted almost one day. egypt's interim government says the protesters were taken out of the mosque after a gun battle. some have reportedly been arrested. it was not clear if anyone died or was injured in the confrontation.


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