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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  September 19, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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time for the six-party talks to review the past and summarize the good experience and open up brighter prospects for the future. >> recent positive developments, like the redevelopment of the kaesong industrial complex and the reduction of both those rhetoric from pyongyang, have created a better atmosphere but the u.s. and japan say the need do not want to reward pyongyang for their recent nuclear test in rocket launch, both of which are banned under you and resolutions. >> china plays a very special role in addressing the north korean nuclear challenge and in achieving our shared goal, the peaceful denuclearization of the korean penance love. >> -- korean peninsula. >> there is a new push toward these conference following a panel on chemical weapons. click cities to be resolved through lyrical means in the china -- >> it needs to be
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resolved through political means and china is resolved. >> the push for strong resolution in the un security council next week. >> the security council must be prepared to act in next week. it is vital for the international community to stand up and speak out in the strongest possible terms about the importance of enforceable action to rid the world of syria 's chemical weapons. >> china has repeatedly condemned the use of chemical weapons in syria, but has refrained from accusing the syrian government. china has emphasized the need to settle the conflict through diplomacy. kerry and foreign minister wine
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will both be in new york next week. >> what exactly does the u.s. want from china over syria at the u.n. next week? >> let's look at the history of the last two and a half years. we know the security council has been divided. russia and china on one side and the west on the other. they think that possibly because this is about chemical weapons and that, even if the russians don't go along with the resolution, they could get an abstention from china which might isolate rush on the security council. we are not there yet. but the u.s. has dropped this language referring to the use of force in full. instead, it would be under chapter seven of the united nations, which would be enforceable by force eventually. but it means there would have to be a second resolution or an agreement before that happens.
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meanwhile, washington reserves its right to strike syria at any time if the chemical weapons agreement is not implemented. so there is some wiggle room with aging going into next week. we will have -- with beijing going into next week. so we will have to wait and see. >> howl of this impact of the relationship between the united states and china? welcome back to the show. how significant are these meetings between secretary john kerry and foreign minister wine? it seems that there is a new commitment between the two avenues to improve upon relations here -- the two countries to improve upon relations here. >> it is to build a new mode of our relationship and agree by the two presidents of the country during the summit in california this spring.
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they had meetings in washington t -- washington, d.c. how they cannot push forward and how they can engage with each other in areas for practical corporation and how they can manage differences in their relations. so this kind of engagement between issues is very constructive and suddenly very fruitful now. >> hi would like to talk to you about the meeting in california between president obama and begin paying. they will see each other again at the apex summit -- at the apec summit. what do you make of all of these meetings between these two presidents? what does that say about china- u.s. relations?
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>> it is in very good shape right now. there are differences over many issues and a few of the latest developments and agreed to view a new modal that's a new mode of powerless and ship. -- a new mode of power relationship. there are still differences. for example, with the united states rebalancing toward asia, there is concern in china whether that strategy is meant to contain china. although the united states has a commitment, engagement with china as part of the rebalancing strategy. still, china would like to see more positive actions from the united states.
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>> we have about a minute left. just some of the issues between these two countries, especially syria and the dprk, do you expect to see any consensus between the u.s. and china over these issues in the coming weeks? >> there are major differences, actually between the u.s. and china over these two issues. secretary kerry said during his press opportunity that the u.s. and china disagreed sharply over the issue of syria. however, china welcomes the support framework agreement between the u.s. and russia over the chemical weapons of syria. china supports the destruction of the chemical weapons. china also supports a political sentiment over the crisis in
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syria. china does not favor any foreign military intervention. about north korea, both china and the u.s. agree that denuclearization is the key. but they disagree over how we can approach that. china believes that the six- party talks is still a very good ross s -- good process for achieving that goal. now there is a window of opportunity for the resumption of the party talks and join hands to make sure that we can create a favored environment for the six-party talks. >> we appreciate your time as always. thank you for joining us here on the show. clashes between two syrian rebel groups have continued for a second day. both are trying to take control of the border town azas.
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at least 15 civilians died in wednesday's fighting and the border crossing into turkey was shut down. it has always been the lifeline for passing humanitarian aid, military supplies, and food to the rubble-held areas. this ongoing -- the rebel-held areas. our course on and has been traveling with the syrian army as it tries to regain outscored areas. >> with the army as our guide, we are escorted through a maze of tunnels. this is a small town but of vital importance. located on the highway that links damascus to the international airport.
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its strategic value cannot be underestimated. up until recently, it was in rebel hands and use as a starting port -- starting point for tax. today, the syrian flag flies over the municipality building signaling the end of the fighting in this area east of damascus. >> it wasn't easy but we did it. the morale is very high. from here, we will press ahead. we are confident that we will win as this is our land and we can't afford to relinquish it. the majority of the terrorists we are fighting our foreign jihadists and who are trying to use their advantage. but we are trying better than them. >> at another location, government tax roll through the town that connects -- government tanks roll through a town. they use these halls between
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houses to move around undetected from the air and to reach an extensive network of tunnels. they bring supplies. it was in this way that the rebels attempted to encircle damascus. yet -- that is the goal of that seems now more and more and distant. >> we acted accordingly. we got a lot of help from the locals who gave us information about the insurgents. syria >> thesyrian efforts -- >> the syrian efforts promise to be a long and bloody campaign. the military closes in on its opponents strongholds. the united nations and various world leaders try to find a settlement to the syrian war,
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they have their aim fixed on a different goal. >> egyptian security forces have's door and the town near -- have stormed the town near egypt. 48 people have been arrested. the raid comes amid more security fears in the capital after a suspected -- after suspected bombs were found on the metro railway. >> security forces say they were targeting "criminal and terrorist hotbeds." it has been a source of trouble for authorities all week. police officers were killed last month and any here are supporters of ousted resident mohamed morsi. among those arrested on thursday were three people allegedly involved in the police station attack. it is the second raid on a town
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used to shelter militants in recent days. and they say it will be the last tw. >> it is not the only place that reeks in an absolute low level of security. security forces now have the chance to welcome the challenge. >> security forces also had to temporarily shut down the underground railway network as suspected bombs were left on the tracks. both were diffuse, but analysts fear that a bigger attack is looming. >> the attack was for criminal purposes but the underground assassination attempt on the interior minister and many others were lyrical -- were political. we expect a bigger terrorist a lot on the major cities, targeting civilians.
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all indications went to that. >> islamist militants have intensified their attacks in sinai since morsi's ousting. they have launched a major offensive against them. but explosives and car bombs have started to appear in cairo. it was categorized as a criminal operation, but the bonds in cairo's underground is a warning to egyptians that their capital is now a prime target. >> coming up, it appears that the worst might be over in a standoff between militants and government forces in the philippines. we will have a live report from japan where prime mr. shinzo abe got a firsthand look at the damaged fukushima nuclear power plant. >> brazil is an emerging global economic power with the ability
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to grow even stronger and rapidly. the country faces massive challenges ahead as brazil's future lies in the balance. we will be bringing you a series of reports each day as part of our special weeklong program each -- weeklong coverage starting september 23 on cct -- on cctv america. >> my name is ms. world -- in a business world of overload, we strip away complicity and confusion to give you the essence of financial news. pure value. biz asia america. >> we are cctv america. >> greases prime minister says
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he is determined to stop the far right party from undermining the country's democracy. that is after he left wing person was killed by the party on wednesday. europe's top human rights official says that greece is a wider drift toward radicalization. the death has led to widespread condemnation from across the great political spectrum and abroad. japanese prime minister shinzo abe got a firsthand look thursday at the flickr shema nuclear power plant -- at the fukushima nuclear power plant. terrance joins us live from tokyo with more. what can you tell us about this visit? >> i will walk through -- abe walked through the facilities. it was not that much damaged and said "it will take the lead and responsibility.
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but the public was rather disappointed that there was nothing more. i went out on the streets of tokyo and asked the public what they thought of his visit to the fukushima nuclear power plant. >> prime minister shinzo abe parrived less than two weeks after his reassurance to the world that the situation was under control. experts say it was a desperate attempt to ease public concerns after officials from tokyo electric company contradicted his words that it was in fact not under control. >> the government will come to the forefront to tackle the disaster in fukushima and the contaminated water situation. i will firmly deal with the issue and take full responsibility. >> but the public seems confused as the tour looks like nothing but a courtesy all. officials say that the situation was well in hand. >> in a way, the impact of radio
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materials contained in this area at this time. >> abe has been trained to reassure the public that the fukushima plant is under the control of the government and that conditions will improve. but the majority of the public is skeptical that it is under control. families with small children worry the most. >> i do not trust with the government says. we learned the lesson from the past. i think is too early to say that it is under control. i hope the government will disclose everything and give us a clear picture of what is going on. they have the responsibility to end this. >> the public is demanding more than words of reassurance. >> all i hear is that it is being dealt with and it is being fixed. i want to know what actually happened and what was done. >> i am not convinced with just words.
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how many times have we seen them convince -- seen them confess something later? we want to see step-by-step measures. >> analysts say abe is still under pressure in fulfilling his international pledge. >> the majority felt that they are still kept in the dark and it was only a performance to show the world that the government is actually on top of it. so the public will not be at ease or convinced without specific plans to tend -- to end the repetitive incident and the commissioning of the plant. >> reporting live from tokyo, thanks. human rights watch says that abuses have been committed by both sides in the standoff between government forces and rebel fighters in the philippines. there have been days of fighting and dozens have been killed and thousands forced to flee.
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barnaby reports that the worst appears to be over. >> finally back in business. fierce firefights between the philippine government forces and elements, the muslim separatist groups, have forced most of the stores to close for more than a week. but with more and more people feeling safe enough on the streets, some business owners are seen a reason not to open their doors. >> we can't let fear take over our lives. we need to try to get back to living our normal lives at some point. >> the government has also allowed commercial flights into and out of the airport. that is a move that could be a sign of the conflict will soon be over, even as entire villages are being raised to the ground. these volunteers continue to serve more than a hundred thousand evacuees, even though some of them are not sure either that they still have a home to
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return to. >> yes, there is an overwhelming number of evacuees. but there are also many volunteers can we do what we can to help them. >> but the crisis does not end when the fighting ends, specially for these children. some of them were caught in crossfire. some were witness to the armed invasion. many are left with no home. painful experiences that could leave them scarred for life and that these volunteer teachers are trying to help ease. >> although they are not from the area at this time, they feel that they are being cared by us, teachers, volunteers, and that there are people who mind their situation, that they are not just left out. >> the standoff has heard the city nationally and socially. the spirit of the people here
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remains unbreakable. >> in columbia, members of the revolutionary armed forces known as the farc has responded to the government's message by laying down their weapons. peace talks continue between the government and rebel leaders, but they're still clashes in many parts of the country. members are turning in their arms ahead of the agreement. >> in the middle of the central plaza, columbia's minister of defense sent a strong message to the commander in that area. the modem -- to mobilize with your man. you can recuperate your life and your family. do it to save the lives of your men and to have a future. he appealed to leftist drillers to give up arms in one of their strongholds. just -- leftist guerrillas to give up arms in one of their strongholds.
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>> we are speaking to the children and the youth. don't let yourself be recruited by terrorist groups or any other criminal groups. >> the events started with a forum between defense officials and recently demobilize farc members. they told cautionary tales to the children present. one was a harrowing personal story as living 10 years as a guerrilla. >> i was tricked as they took me and said they would give me opportunities to study and work. as a 14-year-old, i thought that what they were saying was true. but when i got there, i realized it was a lie. >> while farc says they don't have children under the age of 15 in their ranks, ngos say the a recruit more minors than any other criminal organization in colombia.
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one farc leader turned himself in with another rebels. even if they negotiate a peace agreement with the colombian government, he says he would never vote for a political party formed by the farc. >> i come from there. and if the group that they command is injustice, the same will happen if they govern. >> the future seems bright for many of the former farc members who intend to get the education they never had. four colombian children, their stories are a warning. for those continuing to fight, these former rebels want their new lives to send a message, that there is life after violence. >> authorities on the chinese mainland and taiwan are preparing for the arrival of super typhoon nesagi. it is expected to arrive in the next few days. select images show that the storm is growing fast. china has launched an emergency
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response along its southeast coast line. fishing boats have been called back to port. the storm is expected to reach taiwan on saturday. caroline kennedy said that she would be humbled to become the next u.s. ambassador to japan. this is the daughter of former president john f. kennedy and told the foreign relations committee that she would carry forward her father's legacy if confirmed by the senate to be the next u.s. ambassador to japan. she would value this chance to improve economic and diplomatic relations between the two countries. it is an annual festival that burns -- that brings millions of people together in china. after the break, we will enjoy some moon cake, part of the mid autumn festival.
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>> we are cctv america. >> take a look at this. big waves have attracted tens of thousands of tourists to the
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banks of the chin tong river located in east china. they were there to watch the great title boards. the world-renowned national wonder is caused by the graph and dictate us by the gravitational moon -- is caused by the gravitational pull of the moon. stock markets in most asian countries are closed during the mid-autumn festival and people are enjoying their holidays with friends, families and, as, moon cakes. on thursday, shanghai unveiled a 2.5 ton moon cake hopefully to be confirmed the largest one in the world. the moon cake is a traditional food during the mid-autumn festival. this was made by 15 shots at a hotel in shanghai. it was cut open and distributed to shoppers. thanks for watching us. be sure to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.
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thank you for watching the special edition of his asia america. we will see you back here tomorrow.
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