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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  September 23, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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more than 48 hours on, is that hostage situation drawing to an end? we will be going to the newsroom in a moment. mexican promise the electors we will -- i will promise the electors we will handle that safely and carefully. >> the first absolute majority
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in parliament since 1957. will mutti or mummy remain as popular and hair -- in her third stint as chancellor? that is next in the debate. let's begin the hour in the newsroom. >> thank you. these are the headlines. three militants killed during an operation to break the siege at nairobi's nate -- shopping center. 10 arrests have been made. a dramatic fall from power. a court in egypt rules in favor of the comprehensive ban on the muslim brotherhood's activities. french basketball fans greet their heroes in paris. weighing their first -- winning their first eurobasket title.
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and ridding the west gate shopping center of militants. more than 10 arrests have been made in connection with the attack that started on saturday. claims by also bob, some 62 people have been killed. as soon as the sun rose on monday, the sound of gunfire rang out. exactly 48 hours after the initial attack. several large explosions were heard coming from westgate shopping center. thick black smoke is spewing for the building that is surrounded by police and soldiers and cameras are trained on the site. it is difficult to know what is happening inside. authorities are releasing little on the operation against the aussie bob militants but the interior minister said in a press conference that it was nearing an end.
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>> we are in full control of the situation. we have [inaudible] on the building and we can confirm that the hostages, almost all of them have been evacuated. >> the smoke was due to mattresses being set alight the army chief have confirmed to also bob gunmen were killed during the assault on monday. the armed group which is demanding kenyan troops withdrawal from somalia attacked a shopping center on saturday without warning, firing automatic weapons and launching grenades. 1000 people were rescued from the building but the civilian death toll is in the dozens. members of the canyon president's family and several nationals are among those confirmed dead. we can cross to nairobi. what is the latest on the
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operation and the arrests being made? >> the main source on this front which is delivering news are the kenyan authorities. what they're saying is the operation is finally starting to yield some results. and the hostages are being extricated. we still do not have any secondary cooperation -- corroboration of that line. various sources on the ground throughout the day and last night and obviously the kenyan army has claimed at various points the hostages are being extricated. certainly until lunchtime today i'm all the people that we were talking to at the scene were saying that they had no evidence that hostages were being rescued. that is how things stand. we have moved away to look at other things.
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as things stand at the moment we do not have any corroboration of the kenyan government's position on this. >> thank you very much. and egyptian court has ordered the muslim brotherhood to be banned and its assets confiscated. this marking an escalation of the crackdown after mom and morsi was ousted in july. >> it cannot be a surprise that this ruling has come down banning the brotherhood. in a sense that has been coming for two months ever since morsi was deposed. but the language of the ruling is quite notable. it is very wide and sweeping. all activities are banned. any institutions branching out or relating to the brotherhood and institutions receiving financial support are all banned. not only the freedom and justice political party, that means a
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nationwide network of charitable organizations, medical clinics. all under the umbrella of this ruling. >> it is a pretty comprehensive ban but like you said the brotherhood's days have been numbered since mohammed morsi felt. >> that is true. this has been inevitable or two months. ever since -- they were popularly backed but the military coup that ousted morsi from power was that -- we have had multiple crackdowns and the numbers are sketchy but 1000 were killed. the authorities have been dealing with the motherhood as if they were a banned organization. >> and holding talks with the
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five-member council. the white house said that secretary of state john kerry will be at that meeting addressing western suspicions that iran may be seeking to develop a clear weapons. to germany where i go merkel's conservative party is in coalition talks after falling short of a clear majority in sunday's elections. addressing reports earlier she said she had been in touch with her social democratic rivals. the liberal partners fail to get any seats but the spd came second. >> i had already contact with the leader of the std -- stp. -- spd. they had their own meeting so they could have discussions. they will have consultations as
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well to decide on the steps to follow. i have already had contacts with the leading opposition party. this, however, does not mean that i will not have contact with other parties. that i have nothing more to say today. >> france's basketball stars are due at the presidential palace are beating lithuania at the eurobasket. with more on the first major basketball title i am joined by our sports editor, dan levy. this victory has been a long time in the aching. >> they have waited so long for this to happen. france has been one of the big nations in europe in terms of basketball. they never claimed the title avenue any kind. they were -- played their first game in 1935.
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they were silver medalists in the the when you and 2011 and in 2000 but never actually winning anything. the first metal was a bronze and they have had two silvers and five bronzes. they beat spain and france two years ago. after that when, a very tight game. they believed it was there to be one. no one wanted to be complacent but when it came they were superb. 80-66 but it was more comfortable then that score makes it sound. it was a fantastic victory, one that has been a long time coming. tony parker was the mbp in that tournament and was instrumental in bringing this team up to the level it is at right now. he was speaking after the victory and is one he waged for a long time. >> this title am a the journey
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was unbelievable. i would change nothing going through pain, growing pains, up and downs, bronze medal, silver medal and finally getting the gold is just unbelievable. i feel like i am very lucky. i have an unbelievable coaching staff and teammates who believed in me and believe that we can do it together. which means a lot and is very happy for french sport and french basketball. >> he said he was instrumental not only is he taking home the trophy but he was named the tournament mbp. >> i was just saying 13 years ago, it is really -- he is the leading player. after finally winning that first senior title. he has been playing alongside a number of talented players.
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people -- like his teammates. a number of french players are laying -- playing. he will be sticking around. this is a guy who really -- who he really trusts. he calls it a bruising season than the mba. he's got a guy who is working and now the coach who is a european champion. it is a great day for french basketball. >> thank you very much. that is it for this edition. let's go to the debate. >> a great finish indeed. we will be crossing over later tonight -- to nairobi for that latest on the mall siege. it is time for the debate.
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it is the day after in germany where a nation, consonant has eyes but for one woman. >> better be careful. after tomorrow it will be here faster/ -- faster. she faces the formality of picking a coalition partner with 41.5% of the vote. the christian democrats almost did not need an alliance. gone from parliament for the first time since the war. the free democrats raising the prospect of another grand coalition. merkel may be promising to stay the course on her europe helices
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but in many parts they're hoping that now that campaigning is over and done, all commerce can come clean over the real price of austerity. with our panel will also test the success of the german model domestically as our correspondence take you to the former east german city of leipzig and berlin. the secret of merkel's success. with us from germany. here in the studio, ulrike coulterman. and jakob hessler. and an economist and so iist.
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you can join the conversation on these book and twitter. even though it could take as long as two months to form a coalition, smiling angela merkel made it sound like she had all the time in the world when she addressed reporters this monday. >> naturally we are now open to discussions for coalition. i had the first contact with the chairman of the social to make credit party. he asked me to wait for the convention of his party on friday. this is normal and it is the internal parties that have priority. >> applied statement there but do you sense a tinge of smugness and her words perhaps? pre-k's smugness is not it.
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she could not keep the smile off her face yesterday. she was as surprised as anybody else and the atmosphere was surprising. they were punching the air chanting her name. you can forgive her for having a smug smile on her lips. >> this month smile. it will take up to two months. >> we do not know. it depends on the spd. they were in a coalition with her and it went well. -- eight coalitiothey'll they hs punished the sdu.
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>> we will talk about those reforms a little bit later on. it is one person in the long -- limelight. germany's best-selling newspaper had headlines, the greatest triumph on its front page. there is this sense, is it -- it is a bit of a quirky system. she has nearly a majority in parliament. yet it could be tricky. there could be a little less elation once the real negotiating begins. >> yes. i think she is well aware of the danger. >> what are the telltale signs that she is aware of it? >> i think she is well aware of the dangers because we need at
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least a partner. what we see, we have the choice among two partners which are very far away from us. in all positions we really need to come forward and the european politics, for example. the greens and the socialists -- we got the overwhelming majority of people behind us yesterday. this is a major danger. that is what we fear little bit. her secret is the confidence of the people. she does what people expect her to do and now our coalition partners will try to convince us to do the contrary of why we have been elected. >> i sense regret that they did not hit that five percent threshold. >> yes. i regret it very much. at least what i am happy about is to see that we have a very stable landscape of politics in germany. we see that in other european
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countries where we have problems in the eurozone. a lot of parties have arrived but in germany we see that we can count on their stability. it is the responsibility to form a government with us. i think europe does not need along hangover -- a long hangover period. she knew it yesterday that it will be very difficult. >> that is important point. we see how in the u.s. when you have a majority in both houses you still have a hard time pushing through legislation. here we are talking about a grand coalition and already people are talking about swallowing their pride. germany is so different from its neighbors, italy and france. >> the point was the spd the last time there was a grand
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coalition, they lost a significant amount of its popularity. the fact that there has been a blurring of the boundaries between the clinical parties ideologically speaking. it creates a problem for the left oriented parties. >> the issue -- four gymnastic -- for domestic politics, the real question it seems to me today and the question being asked behind the scenes and around the world, does germany actually have an idea of what kind of europe it wants to have in the future? germany is the preponderance economic power in europe. it has the greatest lyrical authority because of its economic preponderance and yet germany does not really have the european readership policy. i am not sure that the word leadership is something that the present german political class
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understands in the real fundamental sense of the word create >> does and does -- does angela merkel have a plan? >> it ends at what you would call a plan. she has so far shown more a great tactician than a great visionary. you could say that is what she is all about. the grand coalition is actually a better chance to establish a consensus around what germany's role in europe could be and should be. in those matters there is probably more overlap between the sdu and fdp. they took away those among that typical voters of the fdp and the fdp because it was in the government could play out. in the end he could not do anything. i think that for europe, the
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stability of the grand coalition is rather good news. >> to answer the question, what is the plan that it grand coalition would have for europe? >> i do not think they have one yet. which is exactly -- they have ideas about continuing, maybe muddling through. everything else, the strategy was so far not to have a grand plan. the question is can germany afford not to have a grand plan or europe question mark >> they do not want to have germany to have a leading role. germany does not want to be the leader. they are the natural either because of their size and their power. someone put it like they do not want to -- a german europe and europe with germany as part. they will always be balancing.
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>> one of europe's preeminent philosophers said that the political class is sitting on top of the european volcano and that is actually true at this point. much more than most people actually think. in germany and france and other so-called core countries of europe. >> is europe a ticking time bomb that germany is sitting on top of? >> i am astonished. we have a plan. we have the european elections, we need a new european commission. we need a new president. there will be plenty of issues. germany will show leadership and showed leadership in the past and it simply is not really true that term he is not -- germany is not interested in solving these questions. we have an upcoming banking union that needs to be
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constructed in a positive way. we have the question of the sovereign debt and the euro crisis. the countries with the euro crisis to solve. we have plenty of issues but germany showed not only solidarity but leadership. angela merkel showed a lot of leadership and a lot of european countries recognize that. therefore please forgive us that we are not interested in going somewhere else. we had very bad experiences in our history, but at least the big european questions are solved. >> is germany, to use the words of ingeborg, hasn't shown solidarity? what saving germany will follow the same strategy. a mix between conditionality and austerity. which means we will continue
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with the same strategy. because it works. >> i just came back a couple of weeks ago. i visited italy just before the summer. i was giving lectures in italy. the actual real situation with people in these countries is something that cannot be encapsulated and abstract statements about restructuring, about bailouts and so on. you have a situation of critical social emergency increase. in italy not quite so great but serious. 37.8% of youth unemployed. the perception that germany is playing its role in europe is a perception that perhaps some politicians have but in the arc of southern europe that is
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facing dire circumstances, that is not the perception. my fear is that nationalisms are building and european politics are being re-nationalized because of these austerity policies. we are heading toward significant strains if leadership and people in leadership positions do not measure what is happening at this point. >> the conversation that we are having around this table about germany, the red -- reluctant hegemon. whether it is ready for the heavy lift. is that the conversation you have been hearing over the past 24 to 48 hours where you are? >> the conversation here over the last 24 hours has been one of astonishment. the reason that anglo merkel once a check clear victory, we are asking the question, does she have a plan for the future is because she spent the last
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months ignoring all the issues area just the other day when none of the cdu leaders was asked whether she has vision, the spokesman said i go merkel does not do visions. visions or people who want to go to hospital. that has been the attitude. we do not really know whether she has a vision for europe. we know she wants a strong europe. she believes that germany should be part of europe. that europe -- the eurozone should be strengthened but quite how she wants to get there we do not really know because she should -- she herself has studiously avoided being drawn into an argument. that she might lose. >> on the guardian's website they have launched the concept of european female leader trading cards. if merkel completes her third term she will have served longer than britain's marjorie -- margaret thatcher and there is consensus that merkel would be a
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rate tactician. thatcher certainly was someone who is interested in ideology. what is your reaction to what robert parsons has been saying, is she playing her cards close to her chest and she said again today, she will stay the course when it comes to europe. >> the benchmark is not -- there is still some way to go. she has a clear vision of europe as you said. you are completely right. the cdo and angle merkel want germany to be part of europe and the european union to be part of the world. we want to regain leadership. economic leadership. this means that the eurozone crisis has to desk countries have to look after their
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activity. the german people big this. this is the main reason why we got such a big victory yesterday. it is a huge victory. since 20 years our best result. it is quite clear there are some red lines. she cannot go through. no eurobonds and the third line is improve the competitiveness of the euro zone countries. greece. i would like to recognize the efforts done by greece and the government but bear in mind at the end of this year we have still 10 bill and euros -- billion euros available for greece which are not yet put into projects. the european union paycheck has plenty of money for greece. >> your finance minister has
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been saying they will need another bailout. >> you now -- you know, this depends upon the assessment of the troika. this was a way of relaunching the great question. it was the intent of the socialists to put the euro question on the campaign. this would have meant that there is no chance of the majority for the cdu. the afd got nearly five percent and this was the result of the subjects. >> i am going to have to take a quick break. we will pick up on that point when we come back. you were right in saying that kohl was the benchmark. i am impressed.
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what men can do women can a compass better. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. let's keep you posted on what has been our top story. night has fallen in nairobi. the siege of that upscale mall now up into its third day. now 60 killed including three gunmen. for the latest let's go to the canyon capital. those the plumes of smoke we have been seeing since
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lunchtime, are they still coming out of the westgate mall? >> they have been burning pretty much late into the night. dimmed a little after late afternoon so we can perhaps imagine that kenyan security forces managed to control to some extent that blaze. it was impressive earlier, the thick black smoke pouring out of the westgate shopping mall. we spoke to an intelligence official and he said he confirmed the government information saying that it's -- it was started by militants who were burning mattresses. it was certainly impressive. we saw fire crews and lots of water tanks heading to the scene. you also had gunbattles. it was more sporadic. it really was quite sustained gunfire and huge numbers of security forces. kenyan troops and armed police.
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and special forces from israel and the united states. an effort here going on for the dirt -- the third day to get it under control. >> we can listen now to one survivor who was speaking to reporters earlier and got a close up look at those gunmen. >> they were saying we are the usher bob initial -- al shebab militia. we coming back to avenge that would happen to their families. >> -- what happened to their families. >> he is saying that kenya will not be found in its military strategy. those responsible for the siege be hunted down and punished. he said they would be out with painfully so the kenyan government putting a lot of resources into this fight and
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sending a lot of troops in and working with international partners. israeli intelligence sources are saying their special forces are on the ground helping to -- with negotiating strategy. closing down on the militants of the can run and hide but their escape routes are sealed off. they're saying this for many hours. >> we will continue with updates as the siege continues. it is in its third night. more than 60 killed. there are 10 suspects who have been picked up in connection with this siege. among the dead, three militants, say authorities. we will continue to follow this at the top of the hour.
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welcome back or welcome if you're just joining us. the dust is settling on germany's general election. angle merkel coming close to an absolute majority. the first time since 1957. with us to talk about this, our guests. we were talking about various scenarios, the most likely one so far is that there would be a grand coalition between the two biggest hearties. earlier we heard the german chancellor saying the ball is in the social democrats' court. >> the situation is area in clear. the spd would do well not to
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speculate on how government should be formed. she needs to find a majority. >> i think they will say yes. they have no choice. never ever will they accept a minority government. they cannot and should not. if you have a deadlock it would lead to reelection and that would be so punishing. they really have a choice between becoming outnumbered and out mastered in the government and if they refuse there will be punished in the reelection which may bring the spd back end. >> they wanted the finance ministry and wanted a guarantee on a national minimum wage. did they strike out on those counts? >> everyone has to have a negotiation strategy.
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probably start with a lot if you want to have something. ask what is your prediction? >> germany faces challenges. at the same time they need to face their aging population. it should be a good thing for germany because they have to face domestic challenges and exterior challenges. >> francois hollande has campaigned for the spd. the spd has campaigned for him. what would he gain from the coalition, would it be at -- a big difference? >> is closer to the spd -- he is closer to the spd than the green. he has to deal with angle merkel
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-- angela merkel. this is the best chance, i think. >> the time is not right yet. where the greens takeover sociologically, politically speaking. the role of a liberal left-wing -- what used to be called the left wing of the spd. we will have to wait for it 2017 to see the probability. xd you agree, it is the spd or nothing when it comes to that coalition? >> they ought to be very open to discuss what can be achieved together with the greens and the spd. i would invite us to discuss those and not to exclude one partner but the greens have to show that they are interested.
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the social democrats also. we have to think about germany and the european union, we need a stable german government. we cannot go ahead without knowing what happens in germany. therefore it is now the responsibility of everybody. i would prefer a little bit of the socialists because they have been very reliable partners. we had very good experience with the socialists. this experience is seen by the socialists, it was a rather devastating experience for the social democrats. therefore they are reluctant. they have a party meeting on friday and i hope they can go ahead at least with negotiations. the spd who governs and a lot of lenders, they cannot refuse this -- the responsibility they have now. >> do you agree that people are
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saying it is an offer the spd cannot refuse? >> they have lost two consecutive elections disastrously. they are in great need to reinstate -- to reshape themselves. a bit like the fish labour party. with the big difference now that the british labour party had a charismatic leader to pull them through that phase and tony blair. there was no tony lear at the moment in the spd. steinbruck may step down. they may need a breathing space to reinvent themselves but they have not got it. what -- they will respond to an offer. if they join it they will -- they fear that they will be lost
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but what are the alternatives question mark -- alternatives? if angle merkel -- angela merkel , there is a risk for the spd that they will be wiped out. >> there is one party we have not touched on in detail. the alternative for germany party. the ifd. they are not going to be in this coalition. how much influence art they going to have over the formation of this government? rexam think it is a new party and it has to be taken into account. they were just a load of five -- the 5% threshold. -- under the 5% threshold. >> they took votes away. >> it is a populist party.
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>> willet way on the policies of of angela merkel? >> it may way -- will it weigh on that policies -- the policies of angela merkel? >> their electorate is so disparate and comes from so many sources, it has been much stronger in eastern germany than in western germany. so far, far right german parties have never really fared well, have never gone the distance. i think there is the cdu and angela merkel. it has moved closer to the middle ground and she covers that middle ground really well. they did not lose a lot of voters to the ifd. the sdp did bleed out. you could say the only strong statement that angela merkel made is that you could draw from
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her speech that there is no space for anti-europe skeptics. within the sdu and that is a line she did draw today. she did not draw the line to do script -- stir up the discussion. she said there isfor that. -- no space for that. it will ebb down. they're too busy with their internal contradictions. >> we have seen how the debate over germany's place in europe is shaping up. part of the key of merkel's success is her domestic policies. even the social government of -- socialist government of france has looked at their model. there is a flipside treated for all those temperatures who do not have the national minimum wage, this report from like -- leipzig.
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>. th> the market is doing well. among his 60 60 employees are students and graduate workers. this is the german model according to the bus. >> the government has definitely helped our success by allowing us to use temporary workers. this allows us to be more flexible in how the market reacts to fluctuations. >> stefan had a succession of interim jobs before being hired. >> a temporary recruitment anthony sent me here. since they were happy with me they decided to keep me on. i am really happy. >> not everyone is as lucky. nearly 8 million germans have insecure employment. diana helps out in the kitchen of a charity for socially disadvantaged children. she has been seeking full-time employment for seven years and
7:45 pm
has had a string of many jobs that pay 400 euros a month. without state support she is trapped. >> people at me are not counted in the unemployment statistics. people abroad may have the impression that everything is fine here. i can assure you that many families and many single mothers are struggling to get by. >> does the german model set a good example to follow? the germans themselves are not convinced. >> we have a comment here from twitter that has just come in. politicians of the world, wake up. angela merkel is the only one without empty slogans and empty noise and the only one to succeed. looking at that report from lei pzig, you saw some people who have done really well by this
7:46 pm
more flexible labor market and others who are struggling. how much germany and the is there on the sign of the rhine -- envy is there on the side of the rhine? >> social equality has risen in germany as it has in the united states but it has not been discussed as much as far as germany is concerned. recent studies by leading european economists have pointed this out. there are levels of social inequality that have never existed. you have a significant fraction of the population that lives under precarious conditions. there is nothing specific in that way to the model where you have a fracturing in society and growing income inequality. you have concentrations at the top. like you have increasingly in
7:47 pm
the united states and france. and in other places, italy also. you have this all over. there is nothing specific about this model as far as the financial success is concerned. if you look at the crisis, there are two structural mechanisms that have nothing to do with explicit government policy that have favored germany in this crisis. there has been a flight to quality such that germany -- german corporations under the german government are paying negative interest rates. on its national debt because the vast flows of capital the have moved out of southern europe to germany, they have saved hundreds of billions of euros on their interest payments as well as the private sector is concerned, likewise. interest rate differentials between northern and southern europe are so significant. the second structural reason, the structural mechanisms
7:48 pm
favoring germany for the moment and supplying one answer to the problem of demographic aging in germany is that you have a vast movement of qualified young labor room southern europe and eastern europe which is linked to germany into positions of high qualification relatively low [inaudible] 600,000 people in 2012 alone from germany, spain, eastern europe and places like that. one of the reasons why the crisis has been less sells is the best germany's position within the eurozone, not because of germa virtues, because of the structural position gives it these structural advantages. >> as someone who rhine, when you look at that company in leip zig, what are your thoughts? >> it seems like a successful adventure. -- venture.
7:49 pm
>> do you wish you were back in germany when you look at the way things are done there? >> questions of that nature have no impact on the choice of where we are. we are in france because there are extremely good mathematicians and engineers in paris and that is why we are here. there is no reason not to be here, and it would not be a decisive factor for our type of company, labor cost differentials or flexibility at the lower end, it is not what we are after. i think what is interesting is when you compare leipzig, you compare east germany to west germany, even if you wanted to have something like in stuttgart, these strong tissues of regional edge partners and small and medium-sized enterprises that are very successful, family-owned, stable, not cranking out profits just for the sake of it. the problem is or the challenge
7:50 pm
is, if you think, i want that, what is the medicine that gets you that and you look at eastern germany. there are virtually no examples. it is too early yet. even in germany itself, they did not manage to replicate the model, the successful model to eastern germany. it takes more time but it also says that if you are somewhere else in europe and you say, i want that, you cannot just with two or three or four policies and more government money and more flexibility, it will not create this overnight. >> the german model is quite complex and france is trying to copy things and take some parts out of it and saying we need a different type of training. it is not only that. there is the mentality, they
7:51 pm
discussed wages for a long time and they always tried to find a consensus. you cannot copy it to us taking a few measures. it takes time. >> you cannot have -- the idea of competitiveness, you cannot have all european countries cannot simultaneously have export services -- surpluses. if all the european countries all of the same time have surpluses, who is the debtor? who busy? -- buys? the united states. >> what advice would you give the french who are talking about trying to replicate the german model? >> the french, discuss this. how to organize the professional training for the young people. i am a member of the cdu since 37 years and in 1996, we were
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invited to the chancellor's office. he told us that his friends always asks how the germans do the training for the young people. he explained and he was happy that now the french will take it over. we discussed it since today and nothing happened, therefore when you recognize something as right and important, do it and start talking about. when we see that france tries to copy some measures, they never try to implement at their own level and that is what they have to do. implement it at your own level and then you will have success. >> point taken? >> the question is not to replicate the german model. the question is how to play with your assets when you're a country.
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they have their own assets and the question is how you can use it in the best way. we know that germans -- that is why they succeed to export a lot in the eurozone and china, for example. other countries have the proper assets. in spain, they did that for a long time and they have to fix it. and her france it is the same. for example, we have very good mathematicians and engineers and we have to lay with -- play with them and this is the program. >> play to your strengths is the message there. >> exactly. >> i want to thank you all and
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robert parsons who has been covering throughout how the chips are falling after sunday's general election in germany. thanks to all of you and thank you for being here. before we go, let's get an update on what is going on in nairobi. it is our media watch segment. we are -- night has fallen in nairobi. as the situation progresses, we are still getting by bits and pieces a picture of what is going on inside there. >> over the weekend it has been a steady stream of social media updates. a lot of civilian journalists who have been outside the situation but we're getting a round up of some of the more official sources and there were professionals on the the scene, of course. tyler hicks happened to be
7:55 pm
nearby, a photojournalist so he was able to take some photographs. they were very disturbing. they were covering the situation on the ground. as we enter the second phase of the media coverage, most of the papers are starting to ask the larger questions, why can you, why now and according to the guardian, in an editorial published today, they said we should not be surprised by this news. this is we often forget in the western media a country at war. who sent hundreds of thousands of troops to the smalley border two years ago. -- somalia border two years ago. this journalist seems to suggest that the fact that we are surprised is our own shortcoming . that we are not covering it sufficiently. there is a second element here as well which is the israeli
7:56 pm
question. there are is really agents helping the forces on the ground. israeli papers have been covering that while they are there. there are many israeli-owned businesses in the shopping mall. this article describes the long- standing relationship tween the entries, the diplomatic relationship and also the logistical relationship in that, quite a lot of -- israel sells quite a lot of weaponry to nairobi. many israeli target -- tourists were targeted. this should strengthen their link and cooperation in the fight against terror. >> let me bring in our guest. would you agree with what olivia just said my that there is no reason to be surprised?
7:57 pm
>> security is a very big issue and there are security guards everywhere especially around the shopping malls. sometimes they seem to be lax so they're letting people in, as opposed to control. you are constantly feeling that there is a level of insecurity and anything can happen anywhere especially after the attacks in thomas a -- mombasa a few years ago and at the sm -- the embassy. >> the article is saying that we are not fully covering this situation. that it is more volatile than we are aware of. they suggest that we're looking at the perpetrators to my not so much the victims. could american nationals have been involved in this attack? they go on about the way that al shebab recruits in foreign countries.
7:58 pm
three american nationals could be among the attackers from minnesota. they go on to develop this idea that minnesota could be what they call a terror pipeline for al shebab militant. there is a large committee in that state in the recruit heavily from there. even circulated a video which was to promote the jihadist cause and we can take a look at thatatatatatatatatatatatatatatat thththththththth who are promotg the cause saying it is wowonderfuou do this. we cannot verify how true this video is. it is a propaganda thing that was taken off youtube very quickly. this footage comes from a local news station in the u.s.. it shows they are trying to recruit further and white in their net -- widen their net.
7:59 pm
>> i want to thank our panel. we will continue to follow the story as we continue to follow all the reactions from germany after the general election there. thanks for being with us here. captioned by the national captioning institute .
8:00 pm
 ♪ >> angela merkel wins another term as germany's chancellor, but she aces a challenge in forming a new government. i am phillip yin in washington. >> and i am michelle makori at the nasa that market, -- at the market. buying a company for $4.7 billion. >> welcome to our hour of "biz asia america,"


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