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tv   RT News  PBS  October 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> coming up on "rt," since midnight last night the federal government has been shut down. well congress bickers over a spending deal the american people watch and worry. the latest on the shutdown, ahead. in afghanistan, a shakeup in the military, two generals were forced to retire for not having adequate protection. reverend jackson was invited to
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we ate the release of a hostage, colombia's president has refused the meeting. we will talk about that and more with the reverend himself later in the show. ♪ >> it is tuesday, october 1, and you are watching "rt." happy government shutdown day, everyone. because of congressional inability and unwillingness to find congruent -- compromise on a spending bill, the government has shut down for the first time in 17 years. across the country, museums have closed, 8000 people have received furlough notices, nasa is essentially shuttered, the list goes on. congress is still no closer to a resolution. in fact we might be moving in the exact opposite direction. the senate voted to reject the
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houses request to hold formal talks on a stopgap spending bill in a conference committee. the stopgap measure would have been a six weeks spending bill to spun the government and would have kept the debate in congress going, essentially kicking the can down the road. president obama weighed in on the shutdown. >> i will not negotiate over the congressional responsibility to pay bills they have already racked up. i will not let anyone drag the good name of the united states of america through the mud just to extract ideological demands or refight a settled election. no one gets to hurt our economy and millions of hard-working families over a law that you do not like. there are a whole bunch of things that i would like to see passed through congress that the house republicans have not passed yet. i am not out there saying -- i will let america default unless
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congress does something they do not want to do. that is not how adults operate. >> there is the president, once again playing the role of chief chastise her. the latest on this game of chicken going on on capitol hill, we first asked him if he is any closer to a compromise. >> short answer, no. shortly after midnight house republicans sent back a spending bill and then asked of the senate to hold a conference committee to come up with a bill. when the senate and the house passed a bill, there are differences. the conference for the past year is to get a full budget passed. senate democrats said that
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republicans are being disingenuous and rejected the call for conference and stripped out the obamacare stuff again. it is back on the house. house republicans might open up the government partially with veterans administration services, but democrats said no, we want a full spending bill, this is the job of congress. continuing their necessary functions, coming to the table. democrats will not budget either. that is where we stand right now , almost into the evening of the first day of the government shutdown. >> is there any indication as to how long this could last? >> it remains to be seen. in 1995 it did not last for more than one week, but this time there are different issues at stake with a much more
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aggressive tea party republican caucus that seems very much ready to continue this. the house leadership held a press conference today and the republican budget chairman, paul ryan, suggested this debate might go to the debt limit in two weeks. here is what he said. >> the debt limit is coming in two weeks. most budget agreements in the past have always involved this. we think that is the forcing mechanism, just like what president obama signed before. all of those coming together because of debt limit. >> even that is unlikely to bring the parties together because house republicans are trying to attach things related to obamacare and the keystone pipeline to an increase where
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the senate democrats will not go along with it. president obama reiterated that he is not going to negotiate over the debt limit some republicans coming forward to say -- look, we fought the good fight and we lost. that is what congressman rangel said this morning, echoing those same sentiments last night, i caught up with charlie rangel and asked him what he thinks about these more moderate republicans coming forward to try to join democrats to pass a clean spending resolution. >> they are courageous. the question remains, are they courageous enough to challenge the leadership of their party, the party that is relying on this colt in order to maintain leadership. people would basically say that this does not make sense, if you want to change a law this is not the way to do it.
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>> republicans could have defeated a spending bill last night and joined with democrats, but they decided not to. as the shutdown continues you can imagine pressure building on republicans to join with democrats on a great spending bill coming to the floor of the house. >> we have less than one minute left, what are the economic on sequences of a prolonged government shutdown? >> in 1996 it was a little over $1 billion and each day, nowadays, there is a $300 million economic loss when the government shuts down. moody's estimates that if this persists we could see $55 billion in economic losses. it is not just lost wages, it is lost business activity, lost tourism. these compound week to week.
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>> if you have a threat for the government shutdown, thank you so much. just about everyone has an opinion about the government shutdown right now, but here are where the facts stand. the government is rolled out. congressional approval is 10%. the u.s. will hit its debt limit on the 17th. still, neither side is budging. where do we go from here? for more i was joined by daniel at grassroots political consulting. as well as mark levine, the host of "inside scoop year ago i started by asking daniel how to solve the route. -- inside scoop." i started by asking daniel how to solve the route. >> this was started by ted cruz. the house gop got caught off guard by this announcement.
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this is the premise of this situation, in a desperate attempt to show that they were doing something, we are where we are today. since 2007 there has not in a budget passed under regular order, abdicating responsibility from both parties on passing the budget and creating the tension that we have today feeds into where we are today, but this is nothing but a blame game potshot and the gop will suffer long- term. >> what will it take for the gop and democrats to work together? >> it will take the american people getting angry, calling republicans, wall street collapsing a little bit. as the deadline panic's, people will panic, and it will hurt republicans for a long time to come. the ones in the state that are competitive, it is interesting,
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the majority of the republicans did not want to do this. this is a strategy for a minority of a minority. ted cruz wants to do some fundraising, but they have backed themselves into a corner. they do not want to blink, but now they have to. >> this cannot be blamed without a fringe segment of the republican party. let's place it, the democrats played a big role as well. >> definitely. they both laid a role into where we are today and the underlying tension. if the gop would really have strategized and would have wanted to defund this law, they could have attacked the mandatory spending side and exposed medicare cost shits all the less. in addition they could have skipped the d funding and have gone for other options, the individual mandate, the medical device tax, passing the cr with
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that, trying to negotiate a long-term with long-term strategic plays that they had. i have to agree with marc over here, they backed themselves into a corner, taking it into a one up creating the situation of today. the one thing that i do say, the gop will definitely suffer unless they find a way to come back to a cohesive message with weak leadership, which will not happen. i think that the entire political structure will not -- will suffer, the difference between this and 1996 is it was a lot closer to a full across- the-board claim on both mentalities. >> it is important for people to understand why the republicans are far more to blame than the democrats. this is not a fight like a
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normal one over how much to spend. democrats have caved in completely, that is what they are putting forward. republicans are saying -- look, we know that obamacare will be popular and it is starting today, we have to stop before it starts. the constitution says how you pass laws. if they do not like it, they can try to pass a law to overturn it. we would like to see better gun control, frankly, but we do not say that we will shut down the government unless you give us what we want. >> the special correspondent for the daily beast wrote that what is happening here is not hostagetaking, it is political terrorism. your thoughts on that? >> that is the case. the democrats are offering to keep it going, they are not offering background checks for the mentally ill to get guns, but we tried. we are not attaching conditions. republicans are setting up something that if it were to prevail would really damage
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american politics for decades to come. democrats would try to do this and nothing would ever get on. the democrats have to stand firm, not just the party, but protecting this from being used in the future. >> let's talk about the future consequences that can weigh down the economy as a result of all of this. standard & poor's at the threat result downgraded our aaa ratings. i have a quote from forbes about what is going on and that the current impasse creates an atmosphere of uncertainty that could affect confidence, investment, and hiring in the u.s. and that this sort of political brinkmanship is the dominant reason why it is no longer a aaa. obviously they have no more authority to upgrade that ratings score. what are we doing here?
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are we driving this into a recession? >> it is amazing, the failure in leadership on both sides of the aisle, abdication of responsibility, we have not had a budget under regular order since 2007, neither party is getting it done. the president right now is not helping the situation, making speeches, taking shots at everyone instead of pulling people into a room and telling everyone to get the job done. the residual effect, as you had acts -- ask, the shutdown is devastating to the micro business, people opening cafeterias, food trucks, concession stands, those are the real people getting hurt. on top of that, government employees trying to pay mortgages and credit cards. >> e4 i let you guys go, i have to show you a couple of tweets that came from reporters last night.
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talking about how drunk they thought the congress members were in the voting. you have these different people talking about smelling the breath of the congressman. does this not kind of show the attitude of congress at this point? that they are not taking this seriously? >> i came on tv in 2010 and said that the american people may not know it, but they are voting for read bloc, a dysfunctional congress, to the extent that americans are complaining, i would argue that americans voted for this and they need to fix that and 2014 by voting for the only party with coherent proposals. >> i was also joined by daniel carracci, from the grassroots political consulting group. thank you very much. it has been less than 24 hours since the government shutdown and we are already seeing the physical effects from this
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stalemate. the beloved and the cam has gone dark. national parks has -- the beloved panda camera has gone dark. national barks are shutting down . >> it is day one of the government shutdown. it comes after lawmakers here failed to come up with a short term spending bill to fund the government. roughly 800,000 federal workers are out of a job. washington is feeling the pain. >> it is frustrating for the american people and myself to see our government hang so inefficient. >> we depend on it here for this business. we have a lot of agencies around here. i am worried that it will turn quiet. >> he is among one of the businesses offering special shutdown deals. >> free doughnut with a government id. >> tourism is at a standstill,
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but the iconic landmark is shutdown. >> our businesses are closed today. >> thousands of people come each year to visit monuments and museums, but today many of these places were greeted with signs like this one, announcing that they are closed. >> this family traveled from arizona to do some sightseeing. >> we drove our kid from gilbert, arizona, thousands of miles across the country, hoping to show them the natural treasures. >> teach them a bit about american history and show them how great this country is, instead we are learning about government. >> the world more roman tomb memorial was close off to veterans until members of congress came to break the barrier. among them, michele bachmann. >> maybe eight to 12, 1 of them had a scissor cut and we escorted the veterans in.
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>> michele bachmann blames the democrats. >> we do not even get return calls. even the last one, the last one said we would fund the government but sit down with us so that we can iron out concerns that we have. harry reid said to take our way or no way. >> others -- others point their finger at the republicans. the hope now is that a deal comes soon so that everyone can get back to business as usual. >> civil rights leader jesse jackson is fighting for the release of an american military veteran captured by colombian rebels three months ago. captured by the revolutionary armed forces of colombia on a hiking trip. saturday reverend jackson accepted an invitation to
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intervene, something that jackson said he was more than willing to do. getting him out of the country is not that easy. man well santos wrote on his twitter that only the red cross would be authorized to hand over the north american kidnapped and that he would not allow the media to spectacle. the problem is the red cross has been trying to stay out of the conflict. where do we go from here? jesse jackson is the founder and president of the rainbow push coalition, joining me now to talk about his efforts. hello, reverend jackson. thank you for joining me. go ahead and explain to us who kevin is and how you got involved in this case. >> kevin is an american veteran who was lost somewhere in the jungles of colombia and was thought to be a terrorist or a spy. he was in fact a tourist, which
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they now recognize, and they are willing to turn him over unilaterally and unconditionally. a few weeks ago i felt that we should support the peace process in cuba and that some would find this to be a step in the right direction and a good gesture, coming back to me, they said they would come to cuba to discuss it, they never discussed his release or the support of the government on ending the drug flow, chewing the ballot over the bullet. they said that you can have him. he is in the jungle in a war zone and columbia. there was a cease-fire on both sides to retrieve them. free but must be retrieved. i think that our government got
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involved with the colombian government, trying to find someone to retrieve the freed american hostage. >> what are some of the other obstacles you are facing to get him out? what will it take to get him out? >> one obstacle was the official in columbia who stepped aside, so that is no longer a reason. now there is the cease-fire on the part of the government. the red cross then gets involved to do the logistics. it looks like the outside resolved it, but if you get someone from columbia who is trusted by the government, let them and the red cross bring them out. it is not just my freedom, but it is kevin scott's freedom.
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i hope that our contact -- our government is not in direct contact, and i will be going back to say that until he is set free. >> as was said earlier, carlos santos over there written -- had written a tweet saying that the red cross should be the ones who intervened to retrieve him from this group, but he also said that you had been involved in creating media spectacle. what do you have to say about that? >> this is a very serious, risky, and rather dangerous mission. i think that mr. santos has done such a good job. his fear on media spectacle is unfounded. to bring him out would be a media event, but a positive one for the government to arrive at, the agreement to church -- to choose balance over bullets,
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ending the growth of drugs in that country. it is another big media event. these are the media events that make us whole. >> at the same time, columbia is in the middle of something with these rebels. president obama and others have said that the u.s. and others does not -- and others do not negotiate with terrorists, why should we expect the colombian government to do so? >> that is interesting language. one week iran is a terrorist, the next which is the right thing to do? it is not difficult to tax -- to talk with your allies, it is with your adversaries. i am glad that mr. santos has endorsed this in cuba and cuba is involved. i happen to think that those
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negotiations are going well, but they must go through quickly inside columbia. >> this is not the first hostage negotiation you have taken a part of, is it? >> no, we did so in syria and brought robert goodman back. in cuba 1984 we did so, we did so in iraq, yugoslavia, syria, he did so six or seven times. it is about timing. we know how to do this, we want to do it. release of hostages is always a key to a peaceful conflict resolution. >> finally, do you think the red cross is prepared to arrange this and do it successfully? >> the red cross is prepared to do logistics without being a negotiator. that is the role they should
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play. they want a person that they can trust for the government, which is fair, they both agree on a person and the red cross, if there is a peace zone they see the signal on the helicopter for the red cross on that helicopter and it is a good site and i contend that they can have a cease-fire for one day and then they can have one for two days, three days, let's stop -- stop the war. it is the effort to stop the flow of drugs in that country in the region and the world. >> reverend jesse jackson, good luck on your efforts. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> for the first time since the vietnam war, the marine who core has fired not one, but two generals for not adequately
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protecting this base in afghanistan. he was the top are in commander in afghanistan, major greg was the senior aviation officer when the taliban and attacked and it resulted in the death of two marines and destruction of almost an entire squadron of u.s. fighter jet. it happened on september 14 of last year, and nato airbase in helmand province -- helmand province. 15 taliban insurgents, killing two, destroying aircraft with nearly $200 million. they said they were easily able to enter the encampment. the marine corps blames the reduced security on troop drawdowns imposed by president obama over six months, the
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number of troops under his command was reduced from 17,000 to 7400. the area is troops responded for , the general requested additional forces but was turned down. the commander actually fired the general and said that he should have reallocated his staff to ensure the safety of the base. regardless, it was the single highest loss of allied materials in the war and for that someone needs to pay and this time it is two generals. some aspects of the federal government once secret targeted killing program have come to life, like the fact that in 2011 these american citizens were killed by a cia led drone strike in the span of two weeks in yemen. of what legal justification did
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the government have to kill without a trial or some other form of due process? a question that the justice department is going to court to avoid answering. today the new york times and a live -- civil liberties union are there to answer these drone strikes. the government argued that the justification and program itself was secret. the deputy legal director for the aclu is arguing in the appeals court today saying that for several years now officials have publicly claimed that the top targeted program is lawful and closely supervised. there is no reason why they should not be required to respond to these requests under the freedom of information act. the only place to go after these courts is the court of appeals, the supreme court.
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the agency landed us on the new -- and nasa, landing us on the moon, inspiring us to shoot for the stars, and now celebrating its 55th day today. the agency put something very special on their website today. wait, that is not it. hold on, wait a minute. oh, i see. where are the balloons, candles, and cake? this is the message they get to see today, a special gift from the government at the agency were shut down. 1250 people were told not to come to work today, the only people that remained were the ground controllers. there you have it, nasa, happy birthday.
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hopefully the government will figure out it's spending bills to shoot for the stars instead of remaining grounded. that will do it for now. i am megan lopez. hello and welcome to "newsline." a north korea vice minister urged the united states to drop the hostile policy. >>. >>translator


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