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tv   RT News  PBS  October 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> shut down blows. both sides are still blowing -- and blaming each other. -- shut down blues. the latest ahead. mad at the system. over the weekend, truckers came to defeat demanding change. they want washington to listen to the american people. that story is coming up. oh no. worldwide activists take to the streets. we'll have a report on the protest later in the show. it is monday, october 4 10.
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is :00 p.m. in washington dc and you are watching "rt." welcome to week three of the government shutdown. the lights on capitol hill are being illuminated by bickering. at least it feels that way. over the weekend, senator reid met with mitch mcconnell to hammer a dell. both men are publicly expressing optimism about an agreement. or at least trying to raise the debt ceiling anyway. meanwhile today, house and senate leaders were supposed to take yet another trip down possibly you avenue -- pennsylvania avenue. it was postponed because leaders said they need more time to work on a deal. a longer this debate continues the more ordinary americans are feeling the sting. if you are waiting for justice and immigration or civil case, that weight is going to be a little longer.
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federal courts have been operating on emergency funds. that money is drying up. prosecutors who already working with a skeleton staff are being forced to go home themselves. immigrants who are waiting for a green card are being told they have to wait until the shutdown is over for help. again, who knows when and shutdown will end. here to talk more about this is bob. who we have heard about the political chaos -- we have heard about the political chaos. let's talk about the economic have it -- havoc. what is happening in terms of the financial world? >> do you want to take this? >> it is columbus day and the bond market is closed. let me tell you about last week. the borrowing cost of the u.s. for short-term obligations
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called t-bills have spiked up 17 times. that is a really fat. it is not translated over tophi. -- that is a real effect. -- it is not translated over to higher interest rates. that means a jpmorgan is trying to get out of it. they are recommending to their clients that they get out of it. if it continues, if there's a brinkmanship point that we get off of the cleft will see there will be real consequences. we do see a ratings downgrade and a number of things. for now we are treading on thin ice. >> legally, jack lew, we cannot go over the cliff. legally, he would be breaking the 14th amendment. we cannot default on our debts. if we do that, it is one thing to have the t-bills, their yield is going up in terms of interest rates. nothing truly tangible has happened yet.
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it cannot happen according to law. will it happen? it depends on many variables. it is political and financial. how the financial markets capitalize is different. >> talk about the desolate. piggybacking off what you talk about. what is the point of the debt ceiling? >> that's a great quiz. people are saying there is no point. -- that is a great question. some countries do not have a debt ceiling. there is more economic theory which i was told over to bob. >> i am not a fan of anything because congress the ability to to hold the country hostage along with global markets several times per year. it is a badly conceived a band- aid to a bigger problem. >> is there something we should do otherwise? >> is called passing a budget. started there. and the talk about. >> i am glad you brought it up.
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passing a budget. we are t-55 hours. what effect will have on the u.s. and global market? >> the short-term, not much. >> global does global markets are interconnected. if we see any technical default, technical is what it seems. not that major. will not have global repercussions. at the same time, every body is probably questioning the vitality of the u.s. it would have something that last a few days. >> something else to add. >> short-term is not the big deal. it is a long-term stuff that is scary. if we default, what could be the implications? what the producers had a hysterical line and there is truth. she said you could be buying ammunition and it could be that bad. there is so much of the global market is tied to u.s. dollars.
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the u.s. dollar is no longer credible and our rating is downgraded. the world could be in bigger trouble than we would like to admit or talk about right now. >> something else, erin, to bring up. it seems we always come to a fiscal cliff or the budget or debt ceiling and we get to the moment and someone at some agency somehow finds some funds to keep us going. is that likely to happen in this case? >> on october 17 among the government has ready billion dollars to spend. as several payments to make. -- they have $30 billion dollars to spend. cap to pay interest. these are big issues. the treasury is taking on money in the form of taxes. -- and they have to pay interest. they are not allowed to ration this out. according to the way some people interpret the law am a that
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actually will be done just to avoid a default. that would be catastrophic. >> strategy. there are strategies of being floated around. my favorite is a one trillion dollar coin. i'm not kidding. that is a strategy. printing a $1 trillion -- maintained a one chilean dollar coin. -- a $1 trillion coin. >> i would love to get my hands on that for student loans. this week is a special week on operating. we are happy to announce that you two are starting a show. you are hitting the waves on wednesday. bob, tell me more about it. >> we have a show that is a continuation of our previous adventures and was going to explore all things financial. he did beyond the mainstream headlines. what is important to the viewer. -- we dig beyond the mainstream
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headlines. we have some important guests. without about a brand-new scandal you may of heard of a white board. daschle we will talk about a brand-new scandal you may have heard of called white board. >> why should people care? >> if you do not care about finances, you do not understand anything else going on. >> not to be condescending. >> we all have money and we need money. we shall learn more about it and we should do in a way that is digestible for everybody. it is an education for all of us even the economist will stop they really change their positions. >> we have you two to break it down for the tough and complex financial world. that was the host erin. maybe not a great place for a tour, washington, d.c. will stop what's better -- d.c.
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what better way to demonstrate against the government shut down the nation's capital? far from what the protest called itself the one million veteran but it called attention. they broken the barricades at the world war ii memorial and brought those fences to the white house where demonstrators and got into a tense standoff with police clad in riot gear. >> a wholly new level of discontent was displayed in washington, d.c. thousands of veterans from across the united states led a pilgrimage to the world war ii memorial on the national mall. this is the memorial that was built with mostly privately funds that was closer to the partial government shutdown. protesters in a strong message to obama yesterday. tear down these barricades. the testers have been referring to them as barricades and except
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for the president they are part of the partial shutdown. the truckers waited integral role. -- played an integral role. truckers ride for the constitution is a grassroots campaign that is very outspoken against president obama and his administration. and to their response to the partial shutdown that cross the truckers line when they shut down the world war ii memorial. a highly coordinated fashion they said a platoon of trucks and descended upon washington, d.c. added about 9:30 a.m. sunday morning. they surrounded the monument in support of veterans. veterans started to dismantle the barricades. reopening them to the general public. ekpe shargh fashion, the veterans carry them almost one mile to the white -- and ekpe shargh fashion, -- in a patri
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otic fashion, the veterans carry them almost one mile to the white house. they were no items to stop them or the march. between 2000-3000 veterans crossed the political spectrum and participated in these event. veterans included korea, world war ii, iraq, and afghanistan wars. even members of congress showed up including representative rikers. >> they need to get their act together. get this problem solved so we can be proud. >> they are dumping barricades. protesters stood in front of the president's house and called for the resignation. the riot police were called dan. there were even some accounts of police saluting the veterans. -- the riot police were called in. the barricades were put up.
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there are still protesters lingering calling for obama to tear down the fence once again. in the city with partisan politics, "rt." >> what did this march accomplish or did accomplish anything? how americans feel about the government shutdown. quarter nader -- coordinator for right for because the tuition. and a trucker. both of them took part in the rally. thank you for joining me. from a trucker's point of view, let's start with you artist. what happened? what was the point? >> yesterday's rally or friday or saturday? lots of information can be found online. write for the constitution -- and facebook is on fire.
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what is the purpose was mark b focus on yesterday. friday and saturday are complicated. -- what is the purpose? -- let me focus on yesterday. yesterday was supportive our veterans and protests of all of these bearricades in our national parks especially blunt out our world war ii veterans. this president has gone away to farm and way out of bounds -- way too far and out of bounds. i issued him a personal warning in a facebook post around midnight. from what i understand, th these barricade back in place ar the memori am calling on then people to join me. these barricades everywhere are coming down. >> what are the goals of your group? the goals you are trying to push forward moving beyond? >> of bringing back amica.
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we needed to refresh our government. that is for one. we need to get those that are following the constitution, the original standards set by r forefathers and bring them back. now, unless we do that, when end up like any other democracy in historwhere we will fold. >> how do you see is bringing back those constitutional rights? >> the constitutional rights, happens progressively over the last 100 years is an agenda has been advanced a bigger and bigger government in this country taking away the rights, the freedoms, and everything near and dear to us in the constitution. some changes need to be made. i do not mean these to come across as threats. i want every elected official and a nonelected official and government to understand, we the
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peoplere angry and will been pushed too far. 2014 is comic. 2016 is coming. we do not want to be the -- we want to be bthe tsunami that crashes over washington. >> what to do you blame? you blame congress. democrats? republicans? both? you want to impeach president obama. >> obama with his disrespect of our veterans and traditional things that been americans. pitch rervation of america and the people in this -- hence transformation of america and the people in this country. in 2008, he sounded like he was ronald reagan. he's pretending to take and bring the nation together. all faiths, races, truly unite.
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i bought into all of that. he has betrayed this entire country stop obama needs to go. also, so do the members of the house and senate. -- his it -- he has betrayed this entire country. -- obama needs to go. lawmakers, it is your time to go. one other thing. i know i am running long. i am the national grassroots ambassador for the convention of states project. this group set -- very quickly has put into practice a plan that they have that is covered in mark levine's latest book. >> do you blame both houses? >> i blame everybody in the government. and the supreme court. they were out of control. they serve the people.
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>> at the same time, when we have these argument about getting people out, year after year that are reelected. 2012 cycle was a good example. obviously, the people are still supporting them whether they agree with gridlock right now are not. >> can i address that? i was part of a march in the summer that left from memphis, tennessee and arrived washington, d.c. i figured somebody had to do something. if not me, who? the people in this country suffer from a lethargic apathetic false sense of well- being. they do not understand how far this has gone at how far it is going. obamacare will be the total economic destruction of the united states of america. but at the same time, let me stop you.
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you said you supported the constitution. it was upheld by the supreme court. how can you say we support the constitution if we are against obamacare which is been supported? >> it has been supported by the supreme court. >> it was also passed by congress. >> it was passed by a democratically trolled congress. >> and president obama was reelected on this. >> i understand that. it will be the destruction of the nation. it will be. the people will not stand for. i know everybody is saying all of this stuff. you know what else was lost -- you know what else was law? slavery. should that have remained? a better law is a bad law -- a bad law is a bad law. >> apparently it is worth shutting down the government. thank you for joining me.
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now over the weekend, protesters on six continents held a massive march against genetically modified foods. the rally came before the world food day on october 16. from berlin to chicago to london to mumbai. over 500 cities stock routes chanting -- saw crowds chanted. one company in southern california has taken their labeling fighting to the labels other products themselves. after california's proposition 37 failed, the magic all-in-one soap has changed is labels of soap and put on as much information as possible so the company argues that americans have a right to know what is in their food and the products that they use. they also said the industry is a boondoggle.
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for more on the fight against gmo, our reporter was at the protest. she brings us more. >> hey, hey. gmo has to go. >> people are marching against genetically modified foods. among the concerns is the safety of the food supply and the influence that giant corporations have on washington, d.c. >> my main concern is making money is more important of the health and well-being of the people. >> my biggest problem is the lack of research and the safety of gmo and the fact that the fda only wants santo back to research to approve a part. there is no independent research.
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>> it is not about feeding people but controlled. if you drove the food, you control the people. what the corporation is saying it is helping farmers to feed the world. most of the corn consumed in the u.s. is genetically modified. gmo products are banned in several countries. >> if it continues to happen, what will be the result? very wealthy people can eat super well while none of what the people will eat terrible food. we do not know the long-term implications up -- applications -- applications. -- implicatio ns. >> we want you to put labels on all of your food. >> the agricultural giant bankrolled the initiative in california. >> the purpose to get the word
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out so people are not voting with their money and giving the money to the corporation. caregiving get to the local farmers -- and they are giving it to the local farmers. >> it gives me hope that if this is going to change and it's the little people like us and while we all gather we make a big change. >> gmo must go! >> all right. today is columbus day. a federal holiday in the united states but one with a troubled history. in 1492 when christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue with three ships from spain, has spaniards brought the long centuries of disease and depression. some the people lived in america long before they did. year after year, the question pops up -- what if columbus's legacy and how much we -- how
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should we mark this day? one man said this day has been portrayed badly. he said columbus was not as bad as people have said. i asked him what it does columbus day mean to him? >> to love the day as an opportunity to reaffirm -- columbus day as an opportunity to reaffirm western values. what he brought to the new world. it was in a straight of transition. i am talking about values like science, technology, individual rights, capitalism, and eventually the united states of america. columbus made -- found a new home for western civilization and allowed it to spread and flourish here. a reason to celebrate columbus day is to recommit to that civilization because the ideas of western civilization is what
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allows us to look back 400 years ago and say racism, robbery, religious conversion, slavery -- all of these things are evil. ever take for granted in human history. -- and they have been taken for granted a human history. it is these ideas that allow us to save these are evils and there's a better way. with the live as brothers with individual rights. -- we can live as brothers with individual rights. to cherish civilization and celebrate it without whitewashing or even dating what columbus did and the conquistadors. >> ssc you are describing independence day when you said we need to content -- it sounds like you are describing independence day when you said we need to celebrate western values.
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>> is used to be a patriotic holiday. columbus discovered america. he discovered it for europe. he was a great mariner and explorer who figured out with great courage how to sail to the western hemisphere and how to get back. he went back to europe and told everybody how to do it. he unleashed this settlement wave that letter to which the united states could not exist. the greatest country in the history of the world. it is why it should be a patron holiday. independence day is more specifically for the values of america. -- it is why it should be a patriotic holiday. >> the united states is not the only country to celebrate columbus day. it is celebrated all around the world. are you talking about pinch- running -- patriotic in the
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united states or? >> it should be patriotic. they are objectively good values for everybody on earth. it is that are to be a rich and safe and healthy than to be poor, sick, and afraid. it is better to be in modern civilization than primitive. that is true for every body of any gender or skin color or whatever. western civilization spread from europe to america and all over the world. even bono said you can dump a lot of dollars on africa in terms of relief but the real cure is capitalism. if you have him saying that, that is where making progress stop >> your are you wearing that the day is bigger than the man himself -- you are arguing that in the man himself?
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>> he had a lot of flaws. but the focus should be on north america where there was no goal and people enslaved. north america was not stolen from the indians. it was nothing here that they created to rob. it was built by the european settlers who came and built it. >> what about the idea of lake ericsson -- leif erikson? he was one of two people with a national holiday and the other is martin luther king jr. >> well, i am all for holidays of celebrating great people that if you want to aristotle's break today, john locke's break today. the celebrate great people. >> focusing on federal holidays. only two people have been named
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with a federal holiday after them. should we not hold clues for columbus and his actions subsequent to his discovering of america to a higher standard? >> sure. he was a great man for what he achieved. not everything he did was good. the reason he is known to history as not because he and slave some indians are was responsible for bringing people on killed people. it was because he discovered america and this new land gave birth to the nine states of america. that is where the focus should be. >> thank you for sharing the different light. tom added analyst. -- tom, an analyst. the holiday season is just around the corner. we are starting to see holiday advertisements promoting the latest tech and gadget stuff from you parents wondering what to get your children, a new invention could soon hit the
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shelves at a store near you. meet robo roach that you can control with an iphone, you can control what it does. his startup is behind the contraption. the creators of saying the device does not hurt the cockroach. it is tricks their brains into doing what the person with the phone once. researchers hacked into the antenna of the roach and makes it think it hit a wall and causing the bug to turn. the price is 99 dollars. relatively cheap for the first ever cyborg. this doesn't raise serious ethical concerns about the future of robotics. controlling some backyard pets might be a funny prospect but when do we draw the line? will we control a dog or a human? something to think about.
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that does it for now. i am megan lopez. captioned by the national captioning institute hello and welcome to "newsline." it's tuesday october 15th. i'm catherine kobayashi. leaders are closing in on a deal that could avoid financial catastrophe. they have been finding ways to solve the debt and end the government shutdown. they need to reach a deal before the thursday deadline.


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