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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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you can also follow me on twitter. hello, and welcome back to nhk world "newsline." it's tuesday october 22nd. i'm catherine kobayashi, in tokyo. the international atomic agency presented the result of the week-long study in fukushima to japan's government. the u.n. nuclear watchdog said
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the one myly see very decontamination goal cannot be consuled and they need a more realistic view of radiation and related risks. we have this report. 66 >> reporter: the disaster at the fukkushima daiichi plant in march of 2011 spread radioactive substances over eastern japan. the government ordered more than 80,000 residents in fukushima prefecture to evacuate as they were living in areas where radiation levels exceeded 20 millisieverts per liter. the iaea did the research in fukushima this month at the request of japan's government. inspectors check the progress of the decontamination and made up a preliminary report. the agency said the work was progressing well but the 1 millisievert goal cannot be
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achieved through decontamination alone. it stressed the government should explain to the public that an individual radio dose from 1 to 20 milliseverts per year is in line with the international standards and it suggested that we are locating resources to the recovery of essential infrastructure would benefit the public and more effort is needed to monitor individual dose to decide on decontamination. >> you have to select the appropriate value of protection level from 1 to 2 millisievert for this special situation. >> reporter: japan's government did not specify how it would reflect the advice in its policies.
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people around the world head to japan to teach language classes. one woman has seen relations strained between her country and japan but she's doing her part to bridge the gap. reporter she came to japan from beijing in april. she gives lessons to children of kindergarten age up to high school students. she makes her own teaching materials. while repeating trials and errors, she gives it her best every day in dealing with children. >> it was easy to make it using my computer. i don't think children will try
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hard unless i do my best as a teacher to make my own teaching materials. >> she studied japanese while at university in china. and after graduation she opened a japanese language school to teach university students. but last year she began wishing to come to japan. last year japan's relations rapidly worsened over territorial disputes. while the situation hurt her feelings, it also made her want to come to japan to deepen mutual understanding of people of both countries on a personal level. >> translator: children are influenced by grown ups at an early age. if i do a good job of explaining china to them there will be fewer misunderstandings. i think that's very meaningful. >> reporter: she thought her experience at her own school in
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china would be useful but things are not easy. unlike college students she used to teach in china, children in japan don't have much interest in her country. how can she attract children's attention? on this day, she decided to explain about the mid autumn festival, a common custom observed in both japan and china. she starts her class by showing slides to children. there are 18 junior high school students in the class and she tries carefully to excite their curiosity.
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>> translator: i wonder what it is like. i want to go to china when i grow up. >> translator: there were not many chinese people in town before this so i didn't know what they were like but after i learned to know my teacher i realized they were very kind. >> reporter: she stopped making efforts to get to know the japanese people. she looks forward to her japanese tea ceremony once a week. after five months she learned the procedure to make tea.
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she keeps her days busy teaching but she says tea ceremony lessons provide her with important time to look at herself. it's been almost six months since wong came to japan and her effort at fostering understanding continues with one hope she found through communicating with children. >> translator: if even just one of my students visits china, it will make me very happy. being with children gives me a strong belief that japan/china relations will improve. if people in both countries do their best to raise children i'm sure the future will be bright. >> city leaders in bangkok thailand are grappling with the challenges of rapid urbanization and they are looking abroad for inspiration. they use a city inform japan to
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build echo friendly infrastructure. yokohama mayor and bangkok's executive administrator exchanged memorandums at yokohama city hall. yokohama officials will provide technical assistance for the thai capital's transportation, garbage and sewage systems and will encourage japanese companies to participate. they are also working with a city in the philippines, three companies are preparing to launch ventures to recycle the city's waste. throughout japan deep depopulation is speeding up. 80% of the prefectures are loses residents and experts predict by 2025, major cities will be affected. nhk world has this s
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>> reporter: in this town children are on the roof chasing. it's a new start of the dating game organized by the local community. they are hoping love will bloom and the couples will stay in the town. the participants get instructions by texts on their mobile phones. one message says -- the girls have to meet up with a man so they won't be caught by -- a great ice breaker. after the game is over everyone reveals who they'd like for their partner. it's lots of fun but also a sea of strategy for town officials and the residents.
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the event produced 14 couples. >> translator: wow, that was fun. say something. >> translator: it was a good experience. thank you. >> translator: it's just great. 14 couples from here. >> the population now start at about 7,800. that's a drop of around 15% over the past ten years. forestry used to be the town's economic mainstay. but the industry has dwindled because of increasing imports. they guarantee a place to stay in the event of a natural
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disaster. >> translator: this is where we can go to and it makes us feel more secure. >> reporter: he is also offering a deal that encourages newcomers to settle there. the family was eager to live in an old traditional house. this one costs about $20,000. the local government paid half on condition they would live in the town for five years. >> translator: this makes so much more sense than spending hundreds of thousands on a new house. >> reporter: officials estimate there are at least 200 houses still standing empty in the town. newcomers are picky.
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and themost homeowners are reluctant to rent to people they don't know. officials visit and explain they can find good renters. they visit the owners. the town also offers financial support, owners are given stipend to clean up their houses. >> translator: if the town is involved, we don't mind renting a house. we're happy to help increase the town's population. >> translator: young people move away to improve their lives. it's not right to stop them. so we're offering different kinds of services to bring others in. >> japan is starting to find ways to stop the depopulation. this is a small town deep in the countryside. but its effort could inspire creative solutions throughout
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the country. nhk world, back to you. >> time for the latest market figures. let's now get a check on the weather with our meteorologist. good morning. there's not one, but two storms heading towards japan. what can we expect up ahead? >> exactly right, catherine. two systems that are moving towards japan.
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this is a very strong powerful typhoon and this one is a severe tropical storm at this moment. a very strong typhoon francisco is now moving towards the northwest at a relatively slow pace and it could affect the southwestern islands of japan by thursday as a typhoon. you'll start to feel the stormy conditions today and with a gust of about 110 kilometers per hour with waves of seen meters. starting friday the system could veer towards the northeast as it encounters the jet stream up thor air currents and that could speed up and move across mainlands japan into the weekend. so things will get stormy across mainland japan starting on your wednesday. but -- starting on friday but before they arrival of the storm, we actually see some quite heavy rain because a new system will form south of japan that will produce heavy rain for the pacific side of the country including tokyo. heavy rain at times starting on
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your wednesday. back behind it another system a severe tropical storm named lekima packing 14 0 kilometers per hour and it could become a very strong typhoon and approach the islands by your friday. so lots of rain are continually happening across much of japan going into several next days. up stwards the north, we have an upper cool there that is providing quite cold precipitation across eastern part of mongolia and delivering strong winds as well and this system is set to move into northeastern china. that's actually good news because northeastern china, you're experiencing dangerous hazy conditions. hopefully, rain and snow and also, strong winds could improve the situation starting on your wednesday. having that 15 degrees today with haze today but rain in the forecast for wednesday. back behind it very chilly
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fiscal year only minus 6 with some snow again. and in beijing is starting to feel cold conditions on tuesday. only 15 degrees for you. across mexico, rain hasymond is a category 3 hirk packingurricane such wait a minuted to southwest kohl's of mexico producing tropical storm force winds across the location. the system will likely maintain its slow pace stationary so stormy conditions will prolong, we're expecting dangerous rip current, high surf and also waves. that could cause some coastal flooding across the location and starting to pool away from the continent. heavy rain will continue over 200 millimeters will locally 300 millimeters across parts of southern mention can. toward the north, heavy snow falling across ontario and the great lakes region set to quebec
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and northeastern part of the u.s. back behind it a new system moving into the eastern or the western parts of the great lakes and that could cause snow in chicago on your tuesday. back behind it it is looking like winter and winnipeg up 3 degrees. but toward the west 26 degrees in los angeles. here's your extended forecast.
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before we wrap up we'll leave you with a pleasant autumn scene from western japan. children in the city here played hide and seek in a large field of flowers. residents of this municipality have planted 5 million flowers in empty rice fields in a bid to attract tourists. >> i've never seen so me
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flowers. >> translator: they are so beautiful. >> children were allowed to mick the flowers and take them home. all right that concludes this edition of nhk. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thank you very much for joining us. -- captions by vitac --
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>> i'm the executive vice president of the wilson center. i want to welcome all of you today. the wilson center was chartered by the congress as the official memorial to our 28th president. it is the nation's key nonpartisan policy form for tackling global issues through independent research, open dialogue


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