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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  November 1, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the pool of two thousand and twelve. come to the payment of the two second phase of reintroduction into one based upon an assessment by a group of experts and is scheduled to be transferred to the third base and his mother house. the sushi to be kosher. the students prepared to shoot a real hoot hotel into the cage. those interested in eating the food underwear know what's going on around her. george uses mother he did it approaches are slowly. fps. if you don't
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and then open his mother the conservation scientists the feud with opel to track and sonic. we tend to lead actors the cage. in. the if
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snow goose to really be skewed to the homepage. he moved into wrinkles but for a pattern. you know in which you should be carried by the police officers in the this huge tent and explores his new one is freaking awesome the day. i
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challenge the increases he said. i eye on. cheeses reintroduction program. only he said. russell the day. i am. two things. this seems to be. since it is. the next moon. ch i listened to. chimney would fly to britain
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to choose from. still more that will fit both of whom were at home with eu rules in stayin in need. don't say you sure you can see the truth fourthly the total have no confident in what effect if the boss to let his opening statement. at two generations. things are predictable. thanks to the environment he said exceptionally rich neighbors are wrong. the resources to pursue. the two thousand the earthquake. you can retrieve these pseudo shown to be causing one and thirty seven pm. he said. we need to
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do so. tensions. at that. i knew it. as. are you whom i the reunion. i cry i did. at that we were will it or not a hole. who knew me
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although. the i love. it didn't. i love. its. i was someone should start teaching when people get distinction that occurred during the week with its power its utopian to speak to the mountains you're the queen. the wind from show to walk home was impassable. sharks were a common occurance causing fresh mud and landslides sitting back congress
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the most europeans to sleep in for years. consider this to him. people will vote on mostly to repair the crew to shoot just transportation between and. while reconstruction is in full swing. and with them only to strengthen in the rescue worker disease control giant pandas and new construction project of giant panda disease control and prevention center is launched it to john young. the new facility is expected to house before he joined can do it with you was the first entry google is in treatment. i choose to keep them under constant observation. this is soo cold for over twelve thousand square meters increasing to ten one two
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inches and thirty of them will be shared. use quick to go to introduce the poems of recruits were a band called to teach. should you be england. it's been awful lot to become an interesting journey and it's in captivity the term. students also can call to prayers to be christine great. ground into powder and some other
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nutrients. it's taken immediately to. it recently posed for the seniors tour according to the trick of treating with her to intercede. oh if i'm thinking that you really can be found there to console me. i don't seem well for me he said there are now in the match teachers are using a finger to the movies to a woman diego. earnestly as to keep em keen on finding new temple on the yuletide season. that is the attorney for the many out of the season so that the abuser mahal. one room. i
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do. so that was all for the champions. it's a goofball. snowball some of this it's so rude the conservation scientist the shell she and the cap to the beach and into the third piece and peace and closure the breeders who went on to react to show she's a wonderful first babysitting then smith. then eventually chasing. and finally ignoring him. those closely attached to his mother and links to follow her whatever she goes although it is known to them who still enjoys cycling from his mother. sometimes sentenced two thousand and twelve. the state forestry administration whose seminal assistant hotels gradually introduction to one. experts
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conclude. and it can be releasing two to one of its exhibits normal behavior has developed a series of basic survival skills such as fortune for food. identifying creditors as was the choice of the living space. seven total was two years in two months old. the young and it enters the cage once more this time. there will always lie in between days. and to be reintroduced into the one rude. do. caption relocation two chances to come out of steam. conservation solutions tuesday. check up. he repeats to go i'll choose to do it at
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the gym but then who pooped in the supreme sch. well the twinkling tuesday mr young candidate for subjects strong. before going to fall into a trance like state. i knew. so he just recently too during one egregious ones body including ones for the oral cavity and winning several platoons. several samples are taken from the cob. laboratory analysis and research i wheeze forty two to read. the senate recently. he's just twenty nine centimeters one. ms taylor sixteen said recently the circumference of just sixty centimeters. it's a conference eighty one sitting until the seventy sixth minute. using cheap given a clean bill of health. he
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asked us to count on is how the young and the conservation scientists have also been planted and i keep checking this kid. brace around his neck. a gps monitor enabling scientists to be able to track its movements. moved into my usual bedtime all and the someone. i'm going to school. if i did some fun in the city because of the finds of the prison hall and told her she wear that kind of gruesome demise of the bubble the white goddess of war gosh this is a must watch as the kids had it won a cup of cheese and paprika sauce coming to mind too much food as much. so what if it had gotten a job i'm fortunate to
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target to get the price of four sessions a what she does it above the law of god but above all job as a war the way in which she won the debate he lived in comics and comics the back. new news to me due to be successful john them in the numbers show itself emergency plans she suggested by experts is that in the two recent shooting in county down. this is you need to cool its needed. you should. and in the morning of oct tenth two thousand and twelve. susannah we go tell it all onto a truck for transport. i knew it. eye which was issued forex is the heart to do the job. it's a synthetic rubber stamp. boo hoo hoo
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will use money from you. he insisted we can see more visibility. that moment on the road ahead. the team plays for countless successful reintroduction into the war ay ay ay ay still for long way the keepers get to concentrate and water and been through. as he enters the portland show and tell him. local residents. it is difficult to continue on when you go to war to peace. but after an exhausting trip it's going to tell. one of my system. two thousand and twelve. the state forestry administration and the provincial government of sichuan. the ceremony. joshi said the director of the weekend. once directed into new and the place governor of sichuan. open
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the cage together. hearts the whole hotel would push on in the first youthful exuberance. to be disappointed. just to listen aye aye. i knew. aye aye. ch ghost who works in hopes of going outside his cage the young and it seems different. he is unfamiliar surroundings. seems that the loss of twenty two. this is the first time he is into his mother's side. i knew cecily was just a pro conservation scientists use a
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wooden board inside the cage to push the window eye. aye the chancellor's. once it's all true pro. strange thing for us he's gone. he said but while i was on top of the year. good looking young and it'll pop up window. you wouldn't object. discount to its entry into the reserve so conservation. he turns one and two. construction started in trueeace. squealing that consumes roughly two point
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six what are we to judge progress. one of the education of wild species protection theye. due to her. one chair. the search for the beach. c c r c gp is the largest of its kind to him. institutions. the dpp to do research and proction while. two thousand and twelve walksnd usehe joy you can do is return home to some shoe can be. it's good to go into operation. to join him inis return to their e. so of the giant and its rings and other nature reserve forces across the country after the quake while others were born during the course queen it's
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a one two with a two match ban from phoenix is too short to get stuck into the audience. the spring of two thousand and twelve oh four census of time. feeding time. within a decade after the previous one. the number and range one giant pandas this increase will attest to the successful efforts of june and the action in the area. they do. it all. it will change under ppp. due to the reintroduction section of the bees. then the security of both your call. to begin exploring its new low. i'm
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we are. newsom. moving in suits were small and you will disown you. he comes across or inside the enclosure. do. eye the second piece of the reintroduction program the panda cubs and the receiver screen for two thousand and nine. or move on to win the oaks bound train pretty soon. reading the rest of giant pandas which followed god tells forced back into their natural habitat the movie creatures. one can only hope that i would not enjoy
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schumer wants it the childlike outward appearance of june and is needless human beings to have a protective qualities. more importantly peace and balance our own human effort to protect him by whom research is on hold for him. people realize that china's natural resources and the juice for economic gain. it must be properly maintaining consumer see note on its human inhabitants. but the endless every landed as well. aye aye aye aye aye. i am. and one and one. assists. it gets
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too cool. and will surely be missed. shrouded in mist and chilly here. it also showed a total of three one. these cheap suit. on top the researchers concluded don't panic severely limited green. to see students topics will post more. it's a successor. it screens to troops on the edges to form sprinkle each with its huge consumption and back to the natural habitat. ay ay ay
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ay ay ay ay ay. or. i was. ch in her. so a sheet of trans national school. similar originated from ancient shinto religious right's tuned to the conflict. in dubai beach is said to be at least one thousand five hundred years old. sumo wrestlers known as greek she will compete in a four point five five meter diameter ring the door. raul. the loser is the first to leave it holds its ground with anything except or so to speak
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the key to acceptance and always cook you for coordination of breath and movement. the match begins when a freak she fielded of synchronize their breed. this focus on trying to be unique she makes distance attacks using open and the blue stripes make sweet as well as resting with a crummy job was built on. the opening rush of orders with chia maneuvering to one by one seat on the acceptable counting richard origins in two months he joked in spite of the bhutto stall. created to live the end of the nineteenth century similarly uses know. in a wide range of throwing to. or
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when your opponent attacks you re direct the efforts to defeat. i had. this is done when she repeats through follows a set. first you receive the incoming full use it to break it. i need to use your tips and ways to get them up. the technique is to throw into the ground soft but comes up. when skillfully using its speed on my list will be to defeat much progress. be. judo is a good option and to make most effective use of defensive
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tactics i went to my aikido places great importance on call to prayer. when asked us to interpret an opponent's train movements in detention typical aikido techniques to attend to. the defenders is guiding the attack is ominous circular motion until no remains. to keep their unique uses circular movements to gain advantage while maintaining a stable thing aikido techniques of his protests strikes and effective and time can lead to. eye. she used to. this
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would only be with his strength but using precise technique and cook two to control your opponent's move the train to trend issues like the aye aye aye the basic techniques are used to handle fits just right. sequences of moves me this attack and defend the training the captain to lead the consumer to develop one's flaking skin. this is a striking and kicking it the route to teach his defensive techniques to mold you into sin. you can train
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them to get to the point when you read you read them. and since what we're about to do once you have to do it. you can control them. and while you looked at me. training richest region of provence read. since they lose before they make them. controlled arrest. i am. the in june. in june. the owner uh i'm sure
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the us. the end of the well welcome to your team jungle coming to you from dw stadium is a priceless kentucky with us. he is a look at what's coming up today tacky white greeks are intending to indictments. denmark comes to sit by the well lol. and what that looks just as excited to try. in these days of the stair it's the most politicians would do best if they refrain from flaunting that


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