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tv   RT News  PBS  November 1, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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students to complete. this leading edge japanese to come into place an essential role in the dying moments and supports manufacturing industries in round one. and mdm new living room. the only one. bubble radical set of grisly record of the world body count double. just to hear brings questions over just what the decade of war on terror has shown for itself. israel's warplanes bomb syria again reports which the israeli military refuses to comment on. murray it will confirm the city this in the midst of serious civil war were
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the government's trying to keep international agreements by finishing the first phase of its chemical disarmament class the eye. italians demanding better housing an end to the afflictions of the more honest with police in rome streets beating six games are also these increases are due to space what governments. cyber security services but to top up its muscle to those that use to fight against. even though many of the x factor is rejected a job opportunity as more and grow. lol. porter is in the mosque al you're watching or tea with me nice
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and we could to be with us now this year is on course to become the deadliest year of terror in history said to be even twenty twelve staff school at fifteen panels and what's worse the most savage terror groups are aligned with al qaeda twelve years after america embarked on a global crusade against it educates scan reports kerry's attacks have more than quadrupled since two thousand and one and the u s began its war on terror the number of attacks on the kelly's has reached a record high. the national consortium for the study of terrorism respoes to terrorism estimates last year alone there were more than eight thousand five hundred years the tax withholding why he killed more than fifteen thousand five hundred people across africa asia and the least. he walked face his incredible surge of violence this year they recorded six thousand civilian deaths here's how tears i want to take a new mop following the us invasion in two thousand and three. the iraqi
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prime minister is here in washington. he just said his nation is facing a cold war of genocide and that the revolutions in the region have made it works. the line how about you was created not tied in other organizations were able to expel ethan gain ground. will they benefit from the form of state structures. parents now flock to see maria for a safe haven. and for this area is from a deal between the opposition and the couple made the closer it is to becoming a failed state where all qaeda and groups similar to al qaeda ruled the day. so as all these countries iraq syria and media face of growing terror washington says they decimated al qaeda's leadership and al qaeda is not as dangerous as before. as result of the enormous pressure we put on a group we've eliminated all about qaeda's senior leadership in afghanistan and pakistan. and because the current leaders about
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leaders of the paddock or so worried about personal safety other far less able to plan attacks. but the words don't match. these numbers if anything during the years of washington's war on terror terror and the group. in washington am getting sick and due in part to surge of radicalism in africa of a number of killer globally in attacks doubled between twenty eleven and twenty twelve and awkward veteran michael kaiser believes the first step to stop and all of this shutting down syndrome. the first thing i would go on really long way to changing this situation in closing down all of the us military bases of batter in a over a hundred and thirty countries around the world many of the muslim countries and in a regular drone strikes that take place on these countries on and of course added daily terrorism enacted by the united states i get other countries of fruits grow to know that there's this term could be
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used to justify all of nasa's term american exceptional when shoppers that offensive term due to many people but its real meaning. by consent the exception is that the us considers itself up having the right to attack anyone in the world at any time to kill anybody in the world at the time to torture anybody in the world at any time to rest any body in the world at any time i back to spy on anyone in the world and that is that their definition of american exceptionalism of which is driving us all that's why we've far as director of the future terrorism project says beloved alone won't solve terror. the world despite its ideological roots the growth of the hottest production may mean that many ideological schools. and of creating radicalized aims to create a much wider demography of the hottest and then you have another structure that is all
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cried out for a variety of other jihadist groups and in many countries while recording so the pool is getting larger problem is that over the past few years the adminstration and policy makers and united states and not acknowledging the fact that behind that in addition to what it takes issue with that of a purse around the world there is one common rule which is the ideology so if you don't identify the ideology. if you don't work with civil society. if we don't work with moderates in the arab and muslim world and in other regions as well if you don't have a plan for that in addition to just sending groans and manage operations when the going to be able to stop recruitment kolkata and others the israeli military is refusing to confirm or deny reports its warplanes have yet again greet serious sovereignty and bombed targets there. according to us media reports citing a white house official the israeli air force attacked a military base storing and sylar snow apparently destined for the lebanese group hezbollah the incident happened near
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serious port city of the pack and it's not the first time israel has been blamed for ignoring international laws by launching air strikes in the state. similar attacks the israeli leadership refused to confirm took place in january may and july this year. aren't screaming from the executive intelligence review magazine explain why tell and it keeps getting away with it. you know the right to it. another sovereign nation. israel has done. in a functioning government according to moore any new information important to war. this would be today. israel would be recommended in class today is like a sovereign nation. why didn't i. it won't confirm or who knows the day. and though the story upgrade its earnings the iranian people in policy. and should not be
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accepted. the only reason it is accepted and the kurds the present united states obama. now allows you to her otherwise you can. meanwhile syria has met the first deadline in an ambitious plan to get rid of its toxic arsenal by the middle of next year. the mission of international chemical expect inspectors have said although claire chemical arms production and mixing pursue these have now been destroyed concerts he's polish we are now reports from the capital damascus. it was difficult and dangerous task under the circumstances of war dangerous condition. that's called the noble please come if he described the work of chemical britain's this because inside syria. not to mention the boutique like to dine. october twenty find damascus to my cd tell plan of its chemical weapons stockpiles done. october twenty seven foreign inspectors visited or decay sites midst. am i today senate finishes destroying or equipment used in the production and mixing up
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wasting gas and newsagents done yesterday we shot him in it. i mean whatever we can but to know this is a vertical concluded that person's complications field by so called security concerns. and that's the reason why twenty nine reading has been missed the biggest problems it faces is how to access sites in rebel controlled areas seth on the rebels have seen unwilling to cooperate foreign inspectors had managed to visit twenty one between the sides. and although they haven't fit to be playing to their bills damascus insists it's doing its share and to mow. those sites being visited. under government control. and we're hopeless walking toward the on the groups condemn to implement what they are expected to improve it's the most difficult mission is undertaken by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. destroying the country's chemical weapons stockpile. in the midst of the civil war
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tournament and syria actually stop producing chemical weapons in nineteen ninety eight. as a possessed alternatives that can be a strategic substitutions and an awesome conflict and national mall. but none of this unspoken reason why foreign inspectors are in damascus in this case. a chemical attack on his twenty first in which hundreds of people with kill bill two buckets with seven gas fired at damascus the subgroups those responsible are still acknowledge. it makes to dine in the destruction of serious chemical weapons program is the middle of next year. by then damascus must destroy people who move its entire stockpile. an ambitious twenty nine in very difficult circumstances. the crt damascus. and other chemical lack of chemical equipment means the country can no longer produce new toxic weapons and still has to get rid of more than one thousand tonnes of chemical authority exists spoke to middle east analysts are mine armani who
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believes the syrian government will be rick greatly revealed relieved i should say with all its chemical weapons are finally just right. there is evidence that rebels had some on their hands on some chemical weapons we've certainly seen in iraq and turkey. rebels being apprehended with chemically engines and components of chemical weapons in their possession a really important point in that is something i heard from the syrian government official earlier this year the syrian government has them for sometime now viewed chemical weapons as a liability and a burden and precisely for these reasons because potentially rebels could get their hands on small amounts of these chemical agents and use them across the border in israel or turkey. and then justify a un military attack against syrian government so they have been quite pleased that had been transferred to his come together to unpack to rid them of these weapons on so that excuse del longer exists. it's the best line of defense is a good sense
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that's the tactic that could be adopted by edward snowdon the whistleblower might get the chance to fight against the nsa in spying scandal angela merkel and still have for you. the search for greener pastures. monsanto were the european financial crisis his heart and migrants in italy leaving thousands out in the streets without a job at all. or hope the first in britain sometimes being the deck committing crimes to secure your future especially if your car at center was revealed the newly formed u k cyber defence unions looking for reinforcements from the ranks of its convicted inmates that says barr smith reports. life in times of the house had the most liberal city from cruising to a thunderous bass to bind up
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in prison. so what governments. it does help that the uk who plays the victim and forth and knights officials that makes the kids enjoyed hiring can be sometimes had to stop the units. the implications like that in the headlights it's a place that governments to have people that if people had governments get sick right i'll buy that gates that's conveyed to get packing. he paid the price and is now studying computer science soon he'll be back in full a job that he would be toking to the government's thinking that i'm only buying one the nicholson thousand five hundred to go x hahas. still what people would still have few weeks yet time and space plus a committee agendas they should be trying to improve its security footage was trying to hop up and
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stood to greet us. but presumably it was a son and i did at my fix and are planning to get cca to the clinic since they didn't think that helped re tell the hurricane. but the revelations that united tca ski with it unfolds in mind that they did that but since this is that if he doesn't exactly have the best reputation of the mavens of many. what national security have become come to that wedding. even though the loss of innocent kids to the service had been set it's quite difficult to bite into the issue of national security. especially when national security since he still often get things done basic civil liberties. all the mundane in the scenario lessons are fit to fly towards wouldn't just be the defect for the havoc i take this easy to read it till it's free and slave strikes on any foreign power conceived as a threat if the feature wall a visit inside the space to feature of her head is still cooking just taking in government salary for its. and staying in britain now. for some time
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and time again there is hope diamond. nobody wanted to do anything. when someone tells us he just how alone she is she now feels after lifting the lid on widespread abuse at a nursing home where she works. that's a lot ahead for it the eye ay the science technology innovations all new developments from iran and russia. the future. own
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the new you're thirty you live from moscow. in romans six people including four police officers were injured during a street protest hundreds turned up for rallied to demand better social housing conditions police used tear gas in response to eggs bottles and smoke bombs being thrown at them. journalist mary of tomato with out the protests he says that people are desperate to be heard. it seems to think violence is the only option. was i so love is that there were some people among the protests as it came to the demonstration with the helmets and that is sucking the intention was to read them to start a fight with the wendy's enough to have a peaceful protest. well i think that that is added to the situation and have
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directed their own people stand up and was told these smoke bombs but only because they had been a factor but the contestants. i think what happened was the very symbol of the two of what is happening right now and made some element that is pretty much carrying about the probe is because they think they have the giddy she is late to do so by the end of the dollar might accept the reader reports in the midst of unrest in rome on a website all the deets health as images aren't there yet. housing problems may intervene when the italians into the streets in protest at the thousands of migrants in the country the street is the only home they have been even the lucky few who are provided with accommodation often regret they ever move to the duty of all artistic works can off maps. some call it a city within a city other is a refugee ghetto. it's like coming to an african refugees from four african countries were twelve hundred people crammed inside a
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former university building in old known only as tomorrow the bcc it all. to me giving me new conservative yet. that amount. when the wells to film inside when his doctor treating the refugees agreed to describe the condition will be with them all the time of the so called god of the city five times in thirty five showers and eighteen percent and communicating with and as earl smith and that condition actually a lot of people sleeping in the car blowing thousand refugees have been flocking to italy mainly across the mediterranean in search of a better life but the countries or economic problems including the worst recession since the second was more widely with the opportunity. the same time you were just leash and obliges with the keys to stay in the country where the receipt of syrah. going from earnestness with which the group and what if the bill. the bill. what local shelter as a running
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out of space for all the newcomers without a job or even a place to sleep where do you go for the majority. it's the phrase the meeting with the gospel with them were some cash and or indeed any chips shelter and nine which is the mother of many stance on gay sometimes commitment from different countries like china are building new sandals from bondage. any settlement the city namely that the highlight of the inherent of various nationalities such as the team from some countries now also for use in one sense the whole region is full of immigrants of the night owl or police or eighties in gadget and it is wrong. t t then about two days of leave all. also you must be. sold this world the eu has pledged to give an additional thirty million euros for the ability to build more shelters for the refugees but it's unlikely this will help create new jobs to ease the flow of remembrance altogether. people just off rt world. there was plenty on
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our website including an explosive announcement pentagon officials say they'll need billions of dollars to america's nuclear arsenals up to date and out of danger. dressed to impress the world's most beautiful women put their natural gifts under the hammer in a charity auction in moscow at rt. all the us justice system maybe after edward snowed in the former nsa contractor might very well be the first to make a legal strike through the german inquiry she's caring guru scott explains. according to the member of the german learning edwards noted is so willing to come to germany and testify against him and say of course that is the story that is being told by the opposition member of the german parliament who has met with mr snowdon in moscow on thursday. a place at this point and a say in germany find themselves in sort of the fatwa to considering the fact that it has been revealed that anything has
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been whistling a tune to fall in private conversation from private phone conversations of the german chancellor angela merkel and that is but of course edward snowden is said that he's willing to come only after a certain conditions which are going to do next. it is the weakest but remember that germany was one of those many states have refused as militants three for seven weeks he has made earlier this year and father of russia. i intended but snowden has been living here every since at this summit to be put into effect snow tends to rush to learn that they can see he has just been granted it's not that active women vs top computer companies as a technical eye specialist however we do not know which company that is because of course of this kingdom is yours. the outside world news in brief for you this hour in the blank human rights activists are calling for the rest of former us vice president cheney of keys on a visit to toronto he accused cheney of war crimes in overseeing torture programs in iraq afghanistan and guantanamo bay prison in
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secret c i a location all over the world. party treat un convention against torture cat and is obliged to investigate known instances and prosecute those found guilty. hundreds of people took to the streets of rio de janeiro in brazil protesting against recent crackdown on demonstrators at mass rallies be on offer at authorized protests all the strikers stage performances dresses comic book characters and play dead. to this he claimed police had to use using violent tactics in restoring to mass and a rest until as recently been plagued by large scale anti government protests. taking good care of senior citizens is the main duty of nursing homes but oneself of london has fallen far far short of goal. its managers been found guilty of overseeing institutionalized abuse leading to the death of five pensioners. bart's tests are sillier reports there are fears of a culture of abuse
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could the culture of abuse as they could be widespread. it was some life in front of a care home no one to two years ago it was operated by private group called southern cross. it was called before he be viewed here home when the white part of west sussex it was the center of much controversy late two thousand eleven was shot down after it had violated eight essential guidelines in the care quality commission what c qc and a recent quarters the portable also found that there was institutionalized abuse throughout the whole over here and also at the court will but that the collective led to the deaths of five elderly people that what is this the wrong doses of medicine given to residents of calls being ignored it doesn't just below standard of care you get that but not obese who have come to light if not for the decision of one of their staff to blow the whistle on what was going on inside here is a very comfy security include time and did i need to include only
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wanting to play. and here i thought i might just like an apparent when the guy. nine one day in a minute running time and time again in a circle pendant. indeed lead to tyranny. lisa martin was working as a gift to the station manager adore you she lifted the lid of what was going on there the action led to the inquest and eventual closure of the mall she was later be redundant that's something she didn't expect. she's been looking for jobs. and to try it out i don't take this. in my whole heart i knew i will teach. in my coat and panicking. i get kicked out by the way he did is leading to some sort of changed the entire industry that cold yet. i'm thinking behind the pie. you cannot afford a
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nice cafe and the summer and fall with a knife at a few things that you know he needs your support in black. don't thank you very much then you need only thing now. the key to the social care services are already laid out a lot to set new guidelines to expect monitor and regulate care homes at a consultation is expected to take place sometime this spring twenty fourteen. it may be a tough battle was nice of mine pointed out what she knew back then and blew the whistle on was just the tip of the ice. work is that it may take a more whistleblowers to reveal the extent of the problems room. the office of civil rights in the city of seattle wash it has told city employees that certain terms may not be used in official e mails and discussion scoring that goal fox news. these terms of the brown bag and citizen ninety percent of americans of the cube expression brown bag think of taking a nice healthy lunch
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we had on a brown paper bag to work with themselves. let the court considered the land these words are an obvious reminder of the days when a person's skin color was compared to a brown paper bag to determine race off anymore even remotely two listed races and needs to be banned between the giver of the warm blanket because the keys of native americans deceased or blankets to kill them on in the block to live with beans lead actor in that work to remember the separate drinking fountains segregated buses based on race in america. yeah so we can see those words anymore either or we might just possibly remember something at which could lead to the ultimate horror of the modern western world and pleasant thoughts we see a lot of western countries the term citizen becoming offensive because it makes resident foreigners legal or illegal feel like second class people will compare the actual citizens legally kind of art. if you are afraid of which were not treated as a citizen of seattle. why not. so when the couple says the united states join the team precious
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my acting. i room the new the room. it makes the world programming for globally minded people. sponsors and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works done or seven o three seven seven o seven one four seven. it's a little bit about stupidity. this contest starts. i did. that my clinic
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probably not. it's just that it is. this one. it's hard to take it. the theme i thought i'd steal it. it said it's a bit. the key. i do the two. the us. ay. sells
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