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woohoo. woohoo lulu . be it's six one. what she knew was with the adults them. adi da. also bank to remain in the arch markets for no british government pulls back from time to break up the lender wants colts remain too high. there is still in
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the long term reviews on her way. so start our entire future in this country is far from secure. chasing cholesterol just got cheaper new pricing reduces the cost of the country's most commonly prescribed route this is the stars of tea for its critique of the government has lasted twenty two outs in the next two years that they've lined up full price referencing former solicitor thomas barnes has his mind he feared for his life after being bullied by a developer. you will. welcome to six one fears of ulster bank could be broken up with these daft the british government told
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by proposals to split the lender into the decision we mess with relief by employees and customers over the british government which owns ulster bank's parent company rbs also warns of ice cold for too high and had to be restructured the development comes after dusk a bank and acc pulled out of presto biking year in the last seven days. our business owner david murphy and oaks that the state of irish banking. just weeks before country exits the bail act. it's a sign of the times when a foreign bank says that its remaining in ireland's it received is good news. that's what happened today. british government controls ulster bank will continue operations here. proposals to break it up with being dropped instead of eleven billion euro of pollsters commercial loans will be posting about buying. that means he'll be well read up more quickly or greet customers will be unaffected. whoever the uk treasury says bolsters costs
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need to be substantially restructured under review was underway. i can't think there's probably going to be careful examination of cops and ulster bank in the top of the sea will have not gone into patients. unfortunately for employees and so on the past week has seen a radical shake up of the binding markets acc and downs combined are pulling as a personal banking with a combined loss of three hundred and thirty jobs the first thing we need to use to make sure that if you have an account and ask him like you can swiftly moving to another and back and longer an agreement with central bank effort put in place as the memorandum of understanding for bike rides walks to the teaching and doing that's proper competition is essential to interpret part of the banking system. with those of you have protection course the cartels too often these higher prices for retailers higher charges and no safeguards built in. so where does this leave the remaining
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players. the biggest our ait followed by fine compartment and the consent of the smaller permanent tsb today permanent tsb said the recent exit this means it would accelerate its expansion plans but it still remains exposed to heavy losses from tracker mortgages the only other foreign player left is k b c a currency house for brunch this but says it plans to expand the reach of the michael noonan time to scrap sheet based on the pan our pints but no the competition is rapidly diminishing. so the government will have to focus on policies to keep the rivals open for business for more on this day the times it's nice to get into the reprieve may be but the story isn't over yet and yet i think in terms of ulster and cheery. it's the continuing to raise money its results are at today. it shows that i was going to be a problem in future. so when they're doing their review and they need to choose costs to the main ways that binds
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the cheese costs is cooked the number of crunches sports coat the number of employees are at source. some of the work done by the employees are a mixture of all those so that refuse went along for the next few months so i don't think we see the end of this yes i know it's possible. ulster bank with the remaining an ardent foe perhaps in a smaller form we get fined and menus on the feeding of one of our major developers emerging from bankruptcy in the uk. that's right well but i understand is this a m tomorrow bernard mike tomorrow quetta speak i borrowed two point seven billion euro fee schedules to exit from a bankruptcy in britain that so far as possibilities that people come objective awful we haven't heard of that happening yet. i think to compare put up its developers to the ordinary people in ireland but first the developers are emerging from bankruptcy know or meet people so far we've only had one person i go into insolvency in ireland's that
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person will be in it for five years if this successfully expected. so for the work requires they've long way to go for some developers are merging already thank you the price of the most commonly prescribed drug in the country is coming down from today the cholesterol drug. i've told wisconsin will be available cheaper to patients and chemists times cheaper to the health service executive which flies the drug for medical card patients. it's part of a government drive to reduce expenditure on medicines. a tour of the staff there is a current student using drum be used by tens of dozens of irish patients. it's expensive. i'm on supply costing around four to your own here. and tying for the colts in the north. as part of the government's trying to bring down the cost of drugs. that's about to change. pharmacists will be led to dispense the generic and cheaper version of the drug to patients with heart and high blood pressure problems. the price reduction
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will also apply to the branded version of the drug addicted to art and other generic equivalents after seeing as the reduction in the price of one of our leading man sees and this in turn would reduce health care expenditure. and also for patients who pay for them at the case to the substantial reduction in the price of the medications the petitions of course the book and here we are making significant savings in health care without compromising patient care and without kissing frontline services private patients coming into pharmacies to buy these cholesterol reducing drugs can expect to make significant savings up to two hundred and eight cu early year depending on dosage the final cools down the tail will vary depending on the monaco and dispensing fee which the pharmacist will add on that if a pharmacist like the sun different and different dispensing fees and nine some are so yes prices will vary between pharmacies been upset by the government the government to blaze a
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jones for medical kind patients will also make significant savings. it's helping the move will save around twenty five mi senor oh a year. and it doesn't end here. but further price reductions on the way the next set of tongs which will be some gang to reference pricing what treatments are still cold says its plans that reduced prices for this group of products will be put in place by the beginning of next month. she made causing fourteen years. are they are continuing to question a woman about the margin of twenty road project architect past whose body was found at the house in time to time dublin yesterday. a post mortem examination showed she had sustained severe head injuries consistent with the violent assault. it's understood that newscast was time to partake. annie yesterday morning. for solicitor thomas byrne has said he thought he was going to be killed after a colleague reported his practice to the mall society
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the two third cousins seven forty seven year old from oprah's time in dublin's pleaded not guilty to fifty thousand for the fences token almost fifty two million euro today he began giving evidence in his defense thomas there until the court he was not saying he was completely innocent and he was terrified of what was going to happen to him but he said it was nothing compared to the years of being late this difference that dc had a busy so this is practice in balkans and said property developer john kenny has become his business partner and because clients mystic eddie had it for a cyst appetite for money he said that no income sydney's to katie who was not before the court was using him to get to know that some financial institutions cd became afraid it is to katie who was aggressive. the city that says family but being pregnant. mr grant said everyone can see that something untoward going on in his practice he said the law society didn't care as honest as crooks but balanced. he said he was always on the docket for properties to use as security
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for donors. but he claims the properties the prosecution says he fraudulently transferred into his name where actually still is to him. thomas pessimistic eddie was eventually demanding four hundred and fifty has enjoyed a week. he said by the states he was drinking heavily. he says he never intended to defraud anyone he didn't want that done this type style and it never had any of the money mr then broke to describe plus happens after a colleague of course since the law society in october two thousand and seven. he said john kenny toes into the country or to what bc areas consequences. we went to a walk in freezer at the back of a shelf in our minds because he was going to be keelty says the woman gave him ten cousins your oven to home. he went to london but he came back he says to face the music. mr benn said he was sorry there were people who were close in the crossfire and white skates because this practice with those you continue his evidence on monday. what i was on rte news the seventh circuit criminal court. more
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restrictions affecting more than a million people in dublin concerned with short to continue on till next thursday dublin's ethos of the city the water as a board remained a long sustained in the lower level because of problems. thus the body more uses for treatment. constance the production of the country is still well below levels needed to meet demand. he was last call on the government's approved a twelve million euro the construction of five new water treatment plants and a pumping station hundreds of hassles thingy across the south of the county of repeatedly been affected by outbreaks of the water parasites and toes for gm. the us of a man who's trying to address those problems in an all out in peace process has said that there is a real chance of making meaningful progress the preacher's house who met the british and irish governments earlier this week had discussions with the five parties in the storm administration this afternoon for more than a school in belfast and tofu are in a letter sent on the garment
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and play with the mission house and say a news conference in which to get there about half as often plans for the past few weeks which your heart. richard haas has been consulting widely and that the british and irish governments in recent days. he's also talked to several groups in northern ireland beyond say the political spectrum. but what he described today was the that's going to take place but he returns to the united states in a fortnight sty. according to him he's going to move from consultation to negotiation this is how we put it. we will increasingly be trying to go. cover and expand the areas of our agreement in the three areas that we are o we are looking up so strangely. if you will though the talks will will enter a new phase starting starting in two weeks. one time when we when we returned and it will if you will become much more a negotiation phase rather than simply a
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consultant. for this. holly ridge house every tight deadline december to make em progress here we list the walkie achieve. well by what he has learned from consultation. the vast majority of people from all sides in northern ireland want to see issues like parades and flags and had to do with the pasta you want to see those address they want to move on but it'll all come down to politicians richard pass it stuck me as very engaged. he has the weight of the us administration as well as the goodwill of the irish and british governments behind them. he's going to give it special. but all would depend cry about how the politicians up. when it comes to putting proposals to them in december agreed to make a one in belfast thanks for the jewelry in the trial of a conical bank's core event was charged with sexually assaulting a passing two female colleagues as retires to consider its verdict. caught a cab and corby pleaded not guilty to wall and nine charges against him in a case which is barrister described as
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political correctness gone not. kevin corby denied sexually assaulting and terrorists into the myth that the comics between november two thousand and ten in september two thousand and eleven. one woman gave evidence of being sexually assaulted by him once in a patrol car and twice and that the station. the second woman claimed she was actually assaulted four times. but judge john opaque and withdrew one of those charges and the jury because he said the evidence was not scare are strong enough. the corby a married man and his parties' did not give evidence as to strike poses barrister peter nolan said this was a ridiculous case for the dpp to bring this was a total loss of star manatee of political correctness gone mad in relation to the sexual assaults he said the evidence was baked inconsistent and on here was no evidence of indecency and in one case he said no evidence that the incident happened at all there may have been inappropriate behavior he said. but that is not crying referring to a garda station
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christmas party which one of the complainants had given park the car bake a pair of red it's on to boxer shorts as a secret santa gift. he said it appeared that she was as much part of the punter and goings on in the garda station as anyone else. mr nolan said some of the comments made by cut the core of the main theme to rob the free and consulting but that is not a crying and if the jury believes the complainant's he said then all of workplace banter is suspect was a prosecution barrister petition it up and said that was the word of difference between workplace counter punch occurred in this case like the nightmare rte news pressure canning guardian corporate and by the frenchman who died last night after being hit by a sign in the city center twenty five year old de bruges all the adage from the illawarra region have been living in cork and working for apple he died after being hit by a white ford transit found on forcing his trees on george's keith garvey are investigating the van driver failed to
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stall. on the new investigation of the story would be investigated for that. his armpits and the effect on this. this large white van and be the driver of the time so the skinny body was information which was a smoker can forward with information in confidence two hunter street garda station for twenty four played over two zero zero zero. such friend ecu walker in county mayo has continued for a pirate day. a major search and rescue operation involving friends of the dublin on mountain rescue teams along with around and take up to cruise from the coast guard has been ongoing since the thirty eight year old was reported missing on wednesday. search and rescue efforts when resumed for the non around between a mountain at first light tomorrow. twenty one people were large and a fracture but standing bravery the national bravery awards were presented from the house in dublin. in recognition of life saving efforts the new
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rules were not in short supply in phoenix park this afternoon. men and women members of the authorities and the defence forces recognized for selfless acts in many cases c two nights people like kill them on tv mccormick to two years ago came to the rescue was next door neighbor yesterday pulling him from a burning building. the business the strike notice errors isobel one illness there is all easily and thus making them. a minute of pouring bombing was holidaying in dingle and i can carry in july nineteen seven. a small child. last year into harbor workers. he sprung into action. we ran over and aunts i conceded that she was standing on monday. and i took off my season it might open the jokes and i and i saw maintain the gap between
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the posts here and see that the tenants will drop onto that did that. brian tierney and his friends kelly and i hung right celebrating their leaving cert results in the morning college cork when they came across a fire in an apartment block could see anything. police asked by a shot over the decider in our own good so we caught him checking out. loy about this topic later was going on the grounds of the camel from evil plans. the tunnel local keep it neat stuff in the jaw so there are fifteen seconds for more much going on downstairs and dominance dairy product families and friends all rinds. cold cold and martinis if only high st oakland parr has been restored to more than ten thousand homes in south dublin after a full two sub stations earlier this evening the areas affected include only the primary is more in coming months and months on the speakers most restore power in the last half an hour. one of ireland's most successful rugby players brian o'driscoll is to be
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honored as a charity event in dublin this evening. past and present from the stars aren't you a testimonial dinner which is being held at the knoxville convention center. reports are coming home to is there for us to sleeping on. what i tell you that you can see the convention center has been specially adapted for this event can produce the joint images of the month so when it is cooking themed on to the building. the honey of course we're not too far away from lungs then rolled for planters but has been plying his trade for our dances he made his debut. in nineteen ninety nine. since then he's won one hundred and twenty five cups when he scored two hundred and forty five points. for many he simply is the best of irish rover tired of all time. and here's why. he made his first appearance in the irish church fourteen years ago his first try followed shortly after. since then he scored over two hundred points in his heart into
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detroit score. he's had since turned the moments into the stoning patrick he confronts the two cousins the two performances the six nations that may lead to a market pinnacle of his career for triple crowns and has no need to tell you these aren't grand slam to lead. he was named to play with the world might be seen as player of the decade. in twenty ten he made his one hundredth appearance for the country as you can see your team in student to feel good in the summer of twenty four tune in to bring a means to be a remarkable career tonight's event to all you will kick off of eight pm the over tales of people are due to attend the state house and present teammates will be among them the proceeds of tonight's event will go to two charities the audience gets to see on temple street
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children's health the good news for those two charges and cookies to wire rope it sounds because when o'driscoll will be available to play the opening goal from internationals for tea leaf that all of that celebration celebrating his remarkable career so far. on two incomes tend to take it. dozens of on to ten hours to an island for the dump and wed summit on mixing business and pleasure this weekend having trouble to track alignment for kite surfing spiking and possibly some more in the making organizers of the spin of the band are hoping it will become an unusual happening this weekend's activities in at two accused soldiers statue companies and entrepreneurs with ideas the chance to meet greet and examine investment options it's all happening on the premise that knowing the person helps inform their approach to business and innovation. the doors that are very successful are ones who are willing to take risks they take risk in their persona is a spicy kick it
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out there on the weekends but their adventurous and those are the types of us are going to really get to know better to build a special relationships with. so we don't like this gives us the opportunity to connect people in a way that we otherwise could. futurist participants czech team this afternoon. he has and with the wooden seats and calls to the beach. years ago teens the bank managers and clients these days things have moved on and it's like surfing has meant the sport of choice for gold and entrepreneurs. i know one of the gate to these meetings has been direct business deals on other grounds. and as all their other guys i know who prays twenty two four million dollars directed to the connections that make these at these events. she would get togethers like this and seen as key to promoting and as a location for international investors. no we can't like it is. these are two theories chance to meet with the bank managers that the safest provide it. i see that i didn't use the one
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that thinks the business and i have to trust in some way like items to come and set up their business the networking events continue tomorrow with striking expeditions walks around the islands and more plates rte news. the titans continue on his cv on when the ppt well known for acrobatics but one clove in the southeast is bucking the trend carmel gymnastics club is among those leading the way is growing sport the combining elements of tom swift acrobatic techniques. the sport of acrobatic gymnastics or simply the crow is one of growing popularity in our minds. nowhere more so than here in cairo. top young gymnasts from a local pub just returned from portugal but they represented ireland in the european championships it's the largest number from any one of the effort to represent our lives. european
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and world level. it is said and i can try and find it's hard seeing the contents and trains. a separate case. so i was a cousin to get deeper into chaos. gymnasts from cork and galway made up the rest of this year's irish team but you can get and selected took months of hard work it a night. watching half hours of the scam to an end. an fbi. satan has four hours. i think in this. so with the european championships behind them the focus now is on the all ireland acrobatic gymnastics in december and the trials for the world championships in july. while i echo is not going to gymnastics discipline at the moment these girls hope someday it will be there to get the chance to go for gold mcnally fourteen years. i
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stride and six for news on the pocket nine month loan from the new soon to be fun oh no. i knew. zouk. i know
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or a server program. it's especially good things. it's all trying to achieve is to get a suite of scientific instruments on abortions for this mobile platforms. jor el and the scientific spirit the seller over old curiosity. actually it's the most complicated most complex and most capable system ever put on the surface of another plant effect it might be the most complex interplanetary explorer that we've ever developed. there are literally tens of thousands of parts. in order to do the launch operation cruise tomorrow. the descent and landing operations actually operate we feel confident that we've done everything and everything goes the way we've decided that we played we built and tested it out we should be on the surface safely in the team will be cherished. it was appointed
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to head in this. i thought she is the first arab living in israel retains its position among only a handful and elites. dr study is also a phd in its activity achieved by only ten percent efficient. she's currently on to the next chapter in a prestigious book and i feel dr study has twice broken the proverbial glass ceiling one time. the dish and eight the party to be ahead of the card the group of trade the stock to be in the early morning mist. this site you might expect to see him in nature reserve. this is it to the military training site in gemini. he ripped a graph with a training area in the area. there is an abundance of wildlife military training sites which are often protected and many nato member states are sitting in silence oh five
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deficit the military training areas throughout europe and north america are among the richest and most important sites will find that this is the often because they are that it's not open to the general . but also because environmental awareness and why spectacle use of natural resources is encouraged among soldiers military training areas are increasingly recognized as sites of high biodiversity and large numbers of threatened and endangered species. exports from india its beans and nine. listen to it in fooling you into watching it in two thousand that the ufc is the main import of indian spices contributed sixteen points and up until the next week that you like dirt bikes i know that nine percent annually and maybe share each week six but since it's sunday a baby on the menu she
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jumped on singapore and the uk. i don't need to destinations for beginning sports it is that the european union to open them on this commendable that the ongoing sovereign debt crisis and four great books despite these problems from the outside. the european union remains a very attractive club to join several countries are queuing up to become the state's techie both me and herzegovina serbia and montenegro the eu remains committed to a partnership with each one of them. i also let him eat. it's not going top. he is you. i know. in
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it. in use. lie about the job they started prepping for friday the first of november off


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