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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 2, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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all in. you knew you you you will. i do. the us. and yet means ministers meet in tokyo after advancing economic and security cooperation between there have been the new indiana in the special envoy serious that the proposed to me that in the stocks are likely to succeed without
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the participation of the syrian opposition. prime minister no way am on the quay after us president obama offered more what that might imply that the climate in the plot reaches levels not seen since a peak of the debacle. and as the economy slows down one to make its winery in the trachea with the euro will cause the influx of cheap imports. a genial watching cctv news i'm on a lovely start up program with the first ever to class to meeting of foreign and defence ministers between russia and japan which has been held in tokyo. russia's foreign minister sergei laptop and defence minister sergei showing two men and japanese counterparts. if you can see that and ethan are yawning gap. the conference that in the morning the best ways of furthering economic and security cooperation
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between the two countries raw feel the significance of that a meeting and said the event in the case the new stage in the relationship between russia and jan. she gets the death that the meetings will turn a new page in security and defence cooperation between japan and russia. bailout the russian dense minister has awful said tha if i ever live in peace youth facing the two countries' cooperation between japan and russia on their resolution will promote restful relationships in the asia pacific region japan's defen minister said he hoped toiscuss t tail was on furthering enhancing the fence exchanges after the meeting the ministers briefed the mia on their tops are crisp on intense hiroshima attended this morning's press conference and he tol us the event aims to enhance security cooration between the two countries in the celtic can be a step toward resolving terracotta dispute council signing of a peace treaty between the two sides. press a concentrated
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on the security and defence cooperation between the two countries. the two countries sabina are gradually making corporations own exercises continues to continuation of joint exercises they been hiding things since nineteen ninety eight and they are going to announce that too on to terrorism month that i received and also cite attacks and a stinking inflammation which is set to ear with a very significant that in fact the two countries is still having had the scan it into the speech and of the farming this isn't a business is hoped that that this will enhance understanding and can end this will be a step to the progress that it could have disputes and also signed a peace treaty finely. since nineteen twenty five. as steyn listed and an eighteen day military exercise involving sea air and land forces have gotten underway in the country. the exercise area covers the region around
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the cliche you and okinawa islands. a man thirty four thousand japanese self defense was personnel on the dissipating in the drill which accounts fornt of the cos defence forces. six battleships along with a three hundred and eighty other aircraft have been deployed before the exercise the wilson family island capture and include a live firing practice will effect your feathers claimed the relations between china and japan. tice between both countries are already tense due to the differing positions over the doubt and islands in the east china sea in the midst of the route over the us external surveillance program. us secretary of state john kerry has for the first time it made it to some element of the national security agency surveillance program leads to five. kenny however defended the need for increased surveillance state is an effective counter terrorism tool. and he also assured that the fact an act which
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have avoided close allies like germany would be repeated in the future really an f eighteen jet on key setting standards that the controversial program of spying on foreign leaders came in response to requests from policymakers. i use it will be using this process and yes is a star in a row you are. his charm and a few needles our view. in order to own a house to use those intelligence needs say things like our european financial crisis. we're scoring what's happening now. these kinds of things result in collection activities. when somebody said we wanna know leadership intentions. i'm trying to think what do you view with one no leadership intentions
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these are the issues so i don't think that's part of the current policy discussions say ok from where i stand. the question so do you need all their data. so i would turn it around and say i actually think there's a better way to do it. prime minister dimitri medvedev said cus they see the path past and doing the damage inflicted by allegations it has finally did some allied countries. he made the comment in any exclusively this interview taken late on thursday the push for the nsa surveillance in nations such as germany and france each chile spain and elsewhere have sparked anger among american allies. mostly due to the situation becomes. i think is possible but to be on its new assurances will copy of it what are you saying the situation. sorry won't do it anymore. or try not to listen the young you nobody will believe it. but
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it's a lucky prime minister now i am only he is personally appealing to us but for the brock obama for military assistance to help by the growing insurgency causing the worst violence in his country in five years. he stated to the white house comes as iraqis are dying at the fastest rate since two thousand and eight during the height of the american occupation of the country cctv chris planning thinking has this report he wrote to prime minister nuri al maliki visited key to the us have a sense of urgency. the iraqi leader on steamy americans the ministry and other assistance. we're in the war he didn't stall but he did delta and us president is now being asked to commit once again to iraq or al qaeda is over it has grown more at least. so. a lot of discussion about how we could work together against the organization that operates
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the toll in iraq but also posted to the entire region this week. iraqi prime minister of war that iraq isn't helped terrorism will win well because what happens in iraq is not dealt with to expand on what happens in syria. if not dealt with will also expand. what happens in any country with a burst of terrorism lives. this virus will spread. but we say this is the responsibility of the international community watching l carter are present in government and help build all us parties in iraq at any age is likely to be limited to weapons sales and intelligence sharing targeting sunni militants from the west of iraq will blame them it's the violence but as maliki press his case here in washington. many us norway has blamed the shiite prime minister and all reaching out to sunni muslims and other groups in a bid to build a more inclusive government. maliki rejects issa says the violence stems
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from terrorism all political differences. this fuel by neighboring syria civil war u s is also pressing the iraqi government which has strong ties to iran to stop tehran from shipping weapons to syria. going to roll the airspace. the white house also says the fourteen billion dollars has been spent on improving control key security since two thousand and five. yet the violence continues and the death toll at its highest level since the height of the american invasion. making things easy duty. washington the un as a special envoy just a lack of a steamy has said the success of the proposed to me with two piece cost cannot be guaranteed without the participation of the syrian opposition speaking at the end of his visit to the mass especially nice that he had held a successful meetings with president bashar al assad other political figures and the domestic opposition the seeming government has confirmed they will attend the conference out the set
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conditions for steaming acknowledge that the conference will not take place if the state opposition coalition refused to take part. indeed the fact that the syrian opposition groups in the national feeling coalition are split on whether to attend the geneva talks. the author disagree all the conditions for taking part. who are most important part of the second geneva conference twice in the second failed to meet a delegation of senior government and opposition will hold talks under the auspices of indoctrination. we do have the opposition and former united dedication as it will benefit the second peace conference. as was seen in people. but it will require negotiations among opposition factions as well as in the confusion the opposition and us the due to expanding
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partnerships from flaking property to combating climate change booming economy to war ravaged nation. everything in between. we captured the changes affecting the most dynamic and the source code. he's beyond the story. today we bring peace to war. i am. the it
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seems the refusal of sport the only only the ucc team in years it's another day or can be paid from the chinese capital. they just need to allot the station is dirty yellow alert early saturday morning the secd level on the fourth year warning system. and this is the third pays america this week the level of p and two point five in beijing has written over three hundred which means serious pollution. this ability has often reduced to less than thirty meters in the worst affected parts of the city. fine expressways have enclosed a temporary lead in the past month northern and eastern time to have been playing it by continuous canes. cities like beijing and tianjin were playing today for more than fifteen days which is the worst since nineteen sixty one. taking sweater party forecasts that wins will hit the capital which
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could clear the air from early sunday. two more bass to pave the way i expected to make a comeback next week. in some parts of northern and eastern china improper handling of mull functioning equipment led to an explosion in a fireworksactory in south china swansea vomit on the street an explosion occurred at about four pm on friday inside about cache of ten she city. it was a mechanical problem in a machine. the electrician who attempted to fix the problem didn't fall the rules. in fact a situation. and this caused a machine to accept the night leaving to take photo. in other weapons were killed and seventeen others injured as result. manager and the legal representative of the off the factory are in police custody when our turn to the late is on the shooting at the los angeles international airport the us federal bureau of investigation has named a twenty three year old impala
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and to the cnc act as the gunmen who opened fire at the airport killing a security agents. no further information was provided about c and c f of bharti said he killed and on on and if it was security agent before she was shot and captured several others have also been injured. sources close to the investigation that anti government materials were found on the fast back plus interest international airport was locked down in following reports of gunshots at terminal three. the l a fire department described the situation at the mo tight patient incident. the gunmen opened fire at one of the terminals the security checkpoints at around nine thirty am local time. local media reports that he used a high powered rifle the airport halted outgoing flights after the shooting and passengers were evacuated emergency beacon was in awe and the police arrived at the scene. white house spokesman jay carney said president obama has been briefed about the incident and the white house officials
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are in packed with blind force when officials on the plant. an area one of the witnesses to the shooting at the employed to describe what he saw it a listen. he distrusted the ground and start in right field student crawling along to stay as low as possible. and then we basically i just know everyone is climbing over each other but we are in between where the guy was sitting downstairs and tsa main security. so there was like them. it was like eight emergency exit out of the tarmac and i just said. i know what's going on. i'm adding this terminal so i went out the emergency exit down the stairs onto the tarmac. this rain. when aunt angel another accident we think we say at least two people had been killed in a drive by shooting outside the offices of greece's if i wait until the end on friday in a suburb of athens on friday up with one win in such a deal that brings us to make next. police come identified the victims us
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twenty two years old my discovery on a seventy six years old during his time to release one more person was seriously wounded and taken to the hospital. according to investigate or some other cyclists stopped outside a cafe next to the offices of gold and done partying started shooting. the party's offices were opened during the attack seems every friday and then this meeting is held greece's far i'd go to the party says that the baking some members of the party. you have the stomach ache during which the parties and who was fond of the fun of the victims the police then there is going to investigate the incident. a government spokesman said that democracy justice in greek society will be very cross eyed and mentors. the setback comes as the government is cracking down on old and dull. which is great is that the most popular political force of a breakup scene here was that the deficit and that the ducks it was blamed on the golden zone party scene but pfizer has led to many violent protests across greece doing is a cadre of cctv of things. ute. earlier
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rule our. and may be. she expects. see you in. they do that. it might be. and on. i
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don't belong the smaller one in. any attempt to move on i taught middle school. he straightened. the we just friends. it was. it takes to him. since the news updates at the top of every where cctv. you are linked to more the welcome back a program that is suppose to feed the hunger waste americans is losing billions of dollars in funding. and this may not be the end of the cats and you might imagine this is hitting the poorest americans
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the hardest. cctv is jessica's town has been taking a look twenty forty seven million americans depend on food stamps to help put food on the table. people like catherine mackinnon the plaster. each month she gets three hundred fifty dollars in food stamps. that money goes to feed her and her three grandchildren. each of them and when her daughter died in omaha pivotal to the kick ahead of a typical family of four receiving assistance will get about thirty six dollars less this month. all because the american federal food stamp program last five billion dollars overnight the us congress but the money for the program run out after these costs the average benefit per person per meal will be a dollar forty and forty cents the cuts come as more americans are depending on food stamps to feed their families. there are now more than twice as many americans in the program then in the year two thousand nearly one out of every seven americans we have so much of economic and security in this
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country people losing jobs people get going from full time work part time work half of all trooper on food stamps at some point during childhood half of all adults the united states congress looks to cut or control government spending. the food stamp program has been a target. senate democrats want to cut the program further by about four and a half billion dollars. republicans in the house are pushing for ten times that amount nearly forty billion dollars in cuts their bill would also include requirements that people who are able to work are actually trying to find a job. it will actually result in. some were between three and four million americans who would otherwise be qualified for the program now being disqualified from the program and pro enough to stay for the us congress has been debating changes to the food stamp program for years. a temporary benefit boosted that stamp dollars in two thousand nine. but back then if it expires thursday leading to the current funding cuts lawmakers are meeting to find a long term
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solution. they remain divided on how the program should be changed if at all and all the time decision. please folks like pastor mechanic and fending for herself learn how to survive jessica stone cctv washington. and in neighboring canada figures suggest that economic growth slowed considerably in august the country's gdp rose this week and from a percent in august. half of july's rate of growth manufacturing saw a decline in light of this some of canada's farmers have expressed concerns about the impact of new trade deal with here at ontario's wine producers to brace for an influx of competition from the eu. when in protest. our job was to deal with boys from niagara on the lake ontario the queens has been employing brutal materially from old says he believes he is so unique industry the mice in the street the bn. love everyday of it
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the mental interiors were in business has flourished generating around three hundred and thirteen million us dollars in sales last year oh well around six point two billion dollars worth of coins sold across calendar each year. canadians apparently prefer the floor in lines and green stuff the canadian people are immigrated from different countries. so for that reason they're loyal to their home country thereby from different places. thought it would be nice if everybody would support the local industry. new trade deal with your complete the competition for one think it still is even tougher by removing strict parents on imports canada and the eu will soon get greater access street of those markets. the deal could bring down the cost of imported ones from countries like prawns in a falling wall that may be welcomed by consumers is of concern to ontario's one matrix. local wineries in the face stiff price competition from
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european producers it'll also be cheap but the only one making equipment from the eu most if not all of our cakes barrels will come for the most part from europe's of getting into the open terrace reduced to zero and i will be important to us the deal does bring with it the chance to sell more one more for you to your seats a saturated market. our export focused and city in places that are about wine growing regions themselves like the show. i swam was for the grail breaker for reputation the table wines come in behind it. premium cable line echoes of them particularly to some of the top of the new michelin star restaurant in hong kong and shanghai which is great treatments is so unique and of the europe agreement is aimed at boosting exports and productivity but there are potential challenges ahead for industries less well established and their foreign rivals from terriers one make is the rolling all the juices from europe to put a squeeze
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on domestic sales crisp new cctv niagara on the lake anne and chris is out of high alert on things that glitter pen international joy farah is brain gasoline pieces from countries all over the world like it to beijing. and of course we couldn't resist the opportunity for a closer look. he endured china international jewelry fat has begun three hundred thousand pieces of the screws of the word from belgium australia into the and twenty one of the countries. i know i am most of the items on display here and very typical of their home countries would have libby since our fires from thailand and sri lanka together with all polls from australia. they're very popular. two local utility provides even more choices for customers. but it seems that the rubes from nemo also know as the symbol of the chinese is a particular favorite. it has attracted plenty of interested buyers
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even the prize of sixty thousand yuan for parents even the pavement intestine of the movies because of the color is red and red is the lucky color for chinese so that's why there's a lot of interest up. when it comes to read the post to finally buy my rupees jd is above the much sought after stone local companies presenting classic designs like that but those bracelets and be used for presenting in the peace and good fortune. and you'll find the purity of gold is also counting hats. i used it yet get to this new technology we use purifies the welcome to assist you to do smell of the mentalist to make our final projects a skewer and our original as possible. time is running out on this show or a fat which commenced in november the fall. fans of pink lady
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doesn't hire me. more volatile cctv. well what a collection that i am with that we come to the end of this edition of the ctv news i know my money invading think the company he said the eye. you know. lulu. eye
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i am. in it. i will the cz
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he knew who will. will you the ira. lloyd james to get into to welcome to this hour's news line. japanese and russian leaders are searching for ways to build closer ties between their countries. both countries have agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in security affairs including joint military exercises against terrorism and piracy when mr cool new cheetah and defence mr dixon rodeo muldoon of dependent their russian


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