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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  November 2, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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hello my name is pete over by day tomorrow. enjoy the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network roo and new week. it is with south asia. this makes it so
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the study raises some questions about what is it that goal. as i haven't loved united states did nothing but the fact that it's got great gift for him. why did it about all. it's a pretty six eleven. in fact president obama s on shooting some tough questions regarding the news it's eleven clients but fisher the press milan says is visibly getting under the oppression of vatican sources and then when the trade. room. lacking india's concerns over the snow pace of progress in the twenty six eleven case in pockets. us president barack obama asked prime minister nawaz sharif why the trial of malaya tacos don't stock it jordan to meeting the us has
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also raised the issue along with the law. cross border terrorism and all the sugar industry the pockets on the doctor who had the c i a time gone by the chief osama bin london. it has been in prison. sunny anti terrorism court conducting the malayan tax stride. he showed some monster for witnesses and coating the center of a bowl that was used by attendance could attack by terrorists to reach india. even as it boasts pulled the hitting of the case but two weeks hassan says the great vaults of the cross examination of indian witnesses by a puff piece on the judicial commission in connection with the attacks case i don't freeze or stop by. on the proceedings were postponed. and in
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the robotics sources said the reckless was sent to the pockets on high commission in new delhi last week itself. as you add a bit and kept banging off the dust in the mumbai attack was undertaken in parkson because the new c5 that attack was in talks time. the finding photos of people you want it to bed attack was wasn't dark sky and the training was undertaken in pakistan. it therefore follows that ninety nine percent of the evidence in this case exists in pakistan. the commission the cross examine witnesses in the lake in shooting the back just to old record of concepts confessional statement. the chief investigating officer and two doctors who conducted the autopsy all the terrorists who carried out the mumbai attacks in november two thousand and
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eight. this is the nation's second visit to india. for somebody to buy them on and off to its first visit in march two thousand but was rejected by an anti terrorism court. as the commission's members were not allowed to cross examine witnesses meanwhile india has reiterated its position that it wants to see justice in the twenty six in the us. it noted was on pakistan to comply it may be the session and says and ensure that the perpetrators of the dastardly attack. i bought two books and sixty and expeditiously. from there sunny chinese law should be joining his interactions with president obama also increase the disney movie which drew major criticism from india sharif cost to us. it is
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true. it is so until crispy used to be part of india. we should use it it's a good spot those be. this sense and a description also own identity. and dana. i was sensitive and as a nation there's no question of if anyone has any motif and say to anybody said it was is this idea. and i think the ice is american moses knew and liked his son. in the dying off. the kitchen placed two in the mesh lace the disputes between india and like islam. um no we are all close to any of them the international ice the disputes between our two countries. the sun by
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electric bass boats didn't know to be desired by electricity by booking fee on like islam that is still close enough that what the media said. intruding the site any other color in besides newly elected civilian government led by animosity it is under intense international pressure to do it justice. on twenty six eleven. but it seems that the government has decided to go still visibly under the pressure of the deacon false is like la la la the military. says. james had been deceiving its own citizens and rights activists by shedding crocodile tears and playing victim over the dawn attacks which
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started in two thousand and four. recently published report in washington post suggests that caucus on the government secretly permit the united states of conduct on strikes to support him at a time in the pockets of the prime minister was visiting the us and advance the issue of dog attacks that president obama the teat resizing and strikes by saudi officials the foothills secret key and asked us to a program. even the king not the least one top that such an attack. according to a washington post poll. seeking cit documents on this site enables the team of the post
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described the least sixty five such rights between the two hundred and seven and eight two thousand of them go inside it. with the prime minister pockets on the lost city meeting with president obama in washington. but this budget will show he told reporters. he brought up the issue of gold strikes with mamaw. emphasizing the need for an end to such strikes. his poem itself drew and strikes. i usually do so and education obe. in my first statement to the parliament and the need to attend our strong commitment to ensuring an end to the vocal effects. more news and the upper part is international conference. i had to do that the use of drones is not only can you
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live nation. what did it to her integrity. gore so detrimental to one's own efforts and imaging to resume from our country. this issue has become a mission to get into mumbai decoration chavez with. i would have forced us to be put in. going next the thus baucus the new officials have denounced any drone attacks but the washington post story exposes the noteworthy that the new obama strikes with the old school actively participated in selecting some targets. one documents files and ten. jeans and t ball striking the site is cool what's your government this is going with the cooperation
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the intelligence agencies in the two nations. i ended mixed tapes have a strong ongoing competition and open each. it was a useful addition. your support of the usual goings in the meeting. emphasizing the need for an end to such strikes. cheap old nicholas was full of pockets on each wrist and the beast was said to be pretty. we should instead focus on stuff and signed all stripes will be on a few occasions when the topic was up suzuki isolated and no tones asked about the damage. still it was a frost on it all
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possible because of the saudi official at the tip of the need to start tuesday did you chills began launching attacks that are stocked in two thousand full by this time. bush joked that the country if ideas often taking on the go to school he said on sunday he does with the u s drone strikes often discussions involving nudity and intelligence units forty if there was no time for the four boutiques several slips off this in two thousand it's a nice dress that judy knowing is this true. villa listed and drone strikes. one of which targeted militants and a few of them would join operations between the united states but this time. inhibitions. with no access to the ground
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forces by his son. chore the ads the concerns that both of us said about senseless violence terrorism an extremist and we agree that we need to continue to find constructive ways to work together. what is the respect of office on sovereignty. that respect the concerns of both countries. um and i'm optimistic that we can continue to make important strides. in moving forward because both the sight of people in the american people have suffered terribly from terrorism in the past. books are told said the focus on
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government routinely receive classified briefings that the number of drone attacks has been decreasing shocking because he is the closest types of rules imposed by the obama station and the success of the program in killing its targets. changed so that human rights watch released by the critically defaults on us drone strikes are not given. that said some of the attacks may have violated its festival which guards the white house tonight. meanwhile the duplicity of august on shooting in the stands exposed to the strong reaction. with this set . i
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hate you. after the break many of the outdoors and videos on its toes arms. al all to pray. the ticket would bomb disposal school in top would be too is giving salsa fitting about the process of apples and even teaching of god's good intricate nuances of defusing i improvised explosive devices. more than one thousand people have died in ied explosions and even boasts of being a challenge from don forces to deal with it. and i. i ate most of
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the preaching of god's orders using this or did the deed most kids. it provides explicit advice on ep improvised explosive devices on the use of the single biggest kid of gov dot com blog. according to woodward and recorded fifty three percent decrease victims mostly children all staff wahid is caused when a tug of civilian casualties in the past six months bringing the team during which the two hundred but did anybody five hundred wounded twenty three percent on the scene he did last year. be. chat the aisle it does not disclose the cia stored in the opt out of the goods would describe my digicam of that image as it does but as unsustainable
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let us get a mop my deep likened it to the vietnam war most of the best alliances person and it would probably be a new links to this view shows from time to get in the process. when he testified that the love of film since then. dennis m has been to war for a couple of decades. there is plenty of unexploded ammunition mines in this area. and of course the since that last year's levels of c and the sooner you print off ied is better and better aid the highest for terror in afghanistan so we are now focus on getting students basic knowledge about how to take care all of eu peace. and of course even the rubes. aye aye aye school age and on about it
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it's bright promise to share these provincial capital of the province is intended only to slip out of control. as we've gone from about this dog. the united states and its allies would like to portray the mission success to justify the city of one dollars spent on that was supposed to walk. however forget to hop down to meet that need to become famous he was spying on the dance among the visiting rights bill called for treating him of the essence of devices watched by treaties and had to get to eat at the va to visit the pub so i said with a sawed into buying baghdad instead of the ballots maybe his knowledge at the same distance that the geffen the un would things that just what they can dodge anti tank mine. it was to photograph so well that would fit the bowl but in order to detonate any booby trap. one soldier said he loved that about us on
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monday rejected peace i don't i. it's the old guy was holding a lead in the flesh on the minuses on the much as i watched elijah and elisha junk although much among them the presence of something i was making seventy s when mike gets a call about six hundred babies have it in. this was the gift that is bought off explosive events but that would mandate achieve what about sport the kitchen but the icing on the east the cg. top with
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just the way you view the bbc review and enjoying each other. lola jihadist but at the post was so juicy. it cut into them. you don't want to talk to him onto his team and who bid on and she said he was up again as with the scene and they have some video about working with the fifteen wins and someone to be seen. i love the twist and distort like this the expertise was lost at smalls babies but not scientists but it's really getting mighty deeds. instead i to judge if you that's awesome. it is set to a common problem in that a fifty thousand strong national security force which includes both the army and police. luna. end of this
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edition of news breaks up a shot back next week with one view is the view is an analysis from the sub continent. meanwhile joking rioting in lhasa at the end of the essay at in ie dot com this is odd to signing off of the top of the entire production team of music south asia the sign. which swedish detective. you know you know the two one two the us. now on dvd. will rule
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the sec this president he was an ss yet it isn't in that action as part of his trip to israel last month the dentist on to match made in each hand it to frame the whole costume on and off the cement in the menu. in a statement. the sense that it's a respect for his team underscores the need for such an audience that in mind to be one of the stuff that beset by the wrong attitude that manemons tv dn't mention that suctragedie should this in israel successfully conducted a oint session as huge as in hebrew in adr mile nine or ten and north of the muscle the rescue coordination centers and navies of the two countries practiced rescuing and pastel is to misssadness anything to match an accident involving a commercial ship the entire two hour operation was considered a
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success. an announcement said it showed the operation readiness of the competent services in both israel and cyprus is extensive economic sounds and scents and the skinny jeans. this boy. i studied and tried to high school says so. the british school system and absolutely as western guidae family is i noteallin any case i'm terrified. this shift stage. who are a lot like him to his comely nine dol are a lot of myamerican influence in cuba where he can see why it's here. we
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will post again. i get a positive statement with the good sense to him. in the middle east at least ten cars through them. i really feel that the women are the most resilient and strongest winds and jm wants us to pick up the pieces. i think they're beautiful there the steering and embarrassed her. i like to try a train back to the flak that beauty and strength as a state senat tried to go they have a party based on sharia. i hope you and then we can have a stocking for it it's a steely home. a good way to bring people together as opposed to having eaten their own corner thoughts and opinions of the other. i feel that if i wanted to use. when the right is successful. an intense and heavy vehicle for discussion lately. to
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the where i was so great that i can build t die alone hopefully through some stereotypes and misconceptions about and loans and also that the americans and says well so i try to narrate the east to west. aren't i. so that's really what i try. by tonight demonstrates the railways for rich white knit with that now stretches for the two styles. healing team sixty four. the shinkansen bullet train was will's first place people. it's technology that
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allowed these trains to run it up to two hundred and ten km run attracted attention worldwide. the issue to celebrate set the maximum speed of two hundred and seventy km. making the one hundred and fifty two was a tiff between tokyo osaka. in just two hours and twenty five should you freqncy of these core spe trains also continues to increase. during the tour to russia no one train on the snp to live it the news every two minutes thirty seconds. we strain to bottle some reputation for safety to believe tone in his tube and it was between zero cost to retell it unique japanese teachers to improve passenger comfort. you can
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see that sweet little treats the direction in which. i restrained became first a new lease proposal to increase various new technologies would love to call back the train passes through a tunnel. it pushes the call of their infants. which makes a very loud noise when it emerges from the opening to reduce this effect should the trains moment such sweeties. this runs smoothly over long been streamlined it should say resistance by thirty percent significantly reducing the leaves the major source of noise is friction between we listened to. pulling wheel covers now
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most of it. when speed rail technology continues to make the stripes. march two thousand and eleven. to do with them and teaching dance in high numbers. state of the art technology allows its new train to operate at speeds of three hundred and twenty kilometers per hour this is the clear teaching dancing. the ways this was achieved was to redesign the campgrounds. no pics. six in between. on sunday. poland has always been a significant source of goings. she contends that simple. perhaps one to two dollars and three
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mostly uses just two. one of the season. police told them just to keep the home the secret to the new design the prices on the lawn shaped like a canopy has pushed points ministry to returning things to do next i can only chew on a trip to town with kiwi juice and sensible. the air. we saw the sign. we start making the passage of the train much point. i am. liam has a resource for students to treat you the new blossom street on the trading tuesday
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t sixteen point six. one of its extended itself is passages considered the greatest things. due to take the magnitude of the takes two tickets to a more practical study its critics i strain has already reported the maximum speed on a company to one kilo which is corrupt. so to speak to. i mean safe. extremely focused the fonts points be drilled into it continues to weave ay ay ay ay. good evening is now six pm the time when you're watching it in years i bet it would welcome
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the darebin gentle coming to you from dw stadium in and makes the news. on the air and online for the globally minded audience wind nm new long will welcome to the beach a few slight and take it to find tokyo with the latest on the sock. us investigators are looking into why amanda went on a shooting rampage of lost angeles international ample. the suspect killed the security officer and injured several people before he was detained on the twenty three


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