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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 2, 2013 11:30pm-11:41pm PDT

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lou we one will who will. ch well welcome to take a few slight i'd take it to find tokyo with the latest on this top. us investigators are looking into why a man who went on a shooting rampage at los angeles international an hour. the suspect killed a security officer and injured several people before he was detained. on. the name twenty three older policy mc called comply with a semi old moniker rifle in terminal three. he continued shooting while passing through a security checkpoint to a boarding area. the police
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finally detained a suspect after an exchange of gunfire we did bro's friend n i t guy became a no. looking at the baggage of shooting randomly night. i thought if they go down. many many shops to visit hudson is frightening. it was raining on me trying to get down on the ground media reports the suspect was asking people what they want with the transportation security administration while taking day. the deceased was employed with the tedious the associated press says police found the hundreds and knocked on the mound. that said you wanted to kill tsa officials. police suspect the man and i have had a grudge against the agency abc news reports that since he carried them out. and with the meadows in dhabi which is believed to be a while
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police i confess to get into significance of the match japan and russia have moved a little closer diplomatic ellie top of the shells from the two companies have agreed to expand the security cooperation. the decision came out the so called a two plus two meeting in tokyo the first such meeting in between japan and russia. to come is represented how the talks by foreign menace of the meal she died and defense minister into naughty little bit of a map with their russian counterparts ldl of waltham so gay sugar here is a bit too close to top off with a new page will try to trade cooperation in security and the fast kids who will pursue further dialogue on specifics and exchanges will help stabilize the situation in east asia as well as to promote world peace. this tool close to making signals the start for new relationships between
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the two countries today's taking marks a crucial step for putting trust in the discussion between jet that much. and the new meds and i'm also in the two countries confirmed the closer relations would help resolve the range of the shoot. he cited problems on the korean nation on the grill this beach and to risk his exceed the two sides agreed to boost joint exercises between japan's maritimes self defense forces in the russian navy due to the details i agree to hold what level talks on the waist to come to this type of cox two ways. russian foreign us and invited the japanese to visit moscow next jack and to hold regular stick. a team from being castro atomic energy agency well soon visit the damage than you can all climbed in northeastern japan expats will investigate the leaking of contaminated water from scoring stunts and loops to the commission
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applied iaea director general dg i muddled told reporters in washington. tina will be discussed at the end of november. we are planning to spend on our peonies emissions. on the new board found that these are the itu nation on decommissioning and to move on to cover some of them are intended to thwart the dishes. amato says she needs to cooperate with india the shoulder nine stations in addressing the nuclear crisis in all that to regain the trust of the global community. he said the team willing to see real talents. amato says he believes that the visit may ease concerns of japan's than a dozen other companies about the dangers of the radioactive water leaks japan's crown prince and princess trouble to the mythos to cape region of you out there prefecture at all finding car is going to
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local residents that today told came up on the back of visits to disaster stricken areas in oldest in september uh uh. it's not like going from being so smart go visit the coastal city of qom when she owns a bank. the area was devastated by the crew pricing them out and consume it. it is home to the largest temple re housing complex in the city of oakland for comfort and fifty but he still resides. grumpiness out ninety six the old woman but then she interacts with other residents about their health as it gets cold. since engaged in conversation with an eighty one the only woman raising the couple who commonly seen this over on themselves. she asked the woman to take care of itself. with the summit that cnet become keep the beer i have to be cheerful when the crown prince
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the muskegon. thanks for explaining how the housing complex was designed to help promote exchanges among residents so that i don't believe people would not feel isolated. chinese all for the same table cloth right to deal with pollution has become a serious problem than the company's capital and surrounding oreos the great debate in region has been experiencing record levels of fine particulate market in all nasty and two point five since the end of september the appellation hayes is not only affecting people's health. still topic on expressways and down the things are. china on the geological administration announced on friday the new forecast center will be launched to monitor and quality of live bait you can see him and the neighboring province of hebei. it also said the weather agency and an arm and told the school
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calendar and eight. until recently the tool denies nations have been monitoring al pollution separately and were criticized for failing to quantum eight tablets comics the wild when the full cost. crooner who knew noone ay ay ay ay ay ay ay the eye. the blasts of
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the united nations in new york having given the chance to sit back and enjoy a taste of japan. bill case and was a promotional event to introduce a selection of high grade a sock in the wild puppy the event was organized by japan's mission to the un and the association of the team to wear shoes that didn't last. it featured a high quality stock in products from forty eight who lives in japan. he's forty eight. it up to date. it's different. they come from
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different parts of different quilt up on thursday. each one of the fourteen eighty five. un officials and foreign diplomats listen to explanations from green glass and some of the socket. i love. then enjoy. to me. i visited the team to watch jack. i was tasting sucked into the fast times. also the opportunity to discover and missed my stop and spiced wine. we have to start from the northeast and seven. he wanted to convey his gratitude to people around the wild often to support october two thousand eleven of the lake and tsunami. i was and is innocent of these
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lines. it was. i eye. i am sell that stuff before. this is the matter or the highest mountains in the european alps. which sits on a rocky ridge. it's used as a base for climbing the mountain that day. people working experts in all


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