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tv   France 24 News  PBS  November 3, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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and as we heard the french prime minister earlier saying that they're going to try to out step up security in the area up. whether or not he held on to challenge that's going to be anxious for main street scene right now. paintings by much has it that that was having parents who still has an offense after giving us more details on that. i mean onto the rest of the wild. that means for you now when pakistan's government has accused the united states of sabotaging the same day stations with a time bomb likening the time and she sat in a train strike
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pakistan's foreign ministry has summoned to the us ambassador in protest washington house brushed that off saying that pakistan the us. she had a strategic interest in ending extremists finance. thinking for the school. furious with the us pakistani politician cp stock sleeping on the brink of guessing underweight when the taliban's leader was counts. the team as religious clerics i was away from flying out to meet the ttp the government wants some does not see this going bad as that day on and on an individual. but as in debt on the peace corps is bleeding money. the last seven meetings. we started kali lot of girls this is truly beginning to these two miles long. and when you're done. you less or did he allow the country's foreign ministry said at some of
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the us ambassador in protest of pakistan routinely kind dentist run strikes during white house talks last week prime minister now as sirens as president obama speaks an end to them. however the washington times reported they contain cit a document suggesting pakistan had secretly endorsed the program for years. greg kinnear the receiving classified briefings on strikes and casualty candidates. experts have long suspected pakistan of giving implicit consent for strikes in the pool under orders to kill what was coming. pakistani authorities we already know this is the situation since it might even be a strike resulted from information might be styles. and it would be the first scientific estimates a recent amnesty international report said four hundred to nine hundred civilians were killed in pakistan by drone attacks since two thousand and four and that the strikes may violate international laws
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place the us from me tonight tensions are running high income so that is vacant space to the polls that this sunday to connect lake will need as if it's seen as a test of confidence from john relations with saudi and pitching and defense at independence from in two thousand and eight the senate did not recognize the means but madeline is looking ahead to eu membership the last time belgrade has encouraged ethnic sounds in casa de tonight. tom hawkins with all its. let cool in action with five weeks in consequence is this etf me to be sandals and cost advantage is its down and think mine's a sad heels and albanian south to ninety eight by raking up. he said the area has definately jarrett you move since the end of the war in nineteen ninety nine and is maintained some autonomy. it now said the ad is encouraging costs of incense to get info interested in
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politics with their participation as a stage in the ctmh. as in the holocaust though they will become an irreversible process which means that the government to increase the net will no longer be a bit to make decisions without the syrups that means they'll become more importantly disconnected things will be able to happen with ayers says. the campaign eons make up ninety percent of today's population. next on a piece at the end refuses to recognize costs of an independence. the two countries are trying to normalize relations to win support for that needs to train the league the sixteen said announcements on having none of its hotline is seen taking part in the elections as recognizing consecrated as an independent country. by participating in these elections with the serbs are so cute using them for a serbian state based kosovo has been created eyes of the serbian people's misfortune. everyone here understands the gods of the trail. it says in casa de
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must assign time david and in eighteen fifty nine. some one point eight million people would take to the post. we didn't have been protests in support of the comedienne the semi set the satirical tv show and was taken off the a new week off to his comeback television channels have to say would have been all cost because it violates its editorial policy. but that's a nice it is often compared to american john askew x has come under fire from booking agent mentioned buddhists stephen powerful. protesting to the right to poke fun this beat its political crises dozens of activists staged a demonstration of the private tv channels bbc reporting on the popular satirical program hosted by comedian gots a new set. the move was condemned by his friends as well as senior political figures when you need to reject what happened to the media center east and the revolution centers said youssef you know
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that to say that freedom of the media is the most the most important demands of the revolution. since then has often been dealt. he did us comedian john stuart pearce as our program returned to the airwaves to do for a week ago after a four month hiatus. this kept smoking them in the tree featured creeping egypt and poking fun at general lcc prompted a spate of legal complaints. cbc said the time it was committed to freedom of expression but the episode usually airs on friday with the poles minutes before being broken. apparently reaching editorial policy and its. two of us who spoke to him. indeed for the past two years. and i thing the conservatives who are very much for the army and for the military and pro pro pro no criticism in the specific figures captured this picture. this is the first time fasting yousef is kind of stuff on popular with the country's readers. he's already being prosecuted for effective
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orator and insulting former presidents mohamad morrissey i have some nice new sets me off posting at the stake into training to the map is around fifteen minutes time you can see below. since down to earth. i was. or if they want this week on down to it will import the world's largest went to church because the toll it takes to operate
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he says one nation after it said that and can change the whole world. but you can change the whole world one person. from a costco or present bill patients of the nineties the good people go blind. just to feed a family feel free to read since apartheid. i can look in the mirror and it's okay eventually the foot will say it's ideal for an awful cold though not before causing my new skin was to record the least. beggars or deny that there was still in the fall. the clayton to add in the republic of congo about to take you with us envoy to africa may see the sorting hospital with a crew of four hundred officer my standby list. and then straight to some of the forest people in the well what we're about to light ease with the arbitration or not. walcott was dynamite guarantee still life will never be like this. tokyo
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nissan is that this presumes he can remember his left hand has been clinched its east the new renters don't see us until smooth. as a gift to you and he said calderon to scorching all healed the scheme is a knowledge and earthy clear of scott's team. he longed for his team a two pt school and has been reconstructed. today he's about to discover he has seen its like everyone else. thus the awe. they didn't lose him how he begins his fingers stuck together and now that separates the sydney seat i'm thrilled. i mean what you see he seemed to be happy stories like the pieces on the africa mercy. multiple
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claims that day. mike nights he says the ship's managing director are good reasons to believe police worry one day this is the word either the gala. inside we find some of the country's most desperate patients. towards welcome people with pastor wright's club feet. hauritz and deformities. he'll suffer from health problems really see in the works. the actual book anemone i say and you have value were glad to hear in smiling at him. and then take the lead someone has had one of these conditions are quite visible. but the huge timber industry to walk about a society that saw uncommon when we start to come to work with them and treat them that they've not had him in touch five ten even fifteen years people like natasha police he charmed the pitching mound it's been i think we could suffocate. here is the abnormal cells continue to pray. already she has trouble talking. she can no
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longer includes her now here's a short women of prayer. so she faces the alteration of standby the eye. oakland's of greek when bishops he already seemed to me sees the longest serving senator. this is the latter was to leave the cash is keen to revenge or replace it with one mate from titanium. you see so many people that don't get to be a part of the human race because this guy. now if only my class. they've got surely some default. but nonetheless they are marginalized or pushed out of the human race. critics said that you you can't change the whole world. but you can change the whole world one
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person. and that has helped me do. update eats great time just some of the volunteers volunteer nice because no one to twenty oh eight the salary the effect that if someone has to be one bullet. she'd mining costs around one million dollars him on the race to the funding comes from corporate sponsors and donations. i would imagine that the american intentions she secretly joining the air cingular chill is your pal those who hesitated in one case it is an amazing young lady increased too touristy bits of bone that welcomes everything. more than just close the door to me. he
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outplayed in the lead them to lead me to fall into this here is the head dress up when the varied to the data bank. the popular supermarket it's very un scientific american coffee shop. one of the decreased went to school each tuesday its thirteen sometimes he says. these are the children of cream and eggs. some of their holy teach mission on board. that said retreat always late some of them sit in the gallery in season the two men on board. mary started a family. a quarter but claims to twenty sixty. aunt mary gave her i think it's a big sacrifice. because i don't have a good perspective that day. i think that maybe it would be easier. back home maybe i feel trapped here and i don't have a car. the land to do is trust and two flights of stairs to the ward and take a quick walk around instance look at patients amid the joy that emanates from them. with terrific
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situations. kind of read korean sweet. there really isn't a sacrifice is a privilege. i do have to repealing the don't they have to remind myself of that. she is our mind out. today she's retained to africa mercy least in one week off to have surgery. the shop. can you come with me please. she may be more amazed that a donkey just don't need to be changed daily i upc from the knesset can radically change someone's life. i met katie i'm making now. in the narratives each day. i'm greatly. several months to show their operation. when buying from a people be taken to grow on mitchell. she now
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has the courage to talk to their cost. don't buy it well i didn't think it still is. i didn't think i'd be healed. why don't i. he needed. my church and friday because of the rule. he chased me out to my husband on top you get the attention given to london. god has done to me. i did not see ships the lease it to one of the yemeni the country so freaking waste waste. any deer and creeping things didn't come from potential double the cost of the population still the phillies the poverty line its system of health care remains in a dummy estate yes the icy hot topic in point last night. he'll record number of patients dying for weight. reading his book the one seen on line
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time and that she needed to be repaid. across the country xi for our lives i'm even experienced users with a light day. the next month and all the nurses think that all for a total of three thousand adults and children. will a foreign country unless he breaks out. iberia. many entire day. see everyday in guinea and now i'm dead sure what she's the little fleece sheets than the lead to a cage. she has a new pro league star of the local hospitals. a fixed that but they are and she is. oh and it's just not. form surgeries it's been over one point in time and trying things will last beyond when yall that the away to low wind shear is one of the biggest hospitals in quite awhile police have broken the patient to be very
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helpful in flight service days. but to be due to the official rate is eighty four. he's one of them makes the neck and facial sanctions in the country. wilkie nice team did their dance the hospital to amend the rules they still along way to die. and whenever we are really trying to say and how would you want us to help and reportedly been busy over our supreme treatments and sean went together on common market auctions. you must use you must either. only during his ouster very precise how the stc of years training in hygiene and infection control the idea will work they have new equipment along with the additional medical expertise. the fountain of sufism is to just leave it we can continue to train other colleagues around us do this on your wall. they'll sit in the us israel's ahead of the missing ships will
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lead to some equipment to dance to. unlike government is that today and this town that up to training we need the material presented to the mall. african deceased crew has just announced it will double the time it's tilting point line specifically to reinforce the treaty. back on board we reach or announced on surgeons team and the facial specialist is pointing hand in hand. the few. it's filled with hope. i come around three times a week. don't copy or a doctor it will outperform life changing surgery to get up. are you doing very well. a lot more the deal better the doctor got the gong gong to go with
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it all to carry its given me the shots and then relate to all the more capable and these types of situation with gusto. don't get so was a good time to improve the skills to do with it but he did. while the debate since it began. did he find pizza guy admits she scurried to welcome molding two hundred and twenty five thousand patients the ball the beginning of the new feature for those fortunate enough to pull the states see the detail. hse still nothing to defend their right to sleep. enjoying talking with us. denouncing homophobia is that history and religion. this has become
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the all the right to the speed and benefits which they say you'll break the women's works. but just too well. he takes us to get on. reporters. i kept on going woo hoo. i will. and. d
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as you. my mother was killed when children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story. a pakistani family talk starts he after outlining the us congress the full horror of a cit a drone strike. eu officials had to washington what went on earth. the truth about american spying program takes millions of europeans have found themselves targeted by bike it's worse for obama


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