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the sea. but what they want the court for the start of the trial on charges of the top of the dugout the city and bought a compact family home the home
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cook with them. boating accident off a range of assistance in the aftermarket the edges. when preston park and eight says he's ready to meet the guy played the death of his children. it is time for peace on the korean one the new entrants in the democratic republic of congo continue with the three operations to prevent the conflict in the country from the light. the bird warm welcome on a book by jane was certain to top it off cctv years. it gives former president by how but mostly it has the right to the current court to face charges of incitement of violence and killing opposition protest is the neighborhood to them the courthouses in with my three secured by ahmed vehicles and hundreds of soldiers and police. though this there were no confirmation as to whether the trial has begun. more secret place of a life sentence or even the death penalty if found guilty of the charges. his family would
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often attend the trial saying it's legitimate. the ship is owned by west has more sees supporters to present a series of nationwide protests nearly twenty thousand police have been deployed to deal with any outbreak of violence. the muslim brotherhood maintains more season of saying it was a true that for the state democratic gains made up of the host immobile rights of the fire. your cctv is our cars phone and i know emery is covering of the fest i have that off for us to join in our car ride. i welcome at all a compilation your home with a this time is actually started. and if you would want to die will side with moc has a lawyer representing him or is it gonna be doing it themselves the information about what exactly is happening inside the court of the hundreds of
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reports that which is in sight. at that so far according to what has been scheduled my present for a more seasoned warriors is that you would be defending his old self. i was there for legal procedures and court the court to accept that there was appointed lawyer to represent them not to be presented at court to what has been announced officially that the lord has been appointed by identical invites. that's forty two their spokesman. what exactly the court so far are not unknown until this moment it's sad that ryan has been his ongoing got to be reasoned with. so is that there is no news coming out from the courtroom. which means that artists are gone now about the idea forward again to get out there there's wants and does anyone know what exactly was i bit the inside the court that mr would expect to see
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on the record it and it's all dry. no was a couple of things on one another. i'm curious about what the chances are there for what you hear what you've been reading in the lead up to this child. the chances of them being found guilty it up before you do that at all can you just explain to us what caused protests his conjuring up behind you because its significance in the whole thing gets to go over there. the tree up. we are trying to gather the cameras. i can shout as much as possible. so for being their own. cause i bought saturday that they give you a sense that their numbers of paradise are increasing in several parts of tyre has been several protests were reported in egypt on one of them is that the prosecutor general's office. add the dried up towards me. some reports that onyx on europe has also some produce and they might be a little reports of armed clashes happened there was the getting more information
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on facts of what you're out of the court of people that the numbers that they are getting out of the open bigger but still worth talking about tens hundred or two of the most in the one where i was asking you to pull was what is the significance of that of the four fingers and was somewhat of a chances of that habit will see will be found guilty. okay basically on the four fingers are a sign for something for rob on the dough is wet and our big four teams at port orleans the ball which is similar to the bar not the way out of the kitchen where was the brother had been sitting in my department was evacuating some sit tight and high representative for on there. the protesters who found it dead during the evacuation was just dirt forces evacuated out of their sentence of four tries or more see many say that on days like today you will be found guilty. i think this particular case he was found guilty. that might lead to a
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death sentence. robots that it's too early to give an accurate details because today is just a procedural session. no evidence will be discussed when the demands of the lawyers will be taken by the quartet that the real charge that began after it that way we expect a lot to make the documents of the trotter but five thousand documents inside the demands that will be asked from the court today that you would think that maybe two or three months for them to go on try to beat if they present start the year. for the job and pension beta project that and of the crowd school because the not so were able to get those other questions announces from you and that's a note home early in the car i will continue with this story because um it's quite obvious that there's growing concern among the egyptian that the trial could serve to start more violence in the country with a number of massive rallies planned by the muslim brotherhood not correspond to the us to harken as being soft on the streets of
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cardiff to gauge the mood it looks like another normal day streets are packed with people going to falcon who is this a weber. one issue you'd nineteen these people on their minds. his upcoming course to try. the trial comes to an end. we don't want to torture and forty three when the surgical no future. like totally cancel the program since the only one for now. many egyptians are also wary. protests and clashes have become a tv appearance since former president foreseen was ousted a few months ago. now the futures trial could trigger an escalation into these acts of violence. but noo problem mostly use this tool in the future he didn't see violence the star that ryan was in the case must be good or else there would be a
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little of the problem of local. as for the post readers followers. they are divided into two with some depressed and others the flame will easily than that. we use today lead you to read. and even tries to use the airport when the normal some initial muscle chalet. the trial of former president boris he has also fuelled some gossip and speculations battle that most people look at in the trial he will refuse to go out on the copy room rather traditional gonna be and not the white pieces from kenya but she and annie annie and nic if you don't get what all these famous too. i would just be the trial found the city. although the streets are packed. now most of the egyptians i've talked to told me they will not go to work on monday they say they would rather stay at home watch the trial on tv and avoid being caught up in an evil comments that erupts. i keep or cctv time because from a parent carrara noel marie did point out the trial result of being broadcast live diet made the decision to record it. it
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is this and we plan to in several ounces of time before we made the story we can give you some old back round the coast of muhammad more see was the country's first civilian and islam as president but he was in office for just the year before being ousted by the army in june. so what did actually lead to his downfall johnny and i text a causal effect. before his sudden downfall. it was erected success. mohammed more sea rose through the ranks of the muslim brotherhood from two thousand to two thousand and five. he was chosen as its presidential candidate in april twenty twelve. with a narrow victory in fifty one percent of the vote he won egypt's first three presidential election in twenty twelve. he was left with a deeply divided society and country in its worst political and economic crisis the presidency will be an institution the superman era is over he said. he promised
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a renaissance project during his election campaign which was meant to fix the country's problems from an overhaul of the economy to security services and traffic problems the more says cool failed to realize that blueprint nationwide demonstrations continue the country's pillar industry tourism was hit and investment dried up. on november the twenty second last year. morrissey issued a declaration of protecting the work of the constituent assembly. but in the fact this declaration protects his actions from any legal challenge. the move led to massive protests and violence across the country the protesters erecting tents and secure square. the side of the protests that preceded the resignation of hosni mubarak. on july the sick and this year president more she publicly rejected an ultimatum given by the egyptian army and vowed to pursue his own plans for national reconciliation
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the army then quickly moved to more see from this post and appointed an interim president. morrissey has since been held in a secret place by the army accused of inciting violence and killing demonstrators. john a cctv us secretary of state shaun perry has paid an unannounced visit to egypt on that trip cayenne as the us it looks to me and recently strained relations between the two countries. white house partially suspended ministry i study of the cia and the visit also comes on the eve of the trial of mohammed will see. cctv kim's film and takes out the story in the first cabinet level visit by us officials since the ouster of president muhammad morrissey in july secretary of state john kerry met with members of the interim egyptian government in cairo. united states believes the us egypt partnership is going to be strongest. when agent is represented by an inclusive democratically elected
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civilian government based on rule of law. fundamental freedoms. and then open and competitive economy. jerry downplayed last month's decision by the us to withhold a shipment of some military hardware in financial aid in protest of the interim government's crackdown on the muslim brotherhood has a tissue was a very small issue between us and the government of egypt i think is handled it very thoughtfully and sensitively the usa has been a delicate issue between the united states agreed to us law would require halting all aid to egypt if the events that led to more seeds overthrow really what to say the us has avoided doing that in an effort to maintain whatever influence us gave me a drink as egypt moves toward elections next year. monday morrissey along with fourteen high ranking members of the muslim brotherhood will go on trial charged with inciting violence in relations to the deaths of protesters in december of two thousand thirteen. i'm entering supporters of
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the islamic muslim brotherhood. when there is more curious is that resembles sees the digits of the president of the country and will make a noise a trial to make him a speedy decision made by a divided government of the vice president bob. as the brotherhood has been largely shut out of the interim government carrie left cairo for riyadh rid of these tensions between the us and saudi arabia overlook the saudis proceed to the lack of us support for the syrian opposition and a pair of warming of relations betwe the us and iran sector care will they going to visit poland morocco and several other stops in the middle east to stalin cctv washington. china's anti corruption efforts have been making news today. according to the country's corruption watchdog the central commission for discipline inspection. the second team of inspectors divided into ten groups has begun its inspections and the targets this time include the official news agency she bought the car was ministry the southern economic
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powerhouse of one dong. coal which shunned she and the ministry of land and resources. the second such inspection will focus on violations such as how awful money deals bribery and corruption and personal gains through abuse of power. in addition i will also be guilty of violations that the physical disciplines and illegal promotions. the first round of inspections that began in may. this found clues of corruption and lead to punishment. all wrongdoings. since taking office in march. chinese president hu jin ping has called corruption of threats to the ruling communist party's survival and vowed to go up to powerful tigers as well as along the lines the chinese naval fleet has just finished its first visit to argentina and is now on the way back to china the fleece is made up of venus on the story of the lion show and will cellar
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well. another ship which is called the boy young who during the five day visit the commander of the formation held talks with the auction time defensemen this to say that this is of each other as warships the destroyer then joe and in the style frigate to a new job where i've been to the argentina is the fleets of oscillating all the three nation visit the chile and brazil their voyage covers more than twenty eight thousand nautical miles across the pacific and to the south atlantic and the freeze is expected to reach china in mid december now we can bring you an update on the boating tragedy earlier this year in thailand the chinese embassy there has contacted the family all be hong kong victim while the hong kong the s ii entry offers phone call authorities have also consulted with the embassy related information about the family members visiting the country
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the embassy says it will assist them to have the week after mile of the accident meanwhile the two injured chinese tourists to receive treatment in hospital and that now in a stable condition. pure white own counselor and general consul general rather has organized a working group and that survived in that ii with the over crowded tourist ferry capsized and sank killing six terrorists the rest of the two hundred people aboard were rescued the dprk site media says its leader came in jong hoon has warned the scion is too dull eyed. he helped my bed this year but hasn't given any decals of walks and a way out can they distribute to the sinus and observed a minute's silence. he said he conned sleep thinking all these sirens and the fact that i died at such a young age. drc army to learn the spirit of the site is and the tv network said the sign
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to sacrifice their lives unit costs but didn't mention what was the inscription on the same sun shows they may have gone on all tied to the thirteenth considering there was not a ministry called quick tap the time the media suggest the site is provided in the ministry drill kinda held a funeral for the sideburns and guided the building of the tunes depends the will cost it a night sky says about thirty sign is applied in the accident. south korean president's park in heidi says she's a wellington based pdp archive leader kim jong and at anytime. in an interview with a french sydney's hyde park said such amazing could be held if it's necessary for achieving peace on the korean peninsula. she stressed the opposition. it is wholly should hold a bilateral summit simply for the sites on psych of colts citing the meeting should be based on sincerity and don't be a one off event. pa called
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on the dprk to give up its nuclear program saying the country is pursuing an impossible illusion by seeking to develop this island nuclear technology while expanding its economy to be democratic republic of congo now wear them twenty three rebels have reportedly declared a new ceasefire georgia's news agency says the rebels want oaks in kampala to continue the announcement came despite congolese troops intensifying their military campaign against the group correspondence to the phrase has been traveling with a specialist un peacekeeping brigade in the east of the country and she filed this report the drill. he says he wins first peacekeeping team assigned to carry out targeted operations
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the force intervention brigade is a specialized unit made up of more than three thousand south african tanzanian and the green troops. they are heavily armed and manged to conduct offensive scheme aimed to guard against an escalation in eastern congo is ongoing war and keeping rebels out of the eastern capital goma joel mchale. on a sunday morning is to allow him to miss out on a routine patrol covered the twenty kilometer radius around the list for renters. the bomb. they carry africa's deadliest war more than five million have been killed and millions more have been displaced by fighting between the congolese army and some twenty rebel groups operating in the east
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working alongside car was army and independently that the gates infantry artillery and special forces reconnaissance units are amended to hit rebels and their positions. while patrolling the order is issued. it's one of us the root of the past few days just a few kilometers up the road from here. janice dr securing the area while the commander said james howe said davies. what you would you choose to go to cvs. soon we'll support you. he followed the sea. government forces be sure to tune in to
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cbs. we being warm. dallas gets so cool. form. i made it groove. to tease. the these forces backed by un troops battle and twenty three bedrooms two with a disposition to barely civilians the u n troops in to protect i'm being driven from their homes. for them it's less about hoodia groceries and more about the aggression. tasked with writing out an estimated two thousand rebel fighters the cost of keeping the brigade on the ground is one hundred and forty million dollars. that's on top of the annual one point four billion dollar price tag already attached to the un operation in the drc the firm. congo's army backed by the brigade n peacekeepers successfully
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pushed back and twenty three rebels in the north late next month. he said some analysts speculate. the pushback is temporary and the lingering question eat when to the monetary and humanitarian costs are justified stephanie fried cctv go more in the democratic republic of congo. the western coast of mexico is on alert for a fast moving tropical storm named sonia and is expected to strike the country delhi mumbai. packed with winds of seventy five kilometers about sonia could bring up to two hundred and fifty millimeters of writing to the region schools have been closed and five municipalities. both parties say they haven't decided if anyone would need to be evacuated but tied up in the sixty showbiz in case anyone has to flee their homes when the full cost is a song you could weaken some before coming ashore and it is likely to dissipate
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rapidly. one of the land south korea or incentive for him sia local scene oh four in its aisles of seafood as consumers fear it could be contaminated following reports of leaks happy for fishing the new korea pop on in japan. they're so far the site imports from japan the boss lee dropped and they are doing light can to ensure non contaminated fish and his mop it up that has done little to boost consumer confidence. in general is a salsa koreans his trusty japanese fisheries production season era to zero. because of that. even the cells of state domestic production epidemic. it was soon off to concurrently all imports of fish from a perfect tourist neighboring poker shimon are a man to fish from regions other than those acre factors are obliged to attack the review activity inspection report or certificate of origin and also we are conducting
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radioactivity inspections on every important. and here in china has a story about fish which is certainly a significant a campaign against the shark fin soup in china has proved remarkably effective government and industry statistics showed that the demonic for shock deans has plunged and the sick would have wider implications for other endangered wildlife reporter sue uk has more lil mama and a lil. it doesn't cease to exist and was assigned a social studies. it's a shock to see it no longer so popular. a coalition of celebrities have been involved in the campaign to promote awareness about the shark tray including former nba star domain chinese people are becoming more aware of wildlife conservation. shopping it is no longer fashionable and
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confidence has also stepped up campaign against extravagance. the city from the official language the mace chief representative in china while dane named you're looking for wildlife protection. she took the effects of the campaign that romantic. let me take a huge second kind is back now last year i often take on that prints to use a handful and i can't say no was shocking the current excuse to hold yourself the kind the k concern is practically taste the best you can use the new cells so when are we proud. four people have found the right things to stop in at least appreciate. he really is the sharks were killed each day to supply to the mall to
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shop and see it as a reason now. the wolves shark species facing extinction. some of the reduced me to educate people to tame. i heard people talk. if only i come away with only five minus one lead when they greet me. so i think for us we need to continue with your unique in the whole war the cia is one don't miss everyone so everyone we have the power to change when the league stops the killing will stop to progress had been impressive but the campaign will continue to reach the cctv eighteen. the report their inept campaign has been a very successful. that brings to a pleasant suprise cult sci fi tv news bad news now for the light is whether by the time has come along and tell them it down tight
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however the boy to die the line. the company kind of liking that idea the us. i
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don't like let me an american talk about an hour. how women are powerful. if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not
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empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i can't help but call out sick the contest and one main iraq as the place. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women
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by at how much i'm pleased with how women human power of thinkingu welcome to nhk world to islam and you know tommy until chilled. the japanese government official says it's time to be more hands on in cleaning up after that for pushing the nuclear accident chief cabinet secretary yoshi he did sit down says state efforts could include pain for work to remove radioactive material from soil into the commission reactors at the crippled plan laden with


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