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long ruling will. i will the news on him. the last to lose business because you'll see this peanut jones them or see refuse to wear his prison uniform and the defendants child sits down with dimitri who in the courtroom will see protests also took place outside the court and elsewhere in colorado including by the constitutional court's policy and fourteen others face charges of inciting the killing of protest is in clashes last december. if
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convicted will see could face the death penalty. morrissey and his co defendants are expected to use the trial to undermine what they see as the legitimacy of the ousting outside for more seasonally for the trial unconstitutional. the trial is exposing a deepening schism in the jets' between more sees islam as it is on one hand and egypt's security establishment of the nation's mortar muslims secularists christians would in all the other. police in the israeli city of lights to match the question several associates of her ricky may allegations of so much in extremely close municipal election result one hundred votes separated incumbent every team and watch the apatow from second to challenge or any color and sixty more than eighteen thousand residents. he's already everest today people in the investigation into voting irregularities. often it would sound with two hundred sites like these election results and suspicions of flu have led to protests calling for new election in which image which
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is growing increasingly tense as ultra orthodox second date with its began to obama in recent years to rekindle the most conservative jurists that shelling the media and enforcing strict code of modesty. there was at the cost is greater portion of israel's population and to the point but rates raising questions about the jewish state's future as they influence grows . i knew the routine. she and more. oh well. i am. off. while. zune
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few. the there has been called many significant leak of classified information in the u s history. the case in this former cia employee who released the documents to the press. on serious discussions even here in israel regards to the line between ensuring security and invading personal privacy soon move i make several causes. if you want. i can only be cozy. these triangle new friends. it doesn't inspire and only on one time in his book on the old school on his friends' friends and being close to the pool and the daily this as well. he did them all home on the lake
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we going to use its mind on the windows cloke was in france the united states that is correct conspired to collect information on an ally. well it might be correct if the information to you. it is very useful for humans can skew it can then go about it and tried to obtain by listening to me on to. for example perhaps has been imposed on recommendations could be in this case it sounds to me that the damage. he's a little bit stronger than you think of them are dead and two. americans could expect to get from section to the east and the israeli intelligence. and that these were as one of the most perhaps the most effective intelligence community. i think the magic of the israeli intelligence community's about. the full five percent. this indefinitely. american
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intelligence community which is about seventy five billion dollars are you. and the time i feel that these were known as eczema. on information in question could be appeased very cool. communities and we so long during last year's also signed types of corporations that are related to the zoo. some continue on in the short ferry for the indigenous community both in terms of collections and cooperation. in a country like is around high and security were quietly known for its mossad the seabed and intelligence units in the army. many understand the need for collecting intelligence. i think that the and government showed up the private of the stations of the pan. the aim they were all for national security intelligence is about slamming things that are not obvious enough out there so you must. the last day interfere with the people
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privacy. if it's under the laws and da government doesn't do it. we live in the day awful way. am i think it's ok and it's the positive thing and it's very important dion said it because we never know who is suspect and who is not a suspect everyone that it is a huge dynamic yet should know that they might be stopped. is it immoral to collect information on your insistence. diligence is not the bar or on the bed of course you do things which are considered that it is essential to protect national security. however when the americans until he is a mess the same to everyone to every typo. so have fun go ahead and email messages sent
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to attempt to increase mass production gulf region's becomes even more. use you for all americans. it appears that the act of spying and collecting of information elise taking place all the way from the time of the bible. experts point out the contest was always someone to publicize its like in a recent snow and fair trade and one can see the rba is brown. and. the islamists rebel group fourteen against the regime of syrian president charlotte sell its form its own airports the army of islam published a youtube video last week which showcases two l thirty nine c a fighter aircraft was to capture earlier in the year from the syrian air force base piece of aleppo the footage only shows the aircraft taxied down the runway and it is not known if the islamist militia has experienced personnel needed to fly the planes
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some forces have been using nail thirty guys in combat throughout the series civil war. while assad has maintained its exterior and the fact that his forces had been using l thirty nine indicates that the syrian air force is having trouble using its more advanced russian jets according to aeronautics live their cache. two things to him it's been killed in northern mali. they had interviewed a local representative of my experience at least been fighting for independence the french government confirmed that sixty year old claude prolonged and fifty twenty oh two to the depot had been abducted in the town of two dollars and killed outside the city both worked for radio france international. they were driven out as the city. and the sixteen to meet us far far away from the stooges into his acting chops. and they took care of the french army full of the vehicle it's your right to amaze
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even though it's unclear who is responsible for the general staff had been rising prominence of bulky items into doll in recent months. after some commentators local commanders on the civilian point two eight tie stupid doll and ethnic separatist movement and mla. auntie this north african branch has embedded itself in northern mali is two thousand during the contest as their intended use to change the hottest and store weapons. in april two thousand and twelve pound tank battles to control most of northern mali and couldn't get through to get cityscape dollar cow and timbuktu every taste and the occupied eastern region by july france led military intervention. this january term bulky him intelligence underground the curing of the two french journalists more on the mounting concerns about security risks in the country. france's defence minister said the french army which still has some three thousand troops in the country will continue to whine importance of the risks involved in having two kiddos
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. long. the new york times cited art immensely by edward snowed in as revealing that us intelligence operatives overtly my maturity israeli drones and missile systems all simultaneously exchanging intelligence with the israeli defense forces. us state department has declined to confirm or deny the report washington's national security agency spying on high priority israeli military targets in york times reported on nov third in a seven page article based on documents leaked by performer and as a contractor that were snowed in all the in depth overview the tales highly classified documents leaked by snowden they include document outlining the american intelligence agencies monitoring of israeli targets namely israel defense forces drone aircraft and israel's
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black sparrow missile system classified documents leaked to the report further confirm the reports of past cooperation between the nsa any of the idf signal intelligence unit eighty two under it would try clearly cheese raw materials ok my signals intelligence that is by spying. top obama administration officials have in the past praised israel's intelligence capabilities and express gratitude for receiving access to it. new york times report comes on the heels of our age in europe over the revelation that the us listen in on european leaders including capping german chancellor angela merkel cell phone last week us secretary of state john kerry remarked on the affair acknowledging for the first time that the nsa surveillance may have been over the top iraqi prime minister to oriole the tea has met with u s president barack obama at the white
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house requests more support in the fight against al qaeda as bloodshed in iraq brought on by insurgents continues by calling the u s troop withdrawal and twenty lead after the two ever meeting obama made no commitment on military equipment or on other assistants which belief he is seeking. meanwhile some two hundred demonstrators gathered outside the white house in opposition to alma leaky over the ledge a depth of fifty two people and the disappearance of seven from an iranian dissident camp north of baghdad the two cities have accused iraqi security forces of the killing spree baghdad tonight in the hall the protesters urged president obama to come up support to the iraqi government. the former speaker of the us house of representatives to enrich address the protesters anomaly. why would he didn't work. twenty oh three and won by july. it has been rainy and almond. who is unworthy
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of americans and more. as you as the american remains reluctant to revisit the past two years have passed since the us withdrew its forces from iraq in any security gains that obama then proclaimed have now been reversed. bombings in iraq and increased in al qaeda rejui muslim insurgents who had been maintained during the us occupation the last out the americans left angered over widespread belief that students have been sidelined by rex shiite led government violence has escalated with the united nations saying that nine hundred and seventy nine iraqis were killed last month alone. demonstrators have taken to the streets of cairo to force their anger over the suspension of its popular political satire program held her and the tv networks cbc announced the program hosted by comedian this and use it who was known as the jon stewart egypt will be taken off air due to its violation of editorial policy it's those that gathered in cairo to
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the show was being censored poking fun at defence minister general abdel fatah occ. we know a lot of fun and we need today to reject what happens when you get centuries and the revolution center it's a sin you sent in orissa state of freedom in the media is amongst the most important dawns and the revolution. we reject any suppression anyone. egyptian media from injury. the muslim brotherhood remain silent when tastings and a whole state is unethical to what happened to boston the week the program returned their last two weeks after having been on a four month hiatus that started with egypt's military ousted former islamist president mohammad more sea after massive protests called for his removal during moore's his rule use it acted as a leading voice against his presence. during his return from your show last week the center's carried out his tradition of joking about his country's leaders by mocking recent nationalist military fever the spirit to teach its many supporters of the military immediately filed legal complaints
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against show the network cbc is heavily in support of the military cute and it appears to have decided to distance itself from its material. it's been twelve of its components and indeed for the past two years. in the other two. this tuesday audience as the audience difference between conservatives new books for them and recommit the books and the conservatives who are very much for the oregonian for the military and pro pro pro no criticism in this pic that the prius. pressured the fiction which is a very very stupid idea. prosecutors have started investigations into the complaints some of which they use it disrupted order and mock egypt and its leaders and accusations echo those made by muslim brotherhood supporters against the tv presenter with more she was in power and which led to use it briefly being detained by the leaks
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use. the where is all a plenary session of the european parliament and stars were again sought the approval of the new data protection rules for the digital age. the um this is a lot was accosted by a parliamentary committee that approved an updating of regulations for private citizens as well as data handling by national security agencies. after almost a year in hostage negotiations four thousand amendments submissions and more than fifty meetings that data protection law was approved by the committee on civil liberties justice and home affairs in stocks pared officials say it's more difficult the new data protection directive is politically sensitive because it deals with data handling by national security agencies which is a member state competence. the regulation is commercially challenging
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because it sets rules for companies to you. together the legislation is seeking to harmonize data protection across all member states can get users' privacy by the faults including the right to a research the right to raise as the ride which exist in europe since nineteen ninety five. in all eu member states its lowlands every individual has arrived to us owes a duty stuff it's his or her person at a time. whenever it wanted so that's also tested imitation of christ is to present a date i use cloth freedom of expression purposes for me the oppressed whatever. then of course there is an opposition to that denotes so if the state has the right to retain the state our company sold out some limitations to its bad to general approach is studying the major rides effective unless there is a grown to respect. data protection laws saw new cost of support in the same week france germany and italy denounced alleged spy tactics by the us as national
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surveillance agency according to information leaked by the fugitive us intelligence worker and her spirit and dvd the strengthening of the uva protection to the station these ongoing and we still need to have. a final agreement between become sealed in december and that the parliament. that is an important element to the uk in concert too. all these different spying scandal was that we have seen. looking over the past few months the spying scandal even went as far as soliciting calls from the european parliament to hold talks on reaching a free trade deal between the us and the eu on grounds that privacy rules were still not agreed and trust had to be restored first. of course the us is that josie following what's happening in the european union like who i swear said i think that's normal and that we are steering too wet to transatlantic trade agreements. and free trade
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area that shows how important it is that we talk about the question what are common standards when it comes to consumer protection when it comes to environment protection and also when it comes to civil liberties and privacy for example an icing that it's only normal that we asked the us as europeans to also deliver those questions in parenthood to these prayer nova stations in the us as overseas surveillance tactics us and the use of free trade talks. he is proposed to data protection laws. all seemed a previously more unrelated thus the question about personal versus state privacy becomes more relevant and cartilage. all these issues have begun to convert an important questions about the future of privacy are being asked to set her down in court and won the european parliament in stroudsburg
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the syrian government minister said the foreign fighters to enter the country to conduct or behind the outbreak of polio the destructive rebel controlled north late last month the united nations health agency for ten cases of polio in northeast syria the first confirmed outbreak in the country in fourteen years. the cases consist of babies and toddlers to the world health organization says were under the new naps minister of social affairs came down to mott says the virus originated in pakistan and has been brought to syria by pakistani its text is one of the three remaining countries were polio is aimed at ousting months as the syrian government has launched an immunization campaign to protect the children in syria but she did not say how the campaign will proceed in areas that are under rebel control. the forty two serious civil war has brought on a massive humanitarian crisis forcing nearly seven million people out of their homes and usher in a country that only provided subsidized
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health care which included the musicians nearly all young people and syria were given polio vaccinations before the conflict erupted more than two years ago united states authorities had said that the man used a semi automatic rifle to shoot his way through a security checkpoint at los angeles international airport on friday november first killing a federal security officer and wounding two people in a neat that the disruptive hundreds of flights around the country. there were about war seven hundred and forty six light that were abandoned forty six of those were diverted to other local airports. the rest were either held on a rant here. i only actually wore their originating and white. check the guy who's now in custody after being wounded in a shootout with police targeted transportation security administration agents to deal of security checks at us airports. the tsa has
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identified thirty nine year old curator hernandez as the man who was killed. he's the first tsa officer job losses like the line of duty since the agency spending twelve years ago. ellie's mayor thinks the police for their intervention which saves countless other lives there were more than a hundred more rounds of live literally killed everybody in that terminal today were not for their actions. been a lot more of them. he ideally authorities have identified the suspected gunman is twenty three year old policy and cia officials say he believed his constitutional rights were being violated by the insurgents. a handwritten note was discovered in his possession which spoke of how he wanted to kill tsa employees. the suspects father reportedly called the police around the time of the shooting to report that his unexpected suicidal text message to a family. y'all
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it sure is i put them in the privately run cinema awesome begin again silence in cuba. on and officials the closing down the entertainment part was as they often operate on the restaurant licenses despite containment being the main draw. business owners complain that have spent thousands of dollars to or set top boxes on oh four victorians. some have complained the announcement comes a show like this one only the main day long. peter banks not economically a lot because this was the way to help our families economy the reality is we do not know why this is happening this is a job like any other it's not illegal but it was approved. the licence was given to spite the state. we do not understand that without a prior notification and without it they are warning they are taken captive to say i have a shot try this in the mas has become increasingly popular
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many at the stake ronson amounts of forty nine times and tend to show it more highbrow films. i know three d someone's got to feed it to source of entertainment for all young people eat something healthy and fine i don't understand why. i just re started introducing limited to economic reforms in two thousand and ten sites on the government has legalized applying unsettling times and used cars and authorizing a right to permit its independent jokes. some see the new role as a step in the wrong direction. eye. yes attacks and sugary drinks and eight percent tax adjusted between mexico's congress in order to curb rising obesity mexico has now hired the city rates than the us is one of the world's biggest consumers of soda. mexican
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president is using the latest tax on sugary drinks and junk stage to install a change of culture and encourage mexicans to exercise at least one hour and a tomato in nationwide obesity. you know what either the city deficit got out of sugary drinks will be taxed at the mai initiative with a congressman or a new facts to light the senate's is the norm basic stitch with my calories will save the tax base. this is the place that taxes will people be to reduce the consumption in a healthy sport not associated with the increase of obesity among mexican silver pistol. he over to god. he kept bitching and staffing retailers expected to pass on the tax to consumers. the move has caused shares of the mexico based coca cola and zach oaks largest bottle or latin america to fall which could potentially result in a reduced workforce of three to four percent. according to analysts the most soft drink and food companies are expected to commence diet
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versions of their drinks as well as to offer more open and treats it as juices vitamin water is just my size is. eye. new york city marathon as richard after a break to see the damage brought on by superstore say that even sell forty seven thousand participants run through five boroughs that were packed with cheering crowds last week's marathon was canceled because of damage from superstore sandy this years eve and focused on tuesday security in light of the post boston marathon bombings which left three people dead more than two hundred and sixty injured at least one thousand five hundred cameras were placed along the routes and helicopters flew above for aerial surveillance participants were screened and inspected before the start and police carried out freakin baggage checks and spectators. chris get jeff to kenya won the marathon speed rail division with a time of two
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hours twenty five minutes seven seconds and another canadian jeff freeman time claimed victory on the males died in two hours eight minutes and twenty four seconds each winner will receive one hundred thousand dollars in prize money. rule do. will be. i mean. to me gold. who are it will
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design. hse top. i do
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the heat. has you. since. it is our taiwan all content when cooking oil products manufactured by keane c international group on the top of lake temple corporation have been pulled off of the shells alfred they were found to be made with the local price of oil soy stuff from


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