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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  November 5, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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what i try. you will will will will will. do you. cheated by representatives of the ticket office and the president the top officials got reprimanded by the president the head of the state's independent agency cutting but seymour and his deputy should work more efficiently on the improvement of the government's performance assault in gaza by criticize the government to extend the meeting last month and now he is getting out those who are directly responsible for control implementation of all commissions set by
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the state. how about going home. other than work. i was with us. the term executive officer control implementation of the state programs. i was a surprise is going on where the programs now being implemented what needs to be done he should join your conclusions from what i said the government meeting i told you that people should know what is done. moreover there's almost no information about the housing construction savings bank information which is available is quite obscure. that is why community sector to work harder implementation of the programs and recommendations on the unproven of the work of the government ministries and agencies. the concern is the ideology cool service in the country work of the mass media in the inspector's of the executive office of the president who should know everything about what is going on in the region in each village district and city of chester. the work of the metropolitan. our dorm for most of all. thus it has to suffer for its overworked
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resort features. state inspectors mentioned by assaulted as a buyer for the officers of the department of the state control and organization of territorial operations of the executive office of the president. their main task is to manage the work of the regional authorities which does not go well either among them. for summer storm state inspectors of the executive office of the president are not quite aware of the situation in the regions they should know by saying all the mirrors in the regions including their villages in peculiarities of work of each of them they should have full information about the region including the achievements in the weaknesses of the local authorities as well as the problems and the prospects of the implementation projects otherwise i'll have to make conclusions concerning the job confidence at the end of the meaningless openness of i stress the importance of the executive offices were quality improvement in all areas. he also pointed out once again the appropriate work should be done regarding the commission's given to extending government meeting lies behind in the world ranking for quality of roads recently the president has criticized the work of the government of syria the roads are being repaired are needed reconstruction
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after one year. these issues especially well that was kazakhstan region only a third of the roads here have an asphalt surface. residents of remote villages cannot get to a house due to poor quality of roads. but still broken and it's not like the team can easily pay taxes to erode operation enterprise and the roads were there on time but now we don't know who our taxes are going to end the road quality is the airport because of a welcome sight. i was going to dusk on the stairs to my car to be the brute forces drivers to slow way down to complete the journey in a lot of repairs are needed to be made in the process the president discussed about this issue but nothing was done about it. today the deputy of the cousin jill is a ghostly old would criticize the current cabinet ministers to call the government performance and satisfactory. it has not sought to one of the main problems which the provision of citizens with an affordable housing. she mentioned the residential building wasilla which recently collapsed in pentagon as an example to me jill is deputy also pointed out the lack of availability of flats and thus
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the programs in the store modernization of housing and utilities sectors. according to michael so he will block the promises of the ministers have not been for phil just yet. he hit the czech slovak i give promises but did not fill them. moreover it is quite difficult to even understand and assess what really is going on. we have monitored the situation to receive statements and comments of the citizens and we see that the programs are not being implemented due to its laws. since the communications service holds its weekly briefing the minister look on the image of planning reported on the work conducted on ensuring the economic growth according to him the ministry plans to complete the state programs are living by the end of november. earlier the head of the state criticized in this location of funds provided to the program's implementation the ministry's making conclusions on programs efficiency. oh well ill considered ineffective programs as low efficiency programs will be revised taken into account the bottom of the financing. the problem is that they're under financed programs and programs that are believed to
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be inefficient. reached the eleventh circuit according to the minister the fight against the shuttle khan is being done as well according to ms to decide if the ministry will strengthen control for the effective management of budget and the improvement of the interagency work the president of salt and as a buyer also instructed to conduct authority separation of regional policy sector between the ministry of economy and budget planning in the ministry of regional development has your lock the sign said the proposal the ministry of economy and budget planning concerning the division of powers will be considered at a meeting with the government on tuesday special documents will allow improving coronation between the government agencies so yes it's been about the questions relating to the implementation of major investment projects in the regions will be corny by the ministry of regional development for this purpose each state agency has its own instrument. the ministry of economy has forecast in the scheme of territory to speak of the moment of the country into two thousand twenty. the scheme of rational distribution of production facilities is at the ministry of industry and
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new technologies in the general scheme of planning in the republican cause extended to two thousand thirty is at the ministry of regional development. the ministry of economy and budget planning is preparing a second set of amendments to the budget cone new amendments cover the issues improving the effective use of funds jane season approaches to accountability of government agencies as a part of the budget implementation during the briefing the official spokesperson of the center communication service called by the goliath reported that get consumers to hold a four month into regional cooperation between kazakhstan and russia in november tenth to the eleventh president of the two countries will take part in the event thanks to the dino for a while. cut outs of this universe reform is devoted to the industrial cooperation. it is plain to sign a number of bilateral documents as part of the form in that for the strengthening of the mutual beneficial cause aggression cooperation the key doctrine will be the new agreement between kazakhstan and russia and good neighborly relations in alliance and twenty percent resign by the heads of states
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that well. molik that the war either she or the sec's be the safest and asked if i do it. the republicans scientific center for emergency care have made another breakthrough for the first time in transplanted liver from another liver donor to a six year old boy in the us and uk and suffered from liver failure since the age of two months. his condition became much worse than last year. a very complex liver transplant surgery with region. the boys on part of her liver without hesitation to save her nephew i'm very happy to see my nephew is great that there are some specialist here they can perform such complex operations. be it there is no threat to the boy's health and more. he's making good recovery but much time and efforts will be needed for full recovery of the boy's body ilya out what you dream of. some rumors they are first a quick recovery. there are seven thousand patients
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waiting for a donor organ and consistent than a one hundred out of them are children according to statistics sixty nine percent of those on the morning weeding list died before its return the problem can be so with the help of corey perry the nation according to doctors one person can save seven others. going we have thought about the necessity of ten of their donation many times it is not dangerous to meet the organ from a dead person. the trees bearing an organ from live donors be risky because of it is too small it might not be enough for the recipient. and if it is too big you might kill the donor. the sessions point out that there are no legal bar to canterbury to a nation it is just necessary to tell people about its importance the deceased people whom you don't have relatives who conceived him which means that little time to find someone go up because of the school. it is a global problem. usually people in our country skis because of religious reasons but this is actually wrong. i think it is necessary to spell it out in the law and tell people about its importance. none of them religious parade. i think it is a good deed to go. welcome
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to use the commode little o come o come up with is that as modern medicine is developing more interesting dishes surgery is improving as well. i'm professional skills a specialist in necessary equipment given chance of recovery to hundreds of people the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. cosmic story may become ill or six for a suitable materials for companies producing herbal medicine and prison floor she would pee and companies are paying attention to the local markets according to acts course kazakhstan with this large stocks of war materials for her movements and can become a global player in defeat all markets. in sydney to be as crazy and the world through strengthening in use
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easton was the help of terrible nights and instead of taking the anti biotics which destroyed the immune system. people take herbal medicine which q is diseases without making prompted the human body. experts noted that the global market approval madsen is increasing by fifteen percent annually which is about and the means you in on a tree terms in kazakhstan these indices are lower for example in twenty twelve the market fully in which fifteen years in the euro and present kazakhstan is mainly producing the two season the a's out with friends in your future is expected to expire and the assortment he's possible to meet honorable man seen in every pharmacy in kazakhstan to rhyme oh eight kinds of such men saints. mine sure that kazakhstan as this is going through materials for the herbal medicine for example a warm weekend supplement the line of ten ecological mats in the three luke and the wind direction and lucas could use com i
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think about concealing sold on a cool piece is also quite useful for the sub region has a lot of sign turnips. random number. according to the results of the first six months of twenty thirteen the retail pharmaceutical market of kazakhstan increased by six percent in volume terms and grease two hundred and fifteen point four million items. according to the remedial market bulletin association of international pharmaceutical minute factor is the market has also demonstrated a good pace of development in like three times. not taking into account any additional provision of let's dance and a ten per cent increase in teen get anthony percent increase in the u s dollars the wholesale market to reach over sixty to be mean to get and the retail market exceeded eighteen the need to get this the average retail price for one night and was estimated two point five us dollars according to the results of the first six months of twenty thirteen
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the level of consumption of finnish pharmaceutical products work out that there was estimated thirty one point nine billion us dollars compared to rs twenty nine point nine us dollars in the same period a year before according to the resource center of a head hunter company capital gop's it has announced that becomes a commodity so was such a way to his lawyers and managers in september the company analyzed eleven thousand vacancies and seven hundred and twenty thousand responses and the find areas was the maximum level of competition in september an employee receives eighty seven in eighty six cds in the areas of managerial staff and lawyers respectively for one job offer in addition the high level of competition can be seen in the field of finance senior managers hr specialists and mchugh immense and on fifty two fifty eight specially stolen such areas as the opening of the korean non governmental
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denies nations as well as bank's investments and wheezing is the lowest number of responses were received in such areas as construction and real estate production and operating personnel. an expert on the international money tree farm easter steven barnett believes that the reduction of the economic growth rate in china should not cause alarm and on the general since it is evident that in the future of the country will increase the level of income per capita according to this equine news agency referring to the time and in order to achieve sustainable development of eighteen should seek to develop the existing model of economic growth the expert noted that china pay special attention on the short term stimulus measures but did rustic structural change which according to byron and shows the determination of the chinese leadership striving for a more sustainable model of long term economic growth is mainly depends on the success of the prose is of great for
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me especially in the area finance and services the nose of the republican cause the grass and you can image as about his poor outing can do without the last reunion wrestlers from all over the country took part in it. the bouts were held in twenty one different we categories the young wrestlers qualified for the finals made the most spectacular showing the home wrestlers with the best at the finals wrestlers and jamil of the top and some context and regions are also among the mentalist. according to the organizers the youth tournament will be held on the annual basis of the person causing wrestling should be included in the school curriculum for example in japan judo was taught at schools from first grade. we should do the same thus the hockey club bodies review the results of the season's first part of the continental hockey league
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but has played twenty three matches into them and ivanovic three sixteen which were won in regulation time into the penalty shootout the game fifty two points were invited to the second place in the eastern conference and the third place in the standings of the key chelle regular championship. the club will play another thirty one matches is a part of the key to a championship the world number two tennis playing about djokovic of serbia who won the two thousand thirteen bnp are the best masters determined price exceeds two point six million euros in the final he defeated the last years tournament champion david ferrer of spain. the game lasted for one hour fifty three minutes in and in the result of seven five seven five score for unlock the serving plates and his two hundred to win the masters tournament and won his forty title. he will get over seven hundred and twenty thousand euros in prizemoney in one thousand rating points. and i all
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the situation and it is too close to india is then that means treating common symptoms of the country yemeni the issue this is due next tuesday. he hopes to bring calm to peek in and of god is one such outfit muhammad died john and me which will be dumped in different religions dollars unit in nineteen ninety two today his demise as a buffet example of community harmony and travel. its success can be added to pitch in harmony among what cuts for middle and if it fits. nobody who has the effect of the nine be
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she will be a shame that combo that was a behemoth get compliments of you who has been going off on them. my body didn't. so needy that they would beat the autumnal mood or not. is it that you are going to sit there and then come watch. yemen is the updated on our boy is a new da hui it was he. just books like was done by the kremlin tebow and the disenchanted magazine something to help us understand speech notes on the bus together but also can each other in times of need do you go. my tendency to not let your mind and a man with the billabong on the problematic of them thought of it. when they get i've been doing them on it he argued that when god what you want the law to stop the beat of the audience these were christian center posted examples of interfaith
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understanding and believing which is the essence of the opposite of its beauty it says steve. many men will have experience working with families with very young age the criticism of those typical company to next level you need to try contacts. yes good article to desist order of the helmand province. to meet americans with stains and stadiums to find out how they can best weekly dates for local projects. this discomfort since late two thousand and nine. the event is a keystone for the reconstruction of the local economy before this conference and a few companies were working. for now many companies are working. it's a great development which leads to more facilities. don't get to a multitude of business cards these entrepreneurs with a
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stiff peaks that it's directly to smash the contract is highly contested the farmer takes it for the district of helmand but it was already have two or three projects in one hand don't say they want trees haunting and con the city there are some electricity projects the same intel are on their projects and many of the district to live with it best thing that coal can often be the key to a safe environment in the costco checks all too often gone to a place in kabul. leave it to the country from pakistan and iran. events like these things happen to them. this is history. the contract is unsure what lincoln city alicia has enough problems is that we can only use natural earnestly to fight it's whether its national companies in the company's progress pics to us what they're giving us a shed which is just next to what between them. there is a middle and get some money. we want to walk with the intention of diamonds directly to cuddle. that's
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what keeps it in trucks and on the fiddle to the station those afghan capacity iptv given page is the basis that this was an entry this is not freedom. it is after the first policy to boost local business. they understand the crucial link between building the economy and fight to the insurgency it is argued that the highest level and endorsed the highest level that the afghan first program at least one key element to a strategic stability in that not just the province of the whole country where effectively creates an intensive options for influencing young miles to lead to the business build factories shops and this gives them a choice to do business with them the insurgency. but this is getting held him still face difficulties in the province which i think a two d street is open to entrants. this was sometimes come across a vehicle checkpoints. don't stop what you cook the checkpoints wants us to take the money to escort us the boys they say they were disposed of snow outside security and tackle
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corruption and bubbles the challenge is to make the show helmets this this is the irish. he had a couple and they pretty. this is the worst team in the subject of this could be a key part of the future of afghanistan i use this and future since he had undertaken to determine if it seems he did in response to the dpp you access to computers and about but they had access to the bayview and easy access to high five if any at all all in. the next one as you can see in space. i got all of its but will be a text ad spots. in june so this is
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targeted at all and the advantage of the easiest to the mountains to the dean's office. don't overdo it on tuesday to check on him to get in. depending upon the blinding any child that it wants to set this to be expanded and more new site when i get it. for me. why be so. she was there. the number was announced in august. use this blog is to get a copy of the too sappy sentiment the nt. he's consistently reduced by about sixty million people all over the country the ec topic of debate on is invited. this list and then fixing the views and comments on the given topic mentioned in essence feels cost is eighteen. the voices of youth section of the existing products. this tree. humility is really experienced two years alone. even today peace worldwide. he said. we suffered through civil wars
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attacks and violence against men women and children. too often the result is poverty hunger disease. homelessness does it have to be this way always and forever. to learn to mediate their differences negotiator conflicts and recognize the benefits of cooperation. the rotary foundation believes i was wanting to make rio. to see us into the foundation established a network of centers for international studies in peace and conflict resolution. very few centers worldwide is to train people to the results of conflicts of the meeting says. probably knew more than twenty or thirty investors worldwide are now specializing in this unknown but the key ones are coming together and the stripper simpsons reputed universities in five
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continents. the center's train up to sixty rotary world peace fellows each year in an uncertain world. their skills are needed now more than ever. new new new. i am and noon. torture program. i said to a wide definition of peace peace is much more than the absence of war peace is about these pieces living together in our daily lives peace is all about the coexistence with me on the planet. since then aunt and cousins. it's pm to seven days. camden so extensive that last piece of good and they gave me experience working with people in a very international setting. he gave me lessons learned from people who had seen in complex situations that dealt with developments. i mean from directly in front of of of a twelve piece band of it to the enabling me to find
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comment that since coming to sites portrait of youth. as a piece coming. i spent the summer and the painter and teacher requested international negotiation and mediation and specifically the couple in total for example and was looking to stir the civil society. i have learned from my study in the side is that i am using the scheme and knowledge in my head and lets in cambodia one of the programs today. it is stated in during the summer field experience was a month in palestine well as working with the palestinians and setting up an nco. soo next japanese youth and outstanding. so silly being in those situations and learning about the realities on the grounds as well as the theoretical background to deal with israel. i was very important dh has experienced practitioners who also have an academic grounding is
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still far too few. the thing is you really need to produce and often generation of people connected with this kind of room. and i was on like me i like my friends so that we have led the warriors led to forced to work together i miss the road to peace is not what i think that that's an essential part of obama's its network that's that's belts. is it. which worked with the making and to peace education for young people it's extraordinary sixteen important test. we enjoyed stints at set pieces and apricots. it's really worth supporting and its sin
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and death at the end of the rotary foundation. it's kind of cost. i know. otway at i keep the boys that fill the peace and comfort with it and i couldn't find any opportunity to build up not its voice feels like that place can come to get that in telling. and then sent to stud. all in. so smelly and there's only so much i could do. on the concert tomorrow though. test the students
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and people young people were interested in making change the world. a change for the better. need to be hearing that this is an important thing it's just test. i was determined to do what i think we're all hoping is that we can make it comparable contribution the key to overcoming some of these problems. things will be an extremely important role for entry just in the coming is perceiving him to come to us this is my life is my dedication working for peace locally nationally and internationally. this is just confirming something of interest. many many years each. he is. she didn't like
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joseph kennedy. pastor steve pemberton. which commemorates the anniversary of the conviction on the right switch on. through him. just listen to the far reaches of the universe the connections to stitch. since it's open to new piece to stitch and sleep in the house. houston club in relation to the right uses the groom dancers musicians from around the road. my kids the children. we listened to the ranks. while the story went. www. in eighteen one
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the unit. i know. a denny's book. it is. issues like it


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