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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 7, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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new wing will. you know the ira. welcome to the world to islam and you know tommy and tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am the lower house has passed a bill to set up a japanese version of the us national security council all time goal of prime minister ahmed thousands of people as the philippines are evacuating coastal areas ahead of the large and i work full time. ten per cent above
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the airport and it is hoped the deal in pics will run on one of russia's forest and most of all of our recent weeks. japan's lower house has approved a bill that clears the way for one of prime minister shinzo live as most desired achievements the bill would ultimately give a cabinet office more control over the country's foreign and defense policies and its heroes to local commentary explains the house repeatedly called for the creation of a new body long after the us national security council our nic. the first bit of help with the fact that you could count on them. don't look like it's going straight into the commode room of the cabinet is crucial in a month ago the country's foreign and defence policies no cost but the lower house on thursday eight. the prime
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minister and foreign and defence ministers chief cabinet secretary. each of four core members of a new body. these individuals would discuss and decide the country's mid and long term foreign and national security policy. on defense issues on the papal bull in clinic and realignment of us forces in japan. they seemed to hang out. korea's nuclear programs and territorial dispute. government hamas the bill had an opinion on the east to take a leading role in getting these acts and antarctica. the panthers in the pnac when he'll keep it intact i do want to start with about sixty members from all ministry may need from a parang and defense ministries and national police chief timothy. amanda has lived on the line to information gathered from iran's ministry of content. top government
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official said. all this aim would be to overcome the effects of autism parenting extent among men escaped in a sci fi. mimi and katie the form of a mac person at the japanese embassy in teheran on iraq he explains why government coupon necessary. although it is that there are two of made of industries and the government of which have been briefing the prime minister and his cabinet that could be independently and separately without the other cat called the nation before therefore the prime minister has been possible to what to do. the japanese version of the ndc would be hounding highly classified document the maricopa county and the band opted to head to protect classified national security information the long
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haul she began deliberations on this second bell on thursday the bill gives the government on friday. i think about accepting information on state secret meanwhile tom freaking soft information to put a stop to ten years in prison. a former assistant deputy chief cabinet secretary has taken a fall off and keys for a few of the bill good to obscure college kaufman and just make important decisions this could of months ago and i'd go morning of the government officials are human so they can make mistakes. you know what it is infallible what is important is to check why the mistakes were made and find out walk. squeeze one has to learn from past mistakes. in order to create a wise confident. i think of democracy should pursue a wise guy are you listening
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create the japanese version of the nh he finds that the apple house on thursday it is expected to become long. during the current dietitian. take care of that great and current chief of the need to keep him still being debated. come on come on it's carol. thousands of people are evacuating coastalid one of the most dangerous typhoons of two thousand and thirteen. our meteorologist robert spent days here with the latest robert. funds are tied to a high end and still pulling off your torso lesson on only one of most dangerous storms in two thousand and thirteen now by far the strongest storm two thousand thirteen pressure down at eight hundred and ninety five hp able or the pressure. the stronger the storm and put them perspective hurricane katrina before i made landfall on the golf course in two thousand and five very famous storm system pressure with
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that one was around nine hundred to sell even to see here the satellite imagery actually this was taken just prior to sunset off your twenties the shadow of the storm the sun over towards the west in the shadowing rerun that center of circulation in the rate of ground that on a wall that is where we are seeing bills intense winds right now up to over three hundred gusting up to over three hundred km hour the speed of the bullet trains in japan. max out about three hundred so that just puts in perspective how fast these wins are going on a header that people were taken proper precautions started out the evacuation centers on tuesday i see coming out like they where all people are making preparations taken the bold sabah water supplies down there in heading towards the sturdy buildings you can't really travel very far but due to higher elevations in these buildings made of concrete and hopefully the stand up to these wins which i on the equivalent of the hurricane scale these are category for category five straight wins. and as is pushed off their tours the west it's not just
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the wings were top heavy rainfall some areas could see the four to five hundred millimeters a very serious risk of flash flooding mudslides ten meter high weighs in on top of that specially on the northern perth hit the storm with those winds are blowing on shore where is the height level rise so will i hear is will he be inundated by storm surge very serious storm system to quickly rush across the size and southern luzon though and then eventually by the end of the weekend the impact viet nam. robert frank's the latest us economic growth data shows that the world's largest economy is on track for a moderate recovery. a commerce department released the first reading of the gross domestic product for the july to september period. it shows the us economy grew at and analyze rate of two point eight percent from the previous three months that's up to zero point three percentage points from the april to june quarter the growth rate overshot analysts' estimates of around two percent. housing
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investment which has been the main driver of the recovery remains strong he grew fourteen point six percent posti a double digit increase for fifth straight quarter consumer spending which makes up two thirds of the gdp rose one point five percent down from the one point eight percent increase posted in the previous quarter the european central bank has decided to cut its benchmark interest rate to the lowest level ever. ecb policy makers have made the decision to support the region's sluggish economy the bank's board members met in frankfurt on thursday they agreed to trim the key rate by zero point two five percentage points to zero point two five percent. it was the first rate cut since may this year. the ecb has been under pressure to loosen its credit grip as the eurozone economy continues to struggle the european union projects that they cannot be in the single currency bloc is likely to shrink zero point four percent this year from last year unemployment is
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staying at a record high while consumer inflation has shown a sharp drop international concern is mounting over of mass death sentence handed down in bangladesh earlier this week trapped in a garrison in bangkok is falling the store so i swatched on his way his body to criticize bonds and cash after more than one hundred fifty people accused of taking part in year eight was sentenced to death the un high commissioner for human rights as a mass trial did not meet national standards. a special court in the capital got the sentence one hundred people to get anything. he tries to connect the two defendants accused of involvement in four years ago un high commissioner for human rights not the police issued a statement saying the trial was why
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the procedural wrangling entities including the lack of adequate and timely access to lawyers. she called for an independent investigation into how the keys were true this thing happened in february two thousand i knew it were blown over. that's right across the country seventy four people were killed including seven in the epistles. other family matters. tour has been undermined by allegations of abuses such as force confessions. human rights groups at least forty seven defendants died in custody defense lawyers say they will appeal. the us military's use of drones received widespread attention this month with the killing of the leader of the pakistani taliban. but the attacks have been going on for years. the usa's melt inside the car get impacted civilians are dying too. he
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has met with several people who sold their family members were innocent victims of us trials. as apple is mine has the report. us drool and caught on camera light in the skies of old mold. this is done. it's saved on main a trial and appeal at any time off via online. when vijay it can be said in anger deadly this is what our house looks like upto being struck by a drooling. gaborik and ms are a cage is truly on board the ground. we visited a man who saves his family was targeted. people read monkey's up and we score teacher. he saves in sixty friday or monday oh one was catered by you is truly in october last year to do that
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to merthyr town of bowen from my mother was out in the field with my children harvesting vegetables the key to all of a sudden us drone strike out my mother's body was blown away grandma was sun and don't roll out to dj and one. manas is he an angle a new reason why his mother would be suspected of having links to terrorists. shh shh. the lead through how could a woman and children. only in the balkans terrorists. we want the united states is doing nothing but no cold blooded murder of who you will. a team off the u n investigators and are told what to read our report interesting week and had great seats. the report saying is at least four hundred cv unions have died
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in trauma tides in pakistan since two thousand poll. he's saying is the tanks indiscriminately to all made sense and civilians. in possible violation of a number of international laws the investigators press the united states who is clueless on the facts pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif the last month old us president barak obama who paint the stripes in all this. by this time and the next case. the strong ongoing competition and open each. what has been so patient. your support of the usual norms in the meeting. emphasizing the need for an end to such strikes. all walmart declined to say to you is will change its policy . in pakistan.
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anger over the top seeded whose operations. he's on the right. at the in the blue line joining in and tried room. many kenyans them about two we used to go sch. his cousin laurie has eased onto the bar. sixteen and that i and he can be seen in these and a cheerful th. just read this line to offer rich coming from all of this pack is found. he's died when i knew a storm tide. the car he was caving in. his cows and say is he has no idea on why the teenagers we could watch our car. many innocent citizens have been killed indiscriminately. the people who live here are furious the united states and show no sign of stopping the secret
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to long tights more and more pakistanis are experiencing the most of every min was like. and idk who want the us continues like that too will know that one is an homage to and you will or will not lead to a point and that wraps up our books in pontiac assigned in bangkok. india's capital city of new delhi is suffering a period of severe air pollution the problem often worsens in the country from autumn to spring due to a stagnant atmosphere. new delhi were shrouded in small and on thursday morning the average level of harmful particles known as pm two point five euros on wednesday to two hundred micrograms per cubic meter. that's the time it's the environmental standards set by the world health organization. you brought them a little beading is the problem is becoming very serious. my throat hurts
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when i read a talk in the number of realty in indian authorities have yet to issue a smog alert local environmental group is urging the government to take measures to prevent the polluted air from affecting the health of the people. security officials across china are on high alert ahead of the key communist party meeting in beijing after a series of explosions in shaanxi province. starting thursday police are ordering bus operators to check the identification of passengers when they sell tickets for the chain the operators will also have to examine carry on baggage more carefully. starting today you are required to show your id and ageing the ruling communist party will open a meeting in the city on saturday to discuss economic policies and other issues people from all over china are expected to come to the capital during the meeting to complain to
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the central government about corrupt local government officials. the security clampdown comes after explosions on wednesday near a communist party building and tidy one shaanxi province one person died and eight others were injured the explosives are packed with nails and ball bearings reports say. this indicates that the explosions were a premeditated crime by someone with a tragic case the party and the government scientists with the international atomic energy agency are checking house staff and japan's crippled nuclear plant monitor radiation in the ocean. they watched workers take water samples off with the push of a dying she sighed and said the method beats global standards. do i e a scientist watch workers collect sea water samples within twenty km of the plant people around the world are concerned this site may be contaminated or maybe contaminating the ocean because of repeated leaks of
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radioactive water. the iata is working with japan's nuclear regulation authority to boost international trust of the sampling and analysis in ensuring the dc area monitoring plan reflects good practice for the best international standards and that means being a comprehensive credible and transparent. the scientists ext want to watch how workers analyze the samples russia is now gearing up to host one of the world's largest sports extravaganza as athletes will gather on the shores of the black sea in february for the winter olympics but no city so she sits on the doorstep of one of the country's porous and most volatile regions. so why was this location chosen for the games and each year olds terry o'connor has the story then not progress as is rush
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as gore is a reason. it has been no major industries. and as the new levies by state terror and company. this industrial complex has long being abandoned it was served as a base for islamic extremists. tristan to the senior court in relation to an ambitious beyond three years ago. to revitalize the area the nearby reserve estimates he will play host to so when telling breaks down to next summer's g eight summit. this was truly a model four hundred thousand jobs. for the walk to the eight thousand new safety. what's important is to create high quality welsh paintwork which is great the north caucasus has a twenty five percent unemployment rate and that figure is even higher among young people. that's the biggest problem we're
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facing. it's progressing top ski team sucks and its neighboring areas to the us i mean that's what the olympics and apostates he is focusing times. today he asserts in employment opportunities. the government has held top layers of over thirty times in dundalk co precise reason. to employees stamps and writers. among the many staff being read to a tee hee. but the links will offer an opportunity i'd definitely want to be there the government is concentrating his discourse on boosting the local economy by promoting the joy is in the area not a sissy is home to high mountains. europe's highest peak seat there. a uniquely shaped hotel has
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being cos truck hit me i'm onto his comments at a cost of just over six million dollars. coz russian ontario swell blown up by a heavy cost a bomb to put up the mountain. two recent campaign is ideal for sweden to proudly say that not many sample on skype and pristine nature. the minister that means we're determined to implement a national strategy laid down by the president with all our might but only found in the olympics will be a huge chance to lift their image of north caucasus and attract tourists. these however the company concern is growing that any inquiries into the opportunities may not mean unstable employment really no means enough i mean there is enough progresses along these have parents and grandmother. she
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was on friday job. as a hotel employee by the contract ears makes it real. she is a very damaged window sill steve hallmark of any of the repeat it depends. you can use to paint job i was scared. is it twenty one and i need to wear we get to the board that plane crash put cheese call came the olympics to breathe new life into one of the country's lowest and most want every sense. but stacey has such a high profile media comes in an area plagued by violence and conflict may prove to be a difficult talents. a deal had found a nice gear and sexy. first the respect with the rest of the weather are for. well we are still watching this a
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very violent severe typhoon is rolling off towards the west you see here on the entire eastern asia satellite picture it is dominating the landscape down here towards a soft deftly are still very dangerous storm by boss went up by what's going on elsewhere across eastern asia in the world here where aisle towards the north actually in northern japan. this is a pretty gusty winds today actually gusting up to typhoon strength but on the twenty climbers prowess reporting am about the pre picture in a key to some of the image of the year in northern portions of poncho says video coming of the region where all the wind knocked down a few electric poles awesome bands down there as well. power went out for about a thousand homes on during the year on this evening and muslim groups also are sustained some damage their larval forms of high school also took some gimmick sell some pretty severe weather office was in office to watch this low pressure areas. good news is that it is going farther off towards the east the high pressures can be read in the mind it is still some snow fall the higher elevations across the title it is going to be expected going through the day here on
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friday so some rough weather up there towards north nothing compared to the damage that would be seeing far the court to stop but really the severe weather is contained in the league or high pressure though will be reaching its way back in and some fair weather cooler temperatures into the hands of snowfall in lubbock or minus for their prayer time beijing the thirteenth select fourteen told you even into the high teens here while there on friday now is take a look at the americans for we do have some rain showers actually stretching across much of the eastern seaboard pushing towards the northeast. this is tapering off high pressures working its way much like laura see here in japan with a little pushing away guys coming in at the very typical setup for all where we have these troughs in regions come through all this is when they bring in much cooler and sunnier skies that another will coming in on behind that that's really did bring some rough weather there crossed the pacific northwest in the british columbia ubc sum up pretty gusty winds also a higher elevation snow fall of twenty five centimeters twenty five to fifteen millimeters of rain in the lower elevations for you there in seattle and
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vancouver when applied to the high one go slowly cooling off there for using the chicago even over towards toronto now into europe the big topic here in this area cloud cover you can see it streaking across the low countries in the soup and bring in some gusty winds out here especially over towards germany. high wind advisory still in effect out here some dots could be up to the hundred climbers prague similar conditions farther off towards orphans the british isles. nothing too severe but you have an umbrella ready to have some rain showers and gusty winds also check if things are cooling off if you want live love and tears that thirteen here on friday bets with your weather is forecast i am noon i know. and. a russian soyuz
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spacecraft killing three astronauts from japan russia and the united states has docked with the international space station. the craft lifted off from a launch site in kazakhstan early thursday good job too with the isi and snow at ten twenty eight utc at an altitude of about four hundred kilometers the astronauts opened the crafts hatch and entered the station. japan's core heat iraq but that is to remain aboard the station until may and will captain the station for the final two months of this day he will be the station's first japanese captain the clock that says expected to fill a passing comment it with the high definition camera and study the effects of zero gravity on his own as an experiment using a chilli fish. he will also release a micro satellite felt like japan and
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vietnam. i then used on the door. and you know honey the adult. ha well still get
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great chance. he's in good time. from the latest and business leaders acknowledge the mix for the whole history and beauty of these corner of hitler check check and ensure security and care. it needs to get close to the world with japan. he is here. in it
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my new wheel. i was. i just jinxed it. it is japan's largest inland sea. also known as the modesty essential humans. it will run on the set though and stayed as a show dog


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