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you knew long ruling will i was. pa's. the store and finally breaks new tragic records are two documents the surgeon civilian casualties was any doubt database on the growing terror. it has been you know britain's fine team skinned and whistle blowing at a parliamentary committee hearing on mass surveillance dry goods and what all the tough questions britain is a clear global pablo financial secrecy and sexy
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and responsible for writing most of the world. i counted can trace to the country's offshore zones. a pressure group report. a key to walk from our scalp with me during the jam iraq suffers the worst surge in violence in years when a number of civilian deaths rising almost everyday at least thirty seven more people were killed friday in attacks across the country. when civilian casualties often not even eighteen to the mainstream media headlines her team has decided to want a special online project to keep track of those endorphins cannot now reports on how the spike in terry taxes destroying any hopes the rockies minus hand for peace. a journalist from
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baghdad who was on his mood use to being in the center of events that never before did he become the story himself until one day he was driving to work when suddenly. during tours the two storey bridge and cards lol. i became conscious only twelve days later finding my leg was empty he survived but was shocked again after finding out who was behind the attack and it's my neighbor admitted being an al qaeda member since two thousand senate she said. killian was a direct order. he received at the aha the situation in iraq is long gone beyond the meanwhile. it has become clear. iraq has become subjected to a war of genocide by terrorists were targeting all spheres of life last week mr money he met with president obama does indeed you are in urgent need of help with the signs general statements nothing concrete email accounts the people who aren't on
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the ground. you will i and anyone who walks in the streets at any moment with a couple of months is likely will hold an exclusive built. at any moment. anyone may be killed. instead of a dozen years now and talking about the new security plan nothing changes the situation is only good thing was. it's all been either new checkpoints to rest more cost of anti terror operations seem to be enough to gain control. it's nearly impossible to establish exactly how many civilians were killed in iraq since the us led invasion in two thousand and three meaning became casualties during military operations including short out and showing some guided due to lack offline health care and when the infrastructure of blocked what we're looking at now our deaths. specifically from terror attacks this year alone and the figures while the figures speak for themselves. people are pissed off rte. moscow. well if thousands killed this year's encounter has been the deadliest month so far with more than twelve hundred
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lives lost according to the widely quoted by iran by town hall and into the toll of over one hundred thousand violent civilian deaths that iraq's weakest since the start of the us led invasion in two thousand and three. many military experts say it's the foreign intervention its lead to all kinds rapid rise the country with around four thousand suicide bombers blowing themselves up over the past decade. while most of these figures come from iraq body count the world's largest database and find civilian deaths in iraq since the us a nation and its in cooperation with this website devotees launched its online project iraq twenty thirteen a year of carnage. laura smith spoke to one of the run by count of towners and i was driving near work and how we find accurate data. a prominent us general said if the war in afghanistan on weekends do policy counts. it's soo hard they said to get accurate information out of such tales say august at ten pin leaving
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the human cost of war must be counted states. iraq body count was born. and according to websites big as the bca has been the deadliest in iraq since two thousand and eight. i made other things that i have found a common one is upset to find it's more than seven thousand people being killed this year the civil rights of facts is the one of fox's that we tend to focus on because we are looking at the horizon the statistical eyes and this is the cycle of violence one of the things that we've observed is that as the violence rises the more reason than to have to rise to yet again in the same days people to obey. there were fifty five die itself to a lot. i'm going to be painted but we didn't hear anything because this is the accepted as normal for iraq is the gospel to the rockies and into this new form of freedom the government had added in iraq seem very reluctant to publish any kind of civilians to tell. it's embarrassing
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and has its office of the campaign to take a picture of the ruffled and there have been hounding the management of the findings in the country the great taste is too difficult to get the fake as the eu seems to attack the ukse news wire type reports in iraq today reports on but those greedy make the news that the norm in these consumer would say in dallas texas researcher or too cold to get all these smaller ports to come from different parts of the country and that is what you think of a small events yet carnage than in iraq and if you want actors information about what's day on tuesday to a website starts he's taken special projects with the iraq body count then taken it from friday. one thing out to discuss the vines iraq any more detail and its causes of course the seven hundred dollar president of the arab lawyers association is familiar with a situation in the country. the surprising too much for joining us here on our team. just your
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opinion why do you think had the year two. this year in fact has become of the deadliest since two thousand and eight. i was behind its current surge in violence it must be the chadian of the government is government is failing to protect the people because this is. the did you tee off any government and why the government is failing because the politics that is being played by the prime minister said the money given moment. it's it's feeding into various opinion and if i can. it's feeding into the barriers that had the idea that somehow the baby so maybe the tide. i think it's a three d this is reading the mall and to do so because it's bad luck and actual attention that i think that this intellectual problem. the fate of the government is the one who was undoubtedly the police to offload his conduct his opinion based rather than national one day have no information available legal exchange information. they
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don't investigate any of the issues at the end of the day when one looks of the be the way it is done how could so many cars and bombs rolling on the streets without anybody finding them that the idea that we try and find who is doing it i think it's probably a bit between the two that the scientific wanted an appropriate way to say it's a sectarian basis you can quell to a certainty now ya hear. i asked the ssm are sorry for interrupting you just add that i'm blaming all qaeda is diverted attention from domestic problems and on the root causes of the problem there but you know what can be denied is that al qaeda has been change trains across the region. so um how would you leave their city to what's happening in iraq. i think we need their way to understand that is that if you assume that police explosions of being done by outside as the new house to skew the data set and betty
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betty lived on the life of god. this is no help ideal traits. he did get out variety of people certainly implied is made little of the deadly sectarian killing which is taking place and the explosions killing these civilians in coffee shops and most are not new. it is part of the exercise of trying to divide and to enhance this policy of divide and rule which is not a new thing it's always been practiced even by the romans and nobody else but i think the problem of the present moment is that most of the government in the world tree to be cut and raging in iraq as if it's a normal rate you could only concentrate on the ratings they don't like whether it's an ideal scenario lower the heat that saddam whatever but everybody seems to be quite happy to do with the with the iraqi regime whether it's the europeans the americans or indeed even in russia. what's the win with the iraqis came to to rush into buying what reason and they were trying to bribe their way through. so this pic and calls for an action by the state's back to
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the that was some pressure on the iraqi regime to one become this dictatorial second baby come to mean that sock them for the free to actually try and get everybody involved in the protection of the society rather than concentrating on only some sectarian factions my email has his own police his own army which does not report to anybody who doesn't it doesn't to put it in the midst of the duty of all of the minister of defense or anybody else. in addition to that monkey is he's the minnesota foyer at him in itself into the defence that prime minister chief of army staff and yes all of us and he now on the situation is still in a country on me with violence is the batman this year is there an ink and iraqi government to do anything to reverse this trend of rising civilian death to me just add that all young and even gave us all the reasons appear the picture was happening the country but what can be
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done to reverse the street it was a bit unsettling him to question the new album. i think if a foreign accent the whey that the security is being run at the moment they still use these city a toy the games which was sold to them by danish capital which has been caught up with an unimpressive if you can add it to be the best known since the fillets of meaning noticed a huge self off of what this pesto until no future he said the search for the day come to twenty five the iraqi security still having these little too late and tried to stop the bombing that'll be the government is not doing enough when a friend whether on the front of trying to get the police to become all the professionals whether on the idea of trying to figure out the station from the pockets of all causes of the six coaches on some of the political parties who are leading the political process
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what trying to show that the money he is unable to run the show so they are causing some of its got a new visa for our neighbors we have it's about a bad neighborhood. you get enough of people around. apple have a vested interest in that but you have to restore the old nerdy criminals. he of the yes i did have a variety of alfalfa evidenced by the still living lies with the government which is not stopping it has never went into the tool it's not investigating what the canadian unity. the idea that you just keep on hiding the figures in offices think they know it's right to be filled with something doesn't show the disposable multitude of government. really they don't think that the life of the ordinary individual is worth it. when parliamentarians in iraq. i'm keen on increasing the saudis and the ministers everything in its bid failed state is the most corrupt state. it's that snippets of his os that of course the manifestation he's the killing fields
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which is pristine and on your website. it would be coming on friday. it's a bette davis taking this picture one can see is very painful it's extremely well done professionally but i think it's a painful thing to see however at least it's putting on record what was happening in iraq find it as you can see traces very complex and not iraq. there was some opposed our prisons of the arab lawyers association. sister marie to see that i won a rampant violence iraq has suffered this theory can chat guards a special online project addresses their on screen for you. achieve the tone is
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watching a special project to work the appalling state of mind. its hero. we want you to know. all agencies now been questioned in for the first on the grill in may and hope for. following revelations of the u k's involvement in us led global surveillance intelligence bosses use the chance to pay on their work and criticized source of the nsc weeks. not just respond rather than speaking the al qaeda is in you know that you have any all and then my sis also blamed journalist of the gardenia speed before publishing the nsa weeks calling it irresponsible that he was backed up by the gc http server line lot of ominous who insisted his agency is monitoring most of the british population but is focused on commentaries and gas former m i five agent anime ish on whether she thinks no response had
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actually given terrorists any phoenician they didn't already now the award carries the tools for decades to demand that they can be on display. we take very good anti tenants and techniques in order to make sure the survey to meet the drizzle of rain to get from the nineteen eighteen nineteen nineties said the idea that they using that i think he's a good record at oran park from the pain that i listen to the state is just not feasible as a form of highly paid the best way to protect your country is actually conduct investigations but then we have this and recognize when practically use more information through that mimics the bailiff and the committee also agreed to respond to think i will say that by doing that as well eat and the country to savannah state. your cellulite really use a password to log ins of these colleagues at a spine basin wide to get its hands on a classified either that he led me to the media reports suggest he use his positioning system administrator to persuade his co workers to hand over their credentials and said those who agree to wear a leotard
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and a fine of five by the nsa and messenger was duncan campbell blogs even though snow and she did. his co workers. it was down for their icons i can't believe that anyone saying that's a serious accusation you're talking about revealing the fact that these agencies is stealing the end i will suppress the center of american companies finals given my soul. bucking the european union that was really impressed with the mexican president the german chancellor that they've committed illegal crying. in belgium against the european telecommunications company not to complain that it snowed in somebody else's us with. it's just ridiculous still and defusing and early after and use him for pushing referee for the removal of fuel rods from the complex the most dangerous step yet presented their risks shortly after this break the eye
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tune in. here's a definition a nuclear plant in japan are about to start their most hazardous undertaking to date huge cranes will be lowered into the reactor that survive the meltdown of twenty one and start pulling out thousands of fuel rods and roses that will take at least the year. i choose i see chefs he visited exclusion zone. extracting these laws from the polls is that the really hard tough because each one of them color of ways of more than three hundred kilograms and they cannot even hit the chabad that's because that i knew create chain reactions on the only schools are crippled but the machinery the automated machinery doesn't work as well so everyone has to be extracted from the pool manually the typical company are running the pushing to clear up roses and a japanese government are now in a vicious cycle situation because on the one hand the need to remove the fuel rods they are contaminating the water as has been reported in the waters of
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the schumann you could harp on and on the other hand of course this is a very risky venture because they have to lead to extract every drop and there's more than a thousand of them and each one has to be extracted manually we also managed to apia take a peek inside the no go zone in other areas and you know what what's the show me the most to surprise me the most and i'm i'm saying that by my experiences of traveling to the school exclusion zone in chamomile that in the fo pushing the area of the towns which are just close to the station ten fifteen km away from the station they have been reopened for residents with each piece all people are rebuilding their houses in this area in case anything happens. these people would have to be revoked evacuated again and go putting themselves on the very serious risk. one fact in the cushion region itself that several in geo scored in all believe the government and accept organization in their measurements for the radiation levels the one which struck me the most and we talked about with them yesterday. either the movement called the mothers of pushing that these are ordinary women who are afraid for the safety and health of their children
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they bought for aviation units to which the cheapest of them cost around two thousand us dollars and they're just patrolling the area staking their old measurements and sending them to the government but the government as they say is doing nothing. it is not considering the radiation measurements as if they're trying to play down the scale of the things happening even in tokyo in front of the industrial ministry there's a peek at them as a protest happening for a g eight country days with the people there protesting against nuclear energy and the actions of the government in the tackle. so you can see how serious the right to call the anti nuclear movement is now in japan even though they say that their voices being often silenced by those in power. the plants up the rear sensors content the procedure will be completed successfully and that's mishaps are almost impossible but nuclear waste specialists can camps is less optimistic it's absurd to tokyo electric is in charge of this globally significant extraction of the fuel from the pool. if something goes
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wrong this could be a global catastrophe that dwarfs what is happening to the cemetery to the spar. tokyo electric has shown its true colors time and time again its incompetence its dishonesty even the director of the nuclear regulation authority of japan has more and that this process should not be rushed. they should not try to force these assemblies out of their storage channels. there is no radiological container around the pool and if this waste were to catch on fire. it could be ten times worse than chernobyl. tokyo metropolitan area is thirty million residents and they might have to be evacuated if that waste catches on fire. so that that's known could become a dead zone for all time minority is an evacuation zone should be much larger than twelve point four miles in radius. even now the respondent as a chs he's keeping a close on the line to clean up into pushing up and posing questions to the company in charge of the prices going up to the minute reports on
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the operation by taking his twitter account. the line of virtual currency that can be held but can be still and we've got the story of the coin bank heist that has led police in the dark over who's actually behind the robbery. whilst the uk and russian secret services resume cooperation severed after the death of former russian spy in london with security for this oh two winter olympics brain the intelligence communities together. britain has been declared the meeting hobbled global tax evasion pressure group report says along with its overseas territories the uk controls much of the world. i count cash crate is going what the report and why the secrecy is hard to resist the government has been boxing tax avoidance for months in fact i miss david cameron needs increasing tax transparency. students at the g eight summit the two
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headed snake idea didn't yet exist. that's according to grant holt expects adjusted to the black press in the wilds blast of fans at the financial secrecy the exciting dependencies by the queen is the head of states by the way to rank among the top fifteen a secret and text jurisdictions and the wild. the rules relating to the zine and dependencies such as the cayman islands then you need a jazzy and dun seem to be appraised in london state and penn state. he admits is on west main set to clean up their acts. the bse on joint by some unseen in the midst of the international tax review magazine summer thank you for joining us well the people that deposit and money in these tax havens to extreme anti illegal schemes say what's the fuss about it anyway. but i think it's the misconception to describe tax avoidance as legal. it's just not a legal and the reason for the kids and governments of being unable to anticipate the yep
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the scheme's employed by multinational corporations in that highly paid to ami says accountants and lawyers that they felt they sent across the world to resell the best tax deals that binds. first was made to a loss of steps to create transparency especially the recent months the sassy spoken adults about to be surprised by these negative rankings. no surprise but no i mean except for the crown dependencies in abc's terry trees that have long been considered among the west bank is also of twelve tax saving me. what is surprising is that the yen to the bridge governments not to write much about today is really nice to get these network of tax havens offshore in the you know what simon says thank you very much for joining us well reports that large corporations and seek to reach into the chills has been taunting the names of towns in texas think in tiny equally polls have closed called great in sydney's that britain has been labelled the walls through indirect tax havens is unlikely to be
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met by chance above the trees overhead. wait like an odd scene and ten. alice felt the director of the tax justice network who told us that it's the banks which are encouraging offshore havens he told the students to use the easy it doesn't just teach our students the day he would use the legal speed i was having cupboard is full of embezzlement and a good wide range of other corrupt practices. this is the reason why the world now needs to talk and secrecy that is the tax code has become so a lot since most of these tax havens that operate with some of the twelve largest international banks of the world's largest international accounting firms. the bulls last goal for this so that we know is that i think this is the exit of the biggest and the loss that can be dealt with us
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the state government has shown he's devoted efforts to titans footsteps. well it's not take a look at some other stories from around the war the initiative plans to redeem capital tripoli the one person dad and eleven injured. shooting is believed to have been sparked by the death of the commander of one group during recent fighting. two years on from the housing market down in tucson played by a lack of security in divisions between secular and islamist forces the list i found so far this year was no wind speeds of more than three hundred kilometers per hour has battered the philippines at least three people have died and tens of thousands of twenty evacuation centers the storm caused power outages in flying and forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights. francisco dreaded rainey has been calmed by one drink and double a bystander forces blend of high employment which is preventing the government from implementing reforms
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that can boost growth the second time in two years that the country's credit ratings been dropped after previously being stripped of its top rated aaa status. his anger from the green broadcaster year a team that was shut down in june is performed in over the air show in front of the organizations have waters in some five hundred people were abby's the company was closed in june over budget cuts and serving police evicted dozens of former employees who had occupied the building for months in protest at the clincher. fuel and six world powers are moving closer to striking a deal which will freeze tehran's atomic production in return for easing sanctions the enriching and redeem it caused outrage in israel with prime minister netanyahu describing it as a mistake of historic proportions but experts believe it or break for it is just around the corner. it's clear that bring the momentum is taking hold in negotiations have been held in a very warm atmosphere between the different sides the international community
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through the international atomic energy agency is going to have to get on the ground going to have to see that the enrichment facilities that tear on hats are not operating as they have been going to ensure that the stockpile twenty percent enriched uranium. i did something is done with that nets with their negotiating about. there's a lot of details to this it's highly technical but those are the kinds of issues that they are discussing for the first time in years with the purpose of seriousness and then on this negotiation that it does appear to be buried some moments. i am. i rmb. illegal immigration is a hot topic in beverly says that immigrants do the work but no lots to do what makes when you lie ahead as i would occur based on vacation got into a taxi driven by a
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former migrant worker used to make a living in moscow. he told me he really worked hard driving loading trucks after five years he came back home and bought our house. yes from a seller that russians can even survive but he was able to buy a house employers in russian america see the locals don't want to work hard in order to get one of margaret worker salary they can build a bright future when compared to a local ok to make ends meet when you can see why the market workers are a lot more motivated than twenty this way if you know that you had to work five par years of some awful a broader awful condition somewhere far away lepers or germany. what would be able to pay off the house would you do what i think you would at some point this myth that locals in country x don't wanna work they just don't wanna work and complete futility for table scraps. i just might. i room. he makes the world programming for globally minded people sponsors and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works done
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or seven o three seven seven o seven one four seven. i didn't. session. do
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you long ruling will rule the news on and on the iranian foreign minister has said he believes an agreement with twelve kallis on iran sneak the program is postponed by the end of talks on friday. mohammed said reid has said iran would not suspend uranium enrichment completely but could do with the very species on the tight for us sagittarius states john kerry probably on toe in the middle east is due to attend the talks after changing his travel plans of heading to geneva. the as


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