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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 8, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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i don't think coming up next as comfortable. this pic with fourth test by instruments so what's been making headlines last sentence. and talking all had once its head up stairs to the additional pick it up and carried like this. these honoring stories that sound. it was a backup a rise in geneva as well. news deal with the french freakish
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and can't find this is going to lead us to say john kerry initially his death the couple plan to pay and with that. you can read it the winner of the three hundred kilometers an hour that was expected to rise before it even started to look at the west bank barrier the tragedy that children can read it or not the united nations announced plans to vaccinate more than twenty million children in the middle east. in that area for the country. i was all it's funny thing is i am going to need to negotiate he reached an initial agreement on iran's nuclear program. jennifer says iran
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back to us. john kerry in his efforts to keep some long talks aimed at fixing it and they're easy to build weapons this exchange a partial relief. it is to be a sign of progress that she and the international media wants to buy yet. this scheduled to travel to tennessee on monday to the sickness not to be ingrained refinements. on the mall and we have now and to be very difficult and sensitive phase and headed to the text that will be published. it's just a tool to use an agreement saying that the man. it is possible that the negotiations will take more time. however given the sensitivity of these discussions about what we can see that the ministers are eager to participate in the end we have to see what the results will bring but then you can match the situation. the us state department office and i'm done and his us could take a look this initial deal kinds of things. stations had been very credible in their confidentiality as well that they've kept the details and
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there is to get back. they have in the last twenty four hours indicated that they may meet with the framework agreement in fact that is exactly why the iranian foreign minister said into his comment this morning framework agreement with three steps lane and objectives. lane at the end game and then offering some credibility of some confidence building measures as a purse that sin not only short term having a long term horizon or amman on sanctions believe that we will get there. if there's credible companies building measures and the us and piano was just abt five plus one in the us has made it very concerted effort to bring along due to the international community not be solely of our fun on their offers. the us has indicated they will offer to be able to offer in terms of sanctions really. sanctions that are harsh israeli un sanctions that a partial reversal. so that's the way of dealing with hard can it succumb to say we were going up or something the iranians don't deliver their actions are not credible and will put them back on and that works
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because it's going to be very hard core constituency in the us congress to get on board in the us congress has been filed by the administration. for a tough message on iran and the eu to be credible in its coffers as well be nuanced be targeted in your sink into it and see what you can often on like a light switch to that of the top and cheese. and that assignment is rising on the ac in the foreign ministers of russia citing the broth is now set to be on his way to geneva to take part in his talks. theres intent on things on the court with the philippines this friday killing at least three people in sl is expected to my knees and telecommunication. after the mid point out that if it passes. go to the enticing than its deadly weeks. it's hard to deny those eight the storm slammed into
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hurricanes with winds of over three hundred kilometers per hour. trading the lead up to six week series. doubling wrote that the minister will take place in the media told when they visit me. papa. we thought it was a tsunami chaos is iron sheets were ripped off streets and trees on her . some homes torn apart altogether. the storm swept across the street and i'm still recovering from a deadly earthquake. hundreds of tyson's living in makeshift cemeteries the country's break in any hit by tropical storms but the swans thought to be one of the strongest type things on records giving independent beans when we go to several tropical storms and typhoons every year. but this osprey be prevented in the end of experience and cleaning. this is the speed and wind howling in all the windows wrapping that he's scared the off of me. residents scrambled to flee dangerous aliens taking
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that every penny i was crying into a lease incentives experts have warned of catastrophic damage the worst hit areas still unreachable. like stand remains unknown. forecasters say handset to blow went inside tennessee on saturday then heading towards vietnam wednesday men's news in brief the un is education science culture organizations unions. the rights of the united states and fbi's tve system with all that fun a protest of the agency's prompting a full membership to the palestinians. we receive by faith into the fuel actual recognition of palestinian statehood. i do the scan and post it the clintons and it's time for the double play according to the eighth and
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went over to say that ten percent. reforms implemented by cars go around and his government would have a significant impact on me didn't wreck. history of the finance minister saying that investors will continue to trust funds. authorities in madagascar nothing to date for the presidential runoff that it was a long week full of finance has it he will face of august and twenty infected with the backing of former leader of iran and one twenty one point one percent its fifteen point nine percent for his rival. they played outstanding. and so on the democratic republic of croatia by minister says his government will sign a peace deal with everything in the rebel great monday. bring an end to a few months and set him free to create a banner on this week following a string of defeats the hands of the country on foot since i just have to cross the border into uganda and authority that they they went break in syria the un has north is not just about vaccination campaign in the middle east. aiming to immunize more than twenty million children in seven countries. i'd be eradicated
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from the region to be a decade. last week the world health organization confirmed the outbreak at william's school the makeshift parody of vaccinations and ten. one of many springing up across syria and its neighboring countries. over a dozen cases the patio confounding serious dance or region last week from two well it's helpful to my station and the ninety nations took on a majesty not just at the ready vaccination campaign in the middle east. syria has been a bit busy since nineteen ninety nine the tree is about arrests have disrupted vaccination programs. late today. on the identity of the entity debt and bought my dress and that is as dark. i don't think the present. theo is tiny infections among young
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children virus attacks the body's now this is coming to town i still killed children needing an onsen to conditions like the fiji counts all critique any vulnerable to penny and which spreads to contaminate the water and sewage the strain found in syria has been linked to visit pakistan on a continent government to blame foreign jihadists pint is what i can and because the terrorists preps illegally crossing syria's borders. we found some cases in the area if there is all about the health ministry immediately headed to the area and all the noise vaccination campaigns to promote the top. the world health organization says it's impossible to know the exact origin of the outbreak. fees that can spread fast as increasing numbers of refugees flee to neighboring countries and europe. please ask things essence and credits the story about the challenges that come with having to treat an entire region including an exam when i masturbate. it hadn't been
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up to kiddie of the tunnel and when children and family all around the hoop. the kids to keep challenging the master of art. sticking to it that too many cat that the current issue and that the new court that the lie that the deal will get back the in and just one round of the pool that at the cape may good news is that we are and we are the children and a bit of a difficult and hard to reach areas. i'd like to end the day and on wednesday. on the plate court attorney in to the fact is that the ferry in it at all. greedy me and we have managed the band with life saving vaccine but all of the new tissue. i admit it is. it is therapeutic the court. the children held in general. it's so cool with that thought just occurred at that speed but trying to pee then we all have a cool manner of helping bench. milk
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can be. no appetite to eat all the children of the area banks index suggests that allow this weekend's thinking of him. welcome to follow this with a full pair of spice candles take a crystal can both be making headlines the last second and snow in the studio with me on to the mall. time magazine the market is a fullness in the corresponding time with constant to be sealed christopher dickey the paris spirit chief of the tiny beast and george silly us and he's pitching staff with i ninety three and thanks to all of the fifth thing remind us that you the fuel consumed in your tweets during the prac and just used the hash tag team to be teased. the site. very often when joe must themselves of the prices up and history but that was the case this week with the tragic deaths of two french knots masses in the black body of pounds in cash now. people in code that
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only recently met to chile after they were abducted in to dial in the north of mt they just finished an interview with the weight of the separatists or a commitment. and i was pretty into it where it picked up the coupon on them and that was the last time at the same time not that it has a new mommy preparing a special report with the one you're on after the french military companies to target the country of dishonest extremists. a distant dream for teresa isaac ross fronts and miley prompting the french foreign minister in the home to his disciples you hear it it might argue that our fia will come before the press of our entire support. you do an extraordinary job. it's recognized the world over and this work must continue to move on cue. the bike to work with. kayaking in summit mike rann has claimed
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responsibility for the coming days and it's almost impossible to verify the clandestine i'm not twenty twenty five percent of what we're being told about what's going on a new shoes and clothes. we worked in the worship leader for its international him. we can't contact her. they were not people who just won our recklessly and it came to him it's hard to tell exactly what happened but i think i'm in no way the separatist movement needs to do some explaining to close its peers to meet its insider job anyhow she would not have time to keep down. she didn't have some sort of counties from his auckland separatists who are not the islamic spirit are disabled to him and an allotted time. this energy this stuff is just a cover for them to treat as well and as rich as the scientists frightening problem with the tory commitment if these infections. it isn't included structure there are lots of smugglers involved in it a lot of bandits involved in the mean one of the accounts
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it's coming out about this killing is that these two journalists were taken by a man who had stolen a lot of money from al qaeda and needed to pay back a nice and so i'll give you some passages and then you take the hostages and i will know you any money anymore. and in his car supposedly broke down in the flow. well i can't handle hostages anymore i'll just kill them it could be as trivial and harmless milan officials said no just have to try it the country's tradition of condensed milk and also aren't those just how unstable. the move to comics in this photo the truth is beginning that this was a political message to remind crunch. they would not have dreamed of being able to control the whole of mali. um which is something they they should know by now at least. on a weber. i think what was decided upon in mind a group of people who are acting on their own tragic
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consequences. according to people who've been known to have a long experience is now in the moment the country's its young people hanging around. end up trying to make some money. not necessarily people activated by the more sly most extreme factions apparently i think the decision where the role of their own ink and then fold the consequence is that we know. maybe this isn't at the science that studies raise questions about francis plans to draw down its tricks barely makes kenya. he thinks is a lot of free thinking going on there in the leaves and one plan to send stand it on fonts font is to keep typing bringing the number of trips back home by christmas by the end of the era which is so is to conduct additional thing to do that during the tour down under and up next. heidi and ninety s was the couple's one point two it says about this being
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the kind of found a train on the net this is the ultimate surgeon and his country he talking about the north on monday that and tie and strengths of gas and set on which also extends into knees and concert pianists of the mountain air and so on and it's extremely difficult to understand how the french military alert for that massive money and that readers of embryonic forces that are taking shape. are they to be able to get any comments from this offering on one of the one really makes me angry in all this is is that you know we fall into this and a news cycle and we forget that there wasn't that stupid war against adopting him to the anonymous one. in mali very well. it was a wonderful place people were extremely friendly and all these elements were aware that that didn't come down with india. an unforeseen consequence now we all pretty
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addicted to this very program in april of the lows of two thousand eleven. it was predictable people were predicting all the time. we kept him he was keeping a lid on things on top of the news doing what we ask him to do and then repeated the feat to death in hand and then we we were given to him and him exactly what people are predicting happened happened to the manger mali mauritania we're calling on imho not to do this especially in asia minor. in a ring given what you've just saved to as the third we wanted was to sign him in the design by pastor wrap up this oppression the way to end up resembling happen when the food is always unintended consequences and once you going or you can always think you know what's gonna happen you never know what's gonna happen. you can say yes you could say. predictably that this would cause problems in my late mother would cause the kinds of problems of racine i'm not sure that anybody could have predicted exactly that when we do know is that when the french women
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a year ago islamist forces were on the move in there were about to take by marco were on their way to take a moment. that is what the french set out to stop and they didn't need to be back in the we're not talking about the suburbs of moscow were talking about the other end of the country. so in that sense they achieve what they wanted to do just like the overthrow the taliban in afghanistan the overthrow of saddam in iraq. the problem is what comes after that what's your plan. how or even destabilize the whole country of mali. the french i think of them include hundred and two that jesus we didn't have a clue in afghanistan a war in iraq this is the same old student in me. so many of the country as you can define victory but you cannot you can define defeats and avoid it but you cannot define victory. what could be a victory in a place like molly. if you are mean the whole of molly norse terms. sounds impossible. i had a mean defence officials a very good at the beginning
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rules for the day that they put it into a copy of a fitting tribute that in unison. i hate to say this because i'm missing the grief and shock of the aisle colleague steps in love than money is quite a cute at the moment. that said i am thinking along it and it's not going to make much of it defends polar shift that could be very much at all many more people die in that gets stomped attack has been held to an anti people many of which came from north on monday and sound artist in the article on the summer. i think that's the bigger questions of holly actually dismantle al qaeda and monogram. come on come on the much bigger questions as to which says much of that is rooted in this test i can take on snow which is the made its way into that part of the sun know if anything extra things seem to
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mind to muscle the more determined to continue covering as possible montague is well known that the journalists to do this job. you know even know what the risks are and i mean did a lot of explanations on people to explain why people put themselves in danger i don't think she's an incline consciously thought they were putting themselves in danger when they went into doubt i'm still in the lot of explanations there were two hundred french troops and is in this town two hundred un troops and his daughter molly and garrison. and they were taken at noon in the middle of town and everybody knew they were there because the un from an indifferent said they wouldn't fly in and so younger lot of questions that need need to be answered on this but don't i don't think journalists are gonna stop reporting. just because there are people out there in the limelight un high on testosterone who want to kill them or make a fast buck toothed news reporting because the companies won't pay for them to go there they won't insure them and because nobody really cares what goes on and on. it's a terrible thing to say. but as
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low as they've won three lost unless he wants to hear mike inez is the husband was spot on the use of reason to syria that there was a lot of it there still is a lot of effort to get people in their lot of companies will let their staffers go and may they say to them when they say it's a cynical they say the freelancers. when you come now. bring us the story and we'll talk to them. which means we can be responsible for you if anything happens to you earlier that morning that it is seventeen or eighteen people who are mostly held hostages said in an anti western sentiment stamped. it was the fat from outside a rather unusual to see a french president at the ipoh to mean you could imagine an american president they merit a new school with the bodies of dumbest thing that i wonder if that's true and honest. spit on and on recently. this is the mystique of the french president has been doing repeated. because when you come to the airport instance
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today's injection. to welcome people of the hostages in the philippines in london on in mali where ever. i mean you get value for the run you give value to the hostage is to give them so you give the people who took them as hostages some kind of a presidential or recognition. he gets it. this is an enormous political and communications take the time with the military are aware of that but the politicians well maybe beyond. and in turn made by the pressure is on to reach an interim agreement that would freeze the browns controversial nuclear power. the us to kirsty john kerry has warmed up significantly since the creamy brown eyes six will house kind of fashion and doom. i want to emphasize that are still some very important. issues on the table with her on her
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cell it is important for those to be properly bizarrely interest how one emphasize that is not an agreement at this point in time. but the pea pod is working hard. the links homes between tehran and washington instances one official put it that i was coming to see if it exceeds the veronicas pretty cheeky more than just talk the talk. american officials fees these negotiations branches of the steps that would halt the progress in iraq takes a program for somewhere around six months. that book you think i share this time was he a more comprehensive agreement not to mention the fashion community with relaxed some financial sanctions earlier this week the rain from mr bloomfield wisconsin cat smile. herman suit the page and cream and cooking reached its end. hmm really need to see an end to it that economically and um we need to take a first step the new treaty on and on all sides to the idea that
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the most immediate concerns of the various sites involved in this day in these negotiations. i did use all that difficult to be sad thinking that i believe it to me and even possible to restock the team and feuding this week. murray updates from mr van was full. when he is a b because the iranians is pretty much gotten to the place they wanted to be when they started this program has this weird kind of disconnect in all discussions of this the iranians say that what they want is to be able to develop their own nuclear technology to agree its uranium to create their own fuel and had its nuclear program which they say is entirely peaceful. the west has worked on the assumption that it's entirely military or that the focus of that is entirely about giving an atomic weapon or weapons arsenal. and they have gotten to that point where if they were to go much farther. they would actually develop a bomb and in fairly short order a matter of months maybe a year i don't think they wanted and i don't think they ever
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wanted to do that. he always wanted to get to the stage when the code to do it. i mean you agree with me will use this juncture i pointed out. and it has been seen in ten years and that's what's holding it also was called breakout where they would have to stop to stop all inspections and that would essentially be a castle's the life of me and for the united states and certainly for israel. so they got what they want. so it's easy for them to make it to you. on this. this is so much a question of sovereignty for the main instantly knew that tehran. i mean this is astonishing how many people are very intently against the government and the act very protective of the nuclear program. he replied it is their right then ian and some friend decision to do that. and it's also a question of double standards has seen a whole new doll israel to be in uk of time but not allow us to
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be. within the united states in the west losing the global opinion war against iran. i mean did they really made the breakthrough during the united nations general assembly. now that address him directly american opinion at the same time calling for a nuclear weapons free middle east which is which means israel. um and at the same time when we talk about the international community were excluding china and russia are the bricks and all that good day. they also count in this and they're not on the side of the west when it comes to dealing with the truth. if you apply the same standards to brazil that you applied to iran and brazil would be in big trouble. the assumption is that iran is essentially two pistols and essentially wants to create with nuclear weapons and is just lying to the world about this which may be true the reason they have to do is make sure that there is an effective inspection regime and that's the thing that's on the card right arm and that's because it's on the table right now basically the iranians are saying we will go with a much tougher. international atomic
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energy agency inspections regime than we had before and that should put reminds of these. some of these talks however i'm liking these rallies in some arab states very nervous in pay. on his sleeve. this room these unions. because the palestinians are. so much pictured as a potential danger for israel. man if he truly is one to make sure they're still does the nation at least the prime minister they need to run for a long time. iran still the same iran is surrounded by other countries. then he actually takes much more than this for him. or like the saudis the radiance he also threatened by my pockets time there are exactly what is this drill is a nice country to punch up. when you want to own. we made a conservative
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country the way. on monday the shot did an easy dunk. in those days we had in washington and tehran presidents that were more there were more into the sea honda is unchanged on the medina shot of them the need and then obama often this is another you know stack of cards. and i think they want to move. not necessarily right over to win when one of peace to stop a lose lose because everyone is losing of course the iranians because of the embargo. and the americans also because they need a stabilizer in the region with a single stabilizer is an important very important were a few of the obama administration new sales stabilize the middle east the new look to me at or destabilize the middle east right now there isn't any there isn't any. i just have to take it off right now this pulls up on all those interesting comments and will be back in just a minute
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the second half before the spring. since. like the news this hour and did nothing back up a ronson j made for us will also tend to
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thrash out a new deal with iran. it's a curious side john kerry is more significant differences between. only three people i can tend to notice how sick of typing and high wind whips the philippines with winds of more than three hundred km and ten the death toll is expected to be much higher as authorities struggling to reach the west during standard and poor's hotspots is pretty nice and caring to double my homies she is often confused lost its operation was priceless. cause problems but tonight the necessary at the house without fixing session. welcome back to the second part of the world display with full parasites cameras take a look at what's been making headlines in the last seven decades in the studio with me on to the launch of time magazine the market it is a fullness in the corresponding response that the bbc on. christopher dickey has guaranteed that
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any taste and george serious senior producer with an eye on tv. again thanks to all for being here and there are a mind of the view that the lake and sending out tweets are in desperate fantasy is the hash tag teamed up the tee pee. aoun has pulled the elements of an internet posting an incomplete knew his enemies he collapses into the mystery illness and ease the city's take orders in the west bank nine music guide this month a very foul yes and that was airlifted from and whisked off to paris military hospital. he died less than a month right. the medical records said he had a stroke resulting from a blood disorder is what i see higher and supporters refuse to believe it was that on this template tuesday nights. and the other group of international scientists to carry out tests on his her nines and this week a swiss for purposes this was taken from his body contained unexpectedly high levels of radioactive polonium. now causing him to stand aside it's pretty obvious that i
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think this response the player to mold to a dvd that you can mention it to be i mean does the heart of this committee the lower right at the conclusion. yes arafat was killed. based on the statements of a gay which meant the void. we gathered all the segments including the phone call. when they awoke the microphone was off goggle and i said yes our feminist because the cat widget and. most of you. what a pity. this breeds that israel is to blame he said his mom today and i'm christopher dickey in some form of middle east correspondent this more often than likely chance that there was more for mom she can call him speak through me and everybody is going to point the finger the israelis the use of signing the palestinians are going to live in one thing or the israelis since two
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thousand for. now they have a little bit more evidence and they say ok polonium is not that easy to come lives of radioactive isotope that comes from nuclear reactors is not like you just carry it around in your pocket or go to the local apothecary and pick up a bottle the truth is that i thought had lots of enemies. some of the more closely connected with the russians and with other groups who might have had access to colonia we know that the russians when we think we know that the russians use polonium two years after this. to murder alexander litvinenko a dissident living in london the first time the world became aware of this poison so i think there were lots of possibilities. i don't want to excavate the israelis but there isn't any proof that the israelis did this what people keep saying is that they had the means and motive. okay that's not a conviction and will never have the conviction will never really know that i'm going to say yes. among the many many many times. and as i'm sure shore muffins as
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well. the other half when anecdotal one of the moments i interviewed after it was very very late at night usual was enticed by the way. and bill are rumors about his health. him subtly assets aren't pretending to fight with me. it was pushing me in and ended up in los rios was to push him back. and don't you know after a few seconds to realize that just when to let know that he was in good shape he said. those really surprising that. and don't know concerning the way he denied it. i'd be extremely surprised if in a military hospital in france the french were not able to ferret out the truth whatever it is see well they did two things the first of all people were not looking for polonium in those days one and secondly we all know that not only the french than any kind of medical bureaucracy if it fails to spot something is going to move heaven and
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earth to prove that it could never have found that out and it was right to begin with and always was right. so i think that these bestest a very interesting to ask if they show wouldn't be that there was a polonium. an unusual quantity of money have to wait for the russian test to which we would be very important because we'll know will lead the new french press has since bought it with the russians and faster and they found some polonium that they can make it to his death because you have to be a state to make a long night he kept me going like that so things have come to mind the state. yes of course these sweeties were in and not in love with the us are five pence. one exception was the motivation for him as seeing him assassinated. this is the kind of complicated question and some really great weekend to keep the line more than just the israelis who stood to benefit from the abandoned them and then it's also an interview that ice on the bbc today but soon on his way to
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suggesting that this was somebody close to him and somebody but in his semi. mr ryan is in weight to it but i hate the sin that so and these whom she met her name is for eighty cents a week to today and what i mean is i doubt that went in and said think correspondent in the least effect on the vietnamese rally with the apple to get close to arafat and his crew in crawley group does not. i like the seat between these two links to kill after manly at a time when i was busy and caught up with trivia. they tend to ramble. they do what they would rather cheap and nice and the like effect when it suddenly hit with a goal
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is to see me and ariel sharon was announced that he couldn't trade for a banner in the knee than yes. sharon was also somebody who would go in with tanks and just flatten everything they've played. i didn't do that without the proper thing to say because reality is in terms of getting access to our fashion yes we own are these brownies are capable of doing this it's her loss but stand to benefit the well is understood in terms of giving it access and who gets them to doesn't mean one of the things that you saw them in israel and palestinian territories throughout that period. is that just below the surface of hostility they were all kinds of deals being caught all kinds of cooperation between me and go between between robina and when ruby was still alive with coc guinness armed with that number to mention that had been before he was thrown out for torturing palestinians and he was best buddies with the funding was in business with him. so there was all that kind of movement around and you can't you just can't know. and since the pavilion and say hi alluding to it that there are a number of people he could work in tandem with these families in an era number of tea parties at the same time he would stand to benefit from his demise
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fifteen having said that he was not the sickening sight of a lot too much character some of them was gonna die peacefully in the state that gets done yet. her curse it's amazing that he lasted as long as he did in fact a mean of course he had survived him as a mini me as odd as it stands to him i didn't think you should kill his release and return to beirut and in his plane crash as the only way i didn't try to kill him when they came they kept him around until the people around him could've been much more effective leaders i mean one of them mean he he. i thought it was such a strange guy when you talk to him and he just. it was like trying to talk to a snake he just moved back and forth around the subject over and behind it and then again you a straight answer and very rarely give you straight answer to most any question you ask him. fifteen he was constantly looking over her shoulder and one of the things that i found out reporting on this latest stuff about is that it was
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you look at the contents of this travel back and he came to france. and that's all part of the evidence and he is being sent for polonium and in this tag where he's got to see a nice got socks and underwear and so on. he's got a conference like the boy scout compass him as somebody close to him. what on earth does he mean the complex and subtle carry on bag. then this person said he always coupled with the compass because he traveled a lot of private planes he traveled as a guest of people. annie was always afraid he was going to get hijacked taken some place he didn't know he was going to be at least he would know north from sao. but the matter is that arafat didn't trust anybody will resume. and i'll email you with a sense of the idiotic to trust the junction. i think that's why he came to france and relax at winton on it's last night while his name. they were very close yes you can do the hostess
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if and when he called stitch it back. that was part of the arafura games but there's one thing which is part of glory and the middle east is famous quote in court after treasury saying that he was the one in the key to an enormous amount of money which also could be one of the reason why people close to him. forty one the get go you know son connor. perhaps in milan. instead of the site incredible dissatisfaction with his leadership by that point and said they were a lot of people doing the mating see no reason and we heard all the time i can use this font is the obstacle to peace he is the obstacle is gone. i don't see that peace is a lot closer. so think them so there was always disingenuous argument it's like a week and we can deal with these people because the non democratic know the democratic and they don't like this well it must be a problem with that is always a reason that they couldn't deal with the palestinians the israelis can deal with the costumes especially sharon especially nothing. and you know so we're known for their long
7:41 pm
the peace process without the defunct all the things that have muscles these findings where i don't think we'll never know what really happened to them and i don't think it'll make a difference when we do if we do me no it's not going to change anything. each time. we won't know we just don't know when people believe the israelis killed and will continue to believe the israelis killed ten people believe somebody else motivation to continue to believe that we just went on a set and make a difference. conspiracy theories to take harsh isn't it. that fascinates me and mei mei its display assistant great tale. actually i think the state to something satisfying about sensing these results come and ten cents us. i think when the innocent must come to the push to get his body exhumed and sunday was a great deal of skepticism. a lot of people killed. come on you nana and mimi dieting and wants the end of the peaks been nice and seemed kind of
7:42 pm
plausible and sound. why not begin to clean and comfy seat if it twisted the story. i think it's in some ways it really did not manage to read my article in the daily beast is rather long. the babies it's like game of thrones were ornery with the soprano is for this maneuvering all these characters and in so it's closest advisor was the former intelligence chief of the lebanese forces the lebanese forces worse possible for the massacre of palestinians in sa branch of the lot. he had engineered a deal brokered a deal with saddam hussein that brought him together with the plo to rattle sabers in south lebanon on and it was just insane and this guy. so thus the buzzer. apparently walked off with all the money that saddam hussein was giving them to fund these operations moved here to paris and died an untimely death himself with the aged fifty and the american hospital. and to stand. it is encased inside a mets in a bomb that
7:43 pm
mystery tour and at least in this case one that has been solved. we see on the network's finances are among more than fourteen hundred pieces that have been hate it. the works with more than a few lean years. in scenes from a profit in the tools fourteen stations i included on the kiss but i think lots of mulch down next thing going on and on the next piece. nolan comfort in the munich happened to the clues about the look of the nine of cornelius and giving that his father had been hired by the nazis she can make a mountainous out the picnic will teach it i think they're so much evidence showing that these works found that many of them came from victims of the holocaust and that they were taken a turn museums these are problematic works is that there's no doubt about that and so i think that there is the requirement of ethical and maybe even beyond that to
7:44 pm
publicize these works. it's an extraordinary story this in the scripting system. yes in humid. my biggest surprise was not among them the keys the eu richmond. and others degenerate then uses the nausea to call them my surprise was the hmong the trope of. he needs them ports of our discomfort was an adult you can end up i was surprised that this latest entry in its ideas or greater generally it's not as clear as that it's all good it's not as clear is that it's taken for museums. let's not forget in the nineteen thirties in europe it was a buyer's market. james wanted to get out of dodge and they sold their things really cheap alot and alot of these things. let's now go kill the brand or let the father of the demand and were torn
7:45 pm
and i had done when he was working for the gnostics was to take the confiscated are conducted been taken out of museums been taken out of private collections been taken away from non jewish collectors and sell that outside of germany. raise money and then go take that money and probably take a lot for content self to take that money and by old masters by injuries and so on and this is a cyclical process and a lot of the dealing with on here in paris and she in fact in paris the auction houses have bigger years during the nazis than they ever had before or since. today the marines have to make a difference between what was more on the cheek to terrify what was bought from museums. and all what was actually booted from . it's really striking about this is how the german bureaucrats today. didn't want to deal with it. when this came to light from their point is
7:46 pm
that my almost two years ago may sit on this topic i did this evening i won't lie. i think i've been trying to trace the origins of humans that they wanted the art and twenty. on the internet. they show that i want to believe thousands and thousands of viewing the work might want to go into work. it is a fairly good digital archives he said. i had images of women that they're not they're not publicizing most of the article besides maybe half a dozen dozen works as a means to him that they thought that they were tens of thousands of books that i still miss and yes even before i knew that they'd not been publicizing what they asked me why george is right because they don't want to deal with all the claims that will come in. but how are the people who legitimately have claimed the un's supposed to know what's in the collection. i think that these past two years at least that's what i hope they're doing i trust the germans
7:47 pm
they've been trying to trace this topic than trying to catalog that they've been trying to find a way to the apartment in vienna. i mean why don't they know it the note and even indicative of the press conference to complain about that. three days to move in. the for money. guiness storehouse to court to hold these properly then who's gonna pay for that moment so bureaucratic while the germans in front of the pockets that are going to assume that what i do not have to show money because of that one option that they're disgusting is giving something back to mr kearney this girl isn't saying that this is your problem now you'll have to deal with appointments. i mean the general authorities of coming to phoenix criticism from leaving the apple has this incredibly long cyprus a sissy scientists not to blast it with me is that up with religion and comfort. i use the dissident wondering how much he has as chris and some in the debate auction houses the target seats clout to
7:48 pm
make up on comments at the ticket for much of them are sent him to keep it in words and sixty as of the seventy i will use tools and know that we believe we know that cornelius grew it would survive would live on the incoming god by taking one or two of these paintings are these things or whatever his nose and selling them on and for him to be doing this in an art world where everybody knew what his father. then he might imagine cannot prove the provenance of these works means that whoever is dealing with. was complicit in the side of his whereabouts of mine and take a swim. well maybe the police too but they wouldn't tell us sadly they claim they didn't know don't you think should be top of things to come but i think that what the germans should do is what i'm hoping to do and that their catalog these works of art that they're trying to trace them in trying to avoid the demand for gold rush of all those people out there with all my great grandfather
7:49 pm
on my grandfather's holidays enjoying a good job of fish or anything. it's been seven years they can wait a minute wait long enough to not only the people who own these artworks will die but their children will die maybe even their grandchildren will that it's ok waiting for. i don't think the issue. i don't think it's always been a leading gains in this particular scam. what sort of impact consist of kisses and a half of the apple picking while for my enemy is and it could actually push up works at the prices aren't in fact when he's finally hits the market as it didn't take a little. and apparently the auction houses are repeat come to them in and flying for the peace and sense of calm and said yes it might be in my book will be just shite interest in buying these of course he didn't have to find the fan lisa still expensive to find that the rightful as it probably knew his claims for each painting in a tin of
7:50 pm
dealing with three generations later. and sound and it's going to be property. it's funny i guess to auction the paint and once again not all those paintings were looted the mind of them all under duress for some of those paying attention to them. it is not giving us any chance to hear that. i trust t army said males who are talking about the descendants of the innocents that might be up to my friends and apparently there are suggestions that not taking him to make itself might not be an expendable because of deficiencies step to open the two thousand and nine in the uae for the people to the ie with the statute of limitations to run out and then the new possession is not on nine tenths of a long time hundred percent of the law. so this is one of the reasons that they're talking about getting these back to mr grill it. if no crime was committed. well no crime is committed to the statute of limitation limit a statute of limitations has run out and i think that this is it. he told me the very ugly. and
7:51 pm
also one of those things were there lots of new monsters mean we're working on the assumption that mr kill them and am it was essentially part of the looting operation from exploitation operation. he was a quarter jewish himself he had been fired by the nazis for exhibiting degenerate art. it may be that part of what he was doing. aside from lining his pockets was saving masterpieces that would otherwise have been destroyed there were incidents in wins which the nazis including the head of the organization of the girl was working for burned thousands of etchings and paintings. then they decided it was a kid his time terrible things were happening. i think the good news out of all this for all the screw ups and all the banality that may surround it. is that this fourteen hundred words existing that we saw were lost. some of our july st
7:52 pm
down. well of course like to see the speeding restored to the legal owners but it seems to be pieces can be very difficult. as result therefore should that be dedicated to the names changed in the sun chore well i suppose the german government to try again and hops up to the discharge of responsibility in this and that cannot be returned to the all foreigners who make a gift to two museums are trying to find some common international agreements depending on the different on piano works of art. it does appear that in this case i'll try and stick it but did not come in all the stage and has survived. her mom says that the artists themselves of surprised to see that the greatest artists of the mid twentieth century so in that sense said he triumphed on. that's the key
7:53 pm
no i don't think that listening to what chris has to say. i think it's too seemed to say that this has a good outcome. and george for law and two. i would do exactly what i suspect the germans in doing this to mean so much fun. when i would do what i think that god is to say i would try to trace these paintings i would catalog them i would carry out investigations to make sure that you know there's just no gold rush by anybody who wants to get ahold of an expensive thing. that's what i would do i trust the jones and the germans really are sensitive about what happened during the third reich. i'm not going to play with this i think one thing that has come out of this it says much more awareness among unit it's a nice pianists in the us and in europe. that is sitting on paintings that have consistent background thousands of them and
7:54 pm
perhaps have we forgotten one of the players and to the people in israel. have a lot of backgrounds. no properties were stolen by the nazis. and there. pretty much organized in los angeles ca the situation so far we have a drink and don't really think you'd use to say this could be a movie in essence it is going to be a movie there's the political monument men. it's coming out in february when directed by george clooney starring clooney and so on about the allied soldiers who were charged with collecting all these artworks in all these treasures from the nazis at the end of the war. and wherever they were stored in salt mines and in austria. in other places. so there are lots of database is there lots of people who know a lot about these things. what was fascinating that this collection is so many of the works were just no mean he would have issued all that mattered in the catalog of you. at the time. let me thank my guests. the pmo the monkey's fist of taking
7:55 pm
and george suri us thank you very much again and you can also i think of website and watch replays this card round but this time change because coming up to the top of the artist's home to just waltz in with more international meets. customs agencies around the world are changing their ways instead of tossing she has been shifting toward securing international trade in deal business and again how companies can profit from that if they come and die it's beyond business on for swim cap. don't go. spent our money. anyone in the world three languages. graham's ultimo. real time. see also see even more. but that's
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new. exclusive tweets from our reporters could defeat as it happens. my stool tutorial paper called to be one with the stuff i still need to sell it with you uncapped experience for him i rule. it is. and you. it is
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