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tv   RT News  PBS  November 9, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PST

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you. the yukos will need to deal with any line that within one rises and indeed the display is well twenty s i in the word summit came to a zen like reading the dance all i was unearthed on the already been the state from the us is preparing for inclusion off thousands of new techniques for pps off potential accidents. daylight
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robbery. daddy has had great seats left in the online bank to making off with multimillion dollar with optical. at the first veto of the house we lived at fifty eight valuation than to fourth the agency to buying of love from an american scientists. i mop like you're watching on tv with me to say it's good to have you with constant disruption in the second top story this hour. his mind breaking new kit called sweet pea run advantage of the fifth day pulling a man that the discussion on friday and went on the home office and sentiments of the six nations attending the talks expense squash is optimism that
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the meeting at the sofa and joined from any line from jeannie but with more now that does the side of the progress that has been made if a flop and i would still have green on. i think cautious optimism is the correct word to describe the estate was saddened that have been issued by the leaders taking part in peace talks you into the vet this morning we heard from the uk foreign minister william hague was talking about having to seize the moment to cling to this elusive deal of what has been waiting for a lover. he also was careful to say and it's right that there still isn't done deal at the moment. now we've also heard from the us us has been talking about having to narrow the gaps in terms of the issues that divide the embellishments on the tv cabinet having said that peace talks offer an opportunity to make real progress on again to conduct some optimism out there but careful not to get hopes too high of one of the country's though involved in the talks and tend to be going against the flow would probably be
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found said the french foreign minister notified he said already sad that that is mainly concerns come to be taken into consideration when coming up with an agreement with jake this morning was ask the same question that he intended seventeen would rather not common basically said you have to wait for conclusion to the week before any reaction to an agreement she beat me but again the frontier said seemed to strike a slightly harsher tone towards iran as they have donned a traditionally in the past and one of your former presidential candidates in the immediate elections had said that the israeli lobby villa if in fact a fact not just a probably fast but also having a heavy impact on the united states we know that brock obama had only been calling out the dia he's really need or want to tell him the update on what is going on at the talks are to be the less listen to dr of presidential candidate of the ride on what he said. it is done the job of the guys he lived at this point
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accepted at the basics requirements. all the light was on the problem is that with the kiddies got to come back to washington d c he's not going to have baby geneva when we come back to washington. you cannot do the message has got to see the crowd around him the media's right to lobby cannot give you confidence indeed be on their stadium a cab right thinks the country and did a employee. one of them. to keep him under the neon hard on. one of the things we need permission know was that the nap was in pain on the d on this deal well yes sadly yes i'm that second year of the cells already been expressing give such that his discomfort at the talks going on here he is making them very very hard to believe no one has been in that moment i have many of the state that he has been warning that if it did not hear this track it seems that
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while it is getting more and getting a lot less affluent also said that israel is not going to be acting for standing behind an agreement to be here and will make sure that they continue to ensure the security of a b or c moses into what he had to say so. too long. got the deal isn't it. the introduction to the top of that deal. this is a theory that. so that's where the talks and today was still waiting. if if and when any conclusion is reached and deed today. as the silly daily posting live from geneva for us however i'm not full at the sunday profess on political communication at the vincent o'brien says this will promote cased on sunday run in stopping the process and minds. i think it couldn't miss an offender who is isolated and that poses a friend that isn't had the united states
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is moving to va from the hawkish the step of the scenes of good that it was hard the kids walked with the last many years to manufacture a crisis in the dust from you guys peaceful nuclear program and he's seeing all his foot so that going to obey and he is obviously upset he should be upset about the self loathing say israel's the stress of ministry action against either on top the old and using efficiency as i like mail to. he is basically saying that the asean has an option that crackin on that in the cadets that people in the desert health issues have been using for the last many years. many europeans that if you don't pay shipping on economics in the middle of packing on the charity obviously given the fact that israel has attacked its neighbors. every few years for the last many decades you all this hostility about an israeli prime minister making threats like that. but
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overall i think that that type of threat is losing its effectiveness and i think europeans and enticing an israeli be using another level as international pressure. this creates a vacuum of that is much more perilous for israel's kind of global legitimacy. that's all the best gathered to rise along with the us for failing to pay big games coming up in a tent. i was buzzing and space is bracing itself for new innovation of thousands of drawings openly on expected to be used for peaceful purposes such as firefighting and whether trekking it's called the love of consenting his wand you all in the end it is in front of the ground but the skies above the us that crowded with roughly five thousand planes at any given name and yes these are the spots i
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indeed plains of the daily total of movements is up to a whooping ninety thousand he can only imagine what could happen if i made it tough to do and this tactic and dangerous incidents involving science had already taken place and unscientific and reveals according to the us federal aviation administration by twenty twenty there will be up to thirty thousand drones flying in the u s airspace. i'm not just by lines were summoned and other government agencies butlso by private firms dog kinds of birds is that the faa did not do it. you don't like it but why. it doesn't instincts. the sides of the country to see how its sights on getting serious privacy concerns. there's the danger of meat air collisions. even now if the government does not get allows the commercial use of drums. the faa is getting a rising number of safety complaints from pilots in
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march of this year and all the tile be a carolina made national news headlines when the reported spotting the throne as he was trying to land at your stache airport fact that the faa and the fbi has opened investigations into finding that on the plane was flying over densely populated area with the shoulders. would that go to the four of the pilots of course. or in a separate incident an idiot out of the body. below are the opposite direction of the highlights of. the to give you an idea pop concert the pilots are one pilots it would concern about birds were concerned aut out of airplanes and now with throwing in something totally out of control when they saw one of those drones into the engine of the airplane he said. then you will get everybody's attention. one of the challenges is that draws occasionally those connection with the opry on the ground that sit well with forty problem. but apart from accidental collisions. there is another challenge girls
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can be hijacked by someone with very bad intentions. so the brave new world of drones can also turn out to be a very dangerous one. in washington. i'm getting sick and rt the australian and international crime in sao association vice president richard wood went to the cemetary cancer will also ease the sequence ends. he did not do a little at least initially. luckily duty is to choose one. one of the issues up on your mistakes is prophecy because most insurers that can ever think that you're suddenly a human being. prior to go back to the car was bought over the week do you get it you'll get it. oreo had some good news though. it's been dry here and so it is through proper teaching these guys one man on sales and other
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men's game four in the case of the arab spring an opportunity for nine am. born on the city's economic cars into the middle east and north africa. see my license and finance. and heaven in the coue of a sloppy messy speak to the popular not just taking in this unique on the net. coming up the route seems to have carried out a gang bang comes to making out off with more than a million us dollars with a currency only this as the robbery with a good thing because it's not balanced and happy flight to but quite small but full of thousands of them and they've been back on line stood and fought with rachel back. we set up bum bum nothing day. and in the dairy robbery had just been changing one of these supposedly see kill one is held by an unofficial bank and made off with a million the hold on to the daily mail says the clean security matches up well compared to trational currencies. it's a great and always are notes
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the fbi reports that a thirty eight million dollars stolen from a traditional banks last year only eight million dollars this week for one hundred points the owner of the flow of weapons the service has taken sixteen hundred was on good points and used it to give some people hundred percent money back. by his now been calling it warrants it is called aged children see and can pay for the consul said this is that they cou as i held an online wine and sweet and makes them of vulrable to hacking they canlso be senonline without going too and maybe make a financial institution. at the ubc full gotten back on it seems like dalits are your rights. and just like gold. the coins can be mindful that the pic in this case insert compete at how light and the more ly you use the base of the countcould lend itself in the actual point. their value had fallen. ancestry
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has a gate and thousands of them can find you and that fact right now assigned amount to b you a penthouse is we meet again. what we s today and we're looking for a crisis in greece. here are a good sign for us is regulation doesn't work you have written to capture you just sit there and the thing that makes it exciting for people believed that what is that it is an emergent system it doesn't fire regulations specify that it really wasn't that good this week the timetable measles lab and i'll report on washington's up call jason shopping habits is coming up next after the break and ninety. sob. i am. the room. there are a
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couple. once again. i've never had that. they are overall. do. you can. and
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the team. call. i don't see it for intentional. he and a fresh twist that enables reed scandal. it's been reported to see a steamy american telco's to lead a tnt millions and be on the sixth info accessing its database of call my cats. as germany and brazil submitted a draft resolution to the unsaved gliding into the sea and restricting the mass of the men's canada said david seaman who says out when a drum and soft pay for private thing back its citizens have a good reason to be free it's a huge company that has its footprint. although the globe. and they're just being paid to hand out this customer information is a clear violation of the fourth amendment and customers have nowhere to go because i'm
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sure a tnt is not alone in this sort of practice. why are the tracking the communications of private citizens who have no connection a crime or terrorism. what is the real goal here it is the form of i think the white form of terrorism where people are becoming afraid to use their own technology in their own devices. it's really nice kind of orwellian and the explanation they gave for cosmic lot of sense to me e was plenty online free earrings shoing when the will to make this up with a stronger than any obstacles i'm going to channel the strongest into the streets in a guilty to fraud costing less than two dozen of us when and how they nothing like the paint by number. that flight is the kinds of meat heads and tails of a brand new space discovery. the sale on jax has been fostered by a nafta has given us a lift to stamp out the details and auntie dot com. in just a few alice
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the end of the torch on the twenty fourteen winter games will be taking on a spacewalk for the first time have an authentic smith at times to talk to because my nostril carried into space if i just wasn't meant to control costs. for the first time in history the torch of the olympic games will be taken on a spacewalk aboard the international space station. the chance to speak with the crew up there today so as a cause or not will take the torch on a spacewalk how they intend to mark this momentous occasion. hi my name is lindsey friends from russia today. my question is for all they could call and say it is on skype. on the phrases they can darren and armstrong said on their pioneering space endeavors became historic. the famous contemplate going let's go lucky guy. the one smiles that light armstrong in a way to give me the thought of a catchphrase uli is a neat at the olympic torch on its first ever spacewalk. it is true that many of the most
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memorable moments among certain phrases. i think you'll need to read to him than any words that will accompany us a place where the torch will aim to promote human movement healthy lifestyle and sports delivered tomorrow. i didn't have to be enough space to feel despair and of the game is fun not comment on the unique talent for space will to live in fourteen forty gmt. he asked on air and online antique shop the new. close to lead some kind of psp has turned out to be a godsend. i've been sinking titanic. based in france and to commence on taking the middle east by economic storm filling the vacuum created by partial he was patrolled as nazis and belch to the polls increases right didn't get to
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the chinese are fond of gt the city's newest hire a week each expecting chinatown has now gone to the streets russell and have even the mohamad says the chinese community. he is pointing despite the political turmoil. most chinese center for study particularly maths and chinese minorities. i opened my restaurant recently did i know the political situation here is difficult but it doesn't affect chinese businesses. it's a good place to live as us egypt relations salads off to american officials withheld scheme a decade economic assistance in elk river. egypt is in civic icing on the other super powers like china and unsafe explain it it's more about his political expansion gaining clout to one of the region's main players rather than finance. we have a sixty seat agreements. i mean different kinds cuts open the deep end. he is the essence of a company in the out of egypt and he's
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pretty useful in a huff the good and it's as if it'll be good relations with us because we have received eighty to nineteen ten the chinese and the sink i erase has over eighteen thousand canteen was a tad didn't get to eat it the country's exports to china increased by staggering one hundred and thirteen cents way of their happy to see this figure. we tried to pull a call at first the food meets. the oh one being the very soul. india's economy which has heavily relied on its tourism market has taken a pounding opted to drop use of revolution and regime change. the curry roux in washington and talking heads in the psyche since my key into the streets. note to you. it's the kind. my colleague kevin iowans think of on screen as of the school's handling of health and invested in rogers so was baby things appetite isn't until its worldwide
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china is trying to secure natural resources all over the world africa south america central asia. get this all said that in raging success is built on washington's family is what you think about that well the concert if you look around the world. he was thirty c has a lot of truth to that of the chinese have more or less would be there all over africa thereby minds plantations in everything as americans had very little presence in africa now that is making inroads in the middle east and is going to get a lot of oil from a rant going forward. it looks as though china may even start getting oil from iraq no american says that they were liberated iraq but in the end maybe the chinese to get the ohio counties. look around the world they see what's happening over the next few decades they going to be big shortages of oil and many other developing the chinese like the chapter lists are trying to secure future supplies
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while they can get them in that she and when other people and not rushing in to buy. when is out of the middle east is not a leading political hundreds of companies including an aging ones have abandoned this was a teen in the slack till rice and top prices for consumers in humans. today scuttling to expose of the baby and he courts. demonstrator state of bonfire night burning and energy bills to voice their opposition to rising costs of fuel the burning energy bill flag burning year draft friday night during the vietnam war the perm they're out there in their draft cards burning energy bill is similar in that you don't want to join forces with the corrupt that the big six energy companies in the uk than in their financial terrorism to be going to support financial centers in the big six energy companies in uk you'd burn your energy bill i suggest get a thousand people on the millennium bridge and london that get together and burn their energy bill in
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unison. i know. the adult world headlines that typhoon heidi has a tool to keep hundred and twenty people in the philippines city of the month and a nearby according to government officials but said the storm as with the level of most of the house in st. thus he was awestruck and have played some golf with a blindside although tyson is a stone that santa hit the philippines almost reaching the world like a speed of three hundred and twenty km hour. this twelve million people still at risk from the school the people in the bucket signs the seal press london seeking to this peaceful protest they mean to book a maid to manage the supply of meat in the area an apprentice as well please find recent us based like the name combine cumin and the country's government says the attacker cut short his colts at
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the moment and new media somebody calling for revenge he was unaware this is an ally israel have an awesome painting lights at the un cultural agency unesco. both countries and missed the deadline for paying the dues to the organization said that they'd stop contributions to unesco gave membership to palestine in twenty eleven that cost the agency about eighteen million dollars to yes but the last is still mostly washington's and ten the beast according to some international affairs and less. well there's no doubt that when the united states steps back. for many global agency that american influence in the perception of american moral authority and its political credibility it takes a bit suffer some damage. one other consideration by the way is what happens with israel because israel also follow
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the us in suspending its payment of dues and for israel this creates a vacuum of that is much more perilous for israel's kind of global legitimacy. bandages for the united states as of newquay at night man. next in breaking the sense that moms i i i i wall. i him. illegal immigration is a hot topic evan always says that immigrants do the work but no lots to do what explain why that is going to turn east on vacation got into a taxi driven by a former migrant worker used to make a living in moscow. he told me he really worked hard driving loading trucks after five years he came back home and
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bought our house. yes from a seller that russians can even survive but he was able to buy a house. employers in russian america see that locals don't want to work hard in order to get one of margaret worker salary they can build a bright future when compared to a local and kate make ends meet when you can see why the market workers are a lot more motivated than twenty this way if you know that you had to work five par years of some awful a broader awful condition somewhere far away like brazil or germany. what would be able to pay off the house would you do what i think you would at some point this myth that locals in country x don't wanna work they just don't wanna work and complete futility for table scraps. i just might room. i did. little. it is
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low. it is. low. she does
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the sea. i eye. the us. to relax islands and user almost always open. i think you've had any. a wee bit of classical music. the stories coming up. obviously i checked its forms but the spots they wouldn't exist centuries of style. how taxes. the men and women


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